Brett Kavanaugh’s second accuser is in deep trouble after this bombshell report

Deborah Ramirez stepped forward to claim Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a college party.

Democrats and the media jumped for joy.

But now Ramirez is in trouble after this bombshell report.

New Yorker reporters Ronan Farrow and Jane Meyer broke the Ramirez story.

Journalists celebrated because Farrow’s previous Me Too stories brought down Harvey Weinstein.

They thought they finally had the smoking gun to destroy Kavanaugh.

But problems popped up.

No one could corroborate Ramirez’s story.

In fact, the New York Times refused to run her story because they could not find any corroborating witnesses.

Farrow and Meyer came back with a second article featuring a witness they claimed backed up her story.

Kenneth G. Appold lived with Kavanaugh at the time.

He claimed he heard from someone else a story that sounded similar to Ramirez’s.

He had no direct knowledge of the incident.

Farrow and Meyer’s article descended into farce when they claimed Appold tried to get in touch with the former classmate who allegedly told him this story.

He could not reach him.

Meyer and Farrow did.

He told the reporters he had no memory of the incident.

The New Yorker reports:

Appold said that he initially asked to remain anonymous because he hoped to make contact first with the classmate who, to the best of his recollection, told him about the party and was an eyewitness to the incident. He said that he had not been able to get any response from that person, despite multiple attempts to do so. The New Yorker reached the classmate, but he said that he had no memory of the incident.

A final confirmation vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh will likely be held over the weekend.

Ramirez’s story collapsing is another sign Kavanaugh is set to be confirmed.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Lenin always wanted to control the schools of journalism. It would be proper to name it the Lenin school of journalism with all the fake news they turn out.

  2. Any story by any media in this country today is very likely to be a complete fabrication. Journalism schools today are devoted to the Goebbels school of reporting. Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

  3. You mean to tell me …your are just finding out how stupid your party is???!! Well … I don’t want to, and I hate to say it … that does not say to much for you??!! Being you been voting for them all your life … before they were Slave Owners, now they are turning into Terrorist, mop instigating sewer crap idiots!! No you say … keep an eye on Maxine Waters, Warren, Schumer. all instigating mop attacks on people and businesses.
    I would say … time for you to change … and not be a part to corruption, idiots, ISIS terrorist, etc., as such is what the Democrats have turned into. Dreams don’t Work … Unless You do. God Bless

  4. Kav ‘will help’ on some level. He ‘knows’
    the DC ‘thang'(regarding his ‘past involvement on ‘various levels’) Ahem.
    . Better than Kagan/SotoMayer
    > He has been Publicly excoriated. (big time).
    Perhaps ‘klean now’, he Will Serve ie ‘in the Proper’
    to SAVE USA.

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  6. Hey Timothy, get a life. Your obviously a narrow minded individual. Try thinking for yourself if you can.

  7. I am very pleased to see Judge Kavanaugh appointed to SCOTUS. A great victory for the U.S.A and the Republican party. But please remember the fight isn’t over. The foolish Democrats and the foolish followers will be out voting for the Democratic party despite what shameful behavior the nation observed. My fellow Republicans, let’s not let these dummies regain power. They don’t have any agenda on improving the nation. Please vote, vote, vote. God bless the U.S.A.

  8. Thanks John. I fully agree. God’s Law existed before He created anything. We have some “religious” people today who create God in their own image. They want everyone and every thing to run according to their private wishes. They tend to be the “church ladies” and “pillars” in the local congregations. The others are the atheists who want to reconstruct everything according to their ideas. They tend to hate Christians and everything “traditional” that has proved over time to work well. Two of the latter are Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Oh well…Some people never learn. We pray they wake up before it’s too late.

  9. You hear it every day. THE RULE OF LAW V. THE RULE OF MAN. This is so vague it is meaningless. Law does not rule. It is the source of the law that rules. THE RULE OF MAN??? What does man use to rule. His man made law? Two main sources of law, God or man. Man’s philosophy of POSITIVISM teaches; there is no higher source of law than man. Look it up, it is easy to research. This is the philosophy of all modern day man made law. Look it up. Since man does not recognize God or His law you will never him say THE RULE OF GOD OR THE RULE OF MAN. TRY GOD’S LAW, IT WORKS. John

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  14. Every last ONE of these so-called LAWYERS should be brought up on ETHICS charges >> withholding exculpatory evidence, lack of full disclosure with their own clients, dispensing BAD advice for their own political agendas, twisting the law to suit their endgames, making DEMANDS of our United States SENATE! And from WHENCE do their fees come for services rendered??? George Soros-backed NAZI agitator groups??? Do HOPE the American Bar Association is keeping a close watch…and DISBAR!!!

  15. “Ma’am” is also a proper address when in doubt of teaching CREDS! Her CREDS on every level have a lot to be desired…

  16. Thank you DNC for acting like the trash you are, and helping the RNC remain the majority, Goodbye Roe, Hello Wade! For a bunch of egotistical, self described, superior-intellectuals, y’all sho is dumb!

  17. A CIA,Internship program, overseer, I wouldn’t classify her as a professor, maybe a clerk! CIA needing more Strokz’s! They are in the right place to find classless, Liars, and future Komrads!

  18. The DNC, has behaved like rabid-dogs, through the entire SCOTUS nomination process! They have humiliated themselves, their political colleagues, their voters, and the Citizens, of this Great-Nation living, and deceased! The classless, unethical, uncouthness, on display by seasoned politicians, and a couple of new wannabes, was just appalling!
    Condoning the death-threats, against Justice Kavanaugh’s daughters, is a level of disgust, unbecoming of any political party, or for that matter, any human being! Diane Feinstein, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Amy Schumer, Dick H. Durban, and the rifraff followers, have guaranteed the win coming in the November, Mid-Terms!
    Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh, and after the putrid display of classless-Democrats,We can be assured, that you, will be welcomed by those Dignified Men, and Women, Supreme Court Justices, Who are an example of Class, Integrity, Honor, and Respect, for our Constitution, and unbiased, lawful, decision making that sets The United States of America above all others! May I apologize for the sickening display of classless, unethical, uncouthness provided by the Criminal Organization, DNC! Thank You, and your precious family, and may God, our Creator, and our Judge, Bless You!

  19. It’s YOU!!! LMAO! JackHandy? Thought it was JackMEhoff! Lots o’ ‘jacks’ HERE…as in ASSES! Left hands on left ‘cheeks’…and LISTING LEFT with DemonRAT FARTS!!! ‘Scuze me…FLATULENCE! Dr.JD labcoat? Diagnosis > BAD! Prognosis > TERMINAL! Dan Tyree and M are HILARIOUS! YOU are a refreshing POP-UP!!!

  20. And furthermore…women strut! MEN strut! It is a WEAK NEEDY GROWN woman who puts herself smack in the middle of a compromising situation! STRONG SELF-ASSURED GROWN women SET BOUNDARIES! LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH! Unless she WANTS to be touched! SHE sets the pace! Little girls, on the other hand, can and DO fall victim to sick twisted pedophiles and, for that, I am truly sorry and sad. But UNDERAGE DRINKING TEENAGE girls with RAGING HORMONES have NO EXCUSE! Times change but nothing is different…

  21. Oh STOP IT, TJ! Masterpieces in museums are EYE CANDY! A fireworks display is EYE CANDY! A blooming flower is EYE CANDY! A newborn baby is EYE CANDY! A beautiful sunrise welcoming a new day is EYE CANDY! A flaming orange and fuchsia sunset is EYE CANDY! A self-assured woman is EYE CANDY! THERE IS BEAUTY ALL AROUND YOU! TAKE OFF THE BLINDERS!!!

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  25. Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!

  26. She still is not a licensed doctor. A degree is only part of the requirement, the lame stream media keep calling her “doctor” Glad that her accusations were proven false … who are calling a “PSYCHO DEMONRAT?”

  27. truth…You have no clue what truth is. Obama is in no way a Christian. You obviously do not know what a Christian is. And, yes, Obama is a Muslim and sides with our enemies.

  28. Walter…Hillary is a professional liar and libs would not investigate her because they think she is the smartest woman on earth.

  29. Audrey, how smart are you to believe that Obama is a Muslim, when even John McCain, while running for president, corrected an old woman at a town hall who said virtually the same thing. John took the microphone from her hand after saying “no M’am. No M’am, he is a fine Christian man and we just have differences.” I don’t disagree that Bill Clinton was a pervert, hound, but could you agree that same or worse goes for Trump who was recorded as saying he got away “with grabbing women by the P*ssy” and continually has had affairs his whole life. Even in the Hollywood Access tape, Trump said “when I see a good looking woman, I just can’t help myself” and starts kissing and fondling them? Can you admit that or are you in cult-like trance also?

  30. Dear Truthistruth….I guess the NYT’s means something in NYC. This may come as a surprise but you could not find the NYT’s in my town. You know the rest of the country do not think that the world revolves around New York. In fact, it is quite the opposite. That is why many of us had a problem with Trump in the beginning. Amazing that Pres Trump has accomplished much of what he had promised. We are not used to that.

  31. Truth is Truth. I am an Older Woman in Colorado. I did vote for Trump as I wasn’t going to vote for a Lying Witch who didn’t care that she got people killed. I hated Obama for the Muslim he is and hope to live long enough to see him in Prison along with Hilary. I am neither Pathetic, a Loser nor am I in a Cult. So Trump isn’t perfect. Better than being a Liar and a Thief like Hilary and a Pervert like Bill Clinton and a Muslim like Obama. Frankly you are not a very smart person. You seem to rely on cutting people down, when in fact your not very adept at anything else. Shame on you. You must be one of those Women whom Soros sends checks to. Your probably a paid protester. We need more common, nice people than we do these screaming maniacs who think they are in need of being recognized. You soon will be where you belong on the outside looking in. Get a Life and a Job.

  32. The democrats that started this mess along with the accusers should be investigated to prove if they broke the law. If they did charge them, and put them in jail.

    . SENATOR Booker should resign, because he admitted he grabbed a woman’s breast. He even wrote about it in the paper, and he is still a senator. Senator Ellison, no charges, and he abused he’s ex-girlfriend,and it was in the news. I guess if your democrat, it’s okay to break the law, and nothing happens.

  33. When someone makes accusations she can’t back up she doesn’t deserve to be treated with kid gloves. She lied about who was at this made up party, she lied about not understanding the Polygragh Operation – her ex has sworn under oath she taught others how to beat the test. She ran out of the supposed party leaving her best friend behind – her best friend said she doesn’t even know Judge Cavenaugh – two other liars came forward and will be investigated for perjury. In this country a person is innocent until proven guilty. You do an injustice to the rule of law when a mob can ruin a person with only accusations – just wonder what everyone of you would do put in the same position. Get ready for Big Red – we are coming for you who parrot the fake news without proof.

  34. Gee, Dave, I am sure YOU ARE NOT “eye candy” to women if you are anything like that UGLY personality you have. Fox women are attractive and beautiful, but they were hired by sexual harassers to be around the gross and disgusting men like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. Kind of like some of you probably have to tie a pork chop around you neck even for your dog to be around you . . .. . just saying.

  35. Always bashing women. Are you sure you weren’t there with the judge that night participating in the assault. So much be from the rebpukes. Typical male comment.

  36. Frank that might mean something to them if you could READ a newspaper. I don’t think you or the Trump cult followers can handle the truth . . . if is beyond your limited capacity . . . which is to store a SMALL amount of cult BS like “Drain the Swamp, or MAGA or Fake News” (something no more than 3-4 words – – got to be dummied down).

    When a real newspaper, like the NYT, makes an error, standards of journalism demand it print a retraction and follow-up story when they get it wrong. You would know that, Frank, if you read. How often does Trump admit when he tells falsehoods and “pants-on-fire” lies? None.

  37. It is clear you are a bunch of pathetic losers that hope to gang together to pretend you are not the ignorant losers who cannot rise to a high school level or beyond. You are much like your cult master, Trump, that while he says one day the script about Dr. Ford being a credible witness, CANNOT HELP HIMSELF and has to mock her the next day. Same when he was in front of his cult followers and could not help himself to mocking a disabled person. Trump was being honest (for once) on his Hollywood Access tape – – he CAN’T CONTROL himself! That you have in common with him.

  38. Republican women are “nice eye candy”!?! Wow, I bet they love being treated like object like that. Many people are amazed by how unbelievably shallow Republicans are to stoop to such a low level as to make fun of someone’s appearance. Dr. Christine Ford has accomplished more in her life, a pinnacle of professionalism, and my guess from your classless, ignorant post above, that you are not educated and probably have been very successful in your life . . . so you have to be shallow. Women are not on this earth to be “eye candy” or just be attractive to men. You are one UGLY guy, and not because of your looks, it is that sick and pathetic person you have made yourself to be.

  39. It looks like Cavanaugh is to be confirmed…good will always win over evil! But fellow Patriots the Cavanaugh victory is sweet but the real battle is in November. Over the past few weeks we have learned of the liberal true end…the destruction of our Constitution and civility in America. Americais once again is calling to all Patriots to stand and defeat the anarchists. We cannot surrender any power to you the demon rats. Every Patriot must get out and vote Republican on November 6th. A huge Red Tsunami is coming and, as Wyatt Earp said in the Movie Tombstone, “ hell is coming with us”.

  40. Looking at these democratic women who claim to have been sexually assaulted it is hard to believe becasue they are down right U G L Y. There are plenty of great looking women out there that actually like men, like sex, and like to have it with a man instead of another woman, IE: Hillary. I kind of get the feeling since they haven’t been chased at all they are jealous of those that do and so to get attention they just make up stories based on lies, horney dreams, or desires. Now I’m not saying “all” democratic women are butt ugly, but the majority of the sure are. Now lets turn to the Republican Women, now the majority of them are nice eye candy.

  41. We don’t need to get smarter, tis you that needs to have a cat scan in order to find out if there is any gray matter functioning between the ear lobes. The con game is about over except for the false accusers to see a judge then 10 to 20 years for these felonies.

  42. Trump should’ve nominated Hillary to the supreme court so she could finally be investigated !!!

  43. DIE-ane…we SO missed your MORONIC blather! Have COMRADES you do!…Laura Brooks, Ric B, DrJD labcoat (yawn!), truthistruth! And I have MINE!…Dan Tyree and M!…waiting for zee, steely mags, scooch, potty mouth! TOUCHE!

  44. Hope these frauds get trials and sentence for the cost they incurred the taxpayers with this Sham!

  45. Hey Dan T., Diane is like a dead cow, you can perfume it but in a day or two the smell comes back, worse than ever! I could not help but laugh as I read her comment, I could feel her anger seeping through with every word she typed. Within these Kavanaugh hearings and all the ugliness that emerged there are some lawsuits that may and could be brought and some people who may and could be prosecuted because laws have been broken. The worse and boldest thing of all is the Dems coercing witnesses to change their sworn testimony to corroborate Ms Ford’s statement. Thank goodness they were not successful because whomever changed their testimony would be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution. I am sure the Dem leadership feels it is okay for their “little people” to sacrifice their lives for the cause. I am so glad protesters have been arrested by the hundreds also.

  46. Only truth being spoken is from Brett Kavanaugh and Kevin Jackson. Kavanaugh will get his job, while Jackson loses his for referring to these psycho-wackos as lying skanks, which they are.

  47. Good! I wonder who Diane will vote for after the Democrat party goes under. What is the real shame is, there are real abused women, and men, and this episode will make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to make a legitimate claim. Most “ME TOOers” fit there with Diane & the Democrats. God help them.

  48. Prosecute her! Take her out like the piece of crap she is! Jail time! Jail time! Jail time!
    You play with fire you should get burned!

  49. All of these women need to be charged with lying during an important Senate investigation. Their supporters need to be charged with aiding and abetting a felon.

  50. Every time there is a noise the lame stream media and left wing loons jump – the other side is crossing all the “t’s” and dotting the “i’s”. The hammer is about to come down.

  51. Took a few days hoping you idiots would get smarter, by alas, you’re still the ignorant dimwits you always were. I have never seen such ignorant, misinformed morons in all my life. Glad I voted a straight Democratic ticket for the Midterms.

  52. Prosecute Ramirez for perjury and sedition.
    The American Association of Professional Journalists need to step up and do their damn job of vetting out all lying journalists.
    Sad that there is no license or licensing standard for journalists as they claim the 1st Amendment gives them carte blanche authority to say anything they want without any qualifications.
    As such I declare that the 2nd Amendment gives me the same authority to buy and carry any type of firearm or weapon available.

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