Chuck Schumer immediately regretted this challenge to Donald Trump

Democrats are spoiling for a fight over the pending government shut down.

Chuck Schumer is helping lead that charge.

But he issued a threat to Donald Trump that he immediately regretted.

Donald Trump’s most famous campaign promise was that he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it.

The fake news media and the Democrats mocked him for this.

But Trump stated he could make good on the promise by the money saved by renegotiating the NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico.

This led Schumer to make an epic mistake.

He marched down to the Senate floor and said since Mexico was paying for the wall, Trump should fold on the government funding fight.

“The president repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for his unnecessary and ineffective border wall… On Tuesday he said he would be ‘proud’ to shut down the government unless U.S. taxpayers pay for it. And now just this morning, the president tweeted that Mexico will pay for the wall through savings from the new NAFTA,” Schumer began

The New York Democrat continued, “Well, Mr. President, if you say Mexico is going to pay for the wall through NAFTA, which it certainly won’t, I guess we don’t have to,” he quipped. “Let’s fund the government.”

“If the president really believes what he tweeted this morning that his new NAFTA would pay for the wall, he wouldn’t be threatening to shut down the government unless American taxpayers pay for the wall. He can’t have it both ways,” Schumer concluded.

But this fight plays into Trump’s hands.

It is the Democrats who look like the extremists.

They won’t agree to one penny for a wall to secure America’s borders.

Democrats think they have a winning hand, but they just baited into a trap.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


      • Speak for yourself Brenda. You and only your ignorance loves a dirty, underhanded, cheating troll who pays for women. Made America a laughing stock of the world, is a racist. Picks on Hispanics and even puts other Americans in disaster zones to suffer year later with no relief in sight such as Puerto Rico. Put the money in schools, housing, medical, fund the California fire effort, Puerto Rico rebuilding which is still in ruins. Have dumb asses like you fund a wall around your house and let no one in that way you can feel safe in Pennsylvania. By the way I don’t think Jesus would approve of your or this bigot, racist, fool in the white house. So Brenda speak for yourself which I am sure you are a lily white over 60 uninformed uneducated old woman. If not you didn’t pay attention on school or your church.

        • Top, You are judgmental, mean and angry. In addition to those adjectives you are a liar! A few things you accused President Trump of, he is guilty of however, most in your comment are absolutely not true. Most countries in the world who don’t like DJT are countries that are no longer being able to take advantage of us as they did particularly during the BHO Presidency. He is in no way a racist. The Afro-Americans are voting for and supporting DJT as never before under any President and the same is true of the Hispanics. Disaster relief and funds were sent to Puerto Rico after the hurricane. The corrupt governor and local authorities stole funds and were too lazy and sorry to distribute the foods, clothing, water, etc. These lay outside, were rained on, rotted and rats and other animals ate it. I saw photos of all that and if you did not it is because you only watch news channels who don’t share the truth and facts. You mentioned putting money in housing and medical services, I guess you mean more “free stuff” for people who won’t get out and get a job. There are lots of jobs out there, the economy is booming, no excuse for not having a job and providing for yourself and your family. Fund the California fire effort, if you were well informed you would know, as it was reported, that had California had spent federal funds intended to do control burns and other fire preventative preparations those horrible fires would have been extinguished soon after they started with little damage and no deaths. But no, California used that money for “other” purposes!
          So, Top, I would say you are the uninformed dumb ass. It is not your place to judge people, Brenda, DJT, or anybody else.
          And yes, I proudly voted for President Trump and will again in 2020. You should grow up and get on the right side.
          Yes, we need a wall, not around our homes but across the southern border to keep our Country safe and secure and keep thousands upon thousands of new people off welfare benefit rolls.

        • top… your own words shows your total ignorance scum like you don’t know Jesus you have proven that buy everything that you have said you are a perfect example that birth control law to be retroactive

        • Heaven has a wall and a pearly gate guarded by St. Peter, that vets you about your life before deciding to either let you in or send you to hell. Stop using religion and God for you to be exactly what you’re accusing Trump of being, a bigot and a racist. You’re no better, and God said to not judge, but look at you go! Hypocrite!

    • Really, you are spouting this filth when there has been elected 2 muslims that would not even use the bible for their swearing in. The old saying is true you can’t fix stupid.

  1. So the Muslim Schumer is saying that the money saved in the trade agreement goes directly to the boarder wall. Just goes to show you not only does he not care about the country but has no idea how the country is fun at all. We need to remove the Muslim children from the Federal Government from every where everywhere in this country

  2. Build the wall. Take the salaries of our ‘public servants”–THE SENATORS AND REPRESENATIVES” to fund it and I guarantee, the money for the wall will be provided. It is OUR MONEY anyway–not those idiots who do not care about our country’s borders and security. Also, we need to arm out troops on the border with REAL bullets–not just rubber ones. If a few of these rock throwing ILlEGALS were shot, that would discourage others from attempting to sneak in!


    • I fully agree with you. The reason the migrants have continued staying so far, is that DEMS have the migrants believing in time they the DEMS will have all fences removed and the migrants can walk right in. The migrants and the DEMS have a lot in common. They have the same trashy and pathetic mentality.

  3. You have stepped into a trap. You are using logic against schumer’s clapping rabble, who perceive themselves a voting majority that schumer is working to make permanent by encouraging an invasion by hordes of Democrat voter.

    • Please. First there are not hordes of people coming across the border. Second, undocumented immigrants cannot vote. Third there is little to no ‘voter Id’ fraud. Fourth, vote harvesting (the new favorite RW fear) has been debunked (except in NC where a Republican Candidate for the House did ‘harvest’ absentee ballots.) Fifth, we are a center left country because Hillary got 3 million more votes than Trump. And finally, we are no more ‘clapping rabble’ than you and yours are.


      • Daniel: When is voter fraud real voter fraud? During the final and last time that Nobummmmer was “elected”, there was one county in Florida that had 140% of the eligible voters voting, there was a state, I believe it was Connecticut that had several presciencts(sp) that had 100% of the votes going to Nobummmmer, a statistically impossible event, never-the-less it happened; and you say there is NO voter fraud? You’ve been drinking tooooo much of the Nobummmmer kool-aid.

      • Daniel has his head in the sand
        Voter fraud in this country is happening and by the dems. Why do you think they want to allow anyone in our country if not for those votes and all the free handouts.

      • Daniel, You are completely and unequivocally insane. Your comment was close to 100% wrong or lies, whichever applies. You should not be allowed to play outside alone unless your parents are hoping you will wander off and become aimlessly lost!

    • Peoples’ attitude toward President Trump reminds me of their attitude toward President Putin. President Trump was a snotty nose kid in NY, became a multibillionaire, and is now POTUS(of ALL 50 states). President Putin was a snotty nose kid in Russia, became a foot soldier then head of the KGB, and is now President of Russia. The pundits are cognitively challenged, extremely ignorant(ignorance is evil!) and that is why they try to challenge either of the Presidents.

      • What a dumb ass you are!!!! Obama was a Marxist and a communist. You assholes were okay with that..get a life get over the fact that that whore Hillary lost. Plus shes a drug addict

  4. One thing about it, the more desperate the dems get the dumber they get and more mistakes they make! Getting entertaining aren’t they! Whys it so hard to laugh! Feel for Trump dealing with that garbage every day!

  5. I am 100% for the wall! My husband immigrated here the LEGAL way. And it is absolutely wrong for anyone to break our laws and come here illegally and continue to break our laws every day they stay! For too many it is not about a “better life” it is about gaming our system and getting benefits that they are not entitled to nor have they paid into them. Those benefits that so many illegals are drooling over are supposed to be for the people who have contributed to them, over a lifetime of paying taxes! Not because their country doesn’t have those benefits so they think they can just jump the line and push their way to the front! It is wrong and more importantly it is unfair to all the people who immigrate legally!

    • I praise your husband for being a lawful abiding citizen. These immigrants in this caravan have the audacity to make demands, and incite violence at the border. I feel SORRY f or the children who are draged, shoved over the wall. How despicable!

    • I fully agreed to all the American & legal American opinions of building a permanent wall in all the boarders. It’s the Democrats & Liberals who likes to let these “caravan illegals” to invade our country because they are using them during their elections and I have noticed that during the last 20126 campaigning especially in California that I normally attending of my HBB (Home Based Business) in different hotel here in Southern California I have noticed in the hotel lobby some of these young people wondering and a little bit scared and for curiosity I approached them to find out where are they came from and these looks like volunteers approached us and trying to get away talking to me with their “recruits”. BTW, when I become a U.S. Citizen I always voted for the Democrats but I have noticed that crimes and homeless people are increasing all over the cities especially in Detroit, Chicago IL; St. Louis, MO, especially in California and the worst thing that I don’t like is when this “Benghazi” happens and Obama & Hillary Clinton didn’t do anything to retaliate and it’s a “BIG, BIG BLOW IN OUR COUNTRY U.S.A.” We are supposed to be the most ” POWERFUL, STRONG, GENEROUS & PEACE, LOVING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” that’s why the ALMIGHTY LORD BLESSED THE U.S.A. AND LET LEADING THE WHOLE WORLD TO PROTECT THE HUMAN BEING AND THE RELIGIONS RACES BELIEF” Please wake-up all Democrats & Liberals that “WE ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS PLEASE THIS COUNTRY MAKE GREAT AGAIN” IF YOU DISAGREE WHY NOT MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT HATES OUR WAY OF LIVING AND FIGHT LIKE A CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING CALLED “MANO-MANO” jejeje!

      • To add on I hurriedly transfer to the Republican after my bad experienced with the Democrats and happy I did it as I start campaigning to all my FB friends and in my Asian-American communities at the East & West Coast even at the Toronto & Vancouver, Canada so that they can tell to their friends, relatives, classmates & town mates who are living in the whole U.S.A. and we are very happy that our present “Emperor-Great-Commander-In-Chief President” Donald J. Trump won !! “God Bless America” Thank You LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • If you’re made at Obama and the Democrats because Benghazi, then you must be really mad at the Bush and the Republicans because 13 Embassies were attacked during Bush’s Administration and sixty people died.

        • If you knew what you were talking about’d still be a moron..You lie and don’t even have a clue about truth! Get someone to translate the truth..Us Republicans find Snopes more left than right, but they say you are just another ignorant lefty! When you count all the OFF site, bars, clubs, motor vehicle, civilian killings…go thru all that…A TOTAL OF 3 Americans died that weren’t even at embassies under Bush!.. And what was Bush supposed to do ..not even on Embassy grounds…but Snopes being sick lefties anyway said WE wasted 14 million on the investigation on the (might as well say KILLER CLINTON and Killer Obama) was a waste of time…of course it was…noone would ever sully those two lazy asses ..with the truth…lying is such a hobby and livelyhood for them and lefty politicians anything is moot that they get away with..Dems can shrug and laugh here!We are still mourning the Americans who gave up their lives in a senseless show of laziness and cowardice from the obama white house and sleeping beauty that needed her sleep more than the lost lives.

        • I did not like any of the Bushes. The first thing I noticed after the election was the price of beef and gas went up. As the Bush family was involved in both cattle and oil I didn’t think it was coincidental. Just another corrupt politician. I voted for Trump and am a registered no political preference so I don’t automatically vote for one side or the other. Fanatics are not trustworthy and worry me.

    • Outstanding remarks. I’m proud of you and your family, for doing it right. Welcome to America, and I wish you a fantastic life. God Bless you!

    • Our family,too; came legally-not as what the current caravan are fleeing from but scientists, doctors, etc.; who end up in Hitler’s worst camps-Our family came here in line, legally, learned English along with several other languages on the tongue-there were no quick anchor babies but the men served the military to earn the rights as “Americans”.
      Are the caravans now, currently hold to the light of those who really came here legally? Is the flag of theirs more important to carry ? We carried no flags of any country, only the clothes on our back and degrees in the pocket

    • Schumer is an idiot! He said that the percent of the USA does NOT want the wall! I don’t know about but I want the wall! I don’t want all these immigrants coming in our country illegally! They should put all those immigrants in trucks,trains planes any other transportation and send them back where they came from!

      • Fortune Magazine says 59% don’t want the wall. The Quinnipiac poll says 63% don’t want the wall. The United States isn’t ruled by any king, or queen. We are a democracy. The people rule our country and they say they don’t want the wall.

  6. Shmuck Schumer has tunnel vision, like most liberal elitists, and thinks the entire nation is like his hysterical white guilt Jew and lazy minority infested state. He forgets NY lost 2 entire US Congressional districts to mostly white flight from confiscatory taxation and over regulation.

    • I agree. The Democrats with Schumer,Pelosi think they are hot sh—.
      They don’t care about anybody! Just their own personal life and to Hell with Americans! Pelosi thinks if President Trum gets the wall they would look stupid. They look stupid even without the wall. How ever did they get back in office.? They should voted them out and improved America! All they do is approve all the illegal things happening! They are the scum of the earth! Make me sick to see them!!!”

      • They care about the majority of Americans who don’t want to waste billions of dollars on an ineffective wall. Fortune Magazine says 69% don’t want it. Pelosi is listening to Americans. Trump listens only to his tiny minority of supporters.

  7. As Nutty Nancy so famously said when she was pushing Obamacare on us all – “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”. She couldn’t be bothered then to read the damned thing THEN and she cannot be bothered now to see what is actually going on at the border NOW. Apparently Pelosi and Schumer are perfectly satisfied to legislate in IGNORANCE.

    • Actually, this statement pulled out of context of course. Her statement was “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” She was referring to the public, not herself. Democrats had been working on this for years and knew what was in it. And until a bill actually passes, you don’t know what is in the bill. What is in it before it passes might be changed in order for it to pass. The Senate at that time did not have a bill and until there was one to reconcile, the House bill was not law.

      • Do you even listen(see what your typing)to what your saying? The American people were being asked to accept a Bill, the House passed, without even KNOWING what was in it? That’s like saying “here, drink this it might be rat poison, or just lemonade”… That’s not only STUPID POLICY, it is very DANGEROUS…!!!

        • No they weren’t. The Republicans and right wing made up a bunch of stuff like “Death Panels”. But “In June and July 2009, with Democrats in charge, the Senate health committee spent nearly 60 hours over 13 days marking up the bill that became the Affordable Care Act. That September and October, the Senate Finance Committee worked on the legislation for eight days — its longest markup in two decades. It considered more than 130 amendments and held 79 roll-call votes. The full Senate debated the health care bill for 25 straight days before passing it on Dec. 24, 2009”

          “the ACA was debated in three House committees and two Senate committees, and subject to hours of bipartisan debate that allowed for the introduction of amendments”

          • Daniel, So, you are saying Nancy Pelosi lied when she said, “we have to pass the bill, then we can read it away from all this fog, to see what is in it”? Obviously she said that for some reason such as, the House members did not know what was in it. The committee members are few who knew compared to the total members which number 435. Sorry but, that is a mantra Nan P. will be remembered for in history. Every Republican I know is still astonished that the “Speaker” made such an outrageous statement. It would be hilariously funny but, is really sad.

          • Daniel, and the left wings(the ones with the stinking armpits), NEVER EVER made up all the lies about pushing granny over the cliff.made sure they were transparent about their plans and give the public a chance to see if they wanted it or not? Nope because from that day til this..the only reason it has ever existed to sucker poor people into a vortex of lies to get votes…you low lifes would kill your own flesh and blood for votes.. BE proud..You know exactly what they stood for and what you stand for now…and with our last breaths..we will pray that OUR DJT will drive you scum even more nuts than you already are!!!

      • Nasty Nancy,,Chicken Chuck,, and Sorry ass George Soros all totaly worthless could become the 3 ugly stooges! George and Chuck make a good pair! Both arrogant Jews that do nothing but cause chaos and do everything for a buck!! Of course Nancy liked obumer care! She invested in the insurance companys they used! Insider trading but legal for them to do it! Flush them all!! Obumer care was voted unconstitutional today in Texas! Wasnt made to last anyway!

  8. In case anyone forgets that Chuck Schumer is all mouth and no action – here is a reminder of how Chuck really feels?

    That said he was offered a challenge to go down and walk the border with the agents ONE night – JUST ONE STINKING NIGHT – so far Schumer and Pelosi have continued to run their mouths -spew their brand of bullshit – and put their foots in their mouths – but have not responded to the Border Patrol’s gracious offer.

  9. The article lied, because people can see in the interview of Trump, Pelosi and Schumer, that Democrats have offered $1.6 BILLION for additional border security, same as last year. Don’t lie and say the Dems won’t come up with a penny.

    President’s Popularity, Dec. 15, 2018
    Number of the week: A new Fox News poll finds that only 38% of voters said they would re-elect President Donald Trump if the election were held today. A majority, 55%, said they would vote for someone else.
    That’s in line with previous Fox News polls, which also found that a majority of voters wanted someone else to be president.

    • Gee, J.D. When you “spin” you really go full force. Let’s take those polls-did you ignore the fact that Trump’s approval rate is 47%, higher than BOTH Obama and Bush in this period. As for the 37% that would re-elect him, it’s 39%, and NO democrat of the 30 or more supposedly running has scored more than 12%. Re: the democrats not giving one penny toward the wall, well J.D. Did you once again “forget” that it was dicey Nancy Pelosi who said this? We finally have a President who means what he says and attempts to follow thru. Perhaps he is not always successful, but not surprising with the way politics works. We appreciate President Trump looking out for US instead of allowing MS-13 thugs and other criminals in to our country thru liberal “open border” policies. I’ve long said that democrats would NOT leave their front door open, but have no problem with our borders being open and our laws ignored or abused.

      • Trump’s approval rating is not 47%, that is pure spin. Some polls do vary in results, so it is best to read the and see the polls all stacked together. The website even shows how those numbers vary in time since Trump became president. Actually some Democrats have scored about 12% – -but when you have over 20 running, you dramatically do have the numbers very low.

        And speaking of data – – -evidence indicates that few to none of the migrats are MS-13 thugs and you are lying about saying Democrats want “open borders.” IN fact, IF you were smart, you might get some Democrats and Independents to support your position of limiting illegal immigration – – but all Trumpers have done is focused on a wall as the main option.

        • Interesting, when interviewed some of those people, in the caravan stated there were many criminals with them, including MS 13 members. The DHS reported there were over 600 known criminals, in the group.

    • Dr. J. D., how can you quote these ridiculous polls when you can see with your own eyes the millions of people that show up to see and hear him when he speaks. Not in 1 state, but many. The majority want Trump for President, we voted for him. He won dispute all the phoney votes the cheating democrats put in. If they didn’t cheat he would have won by a landslide. Schumer offered $1.6 for the wall, not the democrats. He took it back when he made his speech and said, if Mexico is going to pay for the wall, the President doesn’t need any government funds. Which is BS. Trump renegotiated our trade deals with Mexico that they pay their fair share and, still are ahead in the deal. But, we will make double the money from them over the next few years. That’s how Mexico will pay for it. We put the money up front, and get it back from Mexico. Its a common business deal and one that works great for everyone. Trump needs what he’s asking for up front to build. Why can Schumer and all the corrupt democrats allow Obama to give billions to Iran, the country that rants death to Americans, and not want to protect our people and country with a wall? The whole thing stinks coming from the democrats.

      • Bonnie KH,

        There was enough given to Iran to build three walls nation wide.Trump has said he can the build the total required wall for $25.000,000,000.00 What Obama funneled to Iran was $150,000,000,000.00 Cash flown in on pallets.I do not remember  him needing or getting congressional approval for that?Also the billions in our top of the line military  equipment sent to Iraq that was handed over to ISIS  y the Iraqi running away troupes no doubt under orders of Mailki. 
        have to wonder who gave him the the orders to abandon that equipment ?
        All will now be addressed in coming months. 
         AKA oldkoreanwarvet

    • Yes they did, unfortunately that’s not enough for a concrete wall high enough and long enough! I will vote for Donald Trump in 2020*

  10. Shut down the Government screw the liberals and Democrats in the house of representatives they have no power and the left does not care about the American people. They care more about illegals than the American people.

    • Preach it bruh…if the Government is shut down, the Democrat/Liberals will have that much less time to carry out their bullshit “investigations(85 at last count)…no money, no investigations!!! How much more simple can it be and the Democrats still don’t get it…LMAO!

  11. How about WE, THE PEOPLE tear down the walls around EVERY DEMOCRAT voter, supporter and donor?

    Should be an interesting reaction.

    • The shock of TV crews recording the talks between President Trump, Senator Schumer, and Rep Pelosi, was very evident. Democrats do not want to clearly state their case before the American people. Yet, they want to use little catch phrases, blended with lies/opinions to sway public opinions about the wall. Likewise, much of the news, including false news, want to slant things to favor destruction of our founding documents and laws. If no additional funding is provided for the wall, this may be worked through the Department of Defense, who can build fortifications against foreign invasions from the south. Aggressive behavior is aggressive behavior, whether it is nukes of rocks thrown at our border agents. Our President has authority and responsibility to protect our homeland from invasions. He can do this through both DOD, Homeland Security and other agencies. Our Coast Guard can be built up with more assault helicopters to patrol critical areas, until the wall/fortifications are built. U.S. Marshalls can also be increased and better equipt to handle this invasion threat from the south. Democrat lies will not stop this invasion. We must have force and borders. The time is at hand, Democrats – Fish or Cut Bait. Your actions are being observed by voters. If you advocate ignoring our laws, youy support anarchy.

  12. Most of us don’t care who pays for the wall. We just want it built. But it would certainly save a lot of tax dollars being paid out to foreign nationals currently residing in the United States. And save any money that would be paid out to future invaders.

    • That’s correct, but I think the biggest threat to Mexico would be, if there is a wall (a big wall) then there will be less drugs coming into this country thereby less US money going to the Mexican drug cartels. That alone would would build a wall the whole length of the southern boarder plus and I mean a big plus and that is to build a wall to fence in Calipornigate.

  13. If the American public (legitimate voters) voted on this major issue, it would pass by a landslide, which would include a majority of Democrats. Congress you all should start to listen to American Citizens !

      • Daniel, You quote just another liberal poll! Liberals have ruined the ability to have anyone pay attention to the polls you use to prove a liberal point of view.
        News flash, Republicans actually have enough intelligence to see the polls you quote and to check “equally balanced” polls for ourselves.
        You keep trying and we keep checking and verifying.
        When will liberals realize some polls are far from honest?

        • Thanks, Daniel, other polls say the same thing – – the majority of Americans, whether is is 57% or 53%, still say they do NOT WANT to build Trump’s wall. As to your question, the Real M, we know better than you do (I was educated and was a research director for several studies) about how some polls are less accurate, that is why we encourage people to look at the SUMMATION OF ALL POLLS, WHICH CAN BE SEEN ON FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM. The overall picture is that Trump’s popularity hovers around 38-43%, with the vast majority of pools showing that majority of people view Trump unfavorably. See Fox poll I quoted above.

        • Fortune Magazine is a liberal magazine? Who knew? There are many polls out there and they all say that the majority of the people don’t want the wall. I’m certain they want border security but they probably believe like me that it’s a stupid idea that won’t work and requires the government to seize private property.

  14. Not one person ever points out how much each illegal costs the taxpayers per month. If the wall keeps out the illegals we would save 100s of thousands of taxpayer dollars each month because the money they take for welfare, food stamps, free medical, Section-8, etc would not be stolen by them. Also, the money they receive while working “off the books” would stay here not be sent back to their relatives in their home country.

    • WRONG!!!
      It would not save 100’s of thousands of dollars per month! It would save 100’s of BILLIONS of dollars each month! Seventy % of illegal aliens require assistance costing an average of $72,000/year/each.

    • William J Vital, I have been for sometime pointing out the huge expense illegals cost the American taxpayer, such as 63% of them are on welfare from the time they criminally enter the Country! As well as the fact we have vets, and needy people, both of which are citizens, that we can’t properly care for. We have citizens at the poverty level who need help also.
      Thank you for stating money a lot of them earn in US is going home to their families! I don’t know why I have not thought to include that in my comments.

    • Yes tax payer’s dollars, drugs, violence and human trafficking. Then we have to pay for them to be have jaied! Vicious painful circle of BS!

    • Great idea Wayne! Or you could just have a Gofundme site and people with less money can contribute smaller donations to total the amount needed. You might some Democrats might even donate to that fund too.

      • I’ll donate…!!! Just give me a chance. I’ll bet if someone was to honestly start a #GoFundMe account for that purpose, it would be DAYS, not weeks or years before the initial $5Billion was raised…then you could take that poll you just vommited up and stick it up your ass!!!

    • We need a vote, I argue with liberals constantly, and at least half of them oppose illegal entry. Look there are two opposing factors here liberals and the left. You are not separating them. The left opposes walls since their Globalist, liberals are patriotic bleeding hearts but not totally nuts.

    • I’ll call bullsh** on that fake survey!! Don’t have any idea who paid for that survey, but I’m sure they are satisfied with the results! Building the wall was the number one issue that got Donald Trump elected and it’s still the number one issue….illegals pouring across our borders along with record amounts of drugs is not acceptable to sane, clear thinking Americans. Getting illegals out of our country and off the taxpayer dole would be savings enough in one year to pay for President Trump’s wall. Ask yourself why democraps are so adamantly opposed to such a logical process???? Ask yourself why democraps oppose photo ID’s to vote, but have no problem with being required to show a photo ID for something as mundane as renting a hotel room for a night. If you think long and hard about this, you might start to see lights flickering behind your pupils.

  15. Saying Mexico will pay for a border wall is just another one of CRAZY donald’s Sick Minded Delusions! Not to mention the repeated threat of shutting down the goverment is also just another trump Hissy Fit thrown by a Spoiled, Whiny, Emotionally Inmature Brat Over not getting his own way, 100 percent. So typical of Mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & all of his Republican Butt Kissers. Thank God the rest of America is finally getting their eyes open about that Oval Office Insane Crap Shit & His current Legalized, Dime A Dozen, Gutter Whore!


    • Betty – Why is it when there a brainless comment I can count on it coming from a female. You know, these females who think they are “superior” to the white male.

    • The crap started with the perverts by the name of Clinton then it was passed over to the obamas. Neither
      family wants to stay out of politics because of their lust for power and money. They should be punished
      for their crimes against the citizens of the United States.
      Perhaps the word I should use is for treason.

    • You are an EVIL person and a libturd I am assuming a Demoncrat your kind can all go to Hell that is where you all belong there you can worship the bastard the devil your kinds true ruler of this world or you wake up and realize truth but for your kind that is hard to do Go Trump WE THE PEOPLE HAVE YOUR BACK

    • I am definitely not been a Trump supporter, but I do ASK you quit calling Melania names – – – she is not a whore, she seems to be doing a fine job as first lady. While I am a Democrat, there is a sense of fairness and I think Melania has done nothing wrong and seems to be a good first lady. It seems we ALL should rise to a level of getting past personal attacks. If you do not like what Trump does, focus of actions and issues. Please.

      • Thank you for stating that. Even Michele Obama is so jealous she can’t keep her snarky comments to herself. NEVER has there been a former Pres & 1st Lady that refuse to stay out of the news while constantly criticizing the sitting President. No manners, no class, and can’t accept defeat.

    • My congressman just sent a newsletter quoting data at how many immigrants per day get past the wall that is already built. If built, are you gonna wall up the entire coastline of the rest of America too?

    • Eric Granberg,
      There is nobody on the Republican side who is recommending a wall without “people”. Everyone knows that it is the greatest physical barrier and of course will be augmented by border patrol agents, electronic devices, trucks and aerial drones (as The Donald said – he doesn’t think anyone is more familiar with drone technology than him; but as you are saying ‘only drones without a wall’ wouldn’t work as a good deterrent. It is very sad that Pelosi and Shumer couldn’t even publicly recognize that there is a border crisis situation and were so rude to Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielson when they were included in a white house briefing by Prez Trump. They can’t make the crisis or the new horde of caravanners go away simply by ignoring it; as though they were children put to bed with no ice cream and say ‘I will imagine that there is no ice cream.’ Time for adult reckoning democrats.

  16. Yes I am a Christian this morning as I got out of bed the holy spirit spoke to me about Nancy Pelosi has not got all her votes for being speaker of the house so it be every funny if the others say no because I saw into the spirit to Nancy a door get shut on her by God himself so watch what happen to her before she gets voted in again the holy spirit does not like to me I saw him do to that nasty Stacey Abrams door get shut to that’s why she didn’t get the votes God’s not for these evil democrats

  17. When President Trump had Nancy & Chuck in the White House and the press was allowed in, he should have played the video of them being pro border wall. The msm , unless they really wanted to provide proof to the American people they are Fake News, would have to report on the videos of the Dems calling for border wall.
    Now we have these illegals trying to extort money to leave the US/ MX border, talk about nerve. They want to invade our country and demand payment not to. I’d break out the water hoses and give them all a much needed bath.


    • Because the republicans wanted one. Sorry folks I think you dems are going to lose big. I will put a large tent in Shumsh—s yard and Pilloser and move I. 50 illegals each. They can feed and house them with their money .

  19. Let get to the bottom line: it is much, much cheaper to put up the wall than paying all the illegal aliens in America. This is the irrevocable fact that 62% of all the aliens residing in America are on the US welfare.

    And … the migrants standing outside of the border demand that we are to pay $50,000 each to go home, or else. Blackmail. The white liberals must be suffering their white guilt for being white. Many liberal universities are offering the anti-white culture courses. The political correctness crap are now ending the Hollywood comedian careers. They are not allowed to offend the minorities. Blah, blah, blah endlessly.

    We are living the “1984” society. Big Brother’s watching you.

    Time to end it.

    • or can it be that 51% of the us don’t want the wall; and you say because of welfare is why they are here that is simple to stop by simply change the regulations so only people allowed the receive any entitlements in the us are us citizens, and also before they are allowed in do as they do for legal immigration, and i do know because after my dad passed a few years later she remarried a bloody brit and hes a nut but she had to prove she had finances to support til he got to work, and a cost of over 20 grand so if they had to do that how isn’t it fair for those trying to get into the country be faced with the same choices or turn around and don’t come back and those who do meet the qualifications be issued a us id card and then if caught in a crime breaches your citizenship request and deported, if caught without deported, the problem is solved

      • Have to agree with Daniel here on that. Many Mexicans work in my neighborhood and are some of the hardest working people I have ever seen, doing many jobs that Americans will not take – – and some of the hardest jobs in America. One thing many of you are not calculating in is how WE benefit from a great deal of their labor – – like for construction, agriculture, roofing, fences, digging, landscaping etc..

        • LMAO…dude listen to yourself!!!YOU just admitted that the jobs that ILLEGALS do are jobs that are taken from LEGAL citizens…we have a $21Trillion deficit, and your saying we can pay this off by bringing in ILLEGALS and let them work so we can pay this off? Hmmm, how do you think we got into this mess to begin with? Kennedy, and then LBJ started his “Great Society” handouts, and welfare and its escalated ever since…let’s face the facts OK…the Liberals have killed off their voter base with the 61 Million babies they’ve killed over the last 43 years, and they need an influx of new voters to replace them…THEM ARE THE SAD, BUT TRUE FACTS….GOOGLE THAT!!!!

      • That 62% illegals on welfare came from an article, I saw it as well but I remembered it as being 63%. I googled an article that stated 49% of LEGALS are on welfare. That being the case I can easily believe illegals would be at least 14% higher!

        • The article has a strange definition for welfare because undocumented immigrants are ineligible for welfare. “Unauthorized immigrants are ineligible for most major federally-funded safety net programs.” ( “Key safety net programs, including the cash welfare program Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program), and the means-tested disability program Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are available only to “qualified” immigrants and citizens (see here for a review). They are prohibited from non-emergency Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and the Medicare program.”

    • but the worst is trump they have at least 5 different case coming in on trump and know his answer is you can’t charge a sitting president for everything, we thats easy enough to solve, and for your information no its not just mueller, you need to listen to both sides not just one side and say its the truth, why do you think trump is giving money as they say, while saying i won;t be here when it explodes, if worried of that why isn’t he trying to lower the national debt instead of keep forking it out

  20. Trump is likely right about the Cost Savings for the new Mexico Trade deal offsetting the cost of the Wall. That would be an interesting statistic to measure for the American people to see on an ongoing basis: How much is spent on the Wall versus how much is saved with Mexico. That would definitely let Democrats and the Communist Media begin to eat their words every day.

    • but how do you renegotiate a deal you just made and if that is that simple why didn’t he do it in the first place since they have been saying the same thing for 2 years

  21. Schumer is a pushover Khazarian mafia punk for the Rothschilds. He reeks of English Leather cologne and frightened children. He and botox Pelosi shows how far down the toilet American television fans have let things go. Kill your British agent CFRtv and report for duty. Your country needs you educated and aware, not hep to genetic slag on the TV.

  22. Shut this government and build the wall. Mexico can pay for it later when all other agreements are met. Pelosi Schumer Shiff Waters warren all need to be impeached. They took an oath to defend this country and the Constitution and they are not doing it. Ryan McConnel and all the other Republicans need to get behind this president right now or impeach them too. If we do not secure this border there is going to countries marking across it soon. Countries that can do damage.

  23. We should have a WALL, we cannot keep letting in people that have nothing to give our country except taken care of them, we don`t have that to give to them…..Our people need our help, not illegals. Amen.

    • Maybe we should cut off ALL welfare EXCEPT to the handicapped, disabled and elderly. That would save a lot of money and discourage illegals from trying to force their way in. It’s about time our people got off their duffs and worked too.

  24. It sure is very odd, that the DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP were in favor of building the wall. Presidents Clinton and Obama wanted a wall built, they said the same things that President Trump wants for the safety of America. Both addressed the congress when giving their interpretation of stating the wall was needed, also HILARY VOTED FOR THE WALL WHEN SHE THE SENATOR FROM NEW York! THE DEMOC-RATS are showing their true colors, it is all about defeating TRUMP! I SAY CALL FOR THE vote, ANY PERSON, EITHER DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN THAT DOES NOT VOTE FOR THE 5B THAT TRUMP WANTS TO BUILD THE WALL WILL BE DEFEATED. The safety of the citizens is of top importance! SCHUMER

  25. Liberals lie, cheat, create freak shows and violence…AND COMMIT PERJURY TO STOP A SCOTUS JUDGE. Why would anyone believe liberals?

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