California just made this dangerous move to hand Democrats more power

So-called “Sanctuary Cities” endanger American citizens by brazenly flouting federal immigration law.

Trump’s election provided hope for many Americans that this lawlessness will end.

But California just passed a new law that will obstruct the federal government’s immigration enforcement there in a dangerous way.

California just passed a law declaring they are a “sanctuary state,” prohibiting law enforcement from participating in any way with enforcement of federal immigration policies.

Fox News reports:

Lawmakers in California on Saturday passed “sanctuary state” legislation even as President Trump and his administration have vowed to crack down on jurisdictions that do not cooperate with federal immigration agents.

The bill approved early Saturday limits police cooperation with federal immigration authorities and is intended to bolster protections for illegal immigrants in the state.

But the acting director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Saturday warned of “tragic consequences,” saying the policy “will make California communities less safe.”

“By passing this bill, California politicians have chosen to prioritize politics over public safety,” Thomas Homan, the acting director of ICE, said in a statement. “Disturbingly, the legislation serves to codify a dangerous policy that deliberately obstructs our country’s immigration laws and shelters serious criminal alien offenders.”

Homan said ICE wants to work with local law enforcement to prevent “dangerous criminal aliens” from being released back onto the streets.

The controversial legislation likely to be signed by Democrat Governor Jerry Brown.

Studies have shown that illegal aliens cost taxpayers approximately $113 billion annually in social services.

Another recent study found that the 251,000 illegal immigrants in federal, state, or local prisons have been cumulatively arrested 1.7 million times for almost 3 million offenses!

Most disturbingly, nearly 50% of those had been arrested at least once for violent crimes like murder, robbery, assault, sex offenses, or kidnapping.

But despite knowing all of that, California is going ahead with this dangerous policy.

Perhaps the real reason lies in the heart of the radical liberal agenda.

In 2016, California’s voter turnout was a whopping 75% — nearly 25% higher than the national average.

But reports also indicate immigration status was not checked against voter records.

With Hillary Clinton openly calling for the Electoral College to be abolished, California’s “Sanctuary State” status and refusal to check immigration status for federal elections could swing the popular vote permanently toward Democrat candidates.

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  1. They do. These criminals are supposed to be arrested and charged with treason. However,in commiefornia,there are no people there that has an entire brain cell among them. If they did, they would know that they can take care of those communists in office by using their 2nd amendment rights.

  2. This took place on Sep 22 of 2017. Why is it making people feeling jittery two years later? Brown is not even governor any more. Sounds like this guy isn’t any smarter than Brown.

  3. California voted these political criminals in. Let them fix the problem. We voted in our own state government officials. That state became a human DISGRACE. They call protest like Puerto Rico, they knew what to do. Stop all federal funding to their state until they solve their own problems. Obstruction of justice, and they should be legally charged. Face the consequences of your choices

  4. I say let California be a sanctuary state of it’s own country and build the wall to separate them from the United States. They have been out of control for too long and it’s time to cut them loose. While building the wall assist those who don’t agree with Californias new policy with their relocation and complete the wall without any access in or out of the state including all highways. Don’t need any border station or checkpoints just a wall and our armed border agents with a shoot on sight order for that area if any try to cross. As part of the assistance in relocating those who want to be Americans we can put them in the house of those we deport from the other sanctuary cities as we shut them down. They can have all the criminals and radicals including all the incarcerated across the country that fit their agenda which will free up our overcrowded prison system. While we are at it we can send CNN etc. As well as half of Washington DC starting with their F stain as she doesn’t belong in this country.

  5. It’s tempting to suggest that we just vote them out of the Union, but I don’t think that’s practical if it’s even possible. We can, however, cut off all the money that we the federal government as well as we the buying public send them. Let them stew in their own juices for a while.

  6. I still think there would be enough of an outcry among the Democrats nationwide to make it utterly impossible. Again, what about everyone who has friends and relatives there? Believe me, nothing would make me smile with such satisfaction as hearing the news they had seceded from the union, or fell into the ocean because of the San Andreas Fault (which I think they’re foolish to live near, anyway.) Good riddance, huh? I’m still considering the innocents there, as well.

  7. Who cares about hollywood and here movies. Brown and Neusome and all the other braindead liberals in this state need to be voted out. California is a beautiful state and it is too bad that it is going down the tubes. I was born and raised here. I am a common sense conservative, and unfortunately in the minority.

  8. If California wants the American Taxpayers to continue to send them our tax dollars, they need to OBEY our Nations LAWS. If they do not like our LAWS, then they can go and take there LIBERAL AZZES to hell on their own. They should also take Oregon and Washington with them, all are full of liberal left nutjobs. The American Taxpayers are sick and tired of supporting ILLEGAL ALIENS!

  9. Absolutely! The Democrats have always depended on the votes of illegals, criminals, Welfare recipients, etc. … and sometimes even dead people. In the meantime, I think they also block the votes coming in from our troops overseas, because even though it is THEM that keep us free from hostiles, they’re mostly inclined to vote against whichever Democrat is running. They know all the dirty tricks, too, and even though they tried to cheat in the last election, the majority spoke. I just wish I’d have seen the look on Clinton’s face when she got the news that she lost! I’ll bet it was priceless!

  10. I feel for you n others that do NOT want this for your state. I know some personally too that live in CA….I feel for all of you. Hope that there is something that you as a LEGAL citizen can do.

  11. Instead of building a wall at the border ,start at the border and build a wall from Mexico border and run it to the Canadian border and let the left coast be their own country, they don’t follow our laws any way, pull out all military, cut off ALL federal funds and see just how long they survive

  12. I am a native californian and I can’t believe what is going on out there. I think they are all on drugs or cool aid, I could not believe they voted in rainbow Brown again. He and his father before him do so much damage when they were in office, I just shake my head and pray God strightens out calif. before its to late.

  13. These California laws are no doubt unconstitutional and therefore invalid. The States do not have any authority to establish local immigration laws or policies. The tenth amendment only applies to those things that the Constitution does not specifically grant to the federal government. But the Constitution grants Congress and only Congress the Authority to determine a pathway to naturalization and that includes immigration. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and can not be overridden State or local laws. Any attempt to do so is not only unconstitutional it is an obstruction of justice.

  14. Studies have shown that illegal aliens cost taxpayers approximately $113 billion annually in social services.
    Another recent study found that the 251,000 illegal immigrants in federal, state, or local prisons have been cumulatively arrested 1.7 million times for almost 3 million offenses!
    Most disturbingly, nearly 50% of those had been arrested at least once for violent crimes like murder, robbery, assault, sex offenses, or kidnapping.

    And now the idiots in Sacramento passed a bill changing the primary elections to March so they can have a greater influence on who becomes a party’s candidate. It is not enough that they changed the rules to place the two candidates with the most votes as the candidates no matter which party they represent. This almost guarantees that a Democrat will win. Now they wish to tell the nation who they should support. This last election we had to choose between two Democrats for Senator. You literally had to choose the lesser of two evils.

  15. A nuke would only be a temporary solution. The only thing is, there are Dumbo-crats ALL over the country, and a nuke would only get rid of beautiful houses and scenery. Not to mention, many good movies and decent actors. Also, not to mention, not all the people in California are Liberals… what about them?

  16. Frankly, Kotoc, I couldn’t care less if ‘Hollyweird’ ever produces another movie or not!! They haven’t created one worth seeing in years–let alone pay ridiculous prices for!! Keep in mind–THEY are dependent on OUR money to live, not the other way around!! They have become the modern version of ‘Sodom and Gamora’ of the Bible! Their biggest fear of building the Wall and cutting drug trades is that their ‘supply’ might be cut off! The price of their ‘recreational’ drugs will skyrocket!! Who knows–they might have to ‘go straight’, even!! Heaven forbid–Oh, horrors!!! They might even be forced to live (I have to say this) ‘normal’ lives!

  17. A wonderful example of what you say, Kotoc, is Maxine Waters!! There sits a ‘black’ woman, crazy as a Loon, all ‘mouth’ and spewing hatred for everything this country stands for! Yet, she lives in a multi-million dollar mansion, in a ‘gated’ white neighborhood and is worth far more than her ‘salary’ accounts for!! Hypocrisy at its very ‘finest’!!! She’s done NOTHING for her constituency at all, in all the time she’s been in office!!!!

  18. Well, ‘J’, I’m glad you posted that!! I keep telling people that it is the ‘legal’ immigrants that are as ‘weary’ of all this as the ‘rest’ of us are!! My mother-in-law immigrated from Canada and it took her years to get her ‘citizen’ status but, she DID it!! Mexicans and others who went through the ‘process’ of getting their ‘legal’ citizenship papers are disgusted with those who think they can just ‘sneak’ in here and start demanding ‘special favors’!! Not going to happen–we, the ‘People’ won’t allow it!!

  19. Have you forgotten that the people who make these laws for us are above obeying them themselves? And the element they want freely flowing into their state is NOT welcome in their own personal neighborhoods? They themselves are unaffected by their own actions, so what do they care about us?

  20. I agree! If California wants to be a ‘sanctuary state’ then let it be on their ‘dollar’!! Why should the rest of the nation finance a state that refuses to obey our laws? I ‘see’ a disturbing ‘trend’ coming out of this. Criminals crossing the California border, committing crimes and then crossing into Cal. again to avoid prosecution!! We stop funding other nations when they behave dangerously toward us- well states that harbor criminals need the same treatment! Perhaps the state border also needs monitoring for criminals crossing back and forth!!

  21. Voting California out of the union is a pretty tall order, no matter how much disdain and contempt we have for them. There are lots of people all over the country who have friends and relatives there. Plus, if Hollyweird gets cut off from the rest of the country, they’ll likely keep all the films produced there and sell them for airing at a substantially higher rate. No more movies on Cable TV, etc. unless you’re willing to pay through the nose for them.

  22. Since many cities have Aiding and Abiding laws, I wonder if the Federal Government has Laws as well that cover it, since California is Aiding Criminals that have crossed the border illegally.


  23. Time to march a about 5000 national troops into Ca. and arrest Moonbeam Brown and top administration heads and send them to Getmo for an attitude adjustment. Perhaps 90 days would change their minds.

  24. I agree please send a message to the email of Trump calling on this army to come in to California. Pwhy should we the abiding citizen be punished for the evil one

  25. If the GOOD people of California do indeed make up a majority of the citizenry, they must do everything legal to get rid of Jerry Brown and the State politicians who are running that beautiful state into hell. If they are not in the majority, then they should move to some other state. California is broke, financially, morally, and socially.
    We are sooooo happy to be FROM California. Michigan has her own problems, as do many other states, but not like Calif.

  26. You know, we do have a Second Amendment for a reason. I am absolutely NOT advocating violence but if things keep going the way they are, ultimately I see no other choice. God help us – literally.

  27. After years in my native Michigan, my wife and I reside in southern California thirty-some years now. Until recently, slowly but surely the state has gone far-far left on any and every issue … despite that fact that the vast majority of our state’s working and tax-paying citizens object to this slide in the swamp. Keep in mind 2/3 of Sacramento politicians are Democrat as is it’s retread and about to term out old governor. Right now, they are hell-bent to ram thru any and every immoral, illegal, and ridiculous thing than can to appease their billionaire sponsors and handlers. The people? To these politicians … not a factor!


  29. This used to be the most beautiful state, and RICH! THE Dems have ruined this state, can we have a Republican Governor and Senate and Lawmakers to make this right? We would love to stay here, but so far it is ruined, Brown is awful and we do not need another Democrat, VOTE REPUBLICAN

  30. you know being of Mexican decent. I look at the years my Mom had to jump through hoops to get her green card,then to citizen. I was born her as an American citizen. Had to work to pay my way through college. Not given to me just cause I was Mexican(illegal). MY opinion send them BACK to whence they came and deny them any chance of green card or citizenship especially if they are on welfare or have voted illegaly. MAGA

  31. to bad the facts don’t add up to what he claims in here.maybe he should go fact check somewhere else that doesn’t distort or actually misleads every one..

  32. And let california put a wall all the way up the eastern side of their state to the candian border. And they can pay for too.

  33. Love it! You do know that there is a move in California for them to secede. Works for me. I just hope my friends and relatives there move ASAP.

  34. Didn’t we fight a terrible war between 1861 and 1865 to finally put the “states vs. federal government” issue to rest? It seems odd that California’s elected officials are unaware of Constitution-affirming events from our nation’s history such as that one — or else they just wish to pretend that those precedents were never set.

  35. why not let the American people vote California out of the union,, that would solve a lot of problems,,, we don’t need or want them

  36. Place the state under Martial law by decree from Trump. Move in with federal forces to take control of the state, round up and deport illegals, arrest and prosecute the democratic leadership, and place control in the hands of a temporary federal manager/officer to administer the state until proper elections can be held.

  37. Funny how kalifornia argued in court that if the Fed. grant money was to be cut off to sanctuary citys it would make their people and state less safe, so now they pass a law that will make their state less safe. No way can anyone with half a brain make this stuff up.

  38. Cut off all federal funds since CA believe they have the 7th largest economy in the world and build the wall around CA. Can’t fix STUPID with libturds but they love their liars and criminals!!!

  39. I agree, I’ve lived in california since 1953. I can’t figure out way so many libs have been elected in this state. I hope the brown era is about over. we can’t afford any more. If I have to I’ll move to Las Vegas.

  40. The federal Government no longer aids citizen who are the victims of crimes between states. IE a criminal files a false police report against you in Oregon when they are in New Jersey. you must resolve it in NJ which could take years. IN New York you cannot file a complaint against another unless you live in the same state An illegal can commit a crime in one state and flee to another In the case of murder they can flee to Mexico and not be deported

  41. Invalidate all votes from California in National elections. When the movie elites think about what their mouths hot them into refuse them entry in the Real USA

  42. The illegal immigration and sanctuary cities issues are completely out of hand. All it would take if the Republicans had the gonads is to pass legislation to cut off all federal funding to states like Californication until such time that they come to their senses, oh, I forgot, they have no senses, therefore, the Feds, whom I normally do not like interfering in “states rights” MUST step in and mandate that these loonies like Jerry Brown and his cohorts tow the line of face severe penalties! Several on this comments section have proposed this measure and I believe the vast majority of tax paying citizens would back the measure 1000%! Everyone I’ve spoken to express nearly total disgust not only with the federal politicians, be they Elephants or JACKASSES, but many at the state level all across America. I can’t wait until 2018 so that I can vote my state senator (Debbie Stabenow) out of office. Something tells me that 2018 will be the turning point for the majority of DemocRATS and several RINO Republicans! A strong message needs to be sent to these “swamp dwellers” and send them to wherever the hell they belong! Also, I hope there is a referendum for establishing “term limits” to include two terms maximum for Senators and three for Representatives, PLUS, forfeit their ludicrous perks and use those funds to at least help to pay down the national debt.!!!!!!!!

  43. Just shows how corrupt dems are, breaking federal laws, I live in Ca. and we need to drain this swamp of criminals!!!!

  44. Just put the wall on the California state line. After all, southern San Diego looks like Tijuana any how. Took me an hour at wall Mart store to find one who spoke English so I could get my brand of car wax.

  45. BUYING VOTES >>>>>>It is no more complicated than that.
    The Democrats know full well that they have NO CHANCE, other than a rigged election, and this clearly explains why they fight so hard against any sort of voter photo I>D>….using all sorts of really dumb excuses and reasons.
    Yes, of course, they like things just as they are and the freebies are the bait they very successfully use to gain the HISPANIC ( ILLEGAL ALIEN ) Vote.

  46. If those California imbeciles want to be a sanctuary state, then let’s give them back to their country (Mexico)!

  47. I live here in California and I don’t want my city to be a sanctuary city. I want to vote on this issue. Brown has no authority to play obama and decree this by executive order.
    We want to continue to stay safe here. We do not want to have to keep a loaded gun in the house.
    Governor Brown, please move to Mexico and you can have all the Mexican people around you, you want to clean your house and mow your lawns.

  48. The Federal Government now needs to hold California accountable for every illegal transaction or crime that is committed by any illegal immigrant granted protection to enter the United States through its state.


  50. Absolutely agree with Joe.
    They are using the taxpayers money as their own. It’s disgusting and that should be stopped.

  51. I believe we are going about this all wrong. If I harbor a fugitive and am caught, whether I brag about or am found out in some other way, I go to jail. What makes these slim ball governors and mayors any better than me, there money? They probably stole it to start with. A state can not enact a law that contradicts a federal law. Send the slim balls to jail, don’t displace law abiding citizens to appease them.

  52. Solution: All liberals to by forcibly emigrated to California.

    Any non_liberals to be given a grace period of 60 days to move OUT of California.

    A wall to be built around California to contain the liberal menace.

    After the 60 day grace period NO ONE is allowed to exit from California (Future liberal converts to be airlifted IN)

    California to be decertified as a state.

    Any illegal aliens still wishing to break the law will submit their request in writing and, if approved, they will be airlifted in to California.

    Any Muslim petitioning for entrance will be automatically granted a mandatory ticket to be airlifted into California.

    Any Muslim previously granted infiltration into this country will be relocated to California.

    Thereby the citizens of the 49 states of the United States of America will be free to pursue the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness promised them in our Constitution.

    California, as a newly created sovereign nation, is free to do whatever it wishes.

  53. 1. All federal funding for this rouge state should be cut off.
    2. All government officials should be arrested for breaking Federal laws.
    3. The peoples money is not Jerry Brown’s to give away.

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