Chris Wallace admitted something in public that will leave Donald Trump seeing red

Donald Trump and his supporters blasted Chris Wallace’s biased performance as moderator of the first Presidential debate.

Now Wallace pulled the mask off and revealed the truth.

And Chris Wallace admitted something in public that will leave Donald Trump seeing red.

Chris Wallace was the first big name to jump to CNN+, the disastrous streaming service whose launch failed so spectacularly that CNN’s new bosses at Discovery have already announced plans to end all future spending.

On the latest episode of Wallace’s show, he exposed once and for all that he is a card-carrying member of the liberal media by lavishing praise upon White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Wallace – who claims to be a real journalist who asks tough questions – lobbed a softball at Psaki, asking her to critique her performance as White House Press Secretary.

“You have been, I think it’s fair to say, been widely praised for your stint here at the White House,” Wallace asked. “In fact, I have praised you for your stint here at the White House. How do you think you’ve done?”

Naturally, Psaki gave herself high marks.

“I’m really proud of the time I’ve spent here so far at the White House and working for the President, and hopefully helping people understand what his thinking is and what his policies are,” Psaki responded.

Wallace then thanked Psaki for serving as Press Secretary and promised to watch her when she starts her long-rumored show at MSNBC.

“Jen Psaki, thank you,” Wallace added. “We are going to miss you behind the podium, and if you end up at a cable channel other than this one, I promise I will watch you.”

Before ending the interview, Wallace praised Psaki by claiming she restored civility to the briefing room in a direct shot at Donald Trump’s Press Secretaries, Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kayleigh McEnany.

“The job of White House Press Secretary is tricky,” Wallace began. “You represent that President, but you’re paid by the American people. Handling those sometimes dueling obligations is a delicate balance. But Jen has done as good a job at it as any Press Secretary I can remember, while restoring some much-needed civility to the White House briefing room.”

If Chris Wallace’s outrageous performance as Presidential debate moderator did not convince anyone he was really a hardcore Democrat Party activist, then this fawning interview with Jen Psaki should end all doubts.

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