Byron Donalds went on MSNBC and what happened next taught Democrats a big lesson

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds was one of the candidates conservatives backed to oppose Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

Democrats are figuring out why that was the case.

And that’s because Byron Donalds went on MSNBC and what happened next taught Democrats a big lesson.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid attacked the conservatives who supported Donalds for Speaker of the House as some kind of “token.”

Leftists grow enraged at the idea of black conservatives because they believe black Americans are obligated to vote Democrat.

Reid had Donalds on for a wide-ranging interview that grew contentious when he defended Speaker McCarthy booting Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff off the Intelligence Committee and voting to kick Ilhan Omar off the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Donalds explained that Republicans were holding Omar accountable for her long history of anti-Semitic comments.

“Let’s be very clear, Ilhan Omar has said things that are reprehensible,” Donalds stated.

“Can you name-” Reid interjected.

But Donalds would not let Reid bulldoze him.

Instead, Donalds held his ground and calmly explained that Omar’s bigoted comments warranted removal from her Committee under the standard Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats set in the last Congress.

“Hold on, hold on, let me finish,” Donalds responded. “She’s said terrible things about the Jewish community, so much so that resolutions had to go to the House floor about them, and they were watered down.”

“No, if you want to change the rules, then we’ll live by your rules,” Donalds added.

From the moment Ilhan Omar entered Congress, her anti-Semitic comments were a scandal that hung over the Democrat Party.

Omar accused Jewish billionaires of manipulating American politics, compared the state of Israel to a terrorist nation, and accused Jewish Americans of holding dual loyalty.

Nancy Pelosi refused to punish Omar for these comments.

Instead, Pelosi held a vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism that never mentioned Omar by name.

When Pelosi and the Democrats began kicking Republicans off their Committee assignments, it was only a matter of time until the GOP won back power in the House of Representatives and forced Democrats to live under their own rules.

And that was the message Byron Donalds took to Joy Reid and MSNBC’s audience.

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