Chelsea Clinton made a big announcement involving Elizabeth Warren

What is Chelsea Clinton up to?

Her latest announcement provided a clue.


  1. I would be all far a qualified woman but not just any woman….. most are not qualified for the job of President of the United States. They just fancy themselves to be so ….. but that does not make it so.

  2. I agree with all of you although we should refrain from stooping to their level by avoiding profanity. Does anyone realize Chelsea is being Sued for Stealing/plagiarism? Does Anyone Really believe she is capable of writing Anything Worthwhile? How is it possible we live in the Most Advanced country and can’t control Corruption in Our Government? Once Politics Became a Career, it was downhill from there. Even the good ones end up Changing.

  3. Chalsea needs to find a real job or just stay home and enjoy million dollars her parents saved for her from the Clinton Foundation. Please NO MORE Clintons in US politics. Stop using children, sex, race, religion to gain political positions. New Yorkers should wise up and elect their own people, not carpet beggars.

  4. Just the name Clinton makes me sick, you put her and her mother’s IQ’s together you would have about two degrees under Zero. I wonder if before it’s over she would be responsable for over 70 deaths of her friends and associates like her mom and dad. They need to check her bank accounts, maybe kilLIARy has set her money aside like oBONZO while She was Secretary of State, hell Billyboy could have shown oBOZO how to do it.

  5. Yeah, and the only thing warren ever persisted in is annoying the hell out of everyone not a dumbocrate – in other words everyone with common sense.

  6. One thing Chelsey will be number one in if she runs. She will, by far, be the stupidest candidate to ever run for President.

  7. You ALL have hit the nail on the head. Time to FLUSH the Clinton toilet, and send ALL of them on their way. Semper Fi !!!

  8. The best thing for them and us, is for them to move to another country so their grandchildren can grow up with out any harassment !!!!

  9. Chelsea Clinton has no qualification for public office other than her surname; no sane person would ever vote for her (or Elizabeth Warren) for anything, not even junior assistant dog catcher.

  10. Hey, Elizabeth Warren: Woo woo woo woo, woo woo woo woo, woo woo woo woo! That is going to follow you everywhere, Pocahontas. That, and your fanatic communist eyes and shrill voice.

  11. Chealsea knows allot of the Clinton tails. Jail all of them for murder, conspiracy, overthrow of the US government, and lying to congress and government.
    Evil does exist and they are the epitome of dishonesty, corruption in government, and evil. Possibly Muslim, but not Christian. Check it out yourselvesf. I have.


  12. Chelsea Clinton will not have much luck “in persisting” since she has to overcome the image her mother’s and Slick Willy’s reputation as well as Chelsea’s own image resulting from her corrupt Clinton Foundation involvement.

    Warren’s persistence in breaking Senate rules about speaking in derogatory terms of a fellow Senator was NOT an honorable act, but a disgraceful one.

    Historically it would seem that Chelsea’s actions will have as much standing as a fly’s excrement on an ancient wall.

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