Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is in big trouble after what this photo showed her doing

Politicians breaking their own rules and laws is a tale as old as time.

But it’s not as easy to get away with in the age of social media.

And Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is in big trouble after what this photo showed her doing.

From mask mandates to vaccine passports, Democrat officials across the country are doubling down on their authoritarian COVID rules and regulations.

One of the most strict places in the country is Chicago, Illinois, where Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot recently fined several businesses for not complying with her city-wide mask mandate.

Since the mask mandate went into effect on August 20, Lightfoot has issued 167 citations against businesses for refusing to abide by her authoritarian rules.

But apparently the mask mandate doesn’t apply to Lori Lightfoot.

Because during Sunday’s Game 4 of the WNBA Finals, Lightfoot posted a photo on Twitter showing her sitting maskless in the stands at the game, which is a violation of her very own rule.

“Masks are required in all indoor public settings, including bars and restaurants, gyms, common areas of condos and multi-residential buildings, and private clubs,” the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced in August.

According to the CDPH, the only exception allowed is when “actively eating and drinking,” which means Mayor Lightfoot was breaking the same rule she has fined nearly 170 businesses for not enforcing.

Of course, Lightfoot isn’t the first Democrat official to get caught breaking their own mask mandates.

Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and even Joe Biden have all been caught not wearing a face mask while at the same time demanding every American mask up or be fined.

And as more Democrats continue to “get caught” violating their own tyrannical rules and mandates, Democrat officials will only continue to lose the trust of the American people.

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