Byron Donalds took this MSNBC host to the woodshed in one big fight

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is fast rising up the list of contenders to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

Donalds again showed why he’s a favorite of the conservative base.

That’s because Byron Donalds took this MSNBC host to the woodshed in one big fight.

Donalds calls out Joy Reid’s falsehoods 

MSNBC’s Joy Reid may be the biggest race baiter in all of the liberal media.

Reid can turn any story into an example of how society perpetuates white supremacy and systemic racism.

But Donalds wasn’t about to let Reid get away with her usual nonsense.

Like every other liberal in the media, Reid misrepresented Donalds’ recent remarks to falsely claim Donalds said black families had it better under Jim Crow.

Donalds showed he wouldn’t back down from a fight by going straight into the lion’s den and appearing on Reid’s show.

Reid led off with a loaded question based on a false premise.

“Jim Crow lasted roughly from 1867 after the Civil War to 1968. Is there a specific period between 1867 and 1968 that you thought was this golden era for black families or a time that was good for black families?” Reid asked.

Donalds immediately pushed back, telling Reid that isn’t what he said and to play the actual clip of his remarks.

The clip showed Donalds saying liberals destroyed the concept of the nuclear black family through welfare programs that incentivized single motherhood and out-of-wedlock births.

“During Jim Crow, the black family was together. During Jim Crow, more black people were not just conservative, black people always have been conservative-minded, but more black people voted conservatively. And then [the now-defunct Department of Health, Education, and Welfare], Lyndon Johnson, and you go down that road and now we are where we are,” Donalds said.

Donalds destroys Reid

Donalds then put on a performance that shut down Reid and outlined to viewers the truth about how Democrat policies harmed black families and why polls show a growing number of black Americans open to voting for Donald Trump.

“Well, listen, under Jim Crow, obviously, black people were under great persecution, unfortunately by southern Democrats and the Democratic Party overall in the history of our country. That’s the fact. And so, let me finish now, Joy,” Donalds began.

Donalds explained that having a father in the home was critical for the safety and success of the family unit.

Donalds told Reid that his generation – Donalds is 45 – showed that a mother and father raising a child as an intact family unit played a major role in child development.

“So, having the black man in the home was about first protecting the mom and protecting the kids, incredibly important. It was the leadership in the home, which is incredibly valuable. And I think what we’re witnessing the last 30 years, definitely through my generation, is black fathers being at home is incredibly important for the success of black children going forward,” Donalds added.

Donalds ripped Democrats like Joe Biden, Democrat National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison, and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) for lying about Donalds for simply saying that a father in the home is a good thing. 

“And it’s not just a black thing. That’s everybody. Fathers in home help to breed success for kids moving forward. That is a great thing for our country. That’s something that has been proven throughout time. So, what I’m talking about is not the ‘golden era of Jim Crow,’” Donalds continued.

“That’s ridiculous. I would never say that, and that is the gaslighting that I’m standing up to because that’s what Hakeem Jeffries, the Biden campaign, Jaime Harrison, and the like are trying to bring up. And unfortunately, the media has followed suit with misleading headlines,” Donalds concluded.

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