China just made a chilling move that left Joe Biden frantic

Joe Biden is the weakest American President since Jimmy Carter.

Our enemies can’t believe the opportunity he’s given them.

And China just made a chilling move that left Joe Biden frantic.

While the world’s attention is on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, other countries are taking advantage of the crisis.

Fueled by a weak Biden regime, America’s enemies are on the march.

China is making major moves to take advantage of a feeble and distracted Biden.

New reports indicate that the Chinese are increasing activity and using survey ships in the South China Sea.

The ships are being used to identify oil and gas deposits, make territorial claims, and even identify submarines hiding beneath the waters.

The South China Sea is located in Southeast Asia between Vietnam and the Philippines.

Territory and mineral rights in the sea have long been contested by the Chinese.

The Chinese have used their power to bully their smaller neighbors to claim more control over it.

The South China Sea is one of the most-strategic shipping lanes in the world, with $5 trillion worth of trade passing through it.

Underneath it is a vast wealth of untapped oil and natural gas reserves.

This stepped up activity in the South China Sea could be a dangerous sign for Taiwan.

Taiwan borders the South China Sea in the east and has long been a target of Communist China.

An invasion of Taiwan to reunify with the mainland has been a fear of military analysts.

Sensing unprecedented American weakness in the Biden regime, the Communist government could have its opening.

With the botched withdrawal of Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the country is at its lowest point internationally since Jimmy Carter’s Presidency.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, state-run television in China sent out a chilling threat to Taiwan.

Communist-owned China Central Television said that Ukraine’s fate holds Taiwan’s future.

This is one of the most brazen threats by the Communist government yet.

While the world was focused on Ukraine, the Chinese violated Taiwanese air space around the country with fighter jets.

A Communist journalist told the world to “get used to it.”

The Biden regime’s weakness could open a window of opportunity for a Chinese conquest of Taiwan.

China invading Taiwan would wreak havoc on the world’s economy.

Taiwan produces over half of all the computer chips in the world that are used in everything from cell phones to automobiles.

If Taiwan fell into Chinese hands, they would have the ability to dominate the world market.

No matter what happens with Taiwan, Biden’s weak, failed leadership has left the country in a dangerous place.

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