Chuck Schumer instantly regretted crossing this line on the coronavirus

The mysterious coronavirus continues to spread across the globe.

Fears of a worldwide pandemic rise every hour.

Democrats are trying to weaponize this virus against Donald Trump. But Chuck Schumer instantly regretted crossing this line on the coronavirus.

In a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday, Senator Schumer falsely claimed the Trump administration had no plan to deal with the coronavirus.

“Here in the United States, the Trump administration has been caught flat-footed. The administration has no plan to deal with the coronavirus, no plan and seemingly no urgency to develop one,” Schumer declared.

“The Trump administration is scrambling to respond. We have a crisis, and the Trump administration is trying to build an airplane while already in mid-flight,” Schumer added.

This was false.

The Trump administration has a plan for a flu pandemic that they can build on to deal with the coronavirus.

In addition, back in January the President instituted travel restrictions that banned travel from the province in China for anyone who was there two weeks prior to the implementation of the new travel rules.

American citizens coming from Wuhan also needed to spend 14 days in quarantine.

The President ripped Schumer for his lies and hypocrisy in a post on social media.

President Trump wrote, “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is complaining, for publicity purposes only, that I should be asking for more money than $2.5 Billion to prepare for Coronavirus. If I asked for more he would say it is too much. He didn’t like my early travel closings. I was right. He is incompetent!”

So far, the administration’s actions to contain the spread of the coronavirus have worked.

There are still only 14 transmitted cases of the coronavirus in America.

The other more than 40 Americans infected with the coronavirus were evacuated back into the country from overseas.

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