Chuck Schumer just created a giant mess that left Joe Biden wondering what hit him

Democrats thought momentum in the election was on their side.

That ground to a halt.

And Chuck Schumer just created a giant mess that left Joe Biden wondering what hit him.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton asked for unanimous consent for the Senate to pass a resolution condemning the police killing George Floyd but also condemning the movement to defund the police.

“We must reject radical proposals to dismantle and defund police departments as some suggested. […] Defunding the police would be deadly. It isn’t a solution but an insult to good officers and a threat to law-abiding citizens,” Cotton declared.

But Chuck Schumer objected and blocked the resolution.

“The great worry so many Americans have is that so many on the other side will feel rhetoric and then try to let this go away. We demand action, and we demand it now. Real action, not rhetoric,” Schumer fumed.

“The resolution by my friend will do nothing. Nothing. It is rhetoric,” Schumer added.

Prominent Democrats like Joe Biden claim they oppose defunding the police.

But when Democrats were put to their first real test on defunding the police Chuck Schumer – their leader in the Senate sided with the radicals trying to dismantle American law enforcement.

Trump warned that a hypothetical President Biden would get dragged to the Left on defunding the police.

Chuck Schumer proved this to be true.

Biden is a weak candidate that far-left Democrats think they can make into their vessel to fundamentally transform America into a socialist nation.

And on Wednesday, Schumer provided ample evidence that those worst fears for millions of Americans will come true.

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