Chelsea Clinton gave an insane excuse for why Hillary lost the election

Liberals have made every excuse in the book for why Hillary lost the election.

Fake news. Russian hackers. Jim Comey.


  1. Herrje, ist die Lütte süß!!!!!Und die Geschenke finde ich auch obzaEauberhrft!einen gemütlichen Abend und ganz viele, liebe Grüße,Petra

  2. a je to zdravsie pre oci, zerie menej miesta na stole a nejde u toho menit roeseliniz, takze ked ma raz 1280 tak si menej nedas plus u toho existuju mrtve body…

  3. Chelsea is a fuking ‘Hubbell Semen dribble down Killery’s mouth’ cover-up idiot! She is one FUGLY piece of a female anatomy!!

  4. Absolutely right. Hillary lost because she was as corrupt and dishonest as the day is long. Just goes to show that a Libtard is like the wind blowing…if one excuse does not work, TRY another one. Never accept responsibility for their own screw-ups.

  5. “That’s not what I want for my children and their generation.” I guess she would prefer her children had a Hillary Clinton type lawyer to get a rapist off if that ever happens to them and then laugh about how she was so successful. You know, as a lawyer that’s her job and if she came out and said she was an advocate for criminals I would have no problem with that it would be honest. But for her to come out and say she is an advocate for women and children is total B.S.
    She did everything in her power to destroy ALL of the women who had the audacity to stand up for themselves against Bill rapes – didn’t she? A computer seized from Huma Abedin/Anthony Wiener’s home by the NYPD had evidence on it that Hillary was making those trips down to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” too – for the orgies with trafficked and run-away under-aged girls – seems Hillary made at least six trips – yeah she is a real advocate for women and children – Hillary must have also been doing a lot of drink in and drug gin when Chelsea was conceived – that would explain the poor child’s stupidity.

  6. We,The people just didn’t want another Oblamo,male,or female ??!! The power hungry d’cunt,who sold our uranium to /Russia and many other deals that will come to light !Careful what you wish for !!

  7. When you listen to an idiot, this is what you get. Sexism was surpassed by Killarys stupidity and she has a daughter following in her foot steps!!

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