Chuck Schumer is about to score one win that is bad news for Donald Trump

Democrats are planning a strategy of total war to bring down Donald Trump in 2020.

There isn’t one avenue of attack the Left won’t explore.

And Chuck Schumer is about to score one win that is bad news for Donald Trump.

Deep down Democrats know Donald Trump stands a strong chance of winning re-election in 2020.

Their backup plan is to win control of the U.S. Senate and use their new majority to erect a blockade that stops all of Donald Trump’s judicial nominations and every aspect of his “Make America Great Again” agenda.

Democrats need to flip at least four seats to seize back power in the Senate and on that front Chuck Schumer and his allies may be on the verge of a candidate recruiting coup.

Schumer and his allies put the full court press on former Montana Governor Steve Bullock to run for Senate once Bullock ended his Presidential campaign.

Bullock initially refused, but now there are signs Bullock may be reconsidering his decision.

POLITICO exclusively reported:

Bullock has repeatedly denied interest in running for the Senate, both when he launched his presidential campaign last year and after he dropped out of the race after failing to gain traction. But in recent days, Democrats are starting to believe the two-term governor could jump in the race to challenge GOP Sen. Steve Daines, a move that would expand the Senate map for Democrats by giving them another battleground target in their bid to take back the chamber.

Bullock has not publicly indicated an interest in the race, and it is not certain Bullock will run, according to multiple Democratic sources. But the increased interest marks a serious departure from the previous widespread belief that recruiting Bullock into the race was a long shot. After his presidential run, he said he would not be running for Senate, and it was “just not what I want to do.”

Bullock was a former two-term Governor of Montana who pretends to be a moderate.

Democrats believe he gives them their strongest chance of unseating Republican incumbent Steve Daines.

With Republicans likely to unseat Democrat incumbent Doug Jones in Alabama, Democrats need to expand the map and pick up additional seats if they hope to install Chuck Schumer as majority leader and block Donald Trump’s second term agenda.

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