Bud Light was blindsided when a competitor delivered this message about wokeness

Photo by Mojor Zhu via Unsplash

Bud Light’s woke disaster left the door wide open for other brands.

One upstart beer company put everyone on notice.

And Bud Light was blindsided when a competitor delivered this message about wokeness.

Bud Light was the best-selling country beer in the country until it was hit with a massive backlash after partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The boycott against Bud Light created an opportunity for new competitors to move into the crowded beer market.

Seth Weathers stepped up and launched his own brew, Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer, in April after the woke controversy broke out to give consumers an alternative.

He promised that Ultra Right would be “100 percent woke-free beer.”

The woke-free beer is beginning to take off after it was initially launched as an online-only brand.

Ultra Right is expanding its distribution to multiple states with a new deal that will put the beer in thousands of bars, restaurants, and retailers.

It’s already being sold at retailers and restaurants throughout Arkansas and Georgia just months after it was launched.

“First, they mocked us,” Weathers said. “They said we’d never sell any beer, they said we’d never get the beer made, they said we would never get distributors, and then they said we’d never get shelf space in stores. I’m proud to say, we’ve accomplished all those things in a matter of months.”

The woke-free beer was embraced by consumers after it was launched in April.

The company sold 20,000 six-packs, brought in over one million dollars in sales, and added 10,000 customers in the two weeks after it launched.

“We’re sending this beer out by the tractor-trailer load,” Weathers added.

Expanding its distribution reach will give the fast-growing beer brand the opportunity to build on its initial success

Weathers said the beer’s success was because of angry consumers “fighting back with their wallet.”

He said that a portion of the sales would be directed to supporting priorities important to conservatives.

“Conservatives have had enough of woke corporations, and they’re fighting back with their wallet,” Weathers said. “We’re doing our part to fight for the causes that matter to our customers by donating a portion of sales to defeating woke school board members across the country.”

Weathers added that the beer is going to be arriving in new states in the coming weeks as the company builds out its distribution network.

Beer drinkers are responding to a brand that represents their values after Bud Light burned them with the Mulvaney partnership.

Bud Light’s epic disaster created a void in the market that the conservative Ultra Right beer is eager to exploit.