Chuck Schumer got the worst surprise of his life

Chuck Schumer thought his plan was fool proof.

Obstruct everything President Trump did until Election Day in order to drive down Trump’s approval numbers.

That all changed when Schumer got the worst surprise of his life.

Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the government over Democrats’ refusal to support funding for a wall on the Southern border.

Democrats thought they had the upper hand in this fight because of their unanimous opposition.

But Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly – one of the most vulnerable Democrats running for re-election in 2018 broke with Schumer and vowed to support funding for Trump’s wall.

Breitbart reports:

Donnelly said that he does “not want under any circumstances” a government shutdown and said that Congress should “absolutely” partially fund the president’s wall.

“I’m fine with providing him some more. I actually voted for border wall funding three different times,” Donnelly told Politico on Wednesday. “I’m fine with that. I’m fine with $3 [billion], $3.5, $4 or $5” billion this fall.

Donnelly also said that he has supported President Trump’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) solution, which would provide $25 billion for the wall, cut legal immigration, and grant amnesty for roughly 1.8 million illegal aliens.

Braun, Donnelly’s Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate, suggested that Donnelly caved to increasing political pressure to support Trump’s wall amidst a tight Senate race. One poll this summer had businessman Mike Braun beating Donnelly.

The other nine Democrats running for re-election in states Trump won in 2016 will also face the same choice.

Will Schumer be able to hold the Democrats together when they have red state senators fighting for their political survival?

President Trump is betting the funding fight before the election is when he will have his most leverage.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Vomit Schumer and all democrats should be given free tickets to Venezuela
    and send Soros there too after stripping him of his citizenship(he immigrated
    from h
    Hungary)That should tell him what we think of his funding all those rioting

  2. Truer words not spoken. We the people will stand behind our POTUS he has done wonderful things for our country and will continue to clean the mess presented to him by our last unofficial president. VOTE RED ALL THE WAY.

  3. Trump is the best thing that has happened for America!!!I have to say this comment, He should have known that when the DEMOCRAPS did not show him respect and go to the Annaugration of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, THAT THEY WERE A GROUP OF IGNORANT PEOPLE!! THAT THEY WOUD NEVER WORK WITH HIM ON ANY SUBJECT. The are the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. God Bless Donald Trump and all his efforts and sacrifices he has made for the PEOPLE of our country. Shame on the ignorant Liberals.


  5. Shut the country down, BUILD THE WALL. The RINO’s run for the wall, once elected they elect out with loss of memory. I support TRump in all he does…he is NOT a politician, just a very wise man who has Trumped the Establishment and the cancerous LEFT. Shumer is nothing but a stooge, grasping for the return of his imbecilic party leaders. He is the Nowhere man and deserves the biggest size boot up his posterior.

  6. Diane and Hubby have amassed fortunes with the Chinese, she has sponsored Legislation to help her husband in his work. That, should be the investigation of another Corrupt politician.

  7. Chuck Schumer: Another WORTHLESS POS!
    Full speed ahead President Trump! Shut
    the government down if you don’t get the
    money for the wall! We need to keep these
    leaches out of our country!

  8. The WALL has been funded in 2006 and 2013 once for Bus and once for EARS but only PARTIALLY BUILT!!! Where the hell is that money or was that just part of the BILLIONS that went missing before EARS left office?? Or has EVERYBODY EXCEPT ME FORGOTTEN??

  9. I’m for the shut down as the DEMS do nothing to receive their pay checks. Our President is strong enough to let this all fall on the DEMS showing they truly are the do nothing party. Let them sit one more thing out and then just see how people will abandon them. The Mid Terms they will lose and also the 2020 race. The voters aren’t stupid you don’t do your job we have no use for you.

  10. Yes,I hope he takes it up
    Very soon!! Most of Americans want it , for our security!!
    The Dems want nothing Trump
    Wants!Some do because they are in RED states’n

  11. Have you seen the new T-shirt available now? It reads ‘Russians did not make me vote for trump. Hillary did! I’d love to get one of those just so I could use it during some ‘family events’. That way, neither I nor my husband would have to say anything to get the deranged Democrats riled up.

  12. Dan T., Great idea, I want my tent to be positioned so that Chuck Shumer will have to walk through it getting in and out of his house. I’ll stay with him for three months and then to show no partiality I’ll do the same to Nancy Pelosi. They need to understand the full ramifications of open borders. They want third world country, we’ll give it to THEM.

  13. That’s a good one. All the Demorats are corrupt,just like all the Fake news media
    They should all be ashamed.of them selves. Start telling the truth for once!!!

  14. ‘Cryin-Lyin’ Chuck-N-Cluck Schumer may just have a total melt down if his “people” do not all stay on the sinking ship with him and Looney Pelosi, Mad-Max Waters, Pocahontas Warren, Es-Corty Booker, and let’s not forget the sneaky back-stabbers that hide behind the MSM Trolls, Kenya-born Obama & the Hilda-beast that talks to the squirrels because no human wants to ever hear her voice again. IF “WE” the true American people that Love our Country and want to protect the future for our children and grandchildren will take this opportunity to stand strong, together as one, we can keep the pressure on the Tyrannical Democrat and RINO politicians, cleaning house of these old fossils that care nothing about anything except filling their pockets with Cash and Power. It is OUR CASH & POWER that they take and it is OUR DUTY to stop allowing them to TAKE what is OURS. We can do that with OUR Voice and OUR Vote.

  15. Kara, If they shut up, that’ll hep the Democrats. They are helping America by showing JUST HOW FOOLISH AND RIDICULOUS they really are!!

  16. Democrats ike Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, etc are a gift to the Republicans. Just like Hillary and Obama got Trump elected,the Democrats in Congress will get Republicans elected in the mid-term election. Thank the Dems for helping get Republicans in Congress

  17. I love it. President Trump dazzles them and while they try to figure it out he provides them options that really screw their plans up. Democrats know that they have spewed lies and hate too long and now have no idea how to remedy the failures of their actions and the disdain Americans have for them as a result. Thank you dimocrats!

  18. Patricia Silverman, You are so very misinformed about smoking pot and driving. You must be a young pot smoker in complete denial of the facts. Pot definitely impairs driving ability. It effects the eye body coordination-reflexes and mental judgement-decision making quickly. You should not drive for 4 hours after smoking. Pot is a gateway drug and tends to entice users try other drugs possibly more additive drugs. But, please don’t take my word for it. The internet is full of articles about using pot.

  19. ill-brained Schumer is not better than his predecessor, Dingy and Fake Harry Reid. Maybe we’d be better off if that bozo hadn’t retired! Either way, both are losers and America is suffering for what they did and are doing!

  20. Obama has the worst “legacy” of any president since I was old enough to vote in 1967.
    I waited 8 long years in silence feeling “this too will pass”. 2016 was the
    best experience of my life.

  21. To solve that problem, you need to go to the root of it. George Soros, M. Bloomberg, and the others who funnel money to the leftists.

  22. I agree with that just hope the people realize the damage the Democrats in office have done to our country! Also realize they have done and worried more about illegals then the legal people who pay the salaries in this country!

  23. Schumer better wake up. If it comes down to these senators toeing the line or covering their political hides guess what choice they will make?

  24. Was joking M. But their sick views are the same. Don’t really believe the senator and our pet idiot Diane are the same. I do believe our Diane is female Men don’t call other men “hon” Unless it’s a shim.

  25. if you have a brain you are not using it you are reading the propaganda from the prohibitionists you are the one needing mental health you clearly have bought into the lies of prohibition your stats are lies good luck with that the war you started has been lost you might win a skirmish here and there but you have lost the war we now shoujld hold you responsible for the pain and suffering you have caused for nothing but ideology done with you bye

  26. Dan T., Diane Feinstein was being discussed about her having a Chinese spy driver for 20 years. Somebody brought up that he assisted her in other areas than driving. The kicker is, years ago she was informed about it by the FBI but there was NO investigation done. Look what has happened to DJT without evidence that he did anything! They worked from a unverified dossier paid for by HRC & the DNC that had info about some campaign worker. Double standard, you bet. 🙂 🙂 I’m smiling because if Diane Feinstein is Diane the blogger, I sure have worked her over. I doubt they are one in the same. The FBI would have already been to see me, what with the double standard and all !

  27. Patricia Silverman,
    I have a BRAIN that has not been “washed” by MORONS like YOU that want to be “high” all the time.
    Perhaps you should take a look at all the TRAFFIC accidents in the states that have “legalized” POT. (and the DECEASED, and injured CHILDREN that have eaten those “pot”-infused “goodies”.) TRY TO Get a life, stay sober. If you need DRUGS to stay “high” to COPE with life you REALLY need MENTAL “HELP”, and should seek a professional.

  28. Marlene I totally agree. He has done nothing for the people that elected him. His goal is th weaken America and make her like the lesser countries. He’s too left wing even for New York. If only the people there will realize that.

  29. Totally agree! However, I would also include Maxi-Pad and Feinstein They are all as crooked as a barrel of snakes!And those who claim to be Catholic and still believe in Abortion!

  30. Well, since President Trump offered the DACA amnesty and the Dems rejected it, he should drop the offer. They had their chance and blew it.
    Any DACA convicted of any crime, major or minor, be deported to the country of their illegal parents, not our problem you spent your life here, we didn’t invite your family in , they invaded our border.

  31. cliff your characterization of users of cannabis is routed in prohibition and flat out untrue, cannabis is not a partisan thing we all have an endocannaboid system even you and the data says drivers are not effected by cannabis which really should be no surprise since we have cannaboids in our body called 2AG and anadamide thc abd cdb to bad so sad you have been brain washed

  32. Yes do what you need to do to get the wall built. Shut down the government and I wold say to do it real soon. Good luck to ya Trump !!

  33. Shadow of the Moon
    Not only N.Y. city. Rochester, Buffalo ,Syracuse, and any other large city in N.Y. State. (they LOVE those “freebies”. AND FYI, ILLEGALS CAN, and WILL “vote” because they were “allowed” and ENCOURAGED to do so by “king” andrew cuomo and “king” COMMIE “mayor” deblasio in the last Presidential election, and nothing would be done to them if “caught”.
    (but WHO would say anything as long as they voted DEMOCOMMUNIST?)
    I have hear they even had “translators” in the polling areas to make sure they voted “correctly” for the ones that didn’t know HOW.

  34. Hopefully we can shut down Schumer and the rest of the
    anti-American DemoCraps this November and in 2020!

  35. Jan13,
    THAT will never happen in COMMUNIST N.Y. We are up to our eyeballs in VOTER FRAUD, ILLEGALS not only allowed, but ENCOURAGED to vote by “king” andrew cuomo and “king” commie “mayor” deblasio. NOW I see on the news, that the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are pushing for legalization of POT, so that WILL “BUY” A BUNCH OF VOTES, from “stoners” and drug addicts. “BRIBERY” just in time for the election as usual, because THAT is how the democommunists roll. Just what we “need” whacked out stoners driving the highways.

  36. DACA is unconstitutional so I would not hold my breath that it will pass anything even President Trump’s request. Texas was suiting and driving it up to the Supreme court but they stopped for they were told it would not go through. Sorry folks but it is unconstitutional when Reagan did it and it is still unconstitutional.

  37. M senator Diane Feinstein had a commie spy working for her. Could be the same Diane whom we see spouting off in blogs. Same mentality.

  38. I do believe this is going to be historically diff than the majority of midterm elections!! If ANYONE can make it happen it is THIS President AND those who have FINALLY seen the light of the great corruption that has been “bus as usual” with DEMS, RHINOS & Establishment “Republicans”

  39. Amen! I think we know that a whole bunch of those who would be granted citizenship under DACA are purely DRAINERS & Criminsls. They want us to believe they are all great contributors to our society & way of life, NO WAY THAT IS TRUE!

  40. He is Nothing more than a two faced chump!!! We have video of his lying ass supporting the wall and now the America hating Lib Nut has changed his mind so that voter fraud can be committed by him and his anti American party.
    They already tried it once and the DEEP STATE WILL LET THEM TRY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN until we step on their necks

  41. Any repub upset that Pres Trump won, well, they’re not the republican for me & certainly no conservative!
    Look at SHAMEFUL McCain, unbelievably disgusting. I can emphasize with his health condition, I’m dying from Camcer too but it sure does not give him a pass on how he has defied his own constituents simply because he has such hatred for OUR FEARLESS LEADER!!
    Flake, Corker, RYAN & soooo many other “bought & paid for” rhinos – BYE BYE… don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

  42. Put Schumer in his place and wipe the floor with him and get rid of him and all of the other demonrats in the 2018 elections.

  43. Schumer has gotten by with his pathetic & unpatriotic behavior for soooo long, he ASS U MED it would work again! Big diff is… THIS PRES DOES NOT PLAY GAMES & HE DOES NOT PLAY WITH OUR LIVES.
    Guess I should cut Chickie some slack coz he grew complacent under 8 years of Hussein Obama and his Communust ways.
    Nah, Chuckie deserves a lot of things, slack is not one of them!

  44. And you can start November 2018, just two months away!
    Make these midterms different than the usual midterms
    which are usually ignored.

  45. I fully agree to shutting down the government for any obstruction the DEMS put out there. Our President is a very smart man and Chuck is stupid to think other wise. They will either get onboard or watch there career positions in service to this country go away. This goes for all the Nancy, Maxine and all the others They need to sit down shut their mouths and decide if they are ready to go home with their tales between their legs.

  46. Bamaloo had a legacy alright!!! A traitor to the USA! Sneaky criminal himself!!!
    Build the wall and keep our boarders safe. We want legal immigrants coming into the USA.
    We need to make the USA even better than it is. A president like Trump that loves the USA and wants to protect the citizens here is the best kind! Bamaloo was not even born in the USA – yuck!!
    TRUMPET 2020 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A true American!

    Get rid of MULLER!!! MAGA!!!

  47. I’m from Indiana too, I’m with you! I will Not be voting for him as I did not in his last election either. If he’s telling the truth about caving on border wall, he’s only doing it to try & keep his job! Isn’t that how the DEMS operate anyway? They sure don’t do what’s in our best interest!

  48. If any ONE senator or congress person can dictate how the rest vote then why do we have so many? If either party does not have the ability to freely vote their conscience, well, we have a real big problem. This is especially true when one side is purposely objects for political gain. Schumer is a slithering snake, just look into his eyes, they are chilling. I don’t doubt he threatens anyone on his side who dare vote in opposition to HIS cause.
    Thankfully, we may have reached a point where people are waking up to the DIMWIT games being played WITH OUR LIVES & what’s in OUR BEST INTEREST. I see this morning that Sen Donneley from my state of IND has caved to Pres Trump. Looks like our calls to his office may have actually helped him make the right decision!

  49. You left out Andy Cuomo… The wanna be!1 I wouldn’t doubt him throwing his hat into the ring of the next president!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  50. mark, I keep hoping that one day, one thing will open die hard Dem libs eyes and they will see there is a better way and decide to take it. That better way is here and now and is this MAGA movement. Dems, please listen to ALL news outlets, conservative and liberal-radio, tv, research for yourselves and you will see. Your leadership is NOT
    telling you the truth! Just open your mind to the possibility. #WalkAway

  51. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist plantation treasonous party (RINOs too!!! You know who you are!, So Get ready to lose your seats) and on the Trump train to success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Chuck Shumer should get about 50 surprises just like this per day for as long as it takes. And, you know what I mean!

  53. We need to vote Cuomo the homo Chuckie the scammer out of NY. Both of these libtards make me sick to my stomach. Useless left scumbags. I’ll pay to ship them both to CA where they belong.

  54. Thank you for voting in a good man, hope the citizens of CA will wake up and vote more in like him.
    Hope NYS wakes up and votes more GOP , especially NYC area.

  55. Good idea, since Andy is going to fight ICE doing their job the liberal cesspool of NY.
    Hope the person running against Andy for the GOP uses the sentiment that Andy cares more for illegals than REAL ( legal) NYS citizens.

  56. All life is sacred, but in a case like this, take the low life and shoot him. Guaranteed he won’t be back in the country illegally and won’t harm another child or US citizen.
    This should be SOP for all illegals convicted of a felony that keep sneaking back in after being deported.
    Build the wall!

  57. Make sure you white people vote for Trump and the Republicans before It’s too late and you become extinct like the Liberals commie Nazi party want you to be. Post-haste!Refer to CNN for details!

  58. The climate in Congress is shameful! The Democrats want their way ~ and only their way. Some Republicans are upset because President Trump won the election. Compare the professional Congress members versus President Trump; who has accomplished the most? Enough said!

  59. Communism makes as much sense as Ocasio-Cortez does! That’s why it fails every time it rears its ugly head! Liberalism is a mental deranged disorder and Pelosi, The pope, Acosta, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi,etc Just more liberal useful idiots on display!

  60. ALL must do their “due diligence” and RESEARCH ANY candidate. HOWEVER DEMOCOMMUNISTS, are all “group think” that ALL have ONE thing in mind. COMPLETE POWER, and CONTROL over ALL the AMERICAN PEOPLE just like HITLER. Their “wet dream” is to turn OUR REPUBLIC into their COMMUNIST UTOPIA, and the PEOPLE into controllable SHEEP, to be used or SLAUGHTERED as THEY see “fit”.
    (history repeating itself, that must NOT be allowed to happen so VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS)

  61. Shumbugger you just can’t fix stupid he even has most of the time a dumb azz look of his face……..Chucky why don’t you just retire spend time with your grandkids.

  62. Let the World help pay for our security!
    Let put a small Toll to cross our borders !
    Even Alabama has a toll road to pay for the new Highway.
    George Bush will charge you $13 on his new road in Dallas !
    Everyone who crosses our border ,in or out,has a toll charge .
    It can pay for our border wall and all the other security issues.
    Plus , we won’t have kill more children just to get funding to make us safe.

  63. Mr. Schumer is always trying to stop President Trump from getting the funding for his Southern Border Wall. Schumer and Pelosi wants open borders for all of the illegal immigrants and the dangerous MS-13 gang members to come into our country and cause irreparable damage and harm to our communities and to our families.

    Schumer is always threatening his other Senator colleagues with helping him to fight President Trump’s agenda. Schumer shut down the Government back in February of this year, because, her thought that would make President Trump stop forcing for his Border Wall and with stopping all of the illegal immigrants from coming into our country, however, Schumer found out different.

    Schumer and Pelosi both needs to be voted out of office this midterm election. We need people in their place to help work with President Trump and his administration to get his agenda put forward, to protect every American citizen from all of these illegal immigrants and MS-13 gang members.

    To put it bluntly, Schumer is nothing but a BULLY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get rid of Schumer and Pelosi NOW FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Nail chuckle to the wall he is looking kind of beat and worn out lately. I am not for shutting down the government , but for the wall and to get back at the Demo’s do ahead Mr. Presidents

  65. Everyday we here about another crime perpetrated by some illegal who has a long record of criminal activity..the most recent one in Philadelphia where this city’s sanctuary policy let an illegal repeat offender go instead of allowing ice to take him into the perp gets out of jail from a previous crime and goes and rapes a child…and now the sob is back in prison..this incident is just one that made the news..what about the hundreds that happen everyday that never make the news…


  67. We just cannot blamer all of America’s current problems on democraps. A really BIG part are all those RINOs who talk conservative, who preach an agenda based on the Constitution, but in reality mostly support the libturd agenda. John Cornyn – the senator “for” my Texas district was acknowledged to be Obozo’s “favorite GOP senator”. Obozo did NOT make that declaration because he was fond of Cornyn. Obozo said that because he could depend on Cornyn his mooselim agenda. Get rid of RINOs (in case you have forgotten or been deceived, remember that Marcus Rubio was a member of the “Gang of Eight” supporting Obozo’s agenda and a “great friend” of McCruddy.

  68. There is an old saying that goes: “If you cannot say anything good about somebody, don’t say anything at all.” Here is what I have to say about Chuck Schumer:

  69. DEMOCOMMUNISTS! The “democrat party” is LONG DEAD and has been replaced by the COMMUNIST “party”. People need to WAKE THE HELL UP before this country turns into
    Venezuela, and the people are left with NOTHING, and the “elites” (as they call themselves) are the “supreme rulers” OF YOU. WISE UP, and vote the SCUM DEMOCOMMUNISTS OUT in NOVEMBER before it it too late for ALL of us.

  70. Obama’s legacy is being shattered with shame as more
    Corruption from Obama himself is now being revealed by
    Our Courageous Republican Senator … DEVIN NUNES

  71. I agree EXCEPT for the DACA BS. Offering citizenship for almost 2Million spics is a backdown from campaign promise. Now if that same bunch of greaser scum would agree to PROVIDE 4 years of service to America – military, volunteeering for social service (such as serving at VA and veteran centers, hospitals, etc) I would then totally agree. Keep in mind those same DACA “students” were/are the root cause for curtailing AMERICAN CITIZEN STUDENTS patriotic actions in AMERICAN schools.

  72. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, if we do not get these dumacrats out of our America we will never have an America to call home. These things are the most corrupt in the entire world.

  73. We must vote in Republicans who will vote for The WALL
    And our President Trump’s Agenda .

    Democrats and RINOs Must be voted OUT And

  74. so sorry the actions of the top democrats Nancy pelosi, Maxine Waters and yes Chuck Schumer have proven the system is broken the checks and balances that are supposed to catch this behavior are clearly broken the democrats want what the democrats want and will stop at nothing that is not American sorry when given a choice of my way or the high way they have to take the highway

  75. Only NYC loves Schumer. The rest of the state of NY can’t stand him. He’s constantly picking our pockets for freebies and giveaways to illegals and indigents who just don’t want to work. Stop your concern over illegals, Schumer, they can’t vote for you! However, those of us who can vote will remember you!!!!

  76. I,d love to see an read about schumer the smuck, showing up at his office an for him to find it locked an the fbi searching his records, an then he finds out he is suspended for the senate floor an has lost all security clearences, that should put hid panties is a wad, an make him flip out

  77. There are those who lead, those who follow and then we have Chuck Schumer who just gets in the way


  79. Chuck. You better run for the hills if we don’t get the wall built.
    Let’s see how fast you can run with illegal alien criminals chasing you, your wife, and your children…..How about some gang members with machete’s for a start.
    Wake up and do the right and best thing for everyone in the USA including yourself!


  81. Buckwheat we can dream. But the people in NYC holds the power. He’s not very popular in other parts of the state. Even some of them like him.


  83. The demoSCUM will never help build the wall because they are working harder than anyone knows to allow their beloved illegals to vote. They actually believe that the illegals will be their new voting base because too many American voters have left them.

  84. Chuck is out in LEFT FIELD! Trump has done so much with so little help from congress. Get with the program legislators and do the job that you were elected too do. Represent the people for a change.

  85. This wall project is much cheaper than all the free loading programs. It’s also called fiscal responsibility. Come on, liberals. Stop running away from national responsibilities.

    American citizens come first! It is the law.

    Trump 2020!

  86. The WALL is definitely needed as well as change on immigration laws. Citizenship for DACA recipients is “iffy” considering past statistics on “illegal immigrant crimes”

  87. A wall is needed…voter supported…and could cause defeat for a number of democratic CONGRESSMEN.

  88. Yes I go along with President Trump we need that WALL MORE then anything right know. With out a wall that is why thay cought that MUSLEM Illegally bring in thoes 5 Creamils to come in to our Country. If we don’t get that wall built know we are going to get more Drugs, Illegal Mexicans, Muslims that want to hurt rape and kill our Citizens. As well as take jobs away from people and squander off all our American Citizens. We need it befor any thing I can think of to happen even befor November valets.

  89. BUILD THAT WALL. If it takes a government shutdown, so be it. We need to protect our borders and stop this influx of illegals and protect the citizens of our country.

  90. DA SCHMUCK has run into a MUCH SMARTER LEADER than he ever hopes to be and WAS SANDBAGGED….CLOSING THE GUMNIT will be again another (D) Anarchy party PROBLEM….MAGA !!!
    So what is UPCHUCK the CRYING SENATE CLOWN going to do??? CAVE IN AGAIN !!!!

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