This celebrity wants to buy the Carolina Panthers and do the unthinkable

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is planning to sell his team.

Sean John Combs (a.k.a. Puff Daddy, Puffy, P Diddy, Diddy, etc.) quickly announced his interest via Instagram.

But it’s his plans for the team that left fans shocked and outraged at the thought of Diddy as owner.

Combs wants to buy the Carolina Panthers and hire Colin Kaepernick to “put him in the running for next year’s starting quarterback.”

Interesting strategy considering the Panthers already have a franchise quarterback in Cam Newton.

“Diddy” elaborated on his plans on Instagram.

A post shared by Diddy (@diddy) on

“‘I believe it’s time to turn the franchise over to new ownership,’” Diddy began, reading from the statement.

“Well I need to send a message out to all the people in the beautiful state of North Carolina: I will be the best NFL owner that you can imagine.

I will immediately address the Colin Kaepernick situation and put him in the running for next year’s starting quarterback,” Diddy said. “It’s just competition baby. It’s just competition.

But also, I will have the best halftime show, the best selection of music and we will win Super Bowl after Super Bowl.”

Fox News reports:

Diddy’s interest in buying the Panthers comes after its current owner, Jerry Richardson, decided to sell the team following sexual and racist misconduct accusations.

Richardson wrote in the open letter: “I believe it is time to turn the franchise over to new ownership. Therefore, I will put the team up for sale at the conclusion of the NFL season.” The letter did not address the allegations.

If Richardson is leaving the league to save the team’s reputation, it’s not clear how Diddy’s ownership would change things.

The rapper, music producer, etc. is known for videos featuring scantily clad women dancing provocatively around him, including this recent CÎROC French Vanilla ad featured at the top of

What are your thoughts?

Would Diddy’s ownership of the Carolina Panthers damage the league’s reputation further?

Sound off in the comments below.



  1. does anyone really care at this point, between this BS and parents concerned about kids and concussions, Football is a dying sport….to hell with the NFL

  2. I hope he does it. The biggest cluster F, ever!!! Every protest, problem, perceived indignity will be headlined in Carolina. Those poor players will think they’re at mass, as much as they will be kneeling.

    • I don’t see any point to accepting the purchase. If the NFL wants to send a message of being friendly toward felons, which welcoming back Colin Kaepernick essentially would do–then why get rid of Richardson in the first place?

      • Fully agree. This would further the rebranding of the NFL as an anti-American organization. Their tax breaks should be eliminated.

        • They didn’t deserve tax breaks anyway. The NFL used to be a profit machine but is soon (18-19 season) going to need a whole lot more payola from the likes of uber-rich destructive trouble makers such as George Soros to stay afloat. The NFL heyday is over.

  3. I hope he does it. The biggest cluster F, ever!!! Every protest, problem, perceived indignity will be headlined in Carolina. Those poor players will think they’re at mass, as much as they will be kneeling.

  4. remember when reps., demo. and independents could root for the same team. ever since the unpatriotic kapernick took a knee it is dividing americans. goodell and nfl owners could have stopped it like the nba. they care more about a few players and their social justice platform than the fans. another american tradition going in the toilet. they are receiving 90 million and still kneel.

  5. I think he would fit right in with the NFL now days and could do a few half time shows on one knee with Colin singing back up on his new song called Why I Hate America But Not Your Money. They would probably burn the flag for end zone celebrations after each TD.

    • This jerk really thinks this is a joke! He is a joke to even think this is a concert. We watch football for football not to here this shit. He along with these football players thinks money can buy people. Well not all people. Buying a club that’s going somewhere without help from that jerk quarterback dose not need Diddy!! Give me a brake and do your thing on stage, stay out of football! It’s gone down hill starting with that jerk quarterback. Even his own mom is upset about him! Now u want to give him a job!! Give me a brake and leave this alone. Stick to stuff u know. NOT FOOTBALL!

  6. What gets me is why they all haven’t been charged 28th treason along with all the liberals and fraudulent environMental morons.

  7. Good for Jerry Richardson! Buy low, sell high, or sell before the thing drops like a rock! The way it’s going, the word “Football” will come to mean what it does in the rest of the world…… Soccer! I would say Flush NFL, except then we would have 1,696 potential criminals on the Street.

  8. How sad that some loonie toon wants to buy a football team so he can hire THE SORRIEST EXCUSE OF A QUARTERBACK EVER PUT ON THE FIELD.

  9. Not that the NFL is in enough trouble now, this is just what they need to sink the ship completely. Go for it diddy and sink the ship.

    • I hope Puff Daddy succeeds and brings along more rapers with him to go bankrupt. I’m sorry, but the truth is that blacks are not very smart. They can high five clear to bankruptcy court.

      • Mr Rogers you are a racist, not ALL black people agree with what the NFL has become. Americas problem is people who think like you, black or white. I’m black and I support President Trump ever since he came down the escalatorJune 15th 2015 unannounced he was running for president and I listened to what he said, and I said to myself he would win. I believe that the majority of Americans are good people, what we need less of are comments like the you made. God Bless you, God Bless President Trump and God Bless America

  10. And just when I thought all starting QBs were White! Only way Kaepernick could start is with a Black owner! Sean P. Ditty Combs is now the NFL racist of all racists…with deliberation!

  11. Just what we need.and a 3.2 billion dollars value I don’t believe he has that kind of money and the current minority partners have first shot.

  12. Let him waste his money, he’ll never get any of mine. Professional NFL Football is over for me and all my family and close friends mostly agree. Most likely it’ll become a spectacle of more protesting against the Country and its politics. The FBI should investigate Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer for their involvement in these protests, I feel the public would be in shock by what the investigators would find out.

    • Amen…suspended my subscription to local paper until NFL is over…idiot Hub Arkush is all in with BLM and moronic kneelers…he publishes some NFL rag and is very critical of our president…

    • Don’t watch, will not be watching, and I guarantee you, if Diddy does hire that idiot and he starts airing his political views again, followed by his knee bending, Diddy will regret the day he purchased the team as well as the day he hired that divisive moron, but by all means feel free Diddy, it’s your right as an American…………and only in America could we be more devise to one another….Smfh!

    • “Pee-Daddy” is living proof that vulgarity, foul language and immoral actions combined with rap “music” can make you rich and have millions of snowflakes following you into the abyss.

      The end of the NFL is at hand.

  13. Let him buy the team. I can only hope that the patriotic-minded North Carolinans won’t buy his season tickets. Just to make him the laughingstock.

    I still don’t watch NFL games. No money for NFL. I watch college games. That’s it.

  14. Cool! would love to see him lose his rear end and more stadiums full of empty seats. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Buy it BABY and run it into the ground completely. Just what the NFL needs to finish off american feetball 4evr!

  15. Diddy is a walking recipe for disaster for the Carolina Panthers. If the kneeling during the National Anthem didn’t turn off all the viewers, just this punk Liberal B.L.M. dude will be the last straw.

  16. Sean Combs sure has a lot of money – but – I don’t know if now is the time you want to buy a team. Wait until they bottom out which will probably be after season tickets go on sale for next season. The players will have already received their notices of salary cuts and then come in and look like you are “bailing them out”. Right now I wouldn’t ouch a team with a 10ft pole.

    • Dennis, love the name you came up with! Cracked me up! We all need to relax and have a sense of humor!!! Let’s kill the libs with humor! LOL Like how Levine comes up with different names – cracks me up ex. plugs Biden! 🙂

  17. To be honest….I have more interest in the inner atmospheric pressure of a ping pong ball than I do in professional football.

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