China fired off a threat to Donald Trump that he won’t like one bit

Donald Trump campaigned on getting tough on China for cheating America on trade deals.

Since his election, Trump has followed through by placing tariffs on Chinese goods in order to force negotiations that would lead to more favorable trade agreements.

Now China is fighting back by issuing a threat that Donald Trump won’t like one bit.

The Chinese government is threatening Apple through its state run newspaper.

Communists in the Chinese government are now demanding Apple fork over a larger share of their profits to the government or face “anger” from the Chinese people.

CNBC reports:

Apple has benefited from cheap labor and a strong supply chain in China and needs to share more of its profit with the Chinese people or face “anger and nationalist sentiment” amid the ongoing trade war, an article in the state-backed People’s Daily warned Tuesday. The article originally appeared in another state-backed publication, Global Times, last week.

The opinion piece highlights how Apple made $9.6 billion in revenues in China in the June quarter, which helped the U.S. giant to recently hit a $1 trillion valuation.

But the continuing trade war between the U.S. and China could leave Apple and other U.S. firms vulnerable as “bargaining chips” for Beijing, according to the article.

“The eye-catching success achieved in the Chinese market may provoke nationalist sentiment if U.S. President Donald Trump’s recently adopted protectionist measures hit Chinese companies hard,” the People’s Daily said.

This threat was issued in response to Donald Trump standing up for American workers with his trade policies.

The Chinese are used to American Presidents who put global interests first and agree to trade deals that benefit the citizens of foreign nations as opposed to the American people.

Trump stood firm so now China is threatening to hold one of America’s crown jewel companies hostage as part of their strategy to make Donald Trump back off his trade war.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. Chinese are the junk market…….Shop at Target or Wal-Mart and see what cheap clothing and other junk come out of China.

  2. China is nothing but cheaply made everything…..Many things made in China have been on RECALL…….Chinese eat dogs, and drink water out of their polluted lakes, streams…If they had brains, they would make sure that 8 yr olds are not hired to work on sewing machines without potty breaks or lunch…….Chinese are as lame brained as the liberals in the USA…

  3. Do what you’ve done since you became President. Deal from a position of strength and never, never, never, do as the traitor obama did, give in to all they demanded. Your on the right trail Mr. Trump and the nation is behind you.

  4. Too bad… sucks to be Apple….build you overly expensive crap phones here in the US…maybe they won’t suck so much.

  5. They were taxed to death in the US. Pres. Trump will support their return with incentives/lower taxes.

  6. Well, surely we are not the only $20,000,000,000,000+ market on the planet, let China sell their junk somewhere else. We’ll manage. Oh wait, I guess we are the only $20,000,000,000,000+ market on the planet. My bad. MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  7. I totally agree, I’m sick and tired of seeing ?Made in China” of just about everything you go to buy! I would rather pay a little more and get better goods than the shoddy junk we get from China!

  8. Good , now we know that China is losing their ass and going to make American companies pay for it . Thats great greedy companies . Maybe you should relocate your factories to the USA where they dont have control over your company like China demands control before you even build . Serves you right .

  9. If Trump stop all business today with China, in less than one month China economy will bankruptcy. China can not exist without USA. Trump has to be tough on them.

  10. All this crap make in China angers the hell out of me! We are bankrolling China’s path to world super power and domination! How stupid is that?

  11. There are 3 main banks that China has that does business with the rest of the world. Trump should shut them down and not do business with them. China’s economy is fragile at this time and if these banks are shut out, China would implode. They would be ruined.

  12. how about charging apple more tax, seeing how they have plants in china , i could care less about apple , i don’t have any of their junk, idiots with their smart phones and i pads , who needs them

  13. I agree. Apple has nothing to lose by closing up shop in China and moving it all back to the states. If they do, the Chinese lose even more, as all those people will end up on the public dole, then what will China do? Nothing. They are all empty threats and they know it. They are panicking. And, I love seeing it. It is way past time!

  14. I love this side of life…. just because there are patriots that stand for American values like you & fellow right side of life folks live!!

  15. No sympathy here. Apple should of stayed in United States. So pay up Apple you are in a communist country. Besides u are a traitor to United States and made a trillion with your cheap labor. I’d be ashamed.

  16. Well I don’t see that as a problem for Apple. Apple can close all their facilities in China and here’s a novel idea move those facilities to the United States. That will put people in China out of work and then the Chinese people will be furious at their government.

  17. No problem… Apple can close all its facilities in China and move them elsewhere. Here’s a novel idea move them back to the United States.

  18. Apple and Apple’s executive staff are leftists and love the idea of the liberal and leftist political dogma … How’s that capitalistic squeeze feeling about now Mr. Cook ? You need to fend for yourself when you seek out cheap labor overseas. No sympathy, here !

  19. It’s always some Communist or Terrorist country that will always hold someone hostage. Iran did it, North Korea did it, Now China is doing it. Yes! They are also terrorists.

  20. America is done if we don’t drain the swamp and conduct business, business is Win-Win for those conducting it for those they represent. The politicians don’t do business they do side deals and get kickbacks. They want Donald gone or they lose their swamp fund raisers and kickbacks.

  21. “Trump Caught Having an Affair with New Woman” – what kind of liberal skank makes such accusations for this ‘RENEWED right’?
    “Even Doctors Are Concerned About Barron Trump’s IQ” – Based on WHAT?
    “Even Doctors Are Concerned About Melania’s IQ” – It’s FLOTUS to YOU jackasses

    Clickbait, clickbait, clickbait

  22. If the Chinese people “deserve a raise,” let them petition the company through a union!

    Oh wait…unions aren’t allowed in China.

    So, you see, it is the fault of the totalitarian government of China that their Workers Paradise stiffs aren’t allowed to collectively bargain. As I said earlier, this threat is nothing but empty communist bullying rhetoric designed to scare weak presidents like Bush or obama. I’m sure President Trump will have nothing of it!

  23. Apple is a giant that is worse than Ma Bell ever was. Losing Chinese revenues wouldn’t hurt it a bit. China doesn’t let its people have free access anyway, so “to hell with China.”

  24. I’m getting this feeling again that china is going to hit a break wall on their action. I get the feeling Trump doesn’t due well with threats. So stay alert people. I get the feeling we are going to see some rockin and rollin. I’ll be watching the news.!!

  25. “Apple made $9.6 billion in revenues in China in the June quarter, which helped the U.S. giant to recently hit a $1 trillion valuation.”

    9.6 billion is less than 1 percent of Apple’s worldwide revenues. President Trump should NOT and likely WILL not allow China to succeed in blackmailing the US through threatening a public company.

    The workers who earn their living working at Apple suppliers are not forced to work there! This threat to “share more of its profit with the Chinese people or face “anger and nationalist sentiment” is Marxist garbage! They are free to work for Huawei if they so choose!

    That the reasons for all the tariffs etc is due to the absolutely “ SCREW AMERICA “ trade deals made by OBAMA,BUSH, BILLY BOB CLINTON. And it’s either we renegotiate or we can just keep getting screwed.

  27. Because those politicians only cared about their own bottom line, not America’s. Up until now, they have gotten away with making these backdoor deals, which always included a lil sumpin-sumpin for them. And to heck with all the people losing their jobs. It’s time we take our country back. And as dumb as they are, this should include democraps, too. Idiots all!

  28. I’m with the Chinese people, as long as the shared revenue goes in the workers pocket. It would also make it more desirable for Apple to return to the U.S. where they will not have to worry about extortion taxes. The Chinese people deserve a raise. It will help keep jobs in the U.S.

  29. Apple caves to who?? The only way Apple can cave is by moving back to US, which it never shoulda left..Trump wont back down for one trillion dollar companies bottom line!! Fuk China

  30. Go Trump. Apple made their money, either come home or stay there and give them more. I am not for globalization. My country and it’s people should be put first. Hand outs should only be done after our people are taken care of. China is not to be trusted.

  31. That’s what happens when you tie yourself to a tree, you can’t get any farther away than the person holding the rope will let you. If apple caves to China’s demands and play the role of the puppet, my I-Phone goes in the lake. We need to start making this stuff at home, Trump is RIGHT. Piss on China.

  32. And you can bet they know that. They are having enough problems just feeding their billions. They don’t want a riot in the m the streets.

  33. Congress, Congress, Congress, Heads are in the sand, don’t want to see the situation because they might have to put something else on their plate! They still don’t understand they were elected to Congress to be a part of a fully functioning body of the government. They could assist POTUS with this and so many other things he is trying to accomplish if they only would. In this situation some brainstorming for ideas and moral support would be good! Yep, Congress needs to earn their keep and do much more than use their seat as a pathway for personal wealth.

  34. China freaked out. They know that they have swindled America for more than 30 years. Many wars have been fought for the economic prosperity. That is something that should never be taken lightly for the sake of world peace.

    My question is … why did the US government allowe all the countries to rape us economically? The politicians from the past don’t bother to follow up with this continuing problem until we found ourselves draining in the hole?

    Trump may have figured out the mess we are in now that all illegal aliens must go. It is much cheaper to have the wall than to support all these aliens. It is impossible to balance our national budget with all the aliens running around for the freebies and to deal with the trade deficits.

    Seem that most politicians do not want to deal with it, so instead they put their head in the sand, denying the reality that we are in now.

    We shall see how each cheating country play out against the mighty dollar. Hope that Trump’s grand strategy will work.

  35. Trump bailed out their ZTE, so now they want to threaten Apple… et al… they are flailing wildly… Trump must be getting nearer to bringing China to a sit down… Let us hope…


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