Byron Donalds uttered three words about Joe Biden that sent him into a rage

Byron Donalds is one of the rising stars among House Republicans.

He’s emerged as a top surrogate for Donald Trump on the campaign trail and is a rumored VP option.

And Byron Donalds uttered three words about Joe Biden that sent him into a rage.

Donald Trump trying to make inroads with black voters 

Black voters have historically been the most reliably Democrat demographic.

But polling of the 2024 Election shows that President Joe Biden is losing support with them after they overwhelmingly backed him in the 2020 Election.

Even a small shift in the black vote toward the GOP could change the outcome in swing states and Congressional districts across the country.

Representatives Byron Donalds (R-FL) and Wesley Hunt (R-TX) have emerged as former President Donald Trump’s two top surrogates to reach out to black voters.

They sat down for an interview with Forbes to discuss why polling shows that black voters, especially black men, are abandoning Biden to back Trump.

“Because he’s trash!” Donalds exclaimed.

Hunt laughed and said that was the New Yorker in Donalds coming out.

“This man is horrible. Listen, I’m a native New Yorker,” Donalds explained. “God bless the New York Jets. But the New York Jets have drafted quarterback after quarterback after quarterback. And after three games, the Jets fans look at themselves and say, ‘Oh my gosh, we drafted a guy that can’t play.’”

“America has drafted Joe Biden into the White House and then realized, really after a year he can’t play, he cannot do the job,” Donalds added.

Joe Biden looks weak on the world stage 

The Florida lawmaker said that Biden’s increasingly confused behavior makes him look like a weak leader.

“The man looks weak on the world stage. Today at his own presser, he gets through his statement, looks to the side, and mouths (whispering) ‘Am I taking questions?’ Like who does this? You’re the leader of the free world and you can’t stand in front of reporters and take questions and then you stumble off and you shuffle away?” Donalds asked.

Biden’s mental decline and gaffes have undercut his ability to be an effective leader according to Donalds.

“There is no sense of leadership coming from him,” Donalds continued. “Nobody even barely hears from him. It’d be one thing if you talked all the time, and then they built a series of gaffes because you talk a lot. He barely talks and the gaffe machine is as long as all his public statements because the man is barely out there.”

Donalds pulled a page from Trump’s playbook by coming up with a nickname for Biden.

“And then you get to the actual policies, the actual decisions,” Donalds added. “Listen, Donald Trump is the master of names, naming somebody something, and I’m not taking that away from him. But Joe Biden is the master of disaster . . . It’s not Apollo Creed anymore, it’s Joe Biden, the master of disaster. Everything this man has touched has gone to crap. It has all gone wrong.”

Donalds and Hunt are holding a series of events around the country to connect with black voters in major cities in the swing states.

Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency could give Donald Trump the chance to make inroads with black voters this year.

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