Chuck Schumer is in deep trouble after one major mistake

Democrats were counting on a blue wave in November.

Those plans are on hold.

And Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are in big trouble because of this major mistake.

Democrats have fully embraced the concept of open borders as a means to fire up their base before the November midterm elections.

But they are moving beyond rhetorical support for mass migration and open borders.

Democrats in the Senate are introducing legislation that will mandate a national “catch and release” policy.

Breitbart reports:

Senate Democrats are rallying behind a “family reunification” bill which promises a policy of catch-and-release for nearly all migrants who bring their children over the border.

The bill would allow the migrant parents to stay in the United States until their children’s legal pleas are finally resolved. That legal stay could last for several years if the courts’ existing two-year backlog of 700,000 cases is increased by many migrants eager to accept the Democrats’ catch-and-release invite.

The bill would also allow more migrants to simply walk away from courtroom hearings and into the nation’s population of at least 11 million illegal migrants.

This policy is horribly unpopular.

A Harvard poll found 55 percent of Americans opposed “catch and release.”

While supporting open borders could fire up Democrats to vote it could also boomerang on them.

Republican voters will see that the November contest is between the Democrats who want a flood of illegal aliens and Republicans campaigning on Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda.

That could be enough to boost GOP enthusiasm and keep the Senate in Republican hands.

We will keep you up-to-date on every new development in the 2018 midterm elections.