Chuck Schumer didn’t like what he saw when a poll of this U.S. Senate race was made public

Chuck Schumer is banking on a surge of Democrat enthusiasm to sweep him into power this November.

But one key swing state tells a different story.

And Schumer did not like what he saw when this poll was released.

Like most recent elections, the 2018 midterms and control of the United States Senate could come down to Florida.

Republican Governor Rick Scott is taking on Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson in of the year’s marquee races.

Nelson has survived the state’s rightward drift, the GOP has carried it in three of the last five Presidential elections and held the Governor’s mansion since 1998, as a fairly anonymous Democrat.

But his time could be up thanks to the deep pocketed Scott who has the ability to self-fund and spend virtually unlimited money on the race.

Scott’s improved standing is registering in the latest polls.

Mason-Dixon’s most recent survey found Scott with a three point lead – a four point shift in the Republican’s favor.

Breitbart reports:

“On Tuesday, Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategies released its latest survey on the upcoming U.S. Senate race between Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) and incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL).

According to the poll conducted July 24-25 of 625 registered Florida voters, Scott has 47-44 percent lead over Nelson, which is a shift from a poll conducted in February when Nelson was up 45-44 percent.

The Mason-Dixon poll is in line with many other recent polls that also show Scott with a slight edge over Nelson. According to the Real Clear Politics polling average of the race, Nelson is up 1.2 percent.”

But Scott cannot count on the state’s Republican lean for victory.

The Governor enraged conservatives by signing on to Obama-style gun control after the tragedy in Parkland.

If Scott wins, it will close off virtually every path to the Democrats winning back the Senate.

Do you believe Rick Scott will defeat Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


    • Yes I feel the blue wave has petered out and the Democrats are going to take a real beating in this election. And it’s all because of what was done to Kavanaugh. You reap what you sow.

    • I hope SCHEMER has enough Puff Kleenex! He has acted against the American people for years. Does just enough to stay in Congress. He does nothing for my state NY that he’s done nothing for. I live in Orleans Co. has the highest taxes in the country. It drove me out. We give millions of hand-outs to the illegals and they work on the farms. But it still is illegal.He needs to give up politics. He is only in it for what HELL-ARY is in it for, POWER and MONEY. He is a nasty man and lies just like all democrats.

  1. Chuck Schumer with his big shoes and empty suit. LOL! Rick Scott for US Senator. Yes! It’s time for that old carcass Bill Nelson (D) Florida Kleptocrat, to be buried with his ill-gotten gains from 30+ years of stealing from the American taxpayer.

  2. I certainly want Scott to win Chuckie has shown his true colors and they are not red white and blue. Chuckie is an after thought in a by gone day.

  3. DIANE, if you believe your posts, you are the ‘Air Head Of All Air Heads’ You undoubtably have a desire to live in a Third World Country. That’s where you would be if the Democrats gain control of America. Get you head out of your bung hole and vote Republican. TRUMP 2020, Senator Scott 2018!!

  4. Has anyone else noticed how those Liars are looking more and more like the Picture of Dorian Gray? I have a very Strong feeling that by the time the last gavel falls we will be the victors. But we will need ALL the Divine help available, and many prayers from the people.

  5. I Hope the republican wins and also all the other contests so Trump
    can get his agenda done. And the Senate confirms his nominee for the Supreme
    Court as well.

  6. We sure need to try hard to win Scott. Not trying to put the pressure on..oh ya I am.My daughter and son in law are in Fa they are voting for you so there ya go.Your a winner Ha Ha !!

    • Annette Moore, Girl, you are supposed to work for your candidate! Strongly urge people to vote for him. Help get him in there, I can assure you he will appreciate it and you.

  7. Gov Rick Scott needs to become unelectable as a Republican! Those who care about the 2nd Amendment need to vote Libertarian if he is the only choice Republicans are giving them! Nelson is a leftist from the leftist Dim-ocRATic Party but at least keeps his Party’s convictions! Nelson’s “U know what U got” is almost better than I’ll pretend to be a Republican, steal your guns & make U rot because I’m Rick Scott!

    • Yes, so do I. Scott will win and Schumers blue wave is turning into a yellow trickle swirling down the toilet bowl. lolololo. You know why Schumer? Because libtards are a bunch of morons who have no leader, no platform, no direction and you have idiotic ideas about what should happen to this country, such as, no border wall, illegal immigrants pouring over the border, abolishing ICE, sanctuary cities, etc. You people are just plain stupid. Thats why I always say; the synonym for democrats is collective stupid. And I mean STUPID. Those of you democrats who are having second thoughts about following STUPID should check out #walkaway. Go to youtube and watch some videos of those who have walked away and why they walked away. Maybe you will join them. 200,000 strong and growing.

  8. Chucky Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Crooked Hillary Clinton and all of these deep State Treasonous Anti-America scumbags will get what is coming to them very soon. I have the inside scoop.

  9. Rick Scott will do more for Florida and for the country in his first term than Senator Nelson has done in his entire tenure.

    • I live and vote in Alabama. However, I see a large number or political TV ads from the nearby Florida panhandle. If negative ads get results, Nelson will likely lose in November. However, I do not agree with this writer that Nelson is the pivot of which party is a majority in the senate. There are many vulnerable Democrats, like Macaskill and others in states which Trump carried in 2016. I would not be surprised to see a GOP controlled senate of 55-45. Considering RINOs this is still not a sure thing on many confirmation issues. Maybe there will be enough total senators, regardless of party, to return us to a balanced court system, including Supreme Court. IMO, Sen Shumner has little control over his own party, at this time. Their big talk about being a “stump” in the road for Supreme Court nominees is looking more like just “splinters” of a fractured party. Likely, the Trump-Pense administration will appoint a toatal of 4 or more Justices for a more constitutional court. Things will change. We may not see Roe vs Wade go away. But, it will cease to kill as many, at tax payer expense. Also, many of the current politically correct “Make believe rights” will vanish.

  10. The survival of this country is at stake in the mid term and 2020 elections. It is paramount that the Republican party retain control of our Federal Government.

    • Bruce – Because they’ve done such a bang up job since they ARE in control of both houses and the White House? Give me a break. What have they done for you…..far as I can see, they’ve passed a huge tax cut to help the corporations and the 1%. They haven’t done sh*t as far as infrastructure or health care goes. What’s it feel like to be brain washed by Faux AlmostNews and Breitbart? What does it feel like to live in an alternate universe? Please don’t bother to share your thoughts to my questions……they won’t really be your thoughts……just what you’ve been told. SMH!

        • Steveur, That is paid troll named Diane, flying through all these conservative websites making trouble and making decent people angry so they will reply. Then Diane laughs because it is making lots of $ at our expense.

          • M, I see the he/she antics allover the board…she is a laugh and deserves the party she helps, pull it down. It does give us more votes, with her written ignorance. Thanks for the advice. Trump 2020 !

      • Diane, you are the one who is BRAINWASHED TO ETERNITY by all the crying babies FAKERS in media: what do you mean what Repubs did? Yes, they passed the biggest tax cut that put additional money in most HARD WORKING AMERICANS. With all your complaint about infrastructure – CALL YOUR DEMBOCRAT REPRESENTATIVE and ask them why instead of working, they are PROTESTING AND STOPPING EVERY BILL? In regard to FOX, maybe it’s a good idea for you to watch it once in a while – they are the MOST POPULAR NETWORK, #! BY RATINGS, WHILE YOUR LYING CNN IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHART. How does it feel to be so clueless?

      • I is obvious that objectiveness is not part of your vocabulary. Have you just googled what Trump as accomplished in his 1 1/2 year in office. He didn’t send guns to the Mexican cartel, He didn’t give 14 billion to Iran, He didn’t allow NK to get nukes, He didn’t watch on CCTV while our soldiers were being slaughtered with his Secretary of State, He didn’t all that person to sell 20% of our uranium to fill the coffers of her husbands fund. He boosted the economy like it hasn’t been in 60+ years. No wonder you don’t want anyone to respond. You’d rather have your head in the sand and Bill’s dick in your ass and you’re another happy democrat woman. SMH even harder. Stupid people make stupid children. Hate to see their ability to reason.

      • There you go again Diane. Again, I ask for facts. Saying you hate Trump and his supporters isn’t enough. Sticks and stones.

        • There is no “Diane”. You’re responding to a troll. Don’t reply to any of those comments but ignore them and eventually they will go away.

      • MAYBE you need to get your head out of the sand and see what’s happening in the USA! So far, he’s done a LOT for a LOT of people. Maybe you need a good economics class, to see HOW you get things done in a gov. where you have a majority, but can still be blocked by the opposition. Obama had both houses at one point and did NOTHING-especially for his “own people”? Why they #’s are changing among the black population-they ARE seeing what he is doing for them!!!

      • Diane, please tell me about all those shovel ready jobs that Obama created , tell me about all the raises you got under Obama, tell me about all the good things chuck has done for N.Y. oh, by the way.. Obama was going to rebuild the infrastructure. what happened?

  11. I live and vote in FL. Nelson never got nor will he ever get my vote. His only convictions are whatever the national Democrats tell him they are.

  12. A savior arose by the Almighty to save USA from the evil forces of the left, liberals and DemoncRats. Let us not lose the opportunity. Vote Republicans in 2018.

    • I thoroughly agree with Sam’s statement. The future of our country depends greatly on conservatives winning this election.

      • I would like to Schumer cry and Pelosi stuttered come mid term election. America and Americans are in danger if they the power back. They should kick them out of office. They will be always, always nasty.

    • Sam – Oh brother! Don’t even want to begin on how absurd your post is, so I will let it go as just another ignorant brainwashed cult member who got help logging in to a right wing website.

      • Yeah, Diane all noise and no substance – typical democrat. You do realize you never address and issue or give a reasoned response as to what you perceive as the iniquities and inaccurate information. Maybe you don’t have enough words in your vocabulary to comfortably express you feelings. I’m sorry if you ride one of the short busses, I don’t mean to make fun of you. Just trying to find out what asylum you are accessing from.

        • Your words are so true Benjamin E Anderson. However, you will get nothing from Diane the commie Dem lib paid troll It has made $ off your reply and will be own it’s way to the next person who will reply to the propaganda all paid trolls regurgitate and make more $. Diane disgusting paid troll without an original thought or word to call it’s own. Pathetic and we should ignore her even if she was not being paid.

        • Don’t reply to the fake Diane. Compose your own comments or reply to others to get your point across. There is no “Diane”. Do not put more money in the trolls pocket.

  13. Go Scott. I am sure he will win and the President will win. We Christians will NOT stand for any more of the bull shit that the Democrats are spreading along with the fake news jerks. Let’s make it a Republican land slide. Praise GOD now and for ever.

  14. All the politicians we have now are trash. President Trump is wading through this mess by himself. He is the first president to attempt to actually fix Washington. He’s going to need help eventually,

    The progressive/liberal/Democrats will be making a big push soon. They need to get as many “new citizens” into this country as they can to vote in place of the American citizens that are waking up and leaving the left.

    I believe we will all be required to help push back.

    • Pardon me for my direct opinion Glen but while I am a Republican and God fearing gun owner, and have no problem critiquing actions and words of foolish democrats, I feel equally strongly about people of my party making rash and uncaring statements. Your opening sentence started out with, “Death to”, and went on to name the democratic party. I was instantly reminded of the rants heard from muslims mainly in Iran screaming Death to America. Clearly democrats are doing everything they can do demonize republicans and God fearing moral Americans, but outrageous kneejerk reactions get us nowhere. I would agree with language that pointed out the idiocy of the democrats and their party but instead of calling for death to them or their party I would encourage the democrats to demand that their leaders stop the hate and vile evil remarks such as we have been hearing from Schumer and Waters for far too long. Clearly they need to change their attitude and grow up, but sounding like an enraged Iranian makes us almost as bad as them.

      • We need to eliminate party politics in America due to their divisive nature. We need to elect people with integrity and not lying pandering politicians that have the most money.

        • Trapperwv1 – You should have started with 45. The most lying, incompetent corrupt politician to ever be elected who spews nothing but hate.

          • Diane, if you pay any attention to the fake news, just look into their eyes and you will see the built up hate, anger, jealousy , mean, bitter, ugliness that spews from the left. They and their fanny patting demo politicians are the real source of what you describe.

          • just look at that Minka lady that hooks up with marshmallow mouth Joe on the morning program. I will never tune in and watch those horrible people, but I have seen a few clips. Her eyes and her face is so incredibly full of hatred and anger I have to wonder if she even hates herself. There is no way she can sleep at night, that’s for sure.

      • Well written and thought out article and correct, however we have been turning the other cheek for too many years and the responses you write about are the result and they also are the result of the God given election of this great President.

      • Jhn, I choose to believe that Glenn was thinking along the lines of eliminating the Democrat Party, since they have chosen the path of their Ku Klux Klan predecessors. Schumer wears a suit now and not the robes worn by the past demcrats. I have no trouble with your well written reply, but the left is deserving of causing nothing but dissent with this duly elected President and i for one, will not defend the Liftist Excrement.

      • And to further piggy-back on JHN’s comments. We cannot become them (the hateful hypocritical democrats). We were the soldiers who came into cities and liberated them, they go into the cities an raze them. We are the ones that believe that all peoples inspite of the shortcomings or handicaps or color or whatever, who are willing to try and do the job, we welcome with open arms. We are the ones that treat others as we would want to be treated. We are the ones that reach down and help someone up rather than walk around or over them. We are people of conscience rather than indiscriminate sexual activies, because we can kill the consequences of our actions We are the ones that if you break the law you pay back to the community what you’ve taken away. We are the ones that are able to sustain ourselves and give an assist to those going through tough times. We need to act like that all the time, not just when it’s convenient for us.

    • Glenn kulich I agree with jhn’s comment and would add our party absolutely should not incite violence. You know as I know that the altleft or leftwingers should not either as they would have let’s say, a very bad day. It makes us sound like the commie Dem libs to be inciting violence and making threats. We should be vigilant and prepared. So carry on with letting our voice be heard but, be sure what we say is true, correct, and we can be proud of it. God bless all true American patriots. EVERYONE VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER AND FOREVER. VOTE OUT DEM LIBS, MAGA!

    • Our Constitution prevents America from being ruled by a king. We just need to be searching for the next Republican who can provide great leadership for our citizens. In fact we are sorely lacking in great leadership at all levels, local, state, and particularly the Senate and House. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE Republican always!

  15. YES! Rick Scott will win in Fl. He will win and he will be able to continue to help President Trump and all of the other Republicans to continue with getting President Trump’s agenda pushed through and get it fulfilled.

    President Trump needs all new Representatives in office to help with his agenda.

    • Yes Barbara Cook is so correct. Despite all the money, all the fake news, and all the hate being thrown out against the President and good Republicans that support him, they, being the lefties, are losing. Stay strong and definitely vote, just like we did in 2016.

    • How is it that pe grossie and de schumered are worth multi millions? And on a salary that does not pay out millions. Those two are so corrupt its totally disgusting.

  16. DEMS/RINOS are the degenerates……Their 3x a day cannabis shake has left them with dried up remains inside their heads…..just like Pislosi, Waters, Muler, Scummer…..etc……..

  17. Forget the whining about money. It’s the ‘Mothers Milk’ of politics. Always has been, always will be. Watch how former POTUS Barry cashes in. Remember that Nobel prize for nothing, other than ‘being Barry’? This former two-bit street hustler is now in the process of cashing in all the markers he accumulated. At least Rich Scott actually did something to acquire his wealth. Then there are those who inherit via a sperm shots like the Kennedy clan, or the Clinton’s, outright crooks. Pick your poison.

  18. Been for the last two election of Nelson to vote him out. He was poor when he first got into politics and now a very rich politician. Uneducated vote their party. Pay no attention what they say of do.
    Nelson told me by e-mail he will protect my gun rights. Then he sign a letter of consent to give our gun rights to the UN.

    • One thing about a Democrat, whatever he or she says, you can count on the opposite being done, when the chips are down. In short, they are not to be believed. Example,: for decades blacks were promised all sorts of things….What was delivered? N O T H I N G. And the promises go on, and on, and on. Here is a chance for the left to really HELP. But instead , HINDER,BLOCK, STOP, anything that will promote a better USA. Their A N T I American list and methods of hurting America are legion. Sen Nelson is a P R I M E example of what I am referring too.

  19. Oh too bad chuckie- your sins will find you out. O matter how much dirty $ you throw at the dem races, God is the only one in control & he doesn’t need $ to win all day long.
    Maybe you’re now paying a steep price for all the shady junk you have been attached to, you think? Remember your role when the feds torched the branch davidians, including innocent women &. Children? Your role was to spin the story to exhonorate the murdering feds. Chuckie, you’re up against the almighty God!

  20. Scott may have an enormous bankroll but he is a crook and right now very unpopular due to the water pollution problem. I don’t want to see Nelson in the senate seat but it may happen. I would love another candidate!

  21. i hope that scott wins the runoff.I am a native floridian and have followed nelson for years.he is for nelson and florida and thinks nothing about our nation and the american people.he so old that all he can keep track of is florida and he has not done a good job as senator for many vote goes to scott

  22. flat out Scott is a criminal, he ignored the will of 6.5 Million Florida voters and proved he is part of the swamp he will loose if money can buy his seat then we are lost

  23. You Democrats … you know you wouldn’t want the commies to take over your party. Don’t give them an inch of power. Dump them now!

    American citizens come first!

  24. Thank you. Apparently that sentiment is not shared though. Too many BRAINWASHED LIBERALS think that DEMOCOMMUNISTS should DOMINATE and take over this country. I guess they (liberals) think they need to BE controlled, and told what to do and how to think at all times. PITIFUL.

    • Useful idiots that can be lead around without question. These are the liberal communists. What we are witnessing is an attempted coup and communist takeover of America.

  25. in response to cliff, when thinking about my children and potential grandchildren i would never vote for any republican!!

    • Surely you must not care about your children or grandchildren. Otherwise you would be voting Republican. The perfect example is how the Democrats have Dumbed Down America with our school systems. From your statement, it appears that it also has affected you.

    • Wake up Michael. Your grandchildren deserve to live in freedom designated by the Constitution. Every day our freedom is reduced. My children, now in college, tell me of the biased professors that tell them how they HAVE to vote and who they HAVE to support. According to the these teachings, there is no free choice, and the pressure from other clueless students frightens them. These are my children, I have raised them to believe that in America they can choose freely because of our Republic. And now, they are being taught otherwise. Wake up Buddy!!!

    • michael if you REALLY CARE FOR YOUR FAMILY AND OFFSPRING you would NEVER vote DEMORAT . They are a party of hate and destruction. Have no plan for anything BUT hating President Trump. Now anyone with a brain in their head, and was not suffering from a mental disorder would see that and think it was wrong.

    • To michael,
      Then expect them to be INDOCTRINATED, easily controllable BRAINWASHED DRONES to be used by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS when they grow up. You are the DEFINITION of a BRAINWASHED MORON and do not care about your Country, children, or Grandchildren. (ONLY YOURSELF, just like ANY “LIBERAL COMMUNIST”)

    • Michael I hope you never have grand kids. You probably have kids. They will be snow flake pussies like you. They will probably be fags. No chance of grand kids.

      • Hey Dan Tyree, I wrote a comment that was not published here that was calm with no curse words, nothing vulgar, no nothing . What the? Any ideas why?

        • I don’t know M. I’ve sent some that could be read in Sunday school and they didn’t get posted. This is my 2nd try to get back to you.

          • Dan Tyree, You have seen my comments, not nearly as radical as many others. There may be a RR software gliche that hiccups sometime. But makes me wonder. Thanks for the info.

      • You are welcome M. Perhaps I should tone it down. My blood boils because of these lefty idiots. They have always been around, but have gotten worse with their fear and smear tactics. I do support their right to speak their minds. Wars were fought to protect these rights. But we must let them know we will not tolerate threats or violence. Notice I threaten no one in my posts. Words mean nothing. Let’s VOTE!!

        • Figured out why my comments were not showing up d tyree. I was starting off with your name and their program probably is written to kick out anything that might look like email message instead of comment. I tried three times already without success. If I see this, I know.

    • Michael – there is a world of opportunity out there – you should take advantage of your freedom to choose. Go find a better place. You have nothing to back up your hate filled retrorockets. I feel sorry for your children and grandchildren as you thru your obvious hate for a group of people for no reason at all. Back up why you just toss out your feelings but just like your leaders Chuckie and Nancy you’ve really drank their koolade – quit with the BS and make an attempt to explain exactly what your leaders have accomplished – go ahead – here let’s make it easy – just name one thing.

  26. Yes I think Republicans will dominate in Florida . Just look at the Democrats and who they have running the show. Anyone who would vote Democrat has got to be a fool .

  27. ANYONE that votes for ANY DEMOCOMMUNIST,is ANTI-AMERICA and has a distinct HATE for this country all we stand for, and believe in. VOTE CONSERVATIVE and continue to MAGA.(or suffer going back to the OBUNGHOLE YEARS). That will mean higher taxes, giving back your “crumbs” to the DEMOCOMMUNISTS, loss of your “bonuses” more regulations shoved down your throats, and government TYRANNY.
    If ANYTHING, Think about your children and Grandchildren before you VOTE for ANY “democrat”.

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