Chelsea Clinton just made one of the worst mistakes of her life

Chelsea Clinton is trying to become a prominent figure on the left.

She’s copying Donald Trump by using Twitter as her favorite medium to communicate with the public.


  1. Franklin: You are so correct about little Miss Clinton. She just cant help herself. She is the daughter of two evil people. Being brought up in this environment is all it took to make her who she is. We don’t her involved in our government in any way and she should walk away will she still can.

  2. She is the daughter of traitor commies who has sucked up the propaganda she has been fed. If it were not so, she might have realized that if her parents hadn’t needed a child for the family look needed to advance their political aspirations, she would probably have been aborted, which just shows how important her life actually would be.

  3. Chelsey Clinton is a complete and utter ninny and fool. She’s stupid and ugly. That goofy ‘deer in the headlights’ look she always has must be some neurological disorder. Anyone with just half a brain would have to have a serious problem to vote for this moron. Kills me how they claim to be New York residents – Clintons are more Arkansas hickish than any hillbilly.

  4. Absolutely right. She is the daughter of a nobody. It’s time that the whole Clinton Clan got investigated by DOJ and put in prison where they belong, and that includes Huma as well.

  5. Patricia Blake –

    You nailed it!

    I still want to know where she got the $Millions & $Millions to purchase the apartment in NYC & her multi-million $ house!

    Are they EVER going to investigate the Clinton Foundation for money laundering & fraud?

  6. Dear Chelsea, I see once again you OD’d on stupid pills. Do yourself and America: Get a job. Get a life. There has to still be at least ONE leper colony out there desperate enough to hire you to do what your mama did for Bill.

  7. She doesn’t mind her mom and dad having orgies with trafficked and run-away underaged girls though does she? Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea – I know you were raised by devil-worshippers but haven’t you ever heard that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”

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