Chris Wallace may end up at CNN after what he just said about Sean Hannity

Fox News Channel’s ratings are down 40 percent since the election because of anti-Trump bias.

It only got worse on Inauguration Day.

And Chris Wallace may end up at CNN after what he just said about Sean Hannity.

Chris Wallace’s biased debate performance was the beginning of Fox News alienating its audience.

On Inauguration Day, registered Democrat Chris Wallace crossed over the line calling Joe Biden’s inaugural address the greatest inaugural speech he ever heard and Wallace noted that he heard everyone going back to JFK’s in 1961.

But even beyond that, Wallace appeared to call out fellow Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, and Jeanine Pirro when Wallace praised Biden for calling out individuals who lied for profit.

“There’s one other thing he said that I think especially us in the media must note. He said that there is truth and there are lies, lies that are told for power and lies that are told for profit. I think it was a call to all of us, whether it’s us on the air, on cable or broadcast, whether it’s us on social media, on our Twitter accounts, understanding that we have to deal from facts, from the truth, to hear each other out, as he said, a right to disagree, but not a right to violence,” Wallace stated.

Both Biden and Wallace were referring to conservative media personalities like Hannity, Pirro, and Dobbs who covered the President’s claims that the election was stolen from him by mass voter fraud.

Wallace did not name any names because network anchors don’t criticize their fellow on-air talent.
But it was hard to mistake who Wallace was talking about.

And given the shakeups recent at Fox News where Fox fired anti-Trump political editor Chris Stirewalt and created a new hour of primetime programming it’s also hard not to think Wallace may see his days at Fox numbered and is showering praise on Biden and implicitly calling out fellow Fox hosts to create a soft landing spot for himself at an anti-Trump network like CNN.

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