Build the Wall Poll Results

Poll Results

Do we still need to build the wall?

George Soros rolled out this scheme to save Joe Biden from doom in 2024

Joe Biden is on the ropes going into the 2024 Election. The Left is trying to ride to his rescue. And George Soros rolled out [Read More >>]

John Kerry handed China a massive victory on a silver platter with this big announcement

John Kerry is plowing ahead with his scheme to remake the country’s energy sector. His plot is putting America last in an infuriating way. And [Read More >>]

Ron DeSantis got dealt a major setback that no one saw coming

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is waging a last-ditch effort to win Iowa and reset the Republican Presidential Primary. But DeSantis learned some bad news. And [Read More >>]

All hell broke loose when Tucker Carlson dropped the January 6 bombshell

Tucker Carlson was sometimes a lonely voice in the media pursuing the complete story about what happened on January 6. His own network even tried [Read More >>]

You’ll be speechless when you see what John Fetterman just said

John Fetterman keeps causing headaches for the Democrat Party. He keeps throwing the party off message. And you’ll be speechless when you see what Fetterman [Read More >>]