Campus snowflakes are triggered by posters of Kate Steinle

Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal alien, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate.

Zarate was a felon who’d previously been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when he was released onto the streets of San Francisco, a so-called “sanctuary city.”

When a conservative student at University of California San Diego hung up posters of Steinle with the caption, “She had dreams too,” he quickly found himself in hot water with the school’s Office for the Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination.

The Washington Times reports:

“Our office received an online incident report and I would like to schedule a time to speak with you about it,” an investigator wrote in the email, reported The College Fix. “Are you free this week by phone or in person.”

Mr. Lu said the meeting has not taken place and he has contacted an attorney. He said the probe is an attempt to intimidate conservative students on campus, arguing that the same scrutiny would not be applied to a poster advocating a liberal stance on immigration.

“We have had a bunch of left-wing posters go up all the time,” he said. “So the argument they might make is, ‘This is a political poster, we don’t want you to put it up,’ is a nonsensical argument because leftists put up posters all the time.”

The UC San Diego College Democrats called the posters “racist propaganda” and “displays of hate” targeting “undocumented students and the undocumented community.”

“We urge all students, staff, and other UC San Diego community members to condemn these displays of hate,” the Democrats wrote in a post on Facebook. “It is unacceptable to allow racism, bigotry, and hate to dominate the campus conversation, shifting the rhetoric of our university.”
Mr. Lu said the poster campaign was the initiative of a newly formed campus group called Right Wing West.

The group posted a video on Facebook showing the pictures of Steinle being torn down.

“The media and our politicians want to erase Kate’s name and story from history,” Right Wing West wrote on its Facebook page. “It’s on us to speak the name of America’s lost daughter: Kate Steinle. #EndSanctuaryCities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said that sanctuary cities make the public less safe.

Do you agree?

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