China just used the coronavirus to attack America in this awful way

There’s no doubt the coronavirus came from China.

But U.S. intelligence now believes the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan medical laboratory.

And now China just used the coronavirus to attack America in this awful way.

As the coronavirus began spreading across the United States, American began to receive disturbing text messages.

The messages claimed a source at the Department of Homeland Security warned them that Donald Trump was about to declare a national quarantine and that the National Guard was being mobilized to patrol American cities to prevent looting.

These text messages spread so rapidly and caused so much panic that the Department of Homeland Security issued an official statement declaring these messages lies.

And now American intelligence knows China was responsible for sowing this discord in America.

The New York Times reports:

Since that wave of panic, United States intelligence agencies have assessed that Chinese operatives helped push the messages across platforms, according to six American officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to publicly discuss intelligence matters. The amplification techniques are alarming to officials because the disinformation showed up as texts on many Americans’ cellphones, a tactic that several of the officials said they had not seen before.

That has spurred agencies to look at new ways in which China, Russia and other nations are using a range of platforms to spread disinformation during the pandemic, they said.

The origin of the messages remains murky. American officials declined to reveal details of the intelligence linking Chinese agents to the dissemination of the disinformation, citing the need to protect their sources and methods for monitoring Beijing’s activities.

It was bad enough China unleashed this terrible plague on the world.

Now the Chinese are trying to foment civil unrest in America with a fake news campaign to frighten Americans.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Just under two years ago, a Chinese Scientist was caught coming into the USA, with three Vials saying, antibodies on them. After the Vials were examined, they found out that they were Mers, Sars and E-coli!!!! And Now the New Virus Coronavirus!!!! Plus, when this broke out with the Coronavirus, China Stopped All Airline Flights to Their Own Airports in their Country, But, Let All Flights Going To Other Countries To Go!!!! If This Action Alone Isn’t Enough For Any Sane Man or Woman To Believe That This Communist Country Never Had of Any Plans To Try And Take Over The World, Then You Are All Nuts!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We should have taken China out along time ago!! Now we are taking care of our worst enemy!! Its time to starve the scumbags to death!! Of course our own government is using chemical weapons on us every day but no one says a damn thing about that! So go ahead and eat your GMO and take your damn vaccines drink your fluoride water and let then spray the skies with all kinds of chemicals you damn fools!!!

  3. Yes I am happy we taught the Chinese gives them a better chance to beat down the united states.

  4. I don’t believe China targeted the US… I do believe that the virus started in China, but I don’t believe that they did it to Target any country… Yes I am a Christian and I do believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. And Jesus is the son of God. If you could prove that China did create the virus to attack any country then they should be punished, but I just don’t believe they did. Why does everyone want to go to war. And Donald Trump is doing a terrific job under the circumstances.

  5. I don’t believe China targeted the US… I do believe that the virus started in China, but I don’t believe that they did it to Target any country… Yes I am a Christian and I do believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins. And Jesus is the son of God. If you could prove that China did create the virus to attack any country then they should be punished, but I just don’t believe they did. Why does everyone want to go to war.

  6. Thank You Kenneth, your insight is greatly appreciated! Of course, around here anyone who disagrees with the lies and duplicity that are in abundance here will try to yell you down! Thank You for your service! I will continue to pray that our President has a Syrian moment and changes his way like Saul did. The Bj’s and others will try to sell you on their belief in Jesus. But be careful, True believers are Nice, like you! Have A Great Day!

  7. Buthcy, there are probably more than mot we disagree about but you thought about a basket of currency to trade oil in and when they do that the Glorious American Empire can Kiss their ass goodbye.

  8. Glenda D. White let’s start a war with China how do you want to start Conventional, Nuclear, more tariffs’ that we pay, maybe a Biological attack. Should be interesting you know there is one Aircraft Carrier Battle group operating in the western Pacific currently and it is not an american it is Chinese because the two american carriers are parked right. Also you know tRUMP pulled the strategic bombers out of Guam. tRUMP is a paper tiger internationally.

  9. Donald J Trump is the Only man that Can & Will bring the American economy back to where we were before this virus!! He did it once before and will do again!! We can help him by flushing the toilet of demwits & Rinos. Vote Straight GOP in November 2020!!

  10. (I just left a comment and you refused to post it. There was nothing wrong with what I said. Your self righteous attitude SUCKS!

  11. Yes, like it or not, America is at war. Trump called it over a year ago; he did not start it, as it has been going on for years. With Obama or Biden as President China would have free reign without contest. America badly needs to wake up and accept the dire challenge China presents.

  12. Not only are the American people injured by this virus but the world is! We have all been attacked by China and it’s communists. There have been many lives lost because of this virus that they have released on the world. I never thought that I would be faced with such a pandemic but I am, just like everyone else is. It seems that we are in an epidemic almost like the series “Th walking Dead” only without the “dead zombies”! I know that is not where we are but it almost seems that way! We are forced to close all businesses, stay at home order…It is so CRAZY RIGHT NOW!
    I AM NOT ONE TO PANIC but I have to wonder where this will all end. I have a Christian heart and I only pray for for everyone throughout the world. Our lives are at a whole different level now! It’s not easy for any of us but we have to keep prayer alive! We are all in this together, no one is alone, even if it seems that way. Be strong stay safe!

  13. Why hasn’t this been classified as a terrorist action by any country negatively affected by it?

  14. We have some very weird characters in the US…Some of your remarks are stupid, to say the least…The Chinese people are not to blame for the virus or anything else, it is the Communist Chinese Government..They are the ones we need to deal with, not the people…And our President Trump is the best thing to happen to us Americans..We need to praise him every day,,no, he is perfect and he makes many mistakes…But when did you become perfect? Biden is not working with a full deck and he is not even wanted by the stupid democratic party, they don’t have any other choice. Use your brains instead of your feelings. What has our President done for us.Is he to blame for the virus..of course not!!! So don’t act like the nerd that you are…

  15. Saturday night I saw on the the news that when the virus broke out in Wuhan, China closed down all flights to other parts of China, BUT allowing flights to other parts of the world. This pandemic sounds contrived and intentional to me.

  16. One way to stop the media is to answer 1 question that has to do with your business of the day. Second do not take any more questions from these assholes. It started with one idiot you let go on & on now they all think they can do it. Tell them this is your house like that jerkoff Obama did.

  17. NEVER TELL THE TRUTH WHEN A LIE WILL DO! This is the communist motto, and China knows it very well indeed.

  18. Beh Kenneth,do you sit down to pee?you haven’t seen rabid animals yet pal.go spread love and peace to the communist Chinese party line the media and leftists do.i will wait here.let us know how you make out

  19. Mike sonnier you are correct except for one thing.saudi Arabia,not iran is the QB here.china an Saudi Arabia are working together to oust the purchasing strength of the US dollar,and they will succeed..We are in for some serious problems very soon

  20. China must be made to pay for this!!
    Ship their crap back to them!!
    Hope this isn’t like what is NOT happening to the Russia hoaxersand the other lying Despicable degenerate Demonrat Demiqueer!! Put them in prison!!

  21. Kenneth, your offering on this site has some substance but, the Chinese government is where the evil lies. Looks to me their agenda includes taking America down. It’s sinister to say the least. Keep your eyes on China, Russia, and Iran. They are working on a plan jointly to crush America and one wonderful ally to America. Each of these 3 have their agendas while working together to this end.

  22. Stop foreign Countries from buy our critical infrastructure, food processing plants, smart technology, etc. All of you that have Republican Representatives please keep after them to punish China and stop their takeover of the United States. I have 2 dumocrats that do not listen, they are involved in the corruption.

  23. The Demonkrats,the Repukakins in congress/senate will Never!!ever bring work back…because when the cameras are turned off both parties are Best friends to a point.and I’m surprised they don’t considering they(both parties)love open boarders,u know have canada,US,Mexico do are work at least we the people can say Made in the Americas.Just say n

  24. What is your definition of a ” DOMESTIC ENEMY ” as in the oath millions of us took when going into the military ? I say it’s a person that’s trying to undermine our government !

  25. First off let me start by saying that I am an American, born in Oklahoma City. I am also a Navy veteran. The Chinese have been taking advantage of the trade in America since I can remember. The Chinese in general are good people. Sure there are good Chinese people, and there are bad Chinese people… There are good Americans, and there are bad Americans.. For people to accuse the Chinese of deliberately making and spreading the Carina Virus Covid 19 is probably not accurate. To say let’s kick them out of America and take everything they have is barbaric. You sound like a bunch of rabid animals.. Please stop hating, especially at this time… Spread more love and peace… You reap what you sow.

  26. Biden was in China with his son making a billion dollar (?) deal when all of this started . You don’t think he had anything to do with it , do you ? The democrats were trying for 3 years to stop Trump and this is a good way to do it !

  27. Yes, but Ted Cruz and the FCC are going after Chinese owned media and their propaganda. Which is essential to get them out of communications in America. Take Disney’s license away if they continue to be bought up by Chinese investors or those representing communist Chinese ideas. President Trump must shut down this Q.and A platform for propaganda. No press. Answer only screened questions. The media has hurt us all by their obnoxious rude immature ill mannered behavior. FDR wouldn’t allow Tokyo Rose or Nazis to use English translators to ask loaded questions. No way. That doesn’t win wars. This war needs to be seriously won.

  28. In today’s Time, An enemy related friend enemy does not need army’s to invade America or any other country, it can invade with people with a sickness not identified.

  29. How stupid can China be? They just cut off the hand that feeds them. They “will” pay. I will read every label on everything before I make a purchase.👎👎👎👎

  30. Timmo, I’m surprised that you would list how you’re going to vote on social media. I would never let the world know that I’m an idiot. But you sure did. You even admitted that you first choice is Biden. Nobody in their right mind would vote for a senile person with dementia. YOU ARE ONE SICK PERSON

  31. China used this virus as biological war fare. So many people around the world have lost their lives because of china. They need to be held responsible for their actions. Stop buying anything made in china. For the most part it’s all junk!!! And stop letting these people into our country.

  32. China is the enemy! We should not allow their students here….. We taught them too well They use what they learned and earned from us to against us! This curent Pandemic is the best evidence

  33. Dim Tim, If Trump loses China wins. It’s what the pandemic is all about! We can’t let that happen.

  34. Timmo Trump might have a great idea. If we get get enough commiecrats to drink bleach…… Now there’s an idea. Want to be first?

  35. Wow, the profound ignorance displayed on this site is amazing.
    Here is how I will vote to elect the next president, ranked choice (look it up if you can use Google):
    1. Honest Joe Biden,
    2. Any other American citizen,
    3. Pond scum,
    4. Leave the office vacant for the next four years,
    5. A trained seal, and finally,
    6. Donald J. “let’s all chug bleach!” Chump.

  36. Nothing but greed bj, Smithfield sold out to make Billions off the African swine flu pandemic that killed more than half the hogs in China. Which in the end will eventually lead to pork shortages in the United States. America citizens selling out to Communist, what do you think folks???

  37. China is our enemy. They will do what they can to bring us down. Kick them all out along with their businesses. There is a Chinese-owned Smithfield where I live. I would never work there

  38. Well now the Chinese seem to be dispelling dis-information in our country in order to create strife and division in America. They saw that it worked when Russia did it, and now they are doing the same. Good Lord, we don’t stand a chance.

  39. Could you IV some Bleach Laredo, it may cure HIV. That would be a major breakthrough in helping your people, you could be a zero…

  40. Kick all non citizens from China our of America, seize everything that they the chinks own. Payback is hell

  41. Truckerman, you forgot their disseminator of deceit data source Bobblehead commentators with the Lame Stream Media.

  42. My contempt is primarily for the wealthy of this nation through their evil acts of depriving patriotic United States citizens of decent jobs with appropriate fringe benefits just so they can live in godlike grandeur, if it were not for them conducting all that business within China the disease would have been contained within China and would not have became a Pandemic.

    Yet our politicians are absolving of their sins and exonerating them of their crimes by gifting them with an abundance of money which they are completely undeserving of while people like me who survive solely on a pittance of $874.78 per month in Disability Entitlement benefits are only supposedly suppose to get between $600 and $1,200 in Disaster Relief, even the $2,000 it started out at was insufficient to compensate for the hardship brought on by this tragedy.

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