What was caught on a hot mic left this Senator cringing

This week hasn’t been very good for Susan Collins.

Having gone against her party on ObamaCare repeal, her vote was considered so far gone President Trump didn’t even bother phoning her in a last-minute lobbying effort.



  1. America’s only real enemies are DOMESTIC.
    We can protect our country from foreign enemies.
    The democrat party and rinos (faux-libs, fake liberals) are the destroyers of our American Constitutional Bill Of Rights Republic.

  2. Collins is a worse case RINO, a destroyer of our “American Constitutional Bill Of Rights Republic.” Like John McCain!
    And, her grammar is POOR.
    Like so many others of her ilk indoctrinated not educated.

  3. Susan goes by the letter of the law,there are times when it is good to ignore the law and do what is right, she will never do that, she is definitely on the wrong side, she is like a spy for the demonrats, a plant in the republican partyk, definitely a Rino and should definitely be replaced in the next election. She’s a nice lady but she is a rebel to the republican party, who knows maybe the demonrats will have her run for the presidency in the next election.

  4. Too bad, Congress doesn’t have more Moderates. Wish Senator Olympia Snow and Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison were back in Congress! Where has common sense gone? It left when the GOP thought a minority Conservative representation should over ride majority Moderate views. This country has gone to hell since. An Independent.

  5. Common sense? How is voting for AHC common sense. Voting for repeal & replacement not common sense. The senate voted for repeal in 2015 and sent it to the PRES. Now when we have a PRES., who will sign it,—they can’t pass it. So where is your common sense, or was it just a show vote? That is why I am though with the big R’s.

  6. I agree with you and Senator Collins 100%. Her job, and all Republicans and Democrats is to represent the people. Not worrying about keeping her party happy. When both party’s start working together and stop trying to one up each other this county can be great again instead of the world laughing stock we have become.

  7. She is certainly of no value to republicans! She should just go over to the democrats and allow her state to elect another republican senator! People like her do nothing good for their constituents let alone help the government! Put her out!

  8. So Collins is concerned about a budget? Where was she and what was her position when the democrats couldn’t/wouldn’t get a budget together. And talk about ugly? She’s ugly enough to be a democrat!

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