Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser was hiding this dark secret from her past

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings were turned upside down by hoax allegations of sexual assault.

The charges almost prevented him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

Now one new book revealed Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser was hiding this dark secret from her past.

Christine Blasey Ford presented herself as the picture of innocence during her congressional testimony where she presented her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Blasey Ford claimed she attended a high school party with Kavanaugh where Kavanaugh and a friend drunkenly sexually assaulted her.

But in an explosive new book, some of Blasey Ford’s friends from high school came forward to poke even more holes in her story.

They noted she was known for allegedly drinking heavily in high school and being aggressive around boys.

They also told the authors that if she was the victim of a sexual assault, it most likely took place years earlier.

The Daily Caller reports:

In “Justice on Trial” authors Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino say unnamed peers accused Ford of drinking to excess and accosting boys with some regularity as a student at the Holton-Arms School, a contrast with press accounts that cast her as innocent and naive during that period. Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her during a 1982 house party in suburban Maryland when they were high school students.

“Female classmates and friends at area schools recalled a heavy drinker who was much more aggressive with boys than they were,” Hemingway and Severino write of Ford. “‘If she only had one beer’ on the night of the alleged assault, a high school friend said, ‘then it must have been early in the evening.’ Her contemporaries all reported the same nickname for Ford, a riff on her maiden name and a sexual act.”

“They also debated whether her behavior in high school could be attributed to the trauma of a sexual assault,” the authors added. “If it could, one of them said, then the assault must have happened in seventh grade.”

Blasey Ford’s implausible and unbelievable story quickly collapsed under the slightest bit of scrutiny.

But the media treated her testimony as a statement of fact when it was clear to anyone paying even a bit of attention that there was no evidence to corroborate her story.

And because of “Justice on Trial,” Americans will have a greater window into Blasey Ford’s past and can further evaluate her claims.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing


  1. Absolutely. We all need to pray against their hatred coming from the enemy and stand firm in the lord. I plead the blood of jesus over our country and president and us ALL.

  2. Liberals, i.e. Democrats lie with impunity. She was obviously paid to come forth with false accusations about Kavanaugh. She tried to smear him with claims that could not be substantiated; she couldn’t remember where she was, when it was, or how she got home, but she could surely remember the assault. Give me a break, that is sheer lunacy.

  3. They did. Ford’s friends denied knowledge of everything she said.

    Read the post hearing investigation by the FBI and committee. Ford’s friends denied everything. beside two individual males signed an affidavit that “they” were the ones who had a fling with Ford” read the final report. do yourself a favor to put your mind to rest.

  4. I agree I do not care for Biden but i think he is getting a raw deal also He was born and raised in an era that was touchy and feely and probably did not mean any thing other than being friendly How many Presidents before him hugged people, kissed babies and etc.? It an expression.

  5. Moses, read your own posts. NOTHING you say is true. You are the liar and the thug. You keep coming here and attacking us. The dem party is the party of hate and lies you prove it every time you post.

  6. Woa – Sounds like you’re projecting. Maybe you need to get help with your anger issues.

  7. Dems are way beyond embarrassing. They have passed the point of being human and have no decency, just hate and derangement

  8. TG…You have no concept of God, Jesus, or Christianity. You just spew your sick hate which proves that you belong to satan.

  9. This is Christian conservative board. But the dems come on here and spew their sick hate and ignorance, proving with each post that satan has taken over the dem party

  10. TG…It is very obvious that you have no concept of the truth. You just come on here and spew your sick hate. That is what dems do. They hate. They have thrown God out of the party and have no morals and no conscience. Satan is proud of you.

  11. TG…You call us haters and then proceed to post your extremely sick hate. It is very cleat that YOU are the hater

  12. Quit following me around bj, you are like a sick dog, only spiritually and morally for supporting a serial sexual assaulter, egomaniac and thief in Trump. He asked for help from the Russians and got it with the Clinton email dumps. Did you notice nothing shocking came from those emails, it was another right wing lie, something that you are oblivious to because of your ignorance. You are either brainwashed or just another ignorant redneck and your talk of Jesus is absurd with the hatred you toss around.

  13. Glen’s comment about why the other women who challenged Ford’s credibility did not come forward sooner is an absurd one. The very same question is pertinent, however, when it pertains to Ford. Why did she wait nearly 30 years to come forward to cast aspersions at Kavannah? Could it be that she wanted to wait until she had a $1M book deal? And, why was there not a single person available to corroborate her story?

  14. His mommy must be helping him out I’m Shure He is not capable of coming up with this on his own and he is leaving out half of what she tells him.

  15. And what would you know about that sound like you intelligence could be held on the point of a pin and your IQ could be written down in one digit.

  16. And you friend are a low life leftover that like the rest would lie for a dollar and love to call anyone who doesn’t agree with a raciest, bigot,Pervert,haters and whatever else you hear said that you can remember and hopefully pronounce or have your mother help you spell. Get a job get a life get some money and go buy you a brain. Thank you

  17. Three Gowdys, you and the other members of your party of death and the alphabet people all have a few things in common. You never let The Truth get in your way. You wouldn’t recognize Truth if He stood in front of you. You are haters of God Who is The Truth. You are all deceived and God will turn you over to further deception in these last of days. Actually God has written a much better description of you and your like minded peers. You can view yourselves in Romans 1:18-32.

  18. President Trump’s appointment of Justice Kavanaugh was an excellent choice (contrary to your stupid remark)! It is obvious that you have a single digit IQ and are, therefore, qualified to be a liberal DumboCrap!

  19. She couldn’t remember facts. Went to a store after that didn’t exist. She wiped her Facebook clean before she accused him. On her Facebook she talked about drinking all the time She had sex with 64 men in her teen years. Her friends said it didn’t happen. She was in it for the money.

  20. As the son of a former university professor and college dean I find the testimony of Ford suspect. Most professors are either moderate liberals or radical leftists and reserve the right to do anything to those who disagree with their political agenda, and that includes lies and character assassination.

  21. If you are a reverend you are as sadistic as the TV ones with that mouth. No divinity school of repute would allow you to get through.

  22. When idiots make stupid comments they should expect backlash and the comment made by glen was totally idiotic, he must be an Obummer Democrap.

  23. She was not credible. She was an aggressive woman in university as a professor. Yet was a delicate flower in court. A mean drunk was fords mo!! She was a liar who did it for the close to one million she got from the go fund me accounts. Liberal will lie about anything and everything.

  24. I wonder if she ever gave Judge Kavanaugh’s legal team the money the court ordered her to give? She did end up with a really good bank account. She should have gone to prison for at least five years.

  25. Moses, you are right about one thing…..women don’t forget when they are attached or sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, there are a lot of women who lie and Blasely Ford IS ONE of them. As a psychologist, she knows about some conditions where people regress and so she acted as a regressed child. As a nurse, I happen to know about psychological things too….and I recognized what she was doing. Blasely ford has no credibility, she is a liar. She should have to reimburse the costs of her fraud….and loose her license.
    And now that it is shown that she had deleted all of her social media ‘hate Trump’ propaganda…..well the proof is in the pudding…my instincts were/are correct!

  26. SO!!!!!!
    WHERE ARE THE DEMIs like Kamala and Feinstein now!
    Tell us all we must believe the victim!!!
    by the DEMIs!!!!
    HA! HA! HA! SA
    he is the aggression drunk!!!!!

  27. Wow great response to this article …typical name calling and idiotic childish generalizations …you should be embarrassed

  28. “Credible”…and allegations are not the same as evidence …broad generalizations are the very root of discrimination…you would think by now, people that think like you..would have learned that by NOW!!

  29. As a former Police officer of over twenty years
    it was pretty obvious that she was not telling
    the truth,it was a complete travesty of justice
    and a stain on the Congress. They should
    all be ashamed.

  30. Poor little AOC. You would think as much whining as they do at the border for the way children are treated they would be a lot less violent to her.

  31. I just consider the source, if these women believe what is written why didn’t they come forward during the hearings. What their motive is, is unclear. Its clear what this publications motive is. After watching the hearing for hours I believe she was a creditable witness. Anyone Trump appoints is suspect from the beginning . Kavanaugh is no exception.

  32. The truth always comes out. Unfortunately,many people are hurt and lives ruined by untrue statements. If only people would live and learn to respect others. Greed and power are the works of the devil. Gruess Gott


  34. Wow you really are stupid, aren’t you?!
    For you to think that she was definitely lying is sickening, judgmental and has no basic for fact. Kavanaugh was a rowdy prep school privileged thug, and bragged about his exploits in his yearbook.

    So my not believing even though she had Zero Proof (it is Innocent until proven Guilty not the other way around- the onus is on her) and I do have a masters degree, a minor and two AA degrees in different subjects so I would say I am as educated as she is. So is he and if he is pissed at being railroaded then he has every right to be. Presumption of innocence not a presumption of guilt. I did not hear anything in his yearbook other than sixteen-year-olds bragging about drinking beer lol mild by today’s standards- there was NO bragging about raping or sexually assaulting girls.

    So you are the one lying. Oh and btw I did not find her baby talking crying voice after over 50 years of an incident, that by her own admission/claim lasted less then 3 minutes- and if we believe this happened she said he held her on a bed with his hand over her mouth while his best friend stood laughing then jumped on the bed, she was let go and ran out of the house. As a female, who was also in high school at that time, I can tell you 99.9% of girls who go do drunken parties in high school have had worse groping so even if this is true there was NO sexual assault that would lead to as she claimed a life long trauma that affected her into her late 50s! Really, that does not sound like a stable doctor (i.e. teacher who specialized in hypnosis for repressed memories giving lectures on the subject – hummm….)

    Grow up Moses either you are just a BS troll or a fool, it is hard to say which, maybe both.

  35. The right wing haters on here are lower than despicable. slithering snakes. You scorn anyone who is not a Trump fan, why? He is a monster, a bankrupt thug,morally and 6 times financially. He has a cabinet of what is left, of losers and liars, Barr, Acosta, who me Carson, Walrus breath Bolton, Cosa Nostra Pompeo, and Trump’s favorite sex goddess, Ivanka.

  36. Justice for Trump: You know you I never thought it would ever happen,knowing what a vile, bigot, ill informed Democrat that you are.But you gave me a very big laugh.Please refer back to your comment left for me, stating you ARE justice for trump.Please look how you spelled your OWN so called name:Juatice.REALLY? I also saw your posting under the story about Omar and her dark secret.Please refer back to the comments left for you. Enough said…

  37. Mr. Jones, Your comment might be a little humorous at first glance, but sexually assault are about power not physical attraction.

  38. I never believed her story. it just wasn’t credible. She was a well rehearsed witness that the media was biased in opinion,and most of the people questioning her were afraid or not interested in the real truth. The victim here was Justice Kavanaugh and his family. When a person has been violated, there is a period of time when they can not recall details, but over time after the mind has relaxed from it’s violent emotional assault, they remember most vividly. She set a bad precedence for real victims, and that’s a dang same.

  39. Moses, if your brain was converted to gasoline, there would not be enough to power a pissant’s motorcycle half-way around a BB

  40. Yes, Moses, YOU are awful. All you do is come on here and attack everyone and call them names and show your sick hate. And there is nothing at all wrong with calling someone a liar if it is the truth, which it is. SHE IS A LIAR!!! You have no concept of the truth. You live on hate. sad

  41. justice, no one is forcing you to come here. You are free to take your sick hate somewhere else. Please do. This is a conservative Christian discussion board and you have no place here.

  42. justice, Yes, I am a sinner. EVERYONE sins, including YOU. But Jesus loves us so much that He came to save us from our sins. Sin is not allowed in Heaven. satan brought sin into the world and Jesus went to hell and overcame satan, sin and death so that we have the chance to join Him in Heaven. But you have rejected Him and chosen satan and hell instead. That is your choice to make

  43. justice…It is very obvious that you have no clue who Jesus is or His great love for you. I pity you. What I said is the truth. You can deny truth, but that just makes you a fool. And no one forced you to come here. This is a conservative Christian discussion board and you have no clue what that even is. You just can’t stand anyone who does not agree with you

  44. Moses, nothing you ever say is true. And you attack Pres. Trump but the extremely corrupt Clintons and muslim traitor Obama are fine with you. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. You are a fool

  45. Juatice for Trump is my name, just started posting the past few days when I was getting a flurry of right wing messages, not sure why. I didn’t write anything for a few days, just read but I see you and Colleen always congratulating each other for your crazy ass remarks and not bj comes along, not sure if a male of female. I sympathize for what you wrote about being assaulted. Don’t forget though Trump has bragged about doing it a lot, and has often sexually talked about his daughter being hot, wishing he wasn’t related to her so he could hit on her. That is the absolute truth, he is shameful with his lust for food, money, sexual assaults or conquests, his sickness for adulation and vengeance, why go on, you won’t see the light, but you might have a better chance than Colleen who is long gone.

  46. They got a lot of death threats from people, many are of the same kind that post their hatred on site on her, liberals, minorities, etc.

  47. Name a Republican that was convicted or even prosecuted for perjury, and you had the whole Trump administration lie about meeting with the Russians, Trump, Cohen, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner, Gates, Priebus, Manafort, over 140 contacts proven, they should all have been prosecuted and convicted in prison, especially Trump for all his financial crimes, racist talk, and asking for help, and getting help from the Russians and doing nothing to secure the next election.

  48. I am not positive she is telling the truth but if it was a bet that could be proved I think any thinking bettor would know where to place the bet.

  49. Moses, if you’re so certain that Ms. Ford is telling the truth then where is the proof! She can corroborate her story with no one else. In fact, those she named have disputed her story! Is your hatred for Pres. Trump so great that you dems will believe anything at all? Of course, the answer to that question is yes! I am amazed that the Democratic Party has fallen so far down the chute! If they keep up what they have been doing, namely wasting our tax payers money, they’ll pay dearly in 2020,

  50. The one who ran the subterfuge was that woman who had been with the federal government/FBI. She should have been prosecuted.

  51. She will get her dues. A lying despicable person cannot get away scott free. Karma will catch up.

  52. Justice for Trump: Oh I know I am a woman.My question to you is, what the hell are you?? Switching back and forth pretending to a man and then back to a woman.Using many , many names on these sites. And you know what? No matter what name you post under, your comments are never welcomed…You are sick and a fraud.Grow up!!!

  53. Moses, hares have much better brains than you do. You must have hair in yours. It doesn’t work

  54. “it is harebrained besides you moron.” Oh, my, I don’t even know where to begin with that. You attack others and call them ignorant. PLSEASE look in your mirror to see true ignorance. And that should be a period after Hispanic, not a comma. And it is not even a complete sentence. Did you flunk English?

  55. Moses, you prove your sick hate and ignorance every time you post. YOU are clearly the moron. GET HELP!!!! And please take an English course.

  56. It is very clear from your (correct usage) post that it is YOU is extremely ignorant. You know NOTHING at all about those who support Pres. Trump. That is very obvious. I know HUNDREDS of people who support Pres. Trump and ALL are very loving, intelligent people. YOU, Moses, are a typical sick deranged Trump hater. You are PROOF that the dem party has only hate and ignorance.

  57. Linda, I am sorry to hear you were sexually assaulted at age 9. That is horrible. I was 18 when I was sexually assaulted and I still remember it clearly. I chose not to do anything about it for reasons I won’t go into. It doesn’t matter now, as the man who assaulted me is long dead. You are right about the Ford woman being phony. Anyone can accuse someone of assault and sadly be believed even if it never happened.
    And, NO, I am not a much better Christian than you are. Not even close. We all sin and I struggle with mine every day. But Jesus will forgive all who come to Him. His love is beyond understanding. There is no one else on this earth that loves us so much they would go to hell for us knowing what was waiting for them.

  58. You are lying again. For every false report which are extremely rare, there are dozens more that don’t get reported. For you to think that she was definitely lying is sickening, judgmental and has no basic for fact. Kavanaugh was a rowdy prep school privileged thug, and bragged about his exploits in his yearbook. For you to believe him with that alky face over an educated, calm doctor is sick. He has no temperament besides to be any kind of judge.

  59. Moses, do yourself a favor, dig a deep hole & slide into it as the slug you are & take a 100 year sleep ! D Schale

  60. Ford spoke about other sexual trysts of thousands she had been in and conspired to derail Justice Kavanaugh’s nomination but failed miserably. She lied about being a licensed psychologist and just about everything else.

  61. This woman is a known liberal who gave money to the democrats and saw a chance to try and take down a good conservative man running for the Supreme Court. This was set
    in to motion by Diane Feinstein who should be looked in to for all her corruption through the years and also the witch from Hawaii who said “SHE SHOULD BE BELIEVED” just because she is a woman. She could not prove one thing she said and she made a lot of money with her lies to hurt an innocent man. This is what the democrats have done and all the corruption that was done by Mueller and his phony investigation and the bad apples in the FBI and the bunch of liars in the OBAMA administration need to be brought to justice or it will NEVER STOP.

  62. And you have the brains of a 6 year old. If you don’t have the ability to see through a person’s lies that’s your problem. This whole thing was a sham perpetrated by the democrats to try to stop Trump’s nominees because Obama didn’t get to seed the court with one of his cronies. You and your kind are idiots and need to be eradicated.

  63. As a college freshman back in the mid-1960’s I remember the upper class men at the fraternity house telling us to be wary of female Psychology, Sociology and to some extent Music and English majors.
    Found out that was sage advice. This Blasey-Ford character screamed wacko bird the moment she appeared and started talking. The latest is the loopy ditz who accused POTUS Trump.

  64. Feinstein sat on the statement for weeks before releasing it at the most advantageous moment. Ford was reimbursed for her expenses and received almost a million dollars in a go fund me account. Pretty good wages for a lying perjorous nag. The charges leveled against Kavanaugh were devastating on so many levels and some persons will still look at him the rest of his life as a serial sexual predator. Can anyone fathom the hurt, anger and fear his wife and children must have felt? All the people inconvenienced and the huge financial resources spent to tear one man down with a vile lie? Myself, I am flummoxed that Ford was not charged with perjury at the very least. This B.S. of allowing state “witlesses” to make any wild accusations that run out of their mouths with out penalty must be stopped. I don’t care who is involved. This is America and we should hold ourselves to a higher standard.

  65. Her very demeanour (Mrs. Ford) showed that she was lying during her testimony. You must have been drunk not to catch on.

  66. In fact, Mrs. Feinstein, the corrupt relic should be asked to resign. She knew exactly what she was doing.

  67. bj: This person(justice for trump) is a real fool.I caught him and called him out on it, using all different names on these sites.That’s why he, she or it left his comment under my comment.I just loved his comment that women remember their assaults.I was sexually assaulted when I was 9 years old.So yes we that are TRULY assaulted, do remember.Not like this phony Ford woman did that almost ruined a man’s life with her false claims.
    I am a Christian bj. But you are a much better one than I am.But at least I know GOD’s love and HE will forgive me for showing anger toward this liar and fake…..

  68. Justice for Trump:Yes I do know she was making it up, you idiot.And secondly, YOU are the imbecile that PRETENDS to be a man or woman. Using all different names on these sites, just to spew your asinine comments.That’s why you posted a comment under my name. Because I called you out on it.So grow up, get a job, and get out of your parents’ basement. I’m quite sure they’d appreciate it….Oh and please learn how to read.This site is RENEWED “RIGHT”. Not the Leftest commie Democratic site.SHAME SHAME KNOW YOUR MANY NAMES!!!

  69. justice…Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus forgives all who ask Him.

  70. Dems have thrown God out of their party and satan has moved in. They have become the party of extreme corruption, hate, lies, and derangement. satan is proud of them

  71. Moses, you are extremely sick and a LIAR!!! You don’t even have a conscience. You have no concept of the truth, just HATE!!!! You are a very sad creature

  72. WTF lol- dude I am a woman and I did not believe her story from the moment I heard it. You are right women don’t forget their sexual assault but she sure did. She could not remember the day, month, year even season for sure, she couldn’t remember just how many people were at the party then finally settled on -wait for it- 4-6 (not much of a party)she said he held her on the bed with his hand over her mouth for about two minutes then his friend jumped on the bed, let her go and she ran out of the house- but could not remember how she got home…Something a girl in a place as she claimed was not close to her home would not forget. Especially back in the early 80s when we did not have cell phones to call for help. Then she claimed she could not come to DC because she was so traumatized by this she could not even fly – but then we find she has flown all over the place, back and forth from the east coast to west coast yearly and to Hawaii twice! (yet another lie) but then somehow she must have gotten over it and came to the hearing. But the real kicker is she says she did not remember this assault until she was in couples counseling around 2012. Conveniently when she needed an excuse for her relationship issues. Oh and let’s not forget EVEN Her Own Best Friend who was supposedly a witness denied this ever happened!

    Don’t give me this BS that women don’t always remember- sure if they are drunk off their butts they may not, but then they may also misinterpret or not remember giving consent. Also Don’t give me the BS that women/girls don’t ever lie about sexual assault I have known Three Woman – two of them in Highschool who accused guys/men of sexual assault one of Raping her- of course, none of them wanted to press charges- and all three (different events) later admitted to false accusations one told me she did it because he fooled around with her and then the next week went out with another girl, one because her father found out, and one to get her ex in trouble. So while most women tell the truth about sexual assault – NOT All Do! Sorry if that bursts your Male Bubble.

    Sexual assault is horrific and should be prosecuted, but false accusations are also horrific and should also be prosecuted!

  73. That is a very intelligent answer, and a core one in all claims of sexual accusations. It should not just be ignored EVER! It can ruin lives if found to be a lie. This kind of lier should not go unpunished..

  74. Moses it looks like someone hit a nerve. Don’t worry. If you are called uncle pervie you probably earned the title.

  75. You have no clue that she is making that up, women remember their assaults, they don’t have to make them up. You’re a shameful person whether you are a woman or a guy pretending to be a woman.

  76. Dingleberry, your guilty conscience is showing, typical of a Trumpist if that can find the truth through all the endless lies from the mobster

  77. She lied under oath and should be behind bars for that. The untruths she told about him would make anything ons temper flare up. Little innocent sounding Christine Ford was dragging him through the mud with her false accusations. How would you have handled it if you were in his shoes?

  78. Moses your sick. Your a Democrat so I guess the explains it. Wonder how many women you raped you dog.

  79. Moses you sick. Your a Democrat so I guess the explains it. Wonder how many women you treated you dog.

  80. The real perpetrator of the whole fiasco was dingy diane finestine. She’s the real demented dimwit demoncrat crook and traitor, in the same category as killary, and the one that I want to see jailed.

  81. You are right woman don’t forget sexual assaults but they sure know how to make up stories too. There was not one witness to collaborate
    her story. If I was in Kavanaugh position you would have seen one hell
    of a angry person up there. I would defend myself till I’m not able to
    breath. Kavanaugh had every right to be angry and verbal, it was a lynching…. innocent until proven guilty.
    Ford was guilty as sin, her lawyers pimped her out.

  82. Everybody knows O had her set up to come forward if Romney (Kavannah was Romney’s second choice for SCOTUS) had won. Romney didn’t
    win so she was saved for Di-Fi to bring forward.

  83. Get over it he didn’t do this. She self hypnotised herself to erase memories and create a fake memory. She has writen papers on this along with experiments. I have studied this in past.

  84. She’s a lying cocktease with a baby girl voice. She’s another example of the lowlife commiecrat party

  85. Women don’t forget sexual assaults, especially from an obnoxious drunk like Kavanaugh. You saw his temperament in court, crying, screaming, blaming, saying his life is ruined, meanwhile all he thinks about is revenge against moderates and liberals. He has the face of an alky, you know he does.

  86. Democrats became a lynch mob against Kavanagh. They demanded that any woman accusing a man of rape must be believed regardless of the absence of evidence for the claim or evidence against it. Kavanagh was denied the legal protection of innocent until proved guilty that safeguards accused common criminals. Many of the worst Democrat offenders claim to be lawyers, but they behaved like their predecessor Democrats who were Klan members. We all know who they were, but they should be named and publicly shamed so that they can never again run for public office.

  87. This woman needs to be investigated. If society continues to allow one to accuse someone of horrendous crimes that result in lies and falsehoods then they need to be punished and prosecuted if it warrants.

  88. She has a doctorate. Perhaps it is time to impose some kind of fitness test before people are awarded PhDs. Even the (non-medical)title “doctor” has a moral as well as financial value to recipients. The “fit and proper” test imposed on student lawyers and applicants for admission in some English-law jurisdictions might work. It entails a rebuttable claim by the applicant as to his/her moral fitness as an officer of the court.

  89. Let’s not forget that Feinstein wench that started all this crapola and acted like she was miss priss and doing her duty! She is a conniving piece of California excrement!

  90. Modern feminism and Democrats say that she has to be believed, regardless of the validity of her charges against Kavanaugh. So whatever the book and other witnesses say is not relevant.

  91. Anybody who watched the pathetic show put on by the Democrats and believed a word of what they saw and heard is truly an accurate description of an imbecile. Let the truth finally trickle out and skewer them with a fine piece of Damascus Steel!!

  92. You couldn’t look at that crazy b**** and tell she was a Democrat plant that’s one crazy f****** fruitcake just another Democrat plant

  93. I was attacked when in the summer just before my 14th birthday. To this day, I know every detail of the attack, my attacker, what I did afterwards, etc. Had she really been attacked, she should know the details, too. It’s not something you ever forget, and it’s been almost 65 years since it happened to me.

  94. And the Bible says, “Be sure your sins will find you out!” Well, it looks like her sins have come back to haunt her.

  95. with all this coming out how come she has she not been charged with perjury and liying to congress under oath if she had been a republican she would be

  96. The term that I consider to be the best in describing what has been done to judge Kavanaugh and has been done to president Trump and seems to be continuing, is J’Accuse.

  97. Additionally, Ford and her husband are multi-millionaires and have several homes and kept approximately One million dollars they received from a gofundme page saying it was for security and related. Anyone who was fair and unbiased would not have even listened to this paid for liar for 10 seconds. When one realizes her attorney was a satanic spawn of Allred and daughter Bloom, you knew the fix was in and that truth would not be forthcoming. They should both be disbarred for numerous unethical actions and Ford should be charged for false accusations and at the very least sued, for defamation of character and a hate crime as she was speaking as a female sexist sow.

  98. She slandered and libeled him….both criminal offenses. Time for the old bag to spend time in prison …but then maybe that is what she wanted all the time….free rent, medical and meals.

  99. She tried, with her lies, to ruin a mans life and family, her story never had any truth to it, the democrats ought to be ashamed that they put her up to this. Never believed her and her ‘baby voice ‘.

  100. I knew that there are going to be some dirty secrets coming out. Because of her doctorate degree in … clinical psychology (?) field, the Dem senators rolled out the red carpet to welcome her. And she had the nerve to mime a child voice. ????‍♂️ She sure put up a show.

    Glad that the American people aren’t that naive to swallow her deceit.

    By the way, I’m shaking my head in this one: she’s a freaking doctor and a willing liar hell-bending for the political agenda. What’s scary is that she’s an accredited doctor that works with her clients. I hope for more truth to come out. Due to her dishonesty at the Senate hearing, the ASBPP needs to strip her license permanently.

  101. I’m sorry, but I never believed her accusations from the very beginning.A woman her age, and a trained professional being so “emotional” years later on TV over nothing. She was not raped.Or anything close to it.And then when a poor woman is actually raped, which is quite a traumatic indeed, is often shunned and not believed.Or put the hell to prove it. For “whatever” reason she did this to Judge Kavanaugh( which I have my own personal opinion about) Ms. Ford got her five minutes of fame and now may be facing some true shame.

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