Chuck Schumer gave Republicans the worst advice ever

Democrats know they are powerless to stop whoever Donald Trump nominates to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy from being confirmed to the nation’s highest court.

So they are in full desperation mode.

And Chuck Schumer made Republicans gag when he offered Trump this horrible advice.

Schumer – who is under intense pressure from the left to use every tool at his disposal to obstruct Trump’s pick – tried to troll Republicans by offering the President advice on who he should select as his Supreme Court nominee.

The Democrat Minority Leader claimed Trump should select Merrick Garland – Barack Obama’s selection to replace Justice Scalia who was blocked by the Biden rule – to fill Kennedy’s seat.

The Washington Post reports:

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) privately urged President Trump in a phone call earlier this week to nominate federal Judge Merrick B. Garland, then President Barack Obama’s third nominee to the Supreme Court who was summarily shunned by Senate Republicans in 2016, to replace retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy.

Trump had called Schumer on Tuesday afternoon for a Supreme Court-centered conversation that lasted less than five minutes, according to a person familiar with the call. Schumer, the person said, pressed the president to name Garland to succeed Kennedy, arguing doing so would help unite the country.

Schumer doesn’t care about the country.

His only motivation for suggesting Garland is that Garland would provide the decisive fifth vote to push all hotly contested Supreme Court cases in the left’s direction.

The call lasted less than five minutes because President Trump probably laughed Schumer off the phone.

President Trump is scheduled to make his announcement on Monday and it will be one the 25 conservative jurists he released in a list last November.

Who do you think President Trump should nominate?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. A note to anyone in the democratic party,
    I used to be proud to identify as a democrat. I supported J.F. Kennedy & I attended the first march on Washington in the 1970’s. The positions your leaders like C. Schumer and the speaker of the house hold do not represent what I believed the party stood for. Therefore, I can no longer support you.


  2. schumer your nothing more than shit on americas feet, let me know if they take up a collection to hire a hit man to get rid of you for good.

  3. POTUS was so ‘respectful’ to Schumer,
    less than 5 min !!! heh__ i can hear it =
    “Good morning, chuck Who ??? – 0h. Rite.
    Garland??? No, no flowers today, thnx
    Have a nice day, good bye.” Looks at Kelly,
    WTF ___

  4. Mrs Barrett is a Roman Catholic with 7 children who has been successful at everything she has tried. DemocRATS are going to vote against her no matter what her qualifications. They are anti American and antichristian. These are godless creatures who have no moral compass at all. There are three liberal Senators who are supposed to be Republicans. If they vote against a Catholic because she is Catholic, they will lose the Catholic vote just like the Democrats. Trump should let them know that he will go to their states and work to get them off the ticket in primaries. If McCain dies he will be replaced by a Republican Governor at least temporarily.

  5. Prominent Republicans spoke favorably of Merrick Garland, a moderate. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said, “Obama could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man.” Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said, “I have nothing against the nominee. Mr. Garland seems to be well qualified and would probably make a good judge.” Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) similarly said, “I would feel comfortable supporting him.” And recently, Rep. David Jolly (R-Florida) said in 2016 that Republicans should act on President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee this year. “I do think he should have a hearing and I would like to see a vote,” Jolly said. The Florida lawmaker also said if he were in the Senate now, he would meet with Obama’s pick, Merrick Garland. “Of course,” he said.

    Jolly didn’t say he’d vote for Garland. He said he’d vote against him, and cited concerns with his judicial record on the Second Amendment and labor unions. Nonetheless, he said the Senate’s job is to give nominees hearings and votes, and they should be doing it with Garland’s nomination. “That’s actually the proper exercise of the Senate’s Article I authority,” he said.

    It might not sound like a bold statement, but Jolly’s comments came as several GOP senators were refusing to even sit down with Obama’s nominee. That’s because Republican leaders including Mitch McConnell decided on a strategy of denying Garland any attention and punting the Supreme Court nomination until 2017, when Obama would be gone. Their hope was that a Republican would be in the White House by then and would pick a nominee more to their liking.

    It’s hypocritical of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans not wanting to wait until after the 2018 election to vote on Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. If pro-lifers really want to end abortion, it’s going to have to be bipartisan. They’re going to have to reach across the aisle and convince Democrats, feminists, liberals, etc. on secular grounds to see the killing of the unborn on par with domestic violence, hate crimes against LGBTs, and on secular grounds distinguish abortion from contraception and arguably victimless crimes like marijuana, and make the case to the American people that it’s possible to protect prenatal life without violating a new mother’s privacy and civil liberties. It’s the Republicans playing partisan games, not the Democrats!

      • Any thing Obumer and the democraps wanted would have been a bad move for this country no matter what some republicans thought. Untill we have a new wave of America first republicans in office will I fell comfortable with any support statements for any thing that the democraps propose.

      • i saw this S Cal persons web. No Thanks.
        quasi clever ‘infiltration’. 0n & 0n & on.
        Should help the ppl in India.

          • pps. Vasu – HELP YOUR Heritage in India! Please.
            ‘WE’ the USA Patriot PPL in USA Sovereign Nation,
            really Do NOT ‘Need’ U. Thnx anyway.

    • Worked Like a charm. We were trying to save the 2nd admendment from falling victim to a commie judge. Garland had a bad record on gun rights, an issue dear to my heart. Much more than the right to murder babies , which seems to be the only thing G-d d–n democrats give a shit about.

    • Big difference this not a presidential election year , grow up and realize anyone who Obama would appoint would be so far left that he would be just like Obama . Anti- constitution and anti- American!

  6. I find it hard to believe that the Dems can’t find a better leader than Schumer. There must be a leader in their party that will do something besides resist and obstruct.


  8. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  9. Schumer is a boot-licker and shoe-shiner of Obama. Now he wants Trump to join him? What outrageous chutzpah! What a slimy snake Schumer has proven himself to be! But the worst name that can be given him is: Traitor to the USA. His is a name that will go down in infamy


  11. I like Trey Gowdy for SCOTUS. He doesn’t always agree with Trump but he is honest and has less bias than most. I would not say he has no bias but it doesn’t seem to interfere in his decisions.

    • Agreed, she would be excellent. But she is also 67 yrs old. We need someone younger and with about the same experience.
      That is my ONLY objection! In fact, she was the 1st one both my husband and I thought of.
      The 2nd or 3rd was Trey Gowdy, and then looked up the actual list the President is picking from.
      We need to pray for the right decision! It will come! ????

  12. Regardless of President Trumps choice I’m sure he has thought it over very carefully and it will be a good choice.

  13. People need to admit that the DNC is toxic for America, abolish the DNC! President Trump you should call in the military, declare marshal-law, round up every politician with a (D) by their name, throw them in Gitmo, kill all the protesters, then stay in power as long as you do as the will of the people direct you! No more abortion, no more welfare, no more food stamps, no political correctness, no more NAACP, No more ACLU, a gun in every household, kick out non-believers, beg God to forgive us, and never again tolerate (Akins Sin) in America!

    • You would do well to read The new book Mark Taylor has just co-authored with Mary Colbert. It will bring you peace.
      God is tired of all the obstructionists and liars.
      God has given America another chance.
      The book is called The Trump Prophecies. Amazon has it.
      It brings light to a lot of things!
      Talks about the church, how of the 5 remaining presidents, 2 will be taken, and 3 will be shaken. Great book! Highly recommend it!

  14. Senator Schumer, Sir you really are a piece of shiz. Go back into your hole with the rest of your clan. Please take that other piece, DeBlazio, with you.

  15. How long are we going to continue to suffer the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum?
    They have been a thorn in the side of America for 60 years, we all know what the answer is to dealing with these ersatz life forms, why are we waiting ?

  16. Nothing… Not a thing, will decrease the Democrat attacks on Republicans and conservatives. The Democrat leadership has obviously decided that public outrage is the way to get their voters to the polls. So, assisted by a compliant liberal press, Democrats are generating as much public outrage as possible using real or false issues indiscriminately. There will be more events like the Hodgkinson shooting, and Democrats incite this to raise the profile of the outrage. This is the outcome of the 60s radicals burrowing into academia.

    • Potus should nominate the very best person for the job PERIOD! That name won’t and shouldn’t come from the left, they lost the election in case they have forgotten. Trump gets to make the choice.

  17. Schumer should retire without pay…or Maybe he should put Maxine in for Supreme Court Judge…wouldn’t that be cute!

  18. Don’t agree with Schumer on any issue. His suggestions and /or ideas are straight out of the trash can (another name for the Democratic Party).

  19. When are the liberal Democrat Communist going to learn, what is good for the people and the country. They are to involved with creating chaos then repairing the damage, they have done to this country. I would hate to see the Supreme Court be any more liberal than it is today, even less liberal would be better.

    • Get your head out of your ass, Eugene! A liberal Democrat Communist? Hahahahaha. Now that’s funny since Trump can’t enough of Putin and Russia! The only one who is making America WORSE is Trump and his inept Administration!


      • D.spoken like a true demorat liberal corksucker!!! Wakeup logic is passing you and others of your mindset by!!!

    • I love it Eugene, you are spot on, Don’t EXPECT LIBERALS to like what you have to say. I love it. KEEP TRUMPING. The Liberals will be killing each other at the MIDTERM, they are slowly but surly digging their gave deeper everyday . KEEP TRUMPING !!

      • You are absolutely right on, Hilda! I have been racking my poor old brain, trying to come up with ideas 5o shut the old mouthed Liberal up and you came right out with it! Thank you! Cannot wait to see the results!

  20. Schumer how about this offer, lets get rid of the two Obama appointees to the Supreme court for one Merrick Garland. Don’t remember Republicans “Borking” those two ladies although they are more liberal than Pocahontas.

  21. The a be solutely SICK crust of Schumer to even suggest we should accept Gatland as a “gesture of compromise” is beyond disgusting! Americans REJECTED yet another leftist lackey for SCOTUS under O; how much more will we do so now? As for “cpromise”, NO WAY! Reagan “compromised” on the illegals for a wall:. WHERE’S that wall??? It was promised over 30 yes ago! Compromise with the Left falls under “NEVER AGAIN”! They don’t keep their side of any compromise! No Garland, no DACAs, no amnesty! Build the wall, stop Cain migration and illegal “birthright citizensip” to kids of illegal moms, meritorious immigration, no more visa lotteries or HB visas that let businesses fire Americans and hire foreigners! America for AMERICANS, not foreign invaders’!

  22. A comparison of this administrations accomplishments need to be made to the same statistics of the disasterous Obama Democrat administratin. Present it repeatedly so it can’t be drowned in liberal lies

  23. The Democraps are so afraid of the Constitution that it is actually, but I guess since Bary once said the great impediment to what he wanted to was the U.S. Constitution it makes sense. If you wonder what the Democrapic theory on the law is checked out “Legal Positivism” and a legal mind name Ronald Dworkin. Might be a tough read but it can both scare you and piss you off both. Dworkin is a one of the good guys.

  24. Upchuck THE SCHMUCK just keeps making ITSELF more IRRELEVANT every time he opens his DUMBASSED MOUTH but then he “leads” that BUNCH of SENATE (D) anarchist DUMBASSES

  25. I agree with you Ronnie. From my own personal viewpoint and where I stand now, I never voted for Obama and that’s the first time I didn’t vote Democrat. Those 8 years under Obama taught me a lesson but my opinion of the party I used to believe in changed before anyone knew who Obama was. Listening to the radio on Air America and NPR regularly really turned my opinion on people I thought were honest. I saw how often they twisted the truth and even lied at times. I realized what the media in this country was doing and how corrupt they were. Trump had nothing to do with this and though liberals will say how he’s divided this country it’s a phenomenon that’ s happened long before Trump arrived. Now these, gone off the rails acting like packs of juvenile delinquents, party is so bad I can’t imagine anyone voting for them. I’m embarrassed to admit I ever voted Democrat and will never again.

    • Welcome back to sanity. That you saw it for yourself speaks well for you, and tellsusthe brainwashing efforts don’t always “take”, which is good news for America!

    • That is the same thing that happened to me, Mark. I love you for printing it.
      The last time I voted for a Democrat was for John F. Kennedy……..I hated Lyndon Johnson as I firmly believe he was in on Kennedy’s assasination. Since I am from Texas I definitely know how corrupt Johnson was.

  26. The only work that the Liberals do is fight against a President who works honestly for the citizens of North America, thanks Trump for trying to improve our salaries.

  27. What a bunch of sore losers. The left has no remedy for the humiliating loss of power other than to use willing obamite holdovers to stymie anything Trump does. They got Scott Pruitt out,and now they are gunning for Jim Jordan.
    After the naming of the Supreme Court justice, Trump should remind them all that two more may be appointed during his next 6 years in office. They’ll jump through the floor like Rumplestiltskin.

    • THE LOSER TARDS aka the DUMBASSED (D) party members may just SUFFER additional HEADS EXPLOSIONS in NOV and when Ruthie Ginsberg CROAKS,, and Trump will appoint another SCOTUS

      • Funny how Dems didn’t care when we had to deal with their lefty picks for Supreme court for past 8 years, time to right the ship! Buckle up Dems and let’s not all forget to thank Harry Reid!!!

    • I hope Jim Jordan does NOT go down. I really like him. But if he does, Devin Nunes or Meadows will be next. They’re probably already digging up dirt just like they were busy doing on Jordan. God help our country. Please do not put the left back in charge, Lord.

      • Diane, as a resident of Ohio all my life I’m sick to death what they’r doing to Jim Jordan. That man is only one of a few that has Trump & American citizens backs. If they succeed in this I can’t even begin to imagine how the residents of Ohio are going to revolt. How convenient that after he ate Rosenstein’s lunch the law firm for Hillary digs up fake dirt & paid some old wrestlers to lie. Perkins Coi is also the firm that helped with the fake dossier. 3 of the 5 complainants have all kinds of criminal records for fraud, harassment, & other crimes.

        • How much you want to bet the DEM are behind this as they always do. They pay people to lie as long as they get what they want. The fact that they are trying to smear him says volumes. He is an honest patriot and I don’t believe any of this. Liberals are getting theirs pretty soon. Nothing was said until he cross examined this Liberal with the committee. Good try Liberals. We will fight back against these lies!

  28. There are consequences to elections…DEMOCRATS tried to force a nation left of center in 2016 and continue to RESIST TRUMP at the cost resistance to their views. Sometimes real issues need real compromise in order to get real resolution. Immigration reform is not going to get resolution without cooperation.

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