This built-in bias by the mainstream media will shock you

In politics, perception can be shaped and molded by how the argument is framed.


  1. Many years ago, I quit a newspaper subscription because of its “unbiased Republican opinions”. Years later, I quit my subscription to a paper for its “unbiased Democrat opinions”. Today I subscribe to no papers and take all media news with a grain of salt. Their “newspeak” approach to “reporting” the news today is, for want of a better term, laughable were it not so rabidly pathetic. Instead of reporting the news they are now framing opinions, most not worth the air they use to say them or the tortured brain cells they abused to dream them up.

  2. Trump is always referred to as Beleaguered or shaken and his administration is in chaos and scandal ridden.
    While the string of the obama disqualifiers and the Illiar treasons go unmentioned or praised.

  3. I’m slightly curious….do the “stylebooks” also include the “proper” vocabulary of profane words to use when slandering non-liberal people?

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