Chuck Schumer gave one speech that left Donald Trump at a loss for words

Chuck Schumer has led the Democrats’ obstruction of Donald Trump’s agenda.

This plan led Schumer to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

That’s what happened when Schumer stepped up and gave the one speech that left President Trump at a loss for words.

Democrats believe in man-made global warming with religious fervor.

During the Obama years, the left began to use the threat of so-called “climate change” as an excuse to sign international deals and install regulations designed to take over complete control of the American economy.

Donald Trump reversed this Soviet-style policy regime by withdrawing America from the Paris Global Warming Accords and rolling back Obama’s climate regulations.

That caused Chuck Schumer to blow his top.

Schumer marched down to the Senate floor and ranted and raved about how America’s enemies were now superior to the United States.

The Free Beacon reported Schumer yelling:

“They’re taking their lead from the president, a man who is so willfully ignorant and foolish that he thinks he’s clever by ridiculing the global scientific consensus on climate change whenever it snows. Well, the American people are not laughing. They weren’t laughing when a U.S. Senator brought a snowball to the floor of this chamber to mock climate science. They weren’t laughing when President Trump called climate change a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

The rest of the world isn’t laughing either, not when basically every country in the world, including Syria, North Korea, Iran are working together to reduce carbon emissions while the Trump administration has forced the United States to sit on the sidelines.”

No sane American would believe North Korea, Syria and Iran are economic engines of prosperity that America should model itself after.

But because they bought in to the Global Warming hoax, Democrats use them to attack the President of the United States.

Praising the enemy and attacking the President of the United States used to be a career-ending offense.

In today’s Democrat Party it is the ticket to a promotion.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Schumer is a scum bag POS
    Along with the terrorists in congress
    There are 80 to 127 sleeper cells in congress
    Right now maybe more climate change is a money
    Making just ask Obama and al gore remember that
    Scum bag
    Thank god for Donald J trump MR PRESIDENT

  2. Global warming is a fear factor instilled by the deep state (Soros, Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s,and more) to control the population as robots to do as they say.

  3. This coming from a man who wants to put an 80% tax on people.
    Hey all you young dems..this means if you make $10.00
    Would only receive $2.00. Climate change means that every
    Time the wind blows the climate changes..the weather is like
    Mercury. You can’t hold it’s different every second. And
    Remember…everything on the earth..comes from the earth.
    …except for meteors…

  4. Betty, quit killing the innocent.get off the drugs and booze. Maybe, you will get to where you can see what’s going on. Maybe clean your filthy mouth.

  5. I’ve been saying that for a long time now. I have never seen Americans sitting back on their haunches and wailing, “what can we do?”before. Usually they rise up and take care of business quickly. Dems are domestic terrorists and should be dealt with immediately right along with their pet illegals. All of them.

  6. You gotta meet this moron, Sckummer in person. He thinks he is the smartest person going. I have seen him close up at many parades, he acts as though the parade was for him. What a Putz! For those whom are not familiar with Putz. It is where the fruit of a male’s loins comes out of!

  7. Charles Schumer is a politician, not a scientist. What he knows about the scientific causes of “global warming” (known as climate change when it snows) would rattle in a thimble. The Paris Accords were being followed by no country but were being used to blame the US. (The US was not following them either.) Schumer is picking his facts to suit his narrative, telling a story that is a lie.

  8. I am truly convinced these leftist globalist never listen to themselves talk because if they did they would be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. The crap they try to convince people to believe is ridiculous and unbelievable. They try to make it sound convincing, so either they themselves believe it or they are very good propagandist. In either case they are despicable. That most defiantly includes you Chuck.

  9. Mickey you are correct. GOD has control and if he sees fit to set the earth on fire then so be it. But we must go back several millineum to understand that GOD never referred to the earth as being burned. It was called in the ancient language Monde whick translates to people.

  10. Smucky Chuckie said only one intelligent thing in his entire political career. “Israel does not want terrorists as neighbors.” Well….DUH!!!
    When he looks over the top of his glasses and down his nose at us when he speaks it just makes you really wish that his mother had punk slapped him just a few more times than she did.
    One idiot having that much power is just wrong.

  11. Dianne…thanks for shedding a bit of light for the blind. I hope more of those professionals that you work(ed) with will step forward and give their input. I have tried to follow both theories over the years, but this is not my field, so I don’t render any opinions. But I sure lean toward your side of the discussion after listening to innumerable presentations on this very interesting subject.

  12. It just snowed in Seattle like in the 1950’s I know I’m 70 and still stuck with idiotic politicians in WA. The Dems. are perpetrating a “Snow Job”!

  13. This is for you leftys….. We are pretty much doing what needs to be done here in America, our tax dollars are getting sent to Iran, Iraq, Morroco, and Afghanistan to pay for them to go green supposedly. Why are we paying for countries that hate us, you might ask? Because it’s not really going towards anything, it’s going into a bunch of glibalist pockets, and they are laughing all the way to the bank.Al Gore that started this scam lives in a very large mansion, that uses more electricity in one day that a normal house uses in 35 years, he Flys his private jet all over the world and spews jet fuel into the atmosphere, he has become one of the richest persons in America at the cost of the American people, and does not abide by what he preaches. Global warming is the biggest scam ever to hit earth!Now why would this money go into his pockets instead of going towards this global warming? And he’s not the only one becoming a billionaire off everyone’s money!

  14. Everything odumbo did as president should be null and void knowing he was not a qualified person for that position!

  15. Personally, I’m not too concerned about what these three countries are doing about Climate Change (IF it were a reality that people can affect in any way). I’m much more concerned about China and India’s 20% each increase in emissions compared with an overall decrease in the U.S. Experts have also said that if the U.S. totally ceased to exist today, the current increases throughout the world would exceed the loss of our output in 4 years. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that this is about economically crippling the U.S. IF this is a world-wide disaster in the making, then no country should get a free-pass.

  16. “Global warming, climate change, yakety yak with the dems. If all of these ‘climate change” people would take time to read the Word of God, it’s all in there! He held off rain; then he gave the people rain. He has “storehouses of snow”. He hurled lightning at the Egyptians before the Exodus! HE is in control!

  17. Tobydog1,

    the 2nd Admendment was established to keep this from ever happening & it directly states if any political parties commit treasonous acts toward the constitution or become corrupt. . .

     WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KEEP & A DUTY TO BARE & RAISE UP ARMS AGAINST THEM to Forcebly remove & if they refuse kill them to restore the laws of the land ! 

    This is the true purpose of the 2nd Admendment & was established  as a system of checks & balances to prevent this from ever happening  & to remind politicians what they have to fear if they turn corrupt thus keeping everyone honest!  

    But we have to do so undivided ! 

    This is why the DEMON CRATS don’t want the constitution taught in schools ! 

    Our Forefathers knew this day would Come! 

    I’m Ready for a civil war 

    R U ? 

    Hell I thought 1 would start when Obamination signed E.O.13603  that brought slavery back!

    Make your list check it twice & wait for martial law!

    Sincerely, Crypt Keeper

  18. Although there was the advance in technology and human knowledge, the universe is
    immense and the earth where we live is only a small part, the earth are depending
    on the universe such as the sun and other planets, thirty millions year ago, our
    earth was very hot and no human being can survive until the earth be came cooler
    and all living things begin. Universe can change our earth and human being can not change the universe including the earth.

  19. Schumer is better at eyeballing Pelosi’s boobs then he is at being a Patriotic American Politician! Both, he and Pelosi, have proven themselves to be traitors. They should be removed from office, by force if necessary! We, the American People, need to take back control of our (using the word, lightly) government. We can no longer afford complacency and dis-concern, we need to get involved and deal with the corruption and treason that’s ruining our country!

  20. Thank you for exposing this hoax. From what I understand the earth has a wobble in its rotation that causes a climate shift and is predictable.

  21. John Courthard the Russians took core samples of ice in Antarctica hundreds of feet underground and checked the air bubbles in them dated millions of years ago as that ice showed what the air was like back then and said just like what you said that warming comes and goes in cycles. That’s why the Russians don’t buy it that it’s manmade

  22. You must be talking about Paul Ryan previous speaker who sold out his party our POTUS and his soul just to be politically correct. What a loser.

  23. More like take him to the pound as a stray dog and if no one comes to save him (most likely) then put him to sleep. What a disappointment to have these corrupt individuals like Nancy, Chucky, Maxine, AOC, Clintons, Obamas, the DemoRats list goes on etc. in leadership roles in congress? Who in the hell voted for them anyway. Keep draining the swamp Mr. Trump and now it is time to start investigating them.

  24. I worked in Archaeology for 20 yrs, climate change is a natural thing you can see it in the sediment levels in our excavations. It has been going on for millions of years and it isn’t going to stop. There are many things that effect it not just man. About 34 million years ago Antarctica was tropical, then there was traumatic climate change that turned it into the ice box it is today. I don’t believe there were people here then.

  25. In the last election at Crooked Hillary election headquarters there was a man who was so confident that she had the election in her pocket,he brought in dozens of bottles of champagne to celebrate her victory. Crooked Hillary even had a speech written for that occasion. Remember the saying, “Don’t count all of your chickens before they hatch”. Poor sore loosers who are too stupid to accept Trumps victory and insisted that Hillary should be the winner.

  26. It astounds me that no one brings up the history of the last five Ice Ages over the past 400,000 years. Between each one the world has warmed up and right now 40,000 years after the last coldest period we are at one of the warmest periods (within a degree or so from the last such period 80,000 years ago). This has been going on for over 760,000 years, the time period scientists have been able to study the the effects on the earth of these periods of global warming and cooling. Even someone with a single digit IQ has to realize that humans haven’t been around that long. The current Ice Caps combined are also very close to what they were during the past warmest periods. Do some research on the Internet if you don’t believe this.

  27. When I here Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi talk like a couple of “retards”, I am so thankful that Donald J. Trump is our President. If “crooked” Hillary was President with Chuck and Nancy in charge of Congress, this Country would be Bankrupt and going down the “River of no Return” because we would be “overrun” by Illegal Aliens and Muslim Refugees/Terrorists, and the “Three Stooges” would be “giving away the farm” to every “bleeding heart cause” that came along … like “climate change” and “renewable energy”.

  28. Global warming is a demoncrat instilled hoax. The Earth takes care of herself. The Universe has been around quite a long time and will always be here.

  29. The ices caps are just going back to where they were before the last ice age…PERIOD
    You’re not going to stop it….PERIOD
    So don’t buy into it
    It’s all BullSh_t….PERIOD

  30. BETTY, it is you again stating your HATE for our President Donald Trump.
    Can’t you ever think anything positive about a person? It is a sickness.

  31. RANDALL CLARK. YOU SURE GOT THAT ONE STRAIGHT….They are totally mindless and EVIL to say the least. I just want to know what they both accomplish except collecting their paycheck?

  32. Karen, my husband always talks about her mouth moving and always says “WHY DOESN’T SHE GET HER DAMN TEETH FIXED”. Like a cow chewing crud.

  33. Pamela, it seems Betty continues to bring on the hate, anger, and bitter feelings again and again. I have mentioned to her previously that her hate and anger is only hurting her and apparently continues on.

  34. We the People. I totally agree with your response. It is absolutely craziness the harassment that President Trump and his family has had to go through from DAY 1 to present. This is all due because DEPLORABLE Hilldabeast lost the election. I still don’t understand the legality of sealing Obama’s records from the public. They definitely knew he was not an American citizen and DID NOT qualify to be a legitimate elected POTUS.

  35. Consensus declares that all scientists believe something, schumdoom states something that is not fact. Of course that is the way they work this propaganda, say something long enough and the ignorant will eventually believe it as fact. Not so for discerning individuals, he can’t fool us, Al Gore tried that and all he got was the weak minded rewarded him with millions. Schumie wants the same thing to happen to him. I don’t believe he will succeed in that endeavor.

  36. God Bless Trump, press did not make him so they can not break him. GOP are a bunch of cowards and turn on themselves. The Dem. are what Stalin called useful idiots. Hate both parties they are one of the same. I belong to the Tea Party which makes me a racist and bigot. The communist with a capital C will kill millions and millions of them because they the Dems. and GOP turn their backs on America they will turn on them and what a great glorious day that will be! lmao

  37. Betty, you are really filled with such HATE for the POTUS that it has become a sickness. I think that if you continue, you need to seek psychiatric help as suggested by others. Have you ever thought for one minute that if you had the responsibilities of running this country as POTUS, what you would manage to accomplish for the American people that would put a smile on their faces daily? Donald Trump has done a fantastic job whether you like him or not. Get a GD grip on your life. He was our duly elected POTUS and he has done a fantastic job like no other has done in the past. I would like to see you go thru the hurdles this man has to go through on a daily basis. You just sit @ home and dwell on your HATE. You are definitely a SICK person. There is more to life than dwelling on Hilldabeast’s loss in the election. I am sure she could care less about you or your problems.


  39. Thank you for contributing to Trumps 2016 reelection. Your continuous bashing of Trump turns people off and gets you the opposite of what you seek and draws more people into the Trump camp. Keep up the good work

  40. I remember when al gore said the world was going to end in so many years the years have past and the world is still here. Al gore lives in a house that uses the most energy in the United States fact check. Who is he to say this. Now Schuyis saying this, are Ed to believe Iran Syria and North Korea. Nass says we are fine. I believe in true scientists.

  41. There is no doubt the climate changes, it does from season to season, so of course there is climate change, the question is what is affecting the climate and can we affect it one way or the other? No scientist can prove this because the magnitude of the calculations relies on models, now are these models accurate? Doubtful. That is what Chuck and the scientific community have to prove, that they have enough accurate data to model the climate of the world, for more than about 100 years, they do not, the rest is just an educated guess, at best, and most likely they are wrong and asking people to give up the advances of the past 100 years to make things right? I would rather go down with the ship that turn back the clock of technology and medical advances and modern devices that make life what it is today. And BTW, the so called consensus of the scientists is completely idealistic, if they are all agreeing, then they are not doing their job. Less than 100 hundred years ago the great debate on physics left Einstein and Plank debating the basis of physics, quantum mechanics – a statistical analysis, was agreed on. In 1936, Kurt Godel proved that mathematics is plagued by undecidable propositions, mathematics is the language of science, so the whole shopping cart of science can and should be questioned. If scientists had an accurate model for climate, then why can’t we get accurate and reliable weather forecasts? I can’t imagine how these lunatics would have reacted to the 10 years of drought back in the dust bowl days.

  42. Ah yes, you again Betty. You really should seek psychiatric help for your severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The hate that you are spewing is getting tiresome, as it’s always the same hateful lies, different day. Seek help, Betty!!!

  43. I agree and they know he is not a politician the judge and Pelosi and all the others need to be drained of the swamp. This is crazy I have never seen such a president being harassed and a witch hunt wasting tax payers money. They sealed Obama’s records. We need the wall it’s not their families being brutally murdered.. idiots …. our president needs some help from we the people that’s for sure..

  44. the global scientific consensus that is typical groupthink and mob no question mentality that has an idea then makes the data match the idea and removing hiding covering up the data that fly’s in the face of their agenda or goal in other words they will make up data to match the goal of the idea called global warming and then in east Anglia create from whole cloth the hockey graph that showed what they wanted but not what was the truth. junk science when they got asked to produce the data show other real scientists could verify that it was true well the data got lost or it got wiped to hide the false result.

  45. Pelosi and Schumer need to be run out of this country and forced to live in Puerto Rico and then they may find out how good the USA was to live in let those 2 idiots straighten out that screwed up country and see how far they get they will hang those 2 stupid idiots after 1 day in that country

  46. Global warming may be true, but scientists say in 70 years, temperature will go up 5 degrees. Five degrees is not a death sentence.
    Nothing we do can prevent this if we are only a very small entity fighting this.
    However, If we prohibit fossil fuel and natural gas use, we prohibit flying and all of our armed forces from using any and all methods of fighting foreign enemies attacking us. We wont have missiles, warships, warplanes, troop carriers and so many more defense mechanisms.
    Do these people fighting global warming know that all plastic of any kind will not be produced because they are produced from crude oil and natural gas?

  47. And just why should we put any trust at all in what Schumer says, when he flip-flops at every chance he gets to speak about something. Talk about being ignorant!! He is proving to be just that as he first sees the wall (when the Dems had the White House) as important to fending off the illegals. Now, because Trump is the President, disagrees and sides with the brainless Dems. They care more for other nations than they do for us. Oh, Chuck should also go take a Science lesson. There is NO controlling the sun. The rays of the sun fluctuate constantly…and after some time, we will feel the effects here on earth. It is a fact….nothing to do with the atmosphere here. If it melts the caps, nothing will stop it. Nothing!!

  48. by train to INdia and China for Commie girl works for me. Would have to be underwater and remote controlled, for sure.

  49. Climate change, you do know that the sun is getting closer to the Earth, makes it warmer!! Oh, but the sun will soon burn out!! Then what you gonna do??

  50. I am so tired of your continuous questions of Donald Trump’s acceptability as a president of the United States. He IS the president!! Why do you deliver a constant barrage of what about this or that? Let it go people.

  51. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are so full of crap and they are trying to ruin the USA. Fake smiles and low voice tone during speeches and tears don’t help Americans. Actions like protecting the border with WALLS is what we need.

  52. I agree with our President, wanting to stop illegals from invading us, trying to prevent muslims into our govt, voted by the demwits, wants to stop the baby killing that dems want, i hope and really believe that Trump will win again in 2020, so I say build the wall and Go Trump 2020.

  53. And CHUCKIEPOO Schumer is an unhitched,mindless, delusional SLIMEBALL, that has absolutely no idea what he is trying to do, to america!! Quit claiming you know the pulse of the people, because along with you, pelousy, and all the other demonrats, you have no idea what WE are thinking!!! YOU GUYS ARE EVIL AND DITZY!!

  54. Chuck the schmuck…like a snowball rolling down the hill headed for hell!!!! BAHAHA!!!! What a idiot!!!

  55. I keep telling you people, palosiloser an scummerbag are now known as the Liberty Bell Twins, they are both cracked, muslim lovers,illegal lovers, and baby killers lovers, both should be impeached, that would save the tax payers millions.

  56. How can anyone take any “Green Deal” seriously unless and
    until AOC gets signatures from India and China ,
    two of the wirld’s biggest polluters?
    She needs to schedule a trip to Nee Delhi for
    starters. Then a stop in Shanghai.
    She may then bring signatures from these country’s
    leaders back to Washington. Only then will American’s
    resolve have any impact on the world at all.

  57. I don’t know why anybody makes a comment on your section. I’ve voiced my sincere opinion over and over, no swearing, no vile language just plain ole telling it like it is about how biased and over the top Pelosi and Schumer are and apparently you have only your paid staff writing what you approve that ever gets printed.

  58. Schumer, if you had half a brain you would be dangerous. You have been showing your true colors lately and will never compete with our President Trump as he is light years ahead of how you think and react. You sound like an uneducated dimwit in gov’t, someone we have no need to have “leading” the people, especially Dems as they are sheep and are only doing what you and Pelosi tell them to do. Stop threatening them and let them think for themselves…Let us find out if they are all as stupid as you, Pelosi, and AOC.

  59. All scientists are not on the side of truth. A l lot of their numbers are false and colleges are using them to keep getting grants from the government. There is no man made global warming. Killing cows and making vegans out of everyone on earth will not change the climate.Every thing that eats farts. So what is the point????

  60. The only truth about the hypothesis (not even a theory) regarding man-made climate change is that it has NEVER been about saving the planet; it’s really “all about the Benjamins,” and how they would be redistributed.

  61. Sen. Schumer says(I have his letter) I believe in the second amendment but WITH RESTRICTIONS. Funny the second amendment DOESN’T SAY THAT.


  63. Democrats to sell out America? That’s definitely true. Don’t forget our 2nd Amendment. Our freedom of speech to express our conservative views in liberal universities, social media, internet search engines, etc.

    Screw the United Nations.

    MAGA as well as other countries stress their national sovereignty, too!

  64. Full HEARTEDLY Agree with YOU, Randy Smithr! “Seek first, understadning!” St.Paul.
    God bless America!
    God bless OResdisent TrumP!!

    God bless YOU!

  65. “They’re taking their lead from the president, a man who is so willfully ignorant and foolish that he thinks he’s clever by ridiculing the global scientific consensus on climate change whenever it snows.”

    Science does not work by consensus. Let Schumer present the “scientific” evidence that supports the man made global warming theory, and the evidence that FALSIFIES it, and let the People decide if the theory is valid, or falsified, the way the scientific method is supposed to work.


  67. Schumer shows his idiocy with his rant about Pres.Trump. It’s good to have a man in office that doesn’t go along with every phony claim that the Communists make. They still haven’t caught on that the business of the climate belongs to God,He takes care of all of that. The Communists just want to take down this country by having our people give away our money to foreigners,it will then end up in the pockets of the politicians. None of the scare about our climate is based on truth but it’s all lies.

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