Chuck Schumer got smacked with some bad news when his key Democrat jumped ship

Joe Biden thought he could count on Chuck Schumer to keep everything under control.

That faith may have been misplaced.

And Chuck Schumer got smacked with some bad news when his key Democrat jumped ship.

Democrats are trying to pass a $1.2 trillion-dollar so-called “infrastructure” bill – that is really down payment on the Green New Deal – and a $3.5 trillion-dollar socialist spending bill being drafted by Bernie Sanders.

Both bills need to pass because moderates will not support the $3.5 trillion-dollar bill unless socialists back the $1.2 trillion-dollar spending binge.

But now that inflation is soaring to heights not seen in decades while the national debt projections balloon to over 30 trillion dollars, some Democrats are getting cold feet.

West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin published a Wall Street Journal op-ed demanding Democrats “pause” on the $3.5 trillion-dollar socialist spending bill so Congress can study its effects on inflation and the debt.

Manchin wrote:

Instead of rushing to spend trillions on new government programs and additional stimulus funding, Congress should hit a strategic pause on the budget-reconciliation legislation. A pause is warranted because it will provide more clarity on the trajectory of the pandemic, and it will allow us to determine whether inflation is transitory or not. While some have suggested this reconciliation legislation must be passed now, I believe that making budgetary decisions under artificial political deadlines never leads to good policy or sound decisions. I have always said if I can’t explain it, I can’t vote for it, and I can’t explain why my Democratic colleagues are rushing to spend $3.5 trillion.

Another reason to pause: We must allow for a complete reporting and analysis of the implications a multitrillion-dollar bill will have for this generation and the next. Such a strategic pause will allow every member of Congress to use the transparent committee process to debate: What should we fund, and what can we simply not afford?

In the case of this legislation, delay can be lethal.

Democrats only have a limited window of time to pass this bill since they are using budget reconciliation which means Democrats must ram it through by the end of the year or scrap the project entirely.

The longer Democrats “pause” on this bill the harder it becomes to pass.

It gives conservatives the chance to mobilize more grassroots opposition to the spending behemoth, but Chuck Schumer can’t ignore Manchin.

Democrats only hold 50 seats, and one defection means the bill cannot pass.

And so Schumer and the Democrats will have to accede to Manchin’s calls for a pause knowing that this is either going to shrink or kill the bill.

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