Chuck Schumer hit the panic button after the corporate-controlled media gave him this devastating news

Chuck Schumer thought he had the corporate-controlled media in his back pocket.

He couldn’t believe what they told him.

And Chuck Schumer hit the panic button after the corporate-controlled media gave him this devastating news.

Chuck Schumer is living a political nightmare after everything has gone wrong for Democrats.

The Biden agenda stalled in the Senate after moderates like Joe Manchin poured cold water on his socialist schemes.

After Schumer and Biden took control of the government, the country has faced crisis after crisis from their failed leadership.

Now Schumer and Senate Democrats have to face voters in the Midterm elections.

With a razor thin majority of 50 Democrat Senators, Schumer needs everything to go right if he wants to hang on to his majority.

But Joe Biden’s collapsing approval ratings are making it an uphill battle for Schumer.

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll spells doom for Democrats in the fall.

57% of respondents in the poll disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy, compared to 38% who approved.

Even fewer approved of how Joe Biden is handling two of the biggest economic issues facing the country – gas prices and inflation.

Only 28% approved of Biden’s handling of inflation, while a paltry 27% approve of his handling of gas prices.

On the economy and the biggest issues related to it, Biden’s approval rating is deeply underwater.

As Bill Clinton’s top political advisor James Carville famously said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Since the economy is the most important issue for voters, this is a five-alarm fire for Democrats.

In the poll, 83% of voters said that the economy is either an “extremely or very important issue in determining how they will vote.”

The poll also found that 80% of voters said “that inflation is also an extremely or very important factor in how they will vote and for gas prices, it is 74%.”

This is an absolute disaster for Democrats.

Even Biden friendly ABC News can’t hide these devastating poll numbers.

The top issue for voters is the economy, and this is yet another poll that gives Biden catastrophic approval ratings on his handling of it.

Since the economy has little prospect of improving and will likely be worse when the fall rolls around, the bad news will keep coming for Democrats.

The poll also revealed a major enthusiasm advantage for the GOP.

With turnout expected to drop off during a Midterm election, the side that is more fired up to vote will have the edge.

57% of Republicans are “very enthusiastic” to vote, compared to 44% for Democrats.

Among those “very enthusiastic,” “66% say the economy will be extremely important in their vote.”

Republicans are fired up after the catastrophic failures of Joe Biden.

They’re ready to give Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi the pink slip.

With Republicans only needing one seat to take control of the Senate, Chuck Schumer is in the fight of his political life.

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