Chuck Schumer issued a demand to Amy Coney Barrett. This was her answer

On Day two of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings Democrats became increasingly desperate.

As Democrat Senator after Democrat Senator failed to lay a glove on Barrett, Chuck Schumer stepped up.

And Chuck Schumer issued a demand to Amy Coney Barrett. This was her answer.

Chuck Schumer wrote on social media that Amy Coney Barrett should recuse herself from any relation cases.

Democrats are falsely claiming Barrett cannot be objective on election law cases because Donald Trump nominated her.

During the hearing, Delaware Democrat Chris Coons picked up on Schumer’s ultimatum and pressed Barrett to recuse herself if any cases about voter fraud or counting mail-in ballots reached the Supreme Court.

Barrett smacked this down by explaining that it was outrageous that anyone would suggest she was a political hack who would use partisanship as the sole basis to decide a case that could determine which side wins the Presidency.

“I certainly hope that all members of the committee have more confidence in my integrity than to think that I would allow myself to be used as a pawn to decide this election for the American people,” Barrett responded.

What Democrats are really worried about are Supreme Court challenges to their attempts to have Democrat judges in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin rewrite election laws to allow extended periods of time to count votes so the Biden campaign can come up with enough mail-in ballots to swing those states and the Presidency to Biden.

Barrett could provide the fifth vote to stop this illegal power grab so Democrats want to smear her in hopes that her public image is so tainted she has no choice but to recuse herself.

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