Brittany Mahomes and Olivia Dunne set the Internet on fire with these bikini pictures

Summer is right around the corner. 

Now some of the hottest celebrities are getting ready for bikini season.

And Brittany Mahomes and Olivia Dunne set the Internet on fire with these bikini pictures.

The 60th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has stars dropping pictures

The iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has been in decline since the magazine decided to go woke.

German transgender pop singer Kim Petras and then-81-year-old cooking luminary Martha Stewart were cover models in recent swimsuit editions.

The cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue was previously graced by notable models like Kathy Ireland, Elle Macpherson, and Kate Upton.

Sports Illustrated was almost shut down earlier this year after it completely lost touch with its audience before a last-minute buyer stepped in.

Now the magazine is taking baby steps to regain its fanbase when LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne and Brittany Mahomes – the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes – teased pictures of themselves in bikinis ahead of the swimsuit edition’s 60th anniversary issue.


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“We’re so back,” Dunne wrote on social media after she made her debut in the swimsuit edition last year.

Mahomes is making her first appearance and released a picture of her in a red string bikini with a cowboy hat that was taken in Belize.

She was ecstatic with how her photoshoot turned out.

“I want people to know that they can accomplish anything, even things you never thought would be possible in your wildest dreams,” Mahomes said.

It’s not all good news for fans of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition 

Sports Illustrated couldn’t let go of its woke past even with the change in ownership.

70-year-old CBS Mornings co-host Gayle King was chosen to be one of the cover models for this year’s swimsuit edition.

“This ain’t your dad’s Sports Illustrated,” King said to the dismay of the audience on CBS Mornings.

“It certainly isn’t,” a CBS reporter said with a somber tone while narrating a segment about her on the show.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day took over 10 years ago and has overseen the woke decline of the once iconic issue.

“We have shattered stereotypes,” Day wrote about the 60th anniversary swimsuit edition. “We have embraced diversity. We have championed inclusivity. With each passing year, we have challenged ourselves to push boundaries and redefine what it means to be Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.”

Day let it be known that her mission was no longer to entertain sports fans with attractive models but to push a social agenda.

“Now it’s a global symbol of empowerment, diversity, and positivity. We’ve done our best to honor women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. We’ve strived to reshape societal norms and redefine the standards of beauty,” Day stated.

Being the cover model used to be a major honor, but Day said it was now about empowerment.

Sports Illustrated was once one of the biggest brands in the country.

Now it’s a shell of what it used to be after going woke.

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