Chuck Schumer came up with this terrible plan to attack Donald Trump

Chuck Schumer is locked in a bitter feud with Donald Trump.

The New York Democrat is committed to doing everything in his power to smear the President.

And Chuck Schumer took it to the next level with this terrible plan to attack Donald Trump.

Chuck Schumer seized on Trump’s comments about John McCain to keep the news story going.

The New York Democrat announced his plan to introduce legislation to rename the Senate building after McCain.

Breitbart reports:

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Wednesday that he will introduce a measure to rename the Russell Senate Office building after the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), restarting the effort first proposed following the longtime lawmaker’s passing last August.
“I look forward to soon re-introducing my legislation re-naming the Russell Senate Building after American hero, Senator John McCain,” Schumer wrote on social media this morning.
Schumer did not provide a timeline or additional details regarding the proposed resolution.

Schumer doesn’t care about McCain one way or the other.

He likes the idea of keeping McCain’s name in the headlines to drive a wedge between President Trump and the other Senate Republicans.

Schumer thinks establishment Republicans will be forced to speak out and condemn Trump’s remarks the longer the story about McCain stays in the news.

So at a time when the Democrats are tearing themselves apart over identity politics, socialism, and anti-Semitism, Schumer wants to shift the spotlight on to the Republican Party.

This idea already went nowhere last summer after McCain passed away.

Senate Republicans will likely see Schumer’s gambit for what it is and shuffle it off the sidelines.

Of anyone involved in this situation, it is Schumer that is exploiting McCain’s death for nakedly partisan ends.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. When Chuck the Schmuck touts John “Songbird” McCain’s name to be put on a building, the people will get the message of what a turncoat McCain was to his party and his country. Go for it Chuck, It’s almost as good as a biography of McCain’s misdeeds and treasonous actions during Viet Nam and in the Senate.

  2. So what is SCHMUCKIE with the Acumen and Personality of a overripe CUMQUAT going to do….Go on Every :Liberal Talking head show and CRY CRY CRY??? about all he doies with CREDIBILITY???

  3. Chuck Schumer is using John McCain to get in the face of Donald Trump. This makes him the lowest of the low life.
    We must accept the fact that some people live a dual character or personality. What you see is not always what you get.
    They may appear to be a loving, caring person to others on the job or at home (mostly to those who suck up to them, pat them on the back and tell them how great they are), but is a total jerk to those who oppose or contradict them.
    You see, doing a good job for your boss doesn’t make you a good person, it just means you’re good at your job.
    John McCain did a good job on the battle field, but failed with his attempt to become President of the United States. Something Donald Trump accomplished. A person he thought he was better than.
    When Donald Trump made the comment about his capture on the battle field, it took away even more of his self-pride and he was never going to forgive him. He dreamed of ways to get revenge and he did it by turning over false documents to the media, his vote on getting rid of Obama’s Health Care and his “All day” funeral
    The other side of John McCain was very petty and vengeful. At the end of the day he wasn’t able to man up and do the right thing.
    At the end of the day John McCain was just another Democrat wearing a red tie.

    • THE ‘Seditious MEDIA; brought McCain Back to ‘haunt’ POTUS.
      (ie ‘Distraction’.) ___
      POTUS TRIED to ‘put IT to rest’ W/ a Dignified funeral.
      (of which he did Not deserve, 0n the ‘level’ That was given.
      POTUS Acquiesed.
      I ‘respectfully ‘Disagree’ w. your remark ie
      “John McCain did a good job on the battle field,”.
      hmm. ASK A VET.

    • McCain was a traitor that was hated by his fellow prisoners because he was a turncoat sucking up to the enemy and condemning the U.S. The only thing that saved his reputation was his fathers leverage in keeping his sons (mc cmain) name out of the press.

  4. To. snooky /Ev’ry 0ne. Think re ‘this.
    > Pelosi IS a good thing as HS.
    >She IS 0ld. The ‘young dems
    (ie muslims W/ ocasio) ARE
    ripping on her & she ‘knows’ it.
    (So does schumer.) Pelosi/schumer,
    Believe it 0r Not, ‘holding’ What Little
    IS Left of the Dems. (as bad as they are).
    > Just think for a minute, IFFF a ‘younger’
    Dem WAS House Speaker. 0-M-G. Capish?,no?
    >Hold 0n to Pelosi AS Long As POSSIBLE.
    >WE have 2 yrs. To Get 0casio/0mar/Tlaib
    OUT of Congress.

  5. The building is already named after someone, Russell (I believe Sen Russell of LA in the ’30s, I think). So rename after ANOTHER figure? Makes no sense, but then, again, Schumer’s only trying to incite others….

    • Yes John, Precisely.
      “Schumer’s only trying to
      >>>incite others….” &&&
      msm ‘propogates that. &&&
      PPL ‘fall’ for it. Butt, ‘we’
      as Patriots, Must Speak___ & Loudly.
      Ev’ry Where As ‘Best’ We Can.
      Save USA.

      • We should have a full investigation of the Democratic parties and have it public shown and any thing else have the new department of Justice. Conviction on the ones that lined there pockets. And then the swamp would be great again. Start with Nancy Chucky Omar and AOC. Booker and all.

    • Impeachment for him and his loved one Pelosi we the people need the opportunity to run special election then she where they would be the day after shouldn’t be democrats or republicans we are all one nation under god

    • The Democratic Party with their venom and hateful nature are becoming the evil empire of America. They care not about the citizens. Or the country.

  6. Chuckie, good to see you’re still alive and kicking. Did the democrapic female coalition let you out of your cage for a day ? You are living a nightmare every day, working (?) in the shadow of PEWLOSI and the rest of the nags who snag the headlines time and time again, and leave your lazy ass behind. Now it’s too late — for like your chubby daughter, you are Yesterday’s News. When PRESIDENT TRUMP wins in 2020, you and other democrapic “stalwarts” will slip further into the darkness. So get ready …

  7. schumer is nothing more than another piece of nys as_holes he joins the other two cuomo and deblasio who ran nys into the ground, TOGETHER THESE THREE MAKE UP ( AS_HOLES-R-THEM ).

  8. This comment is for Schumer… You will go down in history as a schmuck. The Donald as the 45th Pres. of the United States. Let’s just leave it at that…. You WERE and ARE a LOSER… a sore one at that, for NEVER having made it to the number one post in ALL your years of politics. TRUMP made it right out of the chute!!! Why? People wante to MAGA!!!
    So do I you sick SOB.

    • Thank YOU BOB W. So Right .. Schumer devious !! Does he really care about 2nd amendment or just want to take a sludge hammer to the Constitution? Does he really care about women’s health and abortion or does he really want to
      Crush Christian Theology from Rome to Mississippi! Does he fear a border wall or simply want more Democrats for voter lists? He is a counter – cultural guy. Founding fathers to him are simple old fools !

  9. Over the years, in my many messages to John McCain, I never failed to tell him that I thought the worse thing the Viet Cong did to America was to send him home alive.

    • I agree he wasn’t a Republican the great ones was those who never came home to there loved ones. This is to the ones who did come I THANK THEM FROM THE BOTTON OF MY HEART FOR WHAT THEY DID FOR US AND OUR COUNTRY.

  10. Schumer Really IS a ‘pitiful’ Schmuck.
    Also re McCain.
    He Also ‘downvoted’ repeal of obamacare
    at 2am AFTER he Told Ev’ry 0ne & Lobbied
    for Repeal.
    &&& he was instrumental in ‘handing off’
    the Steele Dossier to Comey. W/0ut Ever
    Calling the President about it.
    &&& a photo op w/certain member of ISIS.
    (now scrubbed off net)
    &&& there’s more.
    DID ‘canary’ Defend his fellow Patriots ???

  11. McCain was a POS traitor and a murdereer of his own fellow sailors on board his aircraft carrier. Nothing happened to him because his daddy and grand daddy were both Admirals, he got transferered to DC on their staffs. Anybody who checks McCain out will find this is all true and they will realize that he doesn’t deserve the title of war hero. A real war hero from Arizona, Pat Tillman. That is a man to look up to not this lying garbage spewing McCrap. Go Donald, you are the man of the hour. We love you and trust you just like we trusted Ronald Reagan. #MAGA #GBA #DCC

    • According to the men on Tillman’s squad,he was a dangerous gung ho dick who was always berating his fellows.he was killed by “friendly fire”.

    • we need Trump to win this 2020 election and I believe he will, Every American, especially those who are in the military, a vet or retired should weigh what these dem libs have done, they voted to put muslims in our govt. they are all for abortion murder , killing innocent babies, and battled against Trump ever since the election, never before has any party carried on in such a manner as these evil people. Go Trump 2020 clean out the swamp.

  12. Schumer you are a no good piece of SHIT you think that you know everything but you see dip shit you know nothing when it comes to running this Country. You think you are going to piss off Trump with Your stupid games you are playing Trump don’t give a shit if you say that John McCain is a hero and his name should replace the Russell Senate building. Why don’t you take that skank Pelosi with you and both of you should jump off a bridge and rid the world of you two shit heads.

    • That is an absolutely great description of both McCain and Schumer. They r two of the many assholes in the Dem cult. McCain was a pos Dem through & through. I can’t stand Schumer. Oh also Romney is a pos Dem through & through. The majority of Ds r hell bent on taking our country down.

    • snooky et al. Think re ‘this.
      > Pelosi IS a good thing as HS.
      >She IS 0ld. The ‘young dems
      (ie muslims W/ ocasio) ARE
      ripping on her & she ‘knows’ it.
      (So does schumer.) Pelosi/schumer,
      Believe it 0r Not, ‘holding’ What Little
      IS Left of the Dems.
      > Just think for a minute, IFFF a ‘younger’
      Dem WAS House Speaker. 0-M-G. Capish?,no?
      >Hold 0n to Pelosi AS Long As POSSIBLE.
      >WE have 2 yrs. To Get 0casio/0mar/Tlaib
      OUT of Congress.

  13. Gee, I wonder if anyone is going to investigate Chuck Schumer about his meeting at the Capital with Soros son a week or two before they said they were not going to fund the Border Wall. Wonder if they talked about open borders then. The week before they refused to fund the wall there were pictures on Facebook with them together, there was also another picture of one of Soros sons with Nancy Pelosi, Senator Booker, and Sen Flake, I found it interesting.

  14. I think the Dems are a bunch of babies. What they need is a diaper put on them and a bottle stuck in their mouth and sent home to cry like the babies they are. If they don’t get their way all they do is stir crap. I am for one sick of everyone down grading and blaming everything on our President. He has already done a lot for our country and will continue to do so. There is so much hate in peoples heart right now and they don’t care who they hurt or what they say as long as they can get something out of it. We have people in the White House that don’t even need to be in our government let alone voice their opinion about anything for our country. The Dems are running a muck and they are only hurting their reputation with the people in the US. And for McCain he was no hero! A hero is one that saves someone or does a good thing to help other’s. He was a POW and that doesn’t make you a hero!

      • obuma worst of the worst, put perverts, men in the womens room, gave Iran billions of dollars ,and it was used to fight our Troops, covered up hiliaryfaces crimes, put obumacare in, causing millions of poor people being fined because they could pay the premiums, and introduced muslimism to our country, Go trump 2020

  15. It has reached the point where this deep state crap has to stop. What comes around will get sent back in spades. It is time to FULLY VET every Democrats before they are ever elected to office. The Dems want to play games, it is time to turn the tables back on to them. Investigate each and everyone back to their days in school. Let it be a reminder of what they have done to this administration and President Trump.


  17. John McCain was a trader to the American people and the republican party! He’s was really one of them this is what they do they pretend to be Republicans when they simply are a wolf in sheep’s clothing! I mean no disrespect to a man that has passed, but I call it the way I see it!He was part of the Deep State, and in meaning, the Deep State chooses who will be the next President and not us, we the people! They never dreamed Trump had a chance in hell of winning, and when he did, it drove them all insane, and all the damage they did to our country for 8 long miserable years, got redone by Trump! God gave us Trump and God put him in charge for a reason!

  18. Those in Congress who oppose President Trump have something to hide … And I hope President Trump exposes All of them and their crimes-!!! The sooner, the Better-!!! Let’s keep this country moving in the RIGHT Republican direction-!!!
    G-d Bless President Trump, his Family, and his Administration-!!!

  19. Doesia Mcain gave to news outlets knowing it it was false.Hoax now we find Ukrane has tapes Obama Hillary Biden Hunter Biden Podesta Ambasators all involved to overturn 2016 election DS tried to get us in war Russia


  21. The renaming of the Senate building after McCain, is this something that should be done considering John McCain’s Involvement With The “Trump Dossier” ? There could be negative information uncovered that would tarnish his name. Besides your pandering is blatantly obvious, it’s not out of respect for the man.

  22. Alot of stupid people in goverment but schummer would be number one! What can you say other than hed to anything to undermine Trump in every way he can, but his biggest problem is sucking up being a George Soros puppet! Take Soros out all the main bullshit would stop! Democraps wouldnt be paid to do stupid things for Soros, like bringing in migrates we dont need and camel jockeys flooding into towns and however the morons are that put them into goverment!! Could do on forever on stupid democraps in Congress and the worthless McCain! Pelosi, Adam Shit,Soros and more! There so jealous a business man came in and showed them up and thru all the fighting and assignation attempts, Trumps still making America better!! I think they should give trump his 2 years back theyve wasted of his time! What they put him through! Trump just plain outsmarted them regardless of there games and fake news!!

  23. This two party system doesn`t work. I think that they should get ride of the democrat party and have only the republican party.

  24. This is what NY trash looks like!! This is what the sanitation department fails to remove!! SEE those piles of garbage on the city streets of NY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, THAT’S SCHMUCK SCHUMER!!!!!

  25. How about naming a building after a military man, a seal team member, that has given his life for this country, and has left behind, a wife and children!! One that truly LOVES this country, and IS NOT a TURNCOAT!!!

  26. President Trump won’t speak well of Cryin’ Chuck Schumer when he kicks the bucket either…!! Schumer and McCain are both dirty politicians and should be treated accordingly…!!

    • Does anyone know how much other legislation Schumer has introduced besies this hunk of nothing ? What did his district elect him for ? To name buildings ? I’M sure they’re all grateful for the job he has done for them since PRESIDENT TRUMP won the office. (Sarc)

  27. Chuck U Schumer was elected by a bunch of idiots that don’t have all of their marbles. It’s sad there are brainless assholes that keep reelecting this sub human SOB

  28. This is a phony publication made by ‘NEVER TRUMPERS” and the Democrat party operatives. This is B.S. so delete it and place it in your spam folder.

  29. Oh Chuck, only you would use a dead man to make your point. You really are at a low point and have nowhere else to go. Poor, poor Chuck.

  30. Chuck Schumer is the perfect example of the stupidity of voters putting the same old sheet in office over and over again.It’s a mental illness that is only curable by the demise of all involved

  31. Chuck Schumer is getting to be boring just like Shifty Afam Schiff. They are part of the swamp and maybe the deep state. Trump is draining the swamp and they can’t stand it. The one thing they forget is President Trump is not in this alone. There are higher forces at work here. I will go farther and say God is behind this. If God is for you no one can be against you. We the people are behind doing away with the bad and replacing it with the good. MAGA!

  32. Schumer and McCain hated each other. Now suddenly Schumer is trying to give the appearance that he is taking the high ground, seriously? If Schumer expended 1/10 of the energy in doing his job that he spends attacking President Trump, his family, his staff and his supporters, he would actually accomplish something and at least earn some of the money the taxpayers are paying him that he stuffing herself in his pockets. This man hasn’t done anything for the American people and the US for decades. New York is in serious trouble losing thousands of jobs and people are moving out of that city in droves and Schumer is silent.

    • Just what we need another remembrance of the TRAITOR, John McCain. I have had enough of hearing poor poor Megan McCain thinking that daddy was a hero…Wake up bit– he was a traitor he sold out all his war companions and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The only way that anything would be named after that jerk would be his tombstone. Now Megan go cry to mommy, you along with your dad are worthless.

  33. Schumer you never learn. traitor McCain does not deserve to have a building named after him. He is a DISGRACE to America and he was no Hero. He got his rak from his father and grandfather who were crooked themselves

    • HE was/is the reason for the fire on the USS FORRESTALL.. 08/68. The reason he didn’t get a court martial was because of his Admiral father.. He was sitting on the fantail of the carrier fueled and armed.. His cabin mate was just behind him.. SO, McCain did a “HOTSTART” to scare his friend.. A hotstart is when the pilot runs raw fuel (JP-4) into the combustion chamber a jet engine.. Then you hit the igniter,,,,,,,,,The resulting flame can scare the hell out of you..

      • During that stunt he spilled his payload of bombs resulting in the fire and loss of life. He was disobeying orders when he was shot down. After 2 failed attempts to win the presidency, which he thought was his right he was very bitter .especially considering he lost to nobama. To increase his misery,a non politician won the primarys and the election. Johnny just flipped his noodle.

    • Yes..!! That would work…!! McCain’s records are SEALED just like Barack INSANE Obama’s records are SEALED…!! They are DEEP STATE and we will probably never know the REAL TRUTH about either one of them…!!

    • Part 2,,,,,,, So his cabin mate hit the wrong button on the right side of the cockpit and dropped a 250lb’er on the deck which exploded and the rest his history.. In the video of the incedent,, the person coming out of the plane in the begining is mccain. I lost 2 shipmates because of this P O S HUMAN!!!! And everyone calls him a hero. HE’S A MURDERER AND I’M GLAD HE’s DEAD!!!!!!

  34. Schumer used the deep resentment and hatred in McCain in his battle to obstruct President Trump. Now Schumer is acting like a sympathetic human being even though he is still using McCain after his death. Make no mistake, McCain was no hero, instead he was a traitor to this country and its citizens.

    • Steff, I hear what you’re saying. McCain turned his back on America and her citizens but, it sounds like you are comparing him to Benedict Arnold and they are not even close…

      • The major differences is that Arnold fought for the enemy and McCain was never forced to leave this country for his actions.

          • You brought up Benedict Arnold, I didn’t. I responded to your comment only. McCain did as much damage as any traitor to the US people, but my original comment was intended to reveal McCain’s actions not as a comparison.

      • McCain and Benedict are closer than you think. Both betrayed their country over a dispute. McCain got his nickname songbird while being a P.O.W. McCain wanted nobama care dismantled until he saw it would injure trump. Songbird McCain earned is name,with his treachery.

    • Of concern is who was Russel? The building is named after him. If he was a hero why replace the name. I do not believe in naming things by politicians or for them. I say let the medal history of the people be used as part of the rationale.

  35. When are these congressmen/women and senators going to start working for America and The People of The United States? I’m getting tired of their bullshit investigations, creating problems within communities addressing everything as a form of racism and bringing petty crap up within The Senate that doesn’t mean a hill of beans. President Trump is trying to things done, things that should have been done years ago and the rest of these sons-a-bitches continue acting like spoiled brats. Work to improve The Country. If you want to bitch and cry? Get the hell out of the way. Haven’t got time or patience to deal with your frivolous cry baby attitudes. Democrats have attempted to do nothing more than set up road-blocks, slow down progress and get in the way of improving anything/everything in regards to economy, the will of The Country, its Peoples safety or just stepping into the 21st century. STOP- with everything having racial ingredients. You damn Democrats want to do nothing more than DIVIDE A NATION!

    • You told it like it is. The demogogs are nurs wih hate. They are not woking for the USA or the people they repcent. I am a rtired Master gunny sgt with 30 years service to this great country. It is going to hell in a hand basket comy demonuts Semper Fi USMC

    • Yeah and right next to Scumer is Camilla Harris who hates Christians, especially Catholics! That’s why she voted against Kavenaugh! The Democrat Party is a Left Wing hate group!

      • Hey Joe, you forgot the anti-America/American,Christian and Jewish Douchenozzles from our Northern Plain state of Minnesoclueless…

  36. Dumb ass sumonger needs to shut the hell up. He ls a nut case that thinks he is smarter than we the people who elected a bussness man not a lawyer or plotion.

  37. It takes a devil to spot a devil. Schumer saw something in McCain that he tempted him to join his party.

    That could be the factor why McCain tried to sabotage Trump. Think like a Democrat.

  38. Jack Ass, McCain wasn’t that good or that important. And you can’t tell that brain tumor didn’t affect his actions the last couple of years he was alive. He wasn’t a hero just because he made stupid resistance to Trump.

  39. Chuck Schumer is a disgraceful hippocrite opportunistic Phoney hateful Trump hater. New Yorkers do everything possible to vote this POS out of office in his next election.

    • McCain was a liberal with a republican brand. And he will always be remembered as a war hero. That’s questionable.

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