Campus snowflakes are triggered by posters of Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

Zarate was a felon who’d previously been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when he was released onto the streets of San Francisco, a so-called “sanctuary city.”

When a conservative student at University of California San Diego hung up posters of Steinle with the caption, “She had dreams too,” he quickly found himself in hot water with the school’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination.

The Washington Times reports:

“Our office received an online incident report and I would like to schedule a time to speak with you about it,” an investigator wrote in the email, reported The College Fix. “Are you free this week by phone or in person.”

Mr. Lu said the meeting has not taken place and he has contacted an attorney. He said the probe is an attempt to intimidate conservative students on campus, arguing that the same scrutiny would not be applied to a poster advocating a liberal stance on immigration.

“We have had a bunch of left-wing posters go up all the time,” he said. “So the argument they might make is, ‘This is a political poster, we don’t want you to put it up,’ is a nonsensical argument because leftists put up posters all the time.”

The UC San Diego College Democrats called the posters “racist propaganda” and “displays of hate” targeting “undocumented students and the undocumented community.”

“We urge all students, staff, and other UC San Diego community members to condemn these displays of hate,” the Democrats wrote in a post on Facebook. “It is unacceptable to allow racism, bigotry, and hate to dominate the campus conversation, shifting the rhetoric of our university.”
Mr. Lu said the poster campaign was the initiative of a newly formed campus group called Right Wing West.

The group posted a video on Facebook showing the pictures of Steinle being torn down.

“The media and our politicians want to erase Kate’s name and story from history,” Right Wing West wrote on its Facebook page. “It’s on us to speak the name of America’s lost daughter: Kate Steinle. #EndSanctuaryCities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that sanctuary cities make the public less safe.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts about sanctuary cities and the UC San Diego College Democrats’ reaction to these reasonable posters in the comments below.


  1. I’m surprised that it’s ONLY $1 Trillion every 10 yrs! LA county Online Budget for circa 2012, for Public Welfare was 2 Billion, & that did NOT count FREE healthcare which was about $500 Million that year, Nor education costs. Past CBO reports have documented that illegal aliens are Getting WELFARE, FREE healthcare including organ transplants, & ALL the Money Spent to make Official documents readable in the Foreign language of Their Choice!And, most recent info out on illegal aliens, shows MUCH higher crime rate than Liberal MSM reports.

  2. I would tell the investigator, NO, my 1st amendment, civil rights, freedom of speech says I’m not available this week or the following weeks! Take them to the Supreme Court Mr Lu, you WILL WIN and change all these lefties!

  3. I was really shocked when I looked up sanctuary cities and found there are so many.
    Most of the west coast is covered with them from Washington State on down to
    southern California. The midwestern states and the the New England coast. It was
    disgusting that these places exist at all, but so many! People wonder why our nation
    is going broke. Can you imagine if the Demoncrats get their way? Cut funding to these
    places, do away with them. Arrest everyone who opposes our POTUS and the law of the
    land. These people are traitors to America and should be in prison or executed.
    The Demoncrats are truly insane to want open borders and unlimited immigration.

  4. Illegals cost us about a $1T every 10 years. Someone better roll up their sleeves. We have 12 million of them that need a free sky diving lesson over their country of origin. Heck, it’s Christmas. Give every 10th one a parachute.
    If you are an illegal, all of your cash and assets will be seized. They seize drug dealer assets. This shouldn’t be any different.

  5. Rivahmitch. I agree 100% on your comment. President Trump is trying his best. He just needs a few more good men in the Senate and House of Representatives to help him.

  6. Good question Davnkatz. At a guess they will be claimed by DACA. I hope and pray that the House of Representatives and the Senate are wise enough to listen to the American people deporting them immediately, along with their families, and any and all other illegal aliens. The money we would save would pay for the Wall, infrastructure, Pay back to Social Security the loans taken from it, and I call that making America Great Again.

  7. Really like that idea, Paul. As for the “snowflakes” take their passports and drop them by parachute into one of those countries. See how they like the way they are treated.

  8. Susie Hargis, I agree with this idea. Might work out real well, and it should work quickly. President Trump should be able to achieve that. Providing Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnell can accomplish this without stabbing the President in the back, or bad mouthing his agenda to fix this problem. After all there are plenty of High School students graduating each year.

  9. Yes. Basically, as I understand it, Obama left them stay, never enforced our laws if he could help it. That is want the democrats and news media want. President Trump is doing his best to straighten all this out, but the Senate and House don’t want to work with him to make our country great again. Most of that seems to Democrats that want to delay anything they can, and just want to stop from President Trump, and the rest of the obstruction is from Republicans who are afraid that all their refusals to do what they were elected to do will come out and both sides will lose the feed trough they have been at for years. At least this is my opinion on your questions.

  10. D. Richards, the last article I read said $135 billion a year to have the “Dreamers” here. We certainly use either amount for lots of more things than keeping “Dreamers” here, and their families.

  11. I certainly agree with you Gail. If the Liberals and Democrats want something it is fine and should be immediately done. If the Republicans and conservatives want something done, we are racist, and ruining America, and being cruel to Illegal Aliens who should be allowed to do what they want regardless of the fact that they broke our laws to come into this country, and break more laws while here, not to mention what the cost to legal Americans, and Legal Immigrants is.

  12. This action says volumes about the people running this school .It says they are in agreement with the killing of a legal American ! And agreeing with an illegal killer over the rights of a legal American .I guess their stance would be the same if and illegal decided to start killing on campus . That too would just be against illegals being in America .

  13. I’m confused. Why is standing up against crime considered racisim, bigotry and hate? Why is there even allowed to be undocumented students? What would happen to our country if we threw our laws out the window? It seems like that’s what the democrats and the news media want.

  14. Democrats are a disgrace. How can Schumer and Pelosi face their children when they know their lies are going to leave their children and grandchildren a future with … everyone ignoring our laws, creating chaos, burning, wrecking other peoples property, having abortions any time and basically living godless lives. Perhaps evil is how they see themselves most happy. Just think where we would be headed if Hillary was our president. Frightening thought. Pray for our country and President every day. This is for the safety of America and our President. Do it!
    Sanctuary cities are a blight on America. Defund, defund, defund!!! Now!

  15. The most dangerous illegal import is the murderous blackmailing MS 13 gang. MS 13 is growing because immigrants wanting to come in illegally. If immigrants are forced to come in legally, it means less recruits for MS 13.

  16. Rick:
    You are 100% right, the left wing idiots have ruined the minds of the American youth.
    We have people like Bill Ayers teaching in our colleges today,What a shame.
    I’m a Korean Veteran and hope the current administration will make a lot of changes
    in our Schools and do away with sanctuary cities.

  17. Do sanctuary cities make the public less safe? Why not ask the families of those beautiful young men and women that lost their lives to illegals? Those who lost their lives to illegals in a sanctuary city make that case but the officials are blind and the justice system(s) are blinder yet! What the HELL has happened in this country that Americans cannot see what the hell is happening? The left has gone so far out in left field that they have left the playing field and are up in the bleacher seats! That illegal, Zarate, pulled that trigger because it did not pull itself! This is proof positive that sanctuary cities are governed those who cannot govern the safety of its own residents and should not be in power of any kind in the city. Ultimately, the mayor and the governor should be held accountable in the death(s) of a citizen by an illegal. Especially, if said “illegal” had been deported 5 times prior! Common sense has diminished in California, I guess…

  18. It’s time to exterminate the crap Mexico ran out of their country into ours. When a drug dealer is caught crossing the border exterminate him/her with their own drugs, tax payers should not have to support them in prison!

  19. Well, with Washington controlling what is taught, and how it’s taught this is what happens. The parents were the bad guys. Washington got control of the kids mines, and Washington told the parents they will rise their kids, they know best. If you corrected you kid in a store, or out in public when needed, chances are you be turned in for child abuse. Thus we have kids in the last eight years that have been brain washed by a leftist administration.

  20. The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Department issued a shocking report showing 124 illegal immigrant criminals have been charged with murder AFTER the Obama administration released them from jail. That figure didn’t even account for illegal immigrants released from over 300 “sanctuary cities” such as San Francisco, where Kate Steinle was gunned down by a criminal who had already been deported five times.
    In 2014 alone, over 30,000 criminal aliens freed from jail had been convicted for a total of 92,347 crimes. Only 3% of those criminal aliens were deported.

  21. cut the off! No more support! Not even for Moonbeams fires!!!! Hell, he probably had them set just to get more US money which he should not be allowed to have!

  22. The UC San Diego College Democrats called the posters “racist propaganda” and “displays of hate” targeting “undocumented students and the undocumented community.”
    My first question would be–why are the undocumented students and community–you know those CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS there to begin with. You are on our soil ILLEGALLY and if you don’t like OUR flyers–GET THE F–K out. You ILLEGALS DON’T tell us what to do in OUR country.


  24. Totally agree! Just shoot them and get the Invading parasites out of the way! They are like an infestation of cockroaches!!! NO MORE REFUGEES OR ILLEGAL ALIENS! Remove them all or put them in internment camps like America did the Japanese, only no getting out and no supplies delivered!


  26. There should be the day of remembrance for Kate Steinle. A day of silent protest, a rebuke against the liberal establishment.

  27. So tired of watching the leftist liberals get their way on college campuses. Those that deny free speech for ALL should have their federal financial aid pulled since they are denying free speech constitutional rights to groups of students. No aid would kill these leftist havens. They should also have accreditation pulled. Federal student aid and accreditation are the things that make or break colleges and universities.


  29. James A, If they get rid of sanctuary cities and states, there will be hope for the future. These sanctuary cities and states are illegal as far as President Trump is concerned, and I agree with him whole heartedly. Our country has done better under Trump’s leadership in not even a year, that it did under Obama in 8 years, in fact Obama did absolutely no good for America, he is one of the biggest racist of all time, he helped create BLM, make blacks attack policemen, that have a dangerous job to begin with, and now it’s even more dangerous. He was also an illegitimate President, because he was not born in the United States, he was born in Kenya, and his mother even acknowledged that fact, and then he had her killed (his own mother, what an A$$ Hole he is). I’m glad he is history as President, but now he needs to be tried for his crimes and either be sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole or executed (eithers fine with me) and they need to do the same with Hillary, she’s guilty of murder not only of numerous people that were critical of her, but also the men that were killed in Bengazi that she ignored when they called for help, we even had soldiers that were prepared to go and rescue them, and they were told to stand down, and Hillary went to bed and Obama was too busy trying to get re-elected to be bothered with the lives of our ambassador and the men trying to fight for their freedom. What a disgrace the Democratic party is, I think they should be abolished, their turning into a communistic party and I we did away with communism ages ago.

  30. What is the biggest difference between America today and during the Civil War? C’mon, now. Someone must know. Guess?!? During Civil War southern states seceded FROM the union to form own government and self efficiancy. In America today, sanctguary states and cities have seceded from NATIONAL laws but still want American money.

  31. I have yet to hear/read an observation that those “undocumented students” – both public school and college – are THE beneficiaries of DACA. DACA students are the ones that created turmoil and threats against AMERICA citizen students who were targeted for expressing patriotism and pride in the AMERICAN flag.

  32. Simple solution arrest state congress members and city government and charge them with aiding and abetting felons also charge them with the crimes of the felons

  33. And they call us Fascists. They are for free speech as long as it’s what they want to hear, other wise it’s racist or bigotry or some other liberal crap to stop anyone from having an opposing view.

  34. We should deport Illegals ,but we have American Citizens who are against America , Like Obama , Hillary and Bill ,funded by George Soros , They would work well In N. Korea , If you do not like America ! Good Bye , We need to be Great Again !

  35. There are no such places as sanctuary cities/states, so called sanctuary cities/states are part of the United States of America, Its Constitution and Laws, to protect Its Sovereignty, Security and Citizens. They are compounds of Criminals, Illegals, treasonous governors, mayors and their stupid followers. I say stupid because those that follow and condone these actions are not ignorant, they follow to advance their agenda, welfare, free phones, free insurance, freedom to enter and exit the United States without vetting, and free schools, housing, medical for illegals.

  36. Yeah, that nasty little twinge of guilt isn’t very pleasant to them, is it? They’d like nothing better than to sweep this whole issue under the rug. Snowflakes can’t stand the heat.

  37. I’m so proud of this new group. Conservatives use to have to hide from the communists, but now they’re getting into the brawl. There is hope for the future after all.

  38. Suppressing open communication of truth or opinions in disagreement with a controlling ideology is the essence of Fascism. Indeed, it is the stated goal of Antifa, the group claiming to oppose Fascism. The Left is a study in contradictions: Liberalism would impose controlling regulations on us and Progressivism would return us to a Feudal state of centralized government control by mandate.

  39. Yes, deport all illegals. I bet these “snowflakes” would just love a place like North Korea or any number of Islamic countries. Now try going without passports or better yet, sneaking in Solve two problems with one throw, they’d be arrested and never get out.

  40. Sanctuary cities/states would be one thing if, IF, they were fully funded by that particular city/state AND there was no way any one of the illegals could travel to any other state; but that is impossible and the remaining states have a right to be free of the results of the ignorance of the city/state officials of those sanctuary cities/states. The citizens of the remaining cities/states have a right to be safe and free from the unwanted elements that are affiliated with such entities. The elected individuals of the sanctuary cities/states should be held as an accomplice to any and all crimes committed by an illegal. IMO, when a crime is committed by an illegal, as was the murder of Kate Steinle, than the federal government should step in and prosecute the elected individuals as accomplices in the crime and for breaking federal immigration laws. Only then will this insanity end. There MUST be repercussions for these individuals. These cities/states have an obligation to follow the federal law on immigration and when they turn their backs on it, they should and MUST be consequences for them! And to the mother coddled snowflakes that are failing to grow up, YES, KATE HAD DREAMS TOO!!!!

  41. Odd how liberals on college campuses believe they and only they have the right to speak.

    FREE speech extends to all even to those that you may disagree with. This was the reason for young adults to attend higher education but sadly those days ended when liberals became professors.

  42. GOOD! Posters should be hung on every lamp post in sanctuary cities causing liberal heads to explode nationwide.

    Whatta Christmas gift!

  43. I live in Kansas. 5 miles from where this occurred. This was an off-duty police officer who used deadly force. Kansas has licensed concealed carry, as does neighboring Missouri. Missouri passed Stand Your Ground. I hope Kansas will also pass it soon.

  44. Rivahmitch – you are right 110% – I am sick of them telling me I live under the Constitution and they shred it, and have their own rules that they play by…

    Hypocrisy at its highest!!! Look at the cop in Kansas who was at a Costco and a Mr. Hunt was there too – need more situations that don’t come to that – but if they do – CAN AND WILL be taken care of!!!

  45. Well, it just makes me want to vomit how these politicians think they can inflict all kinds of laws on us that never affect THEM, and they can have the protection of high class security systems, or agents, and we’re not supposed to carry a gun around. (Most places don’t even allow concealed carry, and it’s an open invitation to criminals.) And here these sanctuary cities are robbing the taxpayers to finance these dangerous felons and freeloaders.

  46. First, there is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” or an “undocumented alien”. They are foreign INVADERS and should be treated as such. Those who support their activities should be subject to imprisonment for giving aid and comfort to an invading enemy (or just shot). Semper Fi!!

  47. Sanctuary cities are the WORST place to live. Those mayors, or governors, should be held accountable for EVERY SINGLE CRIME these scum of the earth commit, and thrown into prison right along side of them. And anyone who takes down a “politically incorrect” poster showing what kind of people they are should have to live among them, and out of their ivory towers or “safe places” like colleges.

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