What was caught on a hot mic left this Senator cringing

This week hasn’t been very good for Susan Collins.

Having gone against her party on ObamaCare repeal, her vote was considered so far gone President Trump didn’t even bother phoning her in a last-minute lobbying effort.


  1. America’s only real enemies are DOMESTIC.
    We can protect our country from foreign enemies.
    The democrat party and rinos (faux-libs, fake liberals) are the destroyers of our American Constitutional Bill Of Rights Republic.

  2. Collins is a worse case RINO, a destroyer of our “American Constitutional Bill Of Rights Republic.” Like John McCain!
    And, her grammar is POOR.
    Like so many others of her ilk indoctrinated not educated.

  3. Susan goes by the letter of the law,there are times when it is good to ignore the law and do what is right, she will never do that, she is definitely on the wrong side, she is like a spy for the demonrats, a plant in the republican partyk, definitely a Rino and should definitely be replaced in the next election. She’s a nice lady but she is a rebel to the republican party, who knows maybe the demonrats will have her run for the presidency in the next election.

  4. Too bad, Congress doesn’t have more Moderates. Wish Senator Olympia Snow and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison were back in Congress! Where has common sense gone? It left when the GOP thought a minority Conservative representation should over ride majority Moderate views. This country has gone to hell since. An Independent.

  5. Common sense? How is voting for AHC common sense. Voting for repeal & replacement not common sense. The senate voted for repeal in 2015 and sent it to the PRES. Now when we have a PRES., who will sign it,—they can’t pass it. So where is your common sense, or was it just a show vote? That is why I am though with the big R’s.

  6. I agree with you and Senator Collins 100%. Her job, and all Republicans and Democrats is to represent the people. Not worrying about keeping her party happy. When both party’s start working together and stop trying to one up each other this county can be great again instead of the world laughing stock we have become.

  7. She is certainly of no value to republicans! She should just go over to the democrats and allow her state to elect another republican senator! People like her do nothing good for their constituents let alone help the government! Put her out!

  8. So Collins is concerned about a budget? Where was she and what was her position when the democrats couldn’t/wouldn’t get a budget together. And talk about ugly? She’s ugly enough to be a democrat!

  9. gilfaethwy, are you aware that large and predominantly rural states like Maine and Alaska have very different needs for Medicare services for their large geographically dispersed and poor rural populations? To insist that each state’s senator ignore their constituents needs and remain loyal in all things to party doctrine is a fine formula for turning the senate over to the Democratic party. Even McConnell is smart enough to know that. The dope in the White House, probably not.

  10. John, what independent media are you speaking of? Is there any independent reporters, investigators, or editors working for media these days? My point is: how does anyone accurately vet a candidate who doesn’t already have a public history related to the office they aspire to win in an election? The biased media is not a reasonable source to find out the truth.

    The candidates can, and do, say what they need to say in an effort to convince voters that they will govern the way the majority of their constituents want to be represented. And the media will either promote what they said, or distort what was said; depending on whether they agree with the candidate, or disagree with the stance taken by the candidate.

  11. No, Mr, Levin, I agree the Senate isn’t required to be loyal, but then, the concept of membership in a party rather presupposes at least a modicum of it, wouldn’t you say? Democrats were loyal to Obama without scruple or demur, quite to the point of slavishness… as indeed, to all appearances, they remain. Sen. Collins’ record seems to oppose her own party’s platforms– which calls into question the sincerity of her party affiliation. By thwarting the President in his attempts to achieve what he and the party pledged, she is, when you think of it, “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” in a manner of speaking — which is what treason is. So a claim that she is betraying the President (representing the party and party platform to which she claims membership) is not so farfetched.

  12. Why is this woman in Congress? She makes my brain hurt when trying to listen to her talk. The words come out of her mouth so slow. You can tell her brain doesn’t work very well. VOTE HER OUT or you will be sorry!

  13. I think you’re too quick to label republicans you don’t like ‘rino’. The republican party will be hurt badly if it exterminates all of its moderates. Common sense has value.

  14. Carlisle, did you know that ‘lie detector’ tests have been debunked and are totally unreliable? The campaign is for vetting candidates, and independent media is especially helpful in that regard. And by the way, any citizen is allowed to run for office, liars included, apparently.

  15. Brenda – Senator Collins never took a loyalty oath to president trump, so she can’t betray him. Her oath was to uphold the Constitution, and her loyalty is to the voters in Maine who elected her, and then re-elected three times after that. Sorry, but the US Senate isn’t the Brown Shirts with loyalty pledged to der fuhrer.

  16. Assuming madmemere, that there are enough conservatives left on the east coast (in Maine). Oddly enough New England has followed in the left coast’s footsteps, almost as bad or worse now than Califonication. Middle America is squeezed between those two extremes. Hard to see how Trump can fix that. God help us.

  17. Suzieq has alway been a RINO – -Governor LePage, of Maine, should recall her and appoint someone else, who will do the job the voters in Maine want done.

  18. We should be vetting our representatives before we vote for them.They should be required to take a lie detector test about what they promise while they are campaigning and if fail the test they should be never allowed to run for public office again!!

  19. oh wow this gets deeper and deeper and these are the Republicans we voted for omg, its shameful way she betrayed president trump

  20. Fancy-Pants Collins puts on her “fantastic” shows going here and there in Maine. Then she reverts to her RINO “business as usual” BS. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who still admire her including a nearby neighbor. RINOs are nothing but Useful Idiots for the Communist Party. Virtual PITA$.

  21. hope she openly turns democrate. we dont need any more closet democrates, there deceptive and when we find out there going to be removed by the people so they aren’t fooling any one . thee just common liars and deceptive.. but there are a lot of republicans that are closet democrats. and when they suffuse we will remove them… if they lie about that there very no good and who trust any one that deceptive ,untrustworthy.and puts them rightfully in the category of just another political whore.

  22. Susan Collins is the problem. She can’t fix the problem, doesn’t really know the problem, and won’t vote to fix the problem. She is the problem. Trump knows what he is doing, his problem are the butt heads he has to work with in the swamp! Most of them have agendas to make themselves look good first, Americans come second!Get rid of Obamacare Susan, plane and simple. Everything else will follow, stop listening to your Dem buddies!

  23. Susan needs to go MAINE for she seems worn out. When the changes which are greatly needed are trying to be done she can not get with the program and in fact those who have been there for a long time can not get with the program at all so it is time to clean house in the Senate no matter how much money they are throwing at these campaigns THEY CANNOT BUY OUR VOTE!!!!

  24. It would appear to me that the Republican Party wants very much to return to being the Opposition to whatever government is currently elected, perhaps they were more comfortable NOT being the GOP, for sure they are destined to return to that role, they need to get BEHIND their leader and show some class and support him, even if they don’t like him, or else they will lose their one chance to govern.

  25. If Collins can not stand behind the Republican party platform, policies and agenda and compromise with the party she needs to resign and either become an independent or flip to the Democrat party. She needs to be defeated by a TRUE Republican in Maine.

  26. This country doesn’t NEED republicans in “name only”(two-faced). We need people with gut and grit to go against those who walk with any adversaries of the “American” people. If she is self serving she needs to go because that is not the purpose of having people in congress to represent us. In my opinion she is not representing the people she claimed would be a friend to them if they gave her their vote. Treading on thin ice. Needs to change party to the one who thinks themselves higher than people who work tirelessly to keep “America” in its original form.

  27. these phony republicians are as bad as pelosi , i think she has a nurological problem the way she talks, or she is a real bobble head democrat

  28. Sorry Ralph, I can’t agree that there’s ANYTHING good (or valid) about them being republican. Of course we also have to admit that the GOP is not what it used to be, or what conservatives know what it should be. RINOS have to go and/or be exposed for what they are. Maybe misrepresenting your political agenda should be a crime because to do so is to lie to your constituents. Lying is corrupt in any agenda except in liberalism which always seeks to avoid the disciplines of the truth.

  29. Not all Maine people Ken. I served with a Maine “lifer” who I know was hurt both before and after honorably discharged. We both remember where we were when the Kennedy assassination was announced (Kennedy albeit not exactly 100% progressive liberal).

  30. The only good thing about Collins being Republican is otherwise a Democrat would be closer to being Majority Leader. Ditto regarding Murkowski.

  31. The two senators that voted against the amendment by Ted Cruz (Collins and Murkowsky)will never change their colors (liberal and yellow). They are the group of liberals and moderate republicans that should be voted out as soon as possible. What is the difference between warm spit and a rino?? nothing; they are the same.

  32. It’s not complicated: the majority of voters in Maine elected her to represent them in the US Senate. And then re-elected her. THREE times. I guess they are satisfied.

  33. This lady should be kicked out of the Republican Party. She clearly is a RINO. She is also part of the SWAMP. Let her go over to the DUMBOCRAT SIDE!! No loss to conservatives.

  34. I find Susan Collins’s hot mic comments to be refreshing, honest, and truthful. I too am saddened to see our republican party hijacked by extremists. She’s a moderate. I’m fine with that. We need more.

  35. I faxed Susan Collins telling her that she’s a RINO, that I served with a Maine veteran who she hurt with her liberalism. She does not belong in ANY “republican” party….moderate or otherwise. Also faxed Rob Portman (who changed his no vote).

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