Chuck Schumer admitted defeat on one major issue

Chuck Schumer has staked the Democrats political fortunes on unyielding “resistance” to Donald Trump.

In every big fight, the Democrats have failed to provide any votes for Trump agenda items.

But that streak came to an end when Chuck Schumer was forced to admit defeat.

Schumer and other Democrats thought they could force Trump to accept amnesty for the so-called “DREAMers” as part of the year end government funding bill.

They expected Republicans would fold – as they always did under Barack Obama – at the first hint of a government shutdown.

That all changed this year.

Trump held firm that amnesty would not be included in any funding deal and it was Democrats who were forced to back down.

Schumer tried to save face by voting “no” on the deal and claiming the Democrats would only accept a short term deal, but it was clear that Trump now had all the leverage.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The Senate approved a short-term spending plan to keep the government open Thursday but not without nearly a third of the chamber dissenting for various reasons.

The funding bill, called a continuing resolution, keeps the government open through mid-January. The legislation needed at least 60 votes and passed by 66 votes, with 32 nays and two senators not voting. That’s double the 14 Democrats who dissented against the temporary spending bill two weeks ago.

Most of the nay votes were from Democrats who are desperate to deal with immigration issues. During a caucus meeting Thursday, Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez of Illinois criticized Schumer for not caring about the future of Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and for “throwing them under the bus,” the Washington Post reports.

Schumer, who voted no on the spending bill, issued an ultimatum to the GOP that his party would not vote for anything more than a short term bill until Congress addresses immigration and wider domestic spending issues. He also mentioned that the $81 billion emergency spending bill the House passed Thursday would not go forward until the Senate addressed other issues.”

Do you believe Trump win the negotiations in 2018 over the status of the so-called “DREAMers?”

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Yes that is the Root Cause of DACA issue, the Democrats are hoping to have all those votes at the polls in 2018. Keep telling our Representatives in the Senate and House that we don’t want the illegal aliens, no matter what you call them, out of this country.

  2. I agree 100%. Lets send all of them out of our country. Build that Wall first though. Can we count the Liberals and Democrats as violent criminals and / or Muslims?

  3. Don’t worry about Schumer he holds Dems together and is leading them off the cliff like lemmings. Soon he and Pelosi and Watters will be gone. Praise the Lord.

  4. Man from grey, you are absolutely correct in demanding that only bona fide american citizens vote in our elections, but to assure this we must really watch-dog the democrats who display a propensity for outright fraud in thier every action!

  5. Ramming BarryCare through then having Dingy Harry remove the 60 vote rule has come back to bite the Progs….BIG TIME! They are still reeling from the fateful election day in 2016. Trump was simply not going to win…until he did! MAGA from the Heartland.

  6. James ,FACT.. actually the dems have been picking (LOTTERY) a lot of immigrants from over seas and have a slush fund to pay for it, our money of course!

  7. When will the Mexican people GO TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK! We fought for our Country! And are still doing so ! Now we have to fight the COMMIES!



  10. people are waking up despite the media polls, and lack of reporting on anything positive.

    But cutting the budget at the UN, jobs, economic growth, immigration being slowed even without wall yet and much better standing and respect in the world, despite media ignoring the obvious. And the obvious is when B.O. went to China nobody met Air Force One and he had to deplane out the back of the plane. Trump gets the red carpet. treamtnet.

  11. Chucky admits defeat, I do Not believe Him, he’s hiding something else. This weasel is up to no good. There is more to this than he wants us to know. He is a Damned Demo-Commie, not to be trusted.


  13. Root Cause of DACA issue. Democrats objective of flooding the voting booths with folks likely to vote democratic.

  14. No solution Schumer is no match for our president so he should quit it with his dumb antics. All Schumer can do is find fault but NEVER offer any resolution. His accomplishments or lack thereof after decades in Congress speak for themselves. He has none. All he’s doing is ripping off his constituents and enriching himself. Best reason for term limits. He was so far up HRC’s butt, so convinced she would win, that he would have broken his nose if she stopped short. She’s a loser and so is he. Time for NY to vote him out.

  15. The dreamers through no fault of their own were brought here by their parents; but, they need to be sent back to their homeland. They have received an education and have been supported by the tax payer, now is the time that they return and make their homeland into what they wanted it to be and failed to be when their parents left it. This country should NEVER reward crime. Their parents believe because they are children that WE as a caring country will allow them to remain and until we prove otherwise, actions like these of the illegals will continue. The U.S. HAS to be strong and remind ALL there are laws in place and these laws WILL be followed.

  16. When we have a family dinner, like thanksgiving, I’m the “Black Sheep of the Family”, because I voted for President Trump. My wife also voted for President Trump, but it’s her family, so they’ll talk to her. It’s not fun, because they are all ate up democrats.

  17. Is that how we’ll do things now? Change the rules to pass what one party wants? Will you think that when the Democrats hold the house and senate?

  18. He’s not going to care for the elderly. Read what regulations he did away with governing nursing homes, and you’ll see how much he cares.

  19. Not all came here illegally, they came in legally and had children while here. DT hires tons of immigrants instead of Americans, so my bet is that he won’t do anything that will cost him personally. DT doesn’t know anything about immigration, he thinks other countries pick names out of a hat, and sends them. He’s not smart.

  20. Rich a well put post right on the money Chucky is still dangerous but the voters are not as stupid as he thinks we are. He has been digging a hole for the democrats and his RINO friends will have a hard time climbing out of. AS far as wacko Pelosi is concerned she is dead and doesn`t know it.

  21. Check how much money is spent to care for them. Money that can be used to help the Elderly, Veterans and needy AMERICANS> We shroud not support the world at the expense of needy Americans. Of coarse people like chuck, obama, pelosi and their ilk are WELL supported by the taxpayer. and there is no chance in hell that their jobs are at risk with these illegals. GO TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  22. That’s exactly what the DumboRATS think they can do, lol what these IDIOTS fail to realize, there’s a new SHERIFF in town, ad if these commies want to continue playigtere “ducked up games” our “DULY ELECTED” PRESIDENT is fused with the luring dumboRATS games, lol co won liers, “MAKE OUR DAY”!!!

  23. Schumer, the NYC “Sewer Rat”, is pretty resourceful . . . so don’t count him out when it comes to ways to screw up our nation.

    He has Nancy “Wackosi”, all the other Leftist Lemming and the “Deep State”, plus a few RINO’s to help out.

    The destruction of America is on the top of their list.

  24. Whenever President Trump deals directly with Schumer and Pilosi there is trouble.
    They are both swamp rats who cannot be trusted. When they last met with our POTUS.
    they tried to bamboozle him into granting amnesty. It apparently didn’t work out.
    Be strong President Trump;don’t fall for their trap. We voted for you because of
    your stand against people coming here illegally. We cannot sustain these millions
    of “dreamers” no matter that their sob stories are. When they get an education
    here, they are then equipped to go back to their parent’s point of origin. Take
    the family members with them if they are illegals too. If our nation goes broke,
    then who will support you? Learn your trade here, then go home to wherever your
    parents came from. When children grow up they leave the nest. By nest I mean America.

  25. I agree 100%. This is the time for Americans to come first and for our laws to be followed for legal immigration. Democrats need to stop being part of the problem and join the HUMAN RACE!

  26. Why not change the Senate rules?Republicans can vote the budget into law without democrats. Why holdup the government FOR DREAMERS?

  27. NO DACA! NO Criminal Illegals! Deportation is a law of the nation, so enforce the laws. The ones responsible for DACA are their own parents, not America! Get them ALL off American soil!

  28. President Trump must not bend on any immigration issue. It is what greatly helped him become President. It will greatly determine if he gets re-elected.

  29. We must not be blackmailed by the illegal dreamers issue. Shut the government down if neede. No amnesty for any illegals.

  30. So if they are made legal, then will the parents that brought them here illegally become legal? That would definitely be wrong.

  31. I agree with you,and the fact that they came here illegally, makes them a criminal, no matter who brought them here. In my view, they need to be deported and then allowed to apply for entry, just as all the other immigrants who came here legally. It is not fair to them and if this nation is a nation of laws, as we all hear very often, then the law needs to be followed. And it is all doable.

    Many thanks for your post.

  32. There are hundreds of womem in our our country denied proper medical care due to a unexposed Obama and Podesta involvement in the FDA. A medication not probably tested as a doctor admitted that 80% of the trial information was false. I listen everyday to all the lie cheat and steal and no one had the time for 13 years to listen to the fact I have all information that no senator or represented will help. This drug has been used for children and several had died from it. HHS knew about this in 2009. And now the Democrats wanted add a lot more people in our Medical Care when you can’t even take care of us who have worked hard all of her life. This drug is also why we have so many changing sex as it knocks out all hormones and then they can replace with what they want. I am fed up with the politicians who do not take care of the American people while they want to add more to our roles and we even get less help. Democrats wake up.

  33. I don’t trust a rattlesnake and I don’t trust a democrat. What I don’t understand is why the democratic citizens can not see that the only people that their party cares for are muslims and illegals. And that the democratic run cities are going bankrupt.. If they did as much for the middle class that they talk about (which that’s only during election time) our country wouldn’t be as bad off as it was left from the last administration.. plus they are still trying to divide this country that they hate.. divide and conquer is what soros is paying for. Why can’t they see every mass shooting has been done by a democrat or a islamist extremists.. that’s their excuse to take our guns.. I say take the guns from the democrats and islamist extremists.. we will be alot safer.. If you hate this country so bad leave, go live where you will be happy. It’s obvious you’re not happy here.. what do you need boat money I’m sure we can take up a collection to send you to the country of your choosing.. one way ofcorse.

  34. The young folks that were brought here who had no choice by other people should be provided a path to citizenship. However the same should not nessisarily be given the same option. The young folks broke the law but not of their own fault. The people who brought them here knew they were breaking laws, hence should be dealt with down other avenues.

  35. Not only that we have to deal with the amnesty issue, but also to deal with with the voter fraud issue. The state of Maryland allows the foreigners to vote locally. I’m concerned that it may eventually lead to a political spillover across the nation that would strengthen the liberal grip of Soros no-border agenda in the future.

    Only American citizens vote legally in America, period.

  36. Simply put, the Demoncruds are not trustworthy, and I am so glad that our President is not folding. He sees thru them, and knows about their empty promises.

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