Chuck Schumer committed this horrible act of treason against the U.S. military

The Democrats’ weakness on military issues has been on full display.

But this time they crossed the line.

And Chuck Schumer committed this horrible act of treason against the U.S. military.

Democrats are threatening to hold up funding the United States military over a political stunt designed to embarrass President Trump on Iran.

Schumer’s caucus is threatening to filibuster the National Defense Reauthorization Act unless Mitch McConnell lets the Democrats waste floor time with a debate on going to war with Iran.

Politico reports:

After a leadership meeting on Tuesday morning, several Democrats said they were digging in for battle with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) after he moved to block amendment votes on Monday and set up a key vote to end debate on Wednesday. The caucus is leaning toward stopping the bill, several sources said privately. Moving forward will require 60 senators’ support and the backing of at least seven Democrats.

A final decision will wait until after the full Democratic Caucus gathers on Tuesday afternoon, which could expose Democrats to short-term political attacks from Republicans for voting against the military in a bid to appeal to 2020 primary voters. But some Democrats have already made up their mind.

“There should be no more unauthorized wars. And this is worth the fight,” said Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), who is the chief deputy whip. He said leaders are “assessing” whether there are 41 votes to block the bill.

“There’s a very strong consensus that we need to vote on making clear that there will be no unauthorized war with Iran. So I think that’s the direction that we’re moving in,” said Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).

President Trump repeatedly stated he does not want war with Iran.

And he called off airstrikes that could have caused the current crisis with Iran to spiral out of control to the point where the two countries actually go to war.

Democrats did not hold up the defense spending bill when Barack Obama launched his illegal war in Libya.

Now they are holding up giving America’s fighting forces the resources they need out of petty spite.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. To hold up funding for the military is absolutely absurd. They are out protecting American lives. Even fools like chucky Schumer. All democrats are UNAMERICAN.

  2. John Kerry did go to Nam and he did get some awards which he wrote up the paperwork for himself. When he came back and joined the Long Hairs outside the White House fence he threw those awards OVER THE FENCE! Later when he ran for office he had the Brass BALLS to request the Puzzle Palace to reissue those awards so he could hang them in his office!! FRAUD..PERIOD.

  3. Amen and amen. Everything going on in the world today is in God’s hands. He’ll put a stop to it all one day, no one but HIM knows the day or hour it will happen, but I firmly believe the end time is closer now than ever before. Everyone needs to get ready.

  4. To Gloria B. McCormick. It’s perfectly reasonable to want all the things you mentioned, and while I don’t agree that all of them are desirable, it’s certainly legitimate for you or anyone to pursue getting them. What I was objecting to was the characterization of ALL Democrats as traitors simply by virtue of their party affiliation, the idea that they all ought to be locked up or deported or maybe shot, that vigilante hit groups ought to be mobilized to get rid of them, and so on. All of these things, and more, have actually been said on this site, and while it’s true that far from everyone has said such things, neither have I seen any conservative make a comment in opposition. Which leads me to ask, quite seriously, if there is anyone here who believes, regardless of how the 2020 election turns out, that we should try to figure out ways to live with each other because, whether we like it or not, we are all in this together?

  5. To The Other Tom: That is just stupid! What most Americans want is less government, the right to bear arms, and secure borders with the right to say WHO gets to come into our country. We do not want the conditions in California, Washington and Oregon, nor do we want the high crime rates and crumbling cities like Baltimore. We do not want the world’s poor pouring into our country looking for fee housing, free medical care and unwilling to even learn English, much less our laws. We are not against immigration, we are against ILLEGAL immigration. We are against muslims pouring into the country and then telling us we have to follow sharia law! We are against politicians passing laws that they don’t follow. We are against politicians getting rich off of our backs.
    We are against abortion on demand paid for by the tax payers. You want an abortion? Fine, pay for it yourself and have that discussion with God when the time comes. We want our military and veterans supported, and we want schools that teach our history and produce educated kids. We believe in our country, our flag and God Bless America.

  6. Moses first of all, you should not soil that great God Fearing Mans Name! Secondly, do you watch the news, read the papers, internet? The violence in America is all of your DNC constituents and not Republicans! You are a LIAR! Republicans don’t take SOROS money to cause havoc! Republicans are physically attacked by DNC voters and Soros paid thugs! ANTIFA, BLM, Black Panther Party, you know this!

  7. All Democrats are anti-America traitors! If the law won’t do it, WE THE PEOPLE will! CWII it’s the only way back to civilized America! It’s blatantly obvious that the Citizens that vote DNC have been turned over to reprobate minds!
    God is Alive! God is in Control, if God heats up the World HE Made In 6 day’s there isn’t anything you can do but Praise His Name, and go swimming, or have a cold drink!
    For you ignorant ex beeps out there, Science is Carnal, you can put every great scientist, Chemist, and whomever else, in a giant facility for 10 years, spend billions of dollars, and not do what God did in 6 days! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
    What this world needs is to run from Islam, Budism, Catholicism, Scientology, and all other satanic cults, and get you a good dose of JESUS!
    The only way to the Father, is through the SON!

  8. We would be coming for you, no, we would have already housed you if I were POTUS! All you DNC rodents would be in a prison with a wall around it, named “STATE OF CALIFORNIA Traitors Prison”

  9. You and all Democrats say Trump meaning Obama, you project, telling on yourself, it’s been a trend anyone can easily follow! We all know about Obama’s, NATZI style camps with rail road tracks surrounded by chain linked fence!

  10. But true! You condone that evil! Hateful, really? Murdering innocent infants who can’t speak, or defend themselves? You are insane!

  11. That’s your tale I sit on mine! She was supposed to run, her and Obama cheated the election! You stupid idiot! That is what you as a dnc voter condone! The only cheating was by your party!

  12. nutty…my dad was rejected due to a medical reason. Guess you would call him a draft dodger too. You are a fool

  13. Moses, PLEASE tell us one thing that Rob said that is not true. You can’t. Do the research if you know how.

  14. Moses, you have NO CLUE of the truth. That is very obvious. And it is the DEMS who are insane and evil. They live on hate and violence. They have thrown God out and satan owns them. What Rob said is TRUTH. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Joe the dumber…NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump is true. PROVE IT. YOU CAN’T!!!! And Rob said the truth but you have no concept of truth

  16. Oh, really, all of them dodged the draft???????????????? You need to get out of fantasyland and face reality, which you have no concept of

  17. nutty…WRONG!!!! The WMDs were found and there were reasons to attack Iraq. YOU just deny the truth. NOTHING you said is true and if you bother to check you would know that Pres. Trump DID NOT dodge the draft.

  18. nutty…Pres Trump is NONE of what you said he is. He loves this country and has done a lot for it. YOU are extremely SICK!!!!! Please PROVE anything you said is true. YOU CAN’T!!!! And you attack Pres. Trump but don’t care at all that the Clintons have been very corrupt for many years and Obama is a traitor. TRUTH!!!!

  19. You’re clueless, we’re the ones saving you from the evil throws of the minority of the democratic party who want you to be their modern day slave. Your party is corrupt, some of your elected congress had good intentions but find it hard to buck the party line money.

  20. omar is going to be kicked out of the usa video of her meeting with terriorist was sent by an atty to hls not one thing was done so he filed criminal charges against her its before a grand jury now

  21. Get it right…they are demoncraps…they are turds sent from the bowels of hell to spread their stench and filth throughout the world. Send them back where they belong!

  22. Look to your own brethren as the sicko, nut-jobs advocating violence. Your little anti-fascist fascist fairies are doing the bidding of those sitting in Congress, who have called for violence against Conservatives and Christians MANY times. You’re seem to be just another blind little left-wing toadie hypocrite.

  23. Just an FYI from a FORMER Democrat…no one gives a flying fig about little sh*ts like you, unless you’re really a card-carrying communist who believes in the BS being spewed from the likes of moron bernardine sanders and are a closet anti-fascist fascist fairy (antifa). If you’re truly that scared, keep you head down or leave the Country and go to Mexico or Venezuela, where they believe in your values and rule of law.

    What a truly STUPID comment to make, but not surprising. Your 15 second of infamy is now up.


  25. @Rob, I think we should load up all of the B-52’s with the max load out of nucs and start on the northern border of Iran and carpet bomb the entire country from north to south, then reload the planes and carpet bomb the rest of the country from east to west, when the smoke settles there would be a glass parking lot where Iran used to be.

    That’s the only way to deal with terrorists, kill everyone, man woman and child, that way the children can’t grow up and put the terrorist training their parents are happily brainwashing and raising them with to carry on the fight when they are gone.

    If we did that to Iran the rest of the terrorists would probably take notice and surrender so that they won’t get the same treatment. You can’t reason with them, the only thing they understand is force, and we have to hit them with overwhelming force to put an end to their ongoing jihad and prevent anything like it from ever happening again.

  26. Obviously you don’t keep up with world news, as we found the WMD’s we knew Saddam had (we sold them to him) shortly before I retired from the Navy in 2006. So your, “he didn’t have WMD’s” argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on, it was on all the news casts at the time.

  27. He is one of the swamp creatures that might just be in the first group of conspirators hung.

  28. You are more insane and evil than Infowars Alex Jones, the number of conspiracy theories you have in your statement are numerous, bizarre and hateful.

  29. The conservative right wing is most likely to cur Veterans’ benefits, regardless your fear are not only misplaced but hysterical.

  30. I have seen your name before and you are an evil bastard who supports the same in Trump, the serial sexual assaulter mobster. If you work, in most places your ideas are so despicable that you would get your ass fired in seconds.

  31. I agree. We need to see some jail time and charges against these deranged people. Schummer and Pelosi first and then Waters and the rest of the unbalanced Democrats in Congress.

  32. to James Midnight: I stand in awe of your carefully reasoned arguments and the way you marshall evidence to support it. Bravo!

  33. Other Tom nobody is coming for you. And democrats have guns too. Many have carry permits. I know this to be true. I’ve seen people practicing at shooting ranges with democrat stickers on their cars. The right to keep and bear arms is for all Americans

  34. I said this before on another site, but I’ll repeat it here. From all the above comments about treasonous Democrats, I have to believe that as soon as Trump wins the massive victory all of you are praying for and predicting, the concentration camps will start to go up, and I, and all other Democrats will be waiting for that late night knock on the door to be carted off to the nearest one. Because you guys have all the guns, too, as has also been repeatedly pointed out.

  35. It’s the Republicans that have hurt the military and their families. For example, Bush attacked Iraq for no reason, they had no WMD, they didn’t attack us on 911 and Bush’s father already had kicked Saddam’s ass. Second, when we invaded the Republicans didn’t want to armor the vehicles and many blew up and killed our soldiers from road bombs. Third, it is always the Republicans that cut funding for the vets. Fourth, many of the right wing Republicans are war hawks but most of them were Vietnam Era draft dodgers like Trump, Newt Gingrich,Tom Delay, Trent Lott, Karl Rove, Mitt, Romney, Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson, Sylvester Stallone, Morton Downey JR,Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Denny Hastert, Dick Armey, Steve Forbes, John Cornyn Lamar Alexander, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Kemp with a knee problem but still played in the NFL for 8 years, billionaire David Koch, Bill O’Reilly, Jerry Falwell, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, George W. Bush was never seen his last two years in the Guard and none of his brothers served. The list is truly endless. By far the most notable Democrat dodgers were Bernie Sanders and Bill Clinton. Democrat and former senator of Nebraska was a Medal of Honor Winner and John Kerry despite being swift boated earned many awards as a PT boat leader in Nam.

  36. Robert . . . . . Demented-Dems aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think they know that 100 million+ guns were purchased during the obamba Regime, the great majority, if not nearly all, by Conservatives . . making obamba the best non-commission salesman the arms industry ever had and Conservatives the best armed they have ever been. ????

  37. apparently you have a brain the size of a pea much like the rest of your treasonous,dimwitted ,democratic leaders

  38. I understand what you are saying, but that’s my point! Passiveness isn’t the answer, they will kill us, we can’t waste time debating everything! While we talk, they practice! Talking gets you killed, action keeps you alive! I want to live, I don’t want to worry about my child after I’m gone! We owe our Forefathers, to fight! Don’t you people understand? They are coming!

  39. There needs to be a reckoning in America! Battle lines have been drawn! The DNC has chosen to be the enemy of the Constitution, the Constitution is the Law Of The Land, WE THE PEOPLE must act against these Traitors, failure to do so is a declaration of surrender! WE have an obligation to defend our HOMELAND against any, and all, who attack HER!
    I for one, am disgusted by the cowardous-passiveness, on display here in the United States of America! We can go abroad, and defeat the enemies of other nations when the call for assistance is made, but we can’t defend our own Country in our own Country? WHY? Did a Democrat tell you that?

  40. Alan it sometimes seems that way. Libturds hate America and don’t want our country to prosper. They try to change the constitution to read what they can do to us, not what they can’t.

  41. Jesus, and the church, and Satan, and Islam, will fight a war where the Tigris, and Euphrates, meet and Jesus, and the church, will defeat Satan, and Islam, ant throw them into the bottomless pit for eternity! What do you know?

  42. I realize that most of my comments won’t get read, but How can you far right people ot realize what is going on. A former president handed $600,0000,0000,0000 and nuclear capabilities to a Iran while they chanted death to America? Why is it that the democrats favor the enemy so? Is the US full of idiots?


  44. Holee sheet! The list of treasonous acts grows like Pelosi’s nose every time she opens her mouth. Schumer the Hut is a work of art. A perfectly sculpted P.O.S. Infanticide, open borders, illegals vote, green deal, FISA warrants, Steele dossier, border funding, attacking the second Amendment, attacks on the first Amendment, abolishing the Electoral College, medicare for all, racism, bigotry, white supremacy, now they want to start use our Armed Forces as hostage to make a “statement”. They wonder why people are so pissed when they tried to sneak in a wage increase? The continual attacks and slurs against our President and nation MUST stop. These fools have no idea how angered every one is other than their selctive limited base of.”progressives”. Angry enough to have compiled a hangman’s list and doing the logistic math for an Execution March on D.C.

  45. I voted for President Trump, and he may be a lot of things, it’s none of my business what someone else does, but now he is working for us, without pay, so I get to at least try, to get my 2 cents worth! The mistake too many POTUS’s make, is announcing your plan to bomb a Country! Bomb the hell out of them, then catch the hell from the Treasonous DNC! Who gives a damn what they think? They have already established the fact that they hate America too! I’d bomb Iran, then tell the DNC to meet me in the Congressional building for my ass chewing, then I’d let them all get situated, Romney too, and I’d lock em all in, and turn on the gas!

  46. Well Chuckie May need John Kerry to have James Taylor come sing “you’ve got a friend” to the Iranians again, once they get by the locals chanting kill Americans and Jews, they get treated well I suppose!
    Just going to Iran, as an American, and making it back home alive, tells the entire story!

  47. Thank you, my brother, and God Bless You! You said so much, that we take for granted, you lost body parts fighting for your brothers in battle, that all of you were willing to die for, to give us Americans our freedom, and “you would do it again!” Valor, Courage, Patriotism, Integrity, and John Kerry, spat in your face! It doesn’t matter which war you fought in, he spat on every, American, Hero, that ever put on that uniform past, present, and future! Don’t even get me going on who the real baby killers are!
    Troops, lying there, losing blood, telling their superiors to wait, just patch me up, I’m not going to let you go without me, just let me catch my breath!
    Thank You!

    We, the USA, were attacked the day Obama was FRAUDULENTLY, Inaugurated!
    The Criminal-Organization-DNC, knowingly supported a foreign-born, Candidate for POTUS! Harvard has Obama listed as Kenya Born, Indonesia Raised, the son of Stanley Dunham, a cultist, America Hating, Communist, that worked for Timothy Geitners father, also a communist, just like Bill Ayers, father! Imagine these people knowing each other back in the day! Then imagine Bill Ayers parents, putting Obama through Harvard as a foreign student, further imagine that young, Obama, already knowing, back in college that he would one day, be POTUS!
    Imagine Obama a one term, absentee, DNC rep.residing in Chicago, doing what he does best, running his cock sucker, in the streets of America Hating Chicago, waiting for the nod, like a relief pitcher warming up in the bullpen,no credentials, waiting and talking loud, and drawing a crowd, while Ayers was putting together his fraudulent resume, that us American Taxpayers paid $28M to have sealed-up, until after Obama, and Ayers, and Holder, Jarrett, Rice, Lynch, Kerry, HRC, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Geitner, Biden, and all the other trash are long gone!
    One, never been politician, American Born, individual with his own government issued SS # on his own government issued SS Card, with a legitimate birth-certificate, a man who obviously, loves America gets elected by the majority of Americans, refuses his pay, attacked from day-one, by a criminal organization so ruthless, so vile, they cheat in their very own elections, they legislate, the murder of more children than all the Jews Hitler murdered during the Holocaust! Treasonous, Traitorous, living like kings, telling the people to eat cake, manipulating the poor, uneducated, descendants of slavery, for their votes!
    Going unchecked, because the Judges, the law enforcement in America have been bought by the DNC, and the anti-Christ, a dual-Citizen billionaire, a Jew that doesn’t acknowledge God, considers himself, God!
    People, this is the time to step up, this is the time to risk your life, to hold on to this Great Country, that our Forefathers, died for! Freedom, to hand down to us to hand down to what children aren’t murdered by the DNC! Time to get over our passiveness that the DNC counts on!

  49. Being elected to Congress is like winning the lottery. They go in poor and come out as multimillionaires. Something is wrong here.

  50. In my opinion, ALL of these communist vermin should be eradicated from America. The Democratic Party is now the new Amerikan Communist Party. LIBERALS ARE COMMUNISTS AND TERRORISTS AND ARE NOT AMERICANS.

  51. Fred is a card carrying commie vermin creature that spews communist propaganda and lies on conservative websites trying to sow discord and sedition. Like ALL liberal commies, he lies as easily as he breathes. If you ignore it, it will crawl back under the rock it came from.

  52. Someone has to be the adults in DC. When one side goes by the book (RNC) and the other side ignores the book (DNC) voting, governing, even sitting down and talking, isn’t working! In the meantime, we have the anarchists from the toilet of America aka Chicago, Illinois working round the clock, holding Bill Ayers night classes on “how to overthrow the government 101” and rewriting our children’s educational curriculum! Anarchists, aka Obama Administration, having politicized the MSM, our once storied, Law Enforcement Agency-FBI along with the ATF, CIA, NSA, EPA, NEA, USPS, IRS, ACLU, NAACP, BLM, ANTIFA, FEMA, The New Black Panther Party, and arming, and training, anyone who hates America!

  53. The criminal organization, DNC have proven, that they can’t even hold their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election without cheating, I’d say they may be a bit hard to trust in any election, just a gut feeling I have, call me crazy!

  54. Chuck Schumer raped his 16 yr. old daughters best friend, and decades later he is holding up funding for the United States Military, something needed to be done to keep trash like him out of political power!

  55. You should probably consider a coloring book, and a nap pad, then work on spelling, and I suggest a few little thin books about ponies, and animals! Speaking of animals, they have clothes you can match a shirt, with pants, by putting two animals just alike, together
    and have matching clothes for the day! Smoke less weed!

  56. Not treason, Holding up funding is NOT treasonTreason is being blgantly agaqinst this country Which is what Trump does every day. Where is Barr? He can procecute this. and he isnot doing any such tying. It is just another Lying comspiracy theory by tyhis web Site.It is you who should be charged with Treson, not Schumer,This we bsite.Maybe you can send Barr against me

  57. And just like Hillary Clinton and the rest of these Treasonous Criminals he probably will get away with all of his crimes Against the American people.

  58. Every damn one of those ignorant democrats should be voted out of office.they are all for themselves and not worrying about the people. They don’t even want to keep our country safe. We hired them we should be able to fire them.


  60. I would gladly raid my 401k to send Chuckie ShoeShine on a one-way flight to that vacation paradise of The Islamic Republic of Iran.
    Boarding now, you corrupt treasonous clown of the DemonRat Party circus caravan.
    And take that corrupt, brown clown, incestuous, Bolshevik Muzzy HO Ilhan Omar with you.

  61. Since when is a Congressional debate on going to war treason? Despite the wishes of some, we are not yet ruled by an absolute power King, who’s orders can only be questioned by the Almighty, who put him in power. The argument that there should be no debate before going to war with Iran, becasue there was no Congressional debate before going to war with Iraq, is a total head-shaker. Our war with Iraq went so well it should be used as a good example??

  62. We are under attack, and have been since Obama slithered out from under a Chicago bus stop bench! UNDERSTAND, we are at a time, and place, in America to where chaos is a moment away! Mark My Words, voting used to matter, half this Country and the big dogs at the CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, and DNC, along with Bilderbergs, Illuminati, The Vatican, The U.N. Liberals, all were calling for Trumps assassination, they all had big plans for America and themselves, that election, was the last, American Traditional, election! Even if President Trump makes it there, and wins, it’s over! You have to realize that America is holding up the “New World Order” WE THE PEOPLE are! The world has plans for America and it’s not the Republican Party that they want! They are going to dictate what happens here! Only WE can stop it! The DNC is so bold because they have the NWO behind them, and they are ready to hand us over!

  63. Until “WE THE PEOPLE” act like “WE THE PEOPLE” they will do as they please! Our Forefathers did what had to be done, it was frightening, it was inconvenient, it was bold, and it wasn’t comfortable, freedom isn’t free, and as dreadful as it is, we were attacked, by Ayers, Dorn, Holder, Kilgore, Kerry, Obama, Timothy Geitner, Valerie Jarrett, Soros, and others, and it is going to come to a head and we must get our minds right or they will win!

  64. I have two-words for the Mueller Congressional Hearing on July 17th…DUE PROCESS
    And then there are other repugnant two-word combinations …Bill Clinton…Harvey Weinstein…Kevin Spacey…Anthony’s Weiner…Bill Cosby…Robert DeNiro…Bernie Sanders…John Brennan…James Clapper…Corey Booker and James Comey… with morons like this we don’t need Congressional Hearings we need a stronger legal system…

  65. To Concern this action should not only fall on Dems. The whole congress, without exception needs to be reminded who pays their salary.Not getting any part of the job WE elected them to do is being done. No work-no pay. And no recess until the job is done.

  66. SCUMner needs to be deported to Venezuela ..Period….A One way trip, with do not return stamped on his forehead.

  67. The democrats are shameless traitors! I watched a documentary today on the homeless in Los Angeles. It was heartbreaking – beyond imagination. And extremely sad! The democrats are responsible for this tradegy in America and yet they want to add to it with illegal immigration and open borders, And their lack of support for our great military is shameless as well.
    There isn’t a democrat alive today that can come close to beating Pres Trump!
    Trump 2020. A great American working for the American people !
    Trump is our only hope ! ????????????????????????????????????????

  68. Once again liberals show how little regard they have for the safety and well being of Americas, and their corruption, and hate of our President. Try them all for the treasonous POS they are.

  69. glock19fan – OK, Schemer it is. He probably gets re-elected because of voter fraud. That’s how DeBlasio gets re-elected. It’s funny that Delusional comes up on spell check. What’s also funny about DeBlasio is that he is at 0% in the polls, which means his own NYC is not voting for him. So how does he get re-elected?

  70. He’s a liar. He once screamed for border barriers also, declaring that “illegal entry into this country is just plain wrong”. Now he calls Trump a racist for saying the same thing. Chucky Schemer is a LIAR!

  71. Hold the paychecks of Schumer and comrades for not doing their jobs. In construction contract, the contractor get penalized when they are unable to complete the job in time. Each day delayed is penalized until 1 month or so, then the whole contract is waived. So, after 1 or 2 months deadlock, they should lose their pachecks and the benefits. Why should taxpayers pay for incompetence and filibuster work. That’$ like congress on strike and getting paid!!! ????????????????????????

  72. No demonrat can be trusted. Hell, they don’t even know what truth is, or what the formula is to search it out. They just throw mud at the President we elected, hoping something will stick – just as they did with Ronald Reagan – “the teflon president”. But nothing stuck. “teflon”. Let’s pray our present president, has the same magic.

  73. NavyPO2 – Thank you for your service. Maybe we should send these whiny POS’s overseas. The foreign countries would be begging for us to take them back and they’d be willing to sign almost anything.

  74. Aye Aye Sir. Filthy Traitors. And I’ve never seen such a woeful generation as these ‘free stuff’ millennials. The end of America? Probably.

  75. Just amazes me that these sick demented people are trying to impeach Trump, accuse him of collusion proven no collusion, obstruction, no obstruction yet these disgusting people are actually doing all the things they have falsely accused Trump of and more. They have turned their back on Americans to support illegals for votes. What it cost us to support these people all of our American citizens who are homeless and hungry could be taken care of. You are traitors to the American people and every dam one of you needs to be voted OUT

  76. “Chuck has a really short memory or he is just that stupid.”

    No, Tom, he’s just hoping that you, and a number of other Americans, are!

  77. I’m sure that when ‘Lil Sucky Chumer’ looks in the mirror each day he thinks he’s actually looking into the toilet. Both views are the same.

  78. what a worthless pos , once again using the kids at the border to try and blame trump for the mess , when it’s their own fault for not coming up with a plan and a law to fix it , fake news made a booboo this morning and it disapeared fast , someone ask what are you going to do with all these kids ,poof and it was gone, i hate to tell them more funding ain’t going to fix the problem , it will just make it worse, seeing how the cartels are running the border i think democrats are being funded by the cartels ,i would tell congress it’s borders patrol job to catch them not take care of them , now get children services down their and start taking care of these kids, or we will stick 10,000 in a building made for 100 and then yous can go down and bury the bodies

  79. Schmuck Schumer keeps getting re-elected because of New York City and surrounding districts so he can afford to be a loudmouth. Interesting that my spell check doesn’t recognoze “Schumer” but offers “Schemer.”

  80. That is 100% correct O BUTT HEAD used the military for almost 90 days which is the cut off or they had to declare war. Chuck has a really short memory or he is just that stupid.

  81. I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts in the Naval Amphibious Forces. I would do it again if I could. The Democrats are traitors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. The Dem Party keep whoring … that’s what they do everyday. They keep “cast[ing]pearls before swine”. Unwilling to respect the results of the election.

    Iran attacked the oil tankers and then the American drone. Trump acted. Schumer called it a political stunt?

    Obama administration courting Iran was not only stupid, but revealed Obama’s true intention to develop a new Middle East ally instead of sticking with Israel. Iranian parliament are still screaming “Death to America”. Obama didn’t care. He is a friggin traitor.

    Schumer was the one that pulled a real political stunt with that comment of his. Treason it is.

  83. Liberal commie trash here in America , it’s time we the people Kick your Asses , from here strait to Hell’s Kitchen and put a end to the stupid BS YOU IDOITS COME UP WITH , you liberals are biggest bunch of traitors the world has ever witnessed without a doubt !!!

  84. He warned Trump about pissing off the intelligence agencies and wants to piss off the military? He could be gotten and he’d never know he had been.

  85. Theae people are CRAZY the dems need to be cleaned out and AMERICANS put into office. They show over and over that they are not worried about AMERICANS they are only wanting power. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE OR THEY WILL KILL OUR COUNTRY. They don’t seem to understand that people out there want to kill AMERICANS and we can’t just open borders to anyone.

  86. Obama committed treason and that is a fact. He is Muslim and sided with Islam over our Constitution. FACT. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. FACT. That is TREASON!!!! YOU support Obama and it is YOU who needs to face reality.

  87. This would not be the first time by far. Peanutman “held the line on inflation by not giving the complete government no pay raises. That was the first year. the second and third year, he “held the line” on just the MILITARY. We felt swell about that. When President Reagan swept in, day one or two, he gave the military a 6% pay raise, next year he gave us a 4.5% increase. Third year was a 3% pay raise. Yeah, I really do not like DemonRats.

  88. Why don’t you ignoramuses read what Article Three of the US Constitutions has to say about treason and get back to the real world.
    Apology accepted.

  89. It’s no surprise to anyone that has any sense that these libs don’t give a damn about American people all they care about is power & their bank account. I totally & completely dispise these SOB’s!

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