Chuck Schumer just got the bad news that could doom the Democrats to defeat

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are fighting tooth-and-nail to seize control of the Senate.

If Schumer were to be installed as Majority Leader he could block Donald Trump’s agenda and launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

But Schumer just got the bad news that may doom him to defeat.

After months of lobbying by conservatives, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell canceled the August recess.

Breitbart reports:

Senators who were scheduled to leave Washington on August 3 and return after Labor Day will now work for the remainder of the month.

In response to the announcement, outgoing Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) tweeted, “This is excellent news.” We have lots to do.”

This is bad news for Schumer and the Democrats.

They need to flip two seats to win the Senate.

But they have ten incumbents running for re-election in states Trump won.

Canceling the August recess means those Democrats’ Republican challengers will have the playing field all to themselves on the campaign trail.

Incumbent Democrats will lose valuable time to fundraise and campaign during the month of August.

And they will also be forced to take another month’s worth of votes to give their Republican challenges ammunition for campaign ads that they are obstructionists who only work against – and not with – the President.

Do you agree with Mitch McConnell’s decision to cancel the August recess?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. The Dems should not use taxpayers time to do fund raising so they can get re-elected.
    It is time for all the Dems to take a long look at themselves and see what they have become that makes the American voter not want to vote for them. They have bad leaders of their party and they only see not showing up to vote as the way to handle things.
    In the history books of the future they will see things written they may not want to be associated with. I wish them well and most of all their health as it seems they are all having problems.

  2. The only reason why it’s bad news for Cryin’ Chuckie, is because the poll numbers are low for him, from what I understand. This just might be his last rodeo!! That would be good news for us, since I’m sick of those glasses of his, and his FAKE tears!! I was also sickened by him telling off a woman in a high-end restaurant, because she didn’t agree with him politically!! Some nerve to cause a scene!! He started with this stuff, way before anyone else started to go up to people and speak their minds. I’ve never cared for him all these years, and I’ll be thrilled if the voters in his area wised-up and voted him out, as did the voters for Pelosi, Waters, and Feinstein!!

  3. I don’t know why we’re still talking impeachment here. It can never happen. The President would have to commit a crime while in office to even begin such proceedings. Impeachment’s not even on the radar. The media keep bringing it up just to try and plant the idea in our minds. Stupid media, stupid idea.

  4. I most definitely agree with ole Mitch. It’s too bad he needed to be prodded to do it by several other Senators. But, at least he did it. All of Congress gets too much time off anyway. And by the way, I would like to see President Trump tell the Dems that if they don’t start doing the job they were up there for, then until they do, no pay.Period And when they finally get the message and start doing their jobs, there will be no back pay for the time they wasted making up their mind to do their job. Something has got to be done to stop the mayhem from the left and Rhinos. And it always seems to work, when you hit the old pocketbook.

    • Ha, you guys believe all this crap about this being bad for Schumer and the democrats? This proves what a snake McConnell really is. The cancellation of their recess is doubly bad for Republicans and mainly for Trump. While Obummer was able to make appointments under the pretext of “recess appointments” without senate approval, Trump will not be able to do that now. Canceling their recess means the senate will be there to vote yes or no. An other block against Trump filling his organization with people he wants.

      • So delusional Quixtop. Trump is doing the right things. McConnall is doing what’s best for the government. Just think… if it wasn’t for this Senate loss of vacation time, there are more democrats available to make fools of themselves… Case in point, Pelosi and Waters….

      • Ahh..Quixtop, Does your Ward Nurse know you’ve left the premises? Your obviously over-medicated and drinking too much of your facilities Kool-aid. Go back and get your shots and settle down. This discussion is W-a-a-y over your head.

      • Ah..Q-tip … IF, what U say occurs…it would be a Death Sentence for the Dumbocrats come election time. Already, their hang’n on by their fingernails, due to their errant and divisive behavior, with thanks to that Palooka, Pelosi’ and ‘Raging’ Maxine Waters. Your party has degraded markedly.


    • 12 years total seems to be very reasonable and 4year/3year seems to be more workable also. I think the 2 year for the House is too hard on the candidates $ and time wise.

  6. Everyone knows how bad you demos are. I think they need to fire all of you so Pres. Trump can get his job done. And I mean all Demos.

  7. AMEN!on your comment. That’s why I say that they need to be replaced with members that will work with President Trump and his whole administration.

  8. I totally agree with you on that part. The quicker President Trump can drain the swamp, the better off we will be, and hopefully, President Trump can be able to get his agenda fulfilled.

  9. What everyone needs to do is, research everyone that is running for an office in the Government, weather they are Democrat or Republican, and we need to vote to replace everyone of the long over stayed Senators.

    I believe that we need some new blood in Congress for a change. The Senators that are in office, have been there way two long and they need to be replaced with someone new to serve the American people. Then maybe, things would get done a whole lot better with new blood in office than what we are getting done with crooked Democrats, because they think that they deserve to stay in office past their elected time.

    The more new blood that we have within the Democrats and the Republicans, things should be able to get done for the better for every American and the United States of America.

    • I agree with you most heartily! BUT we MUST somehow….someway rid ourselves of the long term bureaucrats that make policy as they see fit. They are the algae in the swamp! DRAIN IT!

  10. I certainly hope they will get some actual work done for the people. Besides the tax bill and executive orders, I’ve mostly watched and listened to them pass the buck. If Trump had just a little help from the house and Senate, more of our domestic issues would already be resolved.

  11. I am very proud of Senate McConnell making this decision to keep everyone in office during August, so that they can get some of President Trump’s agenda filled.

    Democrats think they are always guaranteed to have their time out of the office to campaign so that they can do everything in the world to take control of the different divisions of the House.

    Democrats will only make things worse if they would to ever get control. They do not want to continue seeing things improving for every American. They wanted everything to stay just like it was with former President Obama’s administration. They were praying that Hilliary Clinton was going to win the election in 2016, however, I am glad that she didn’t win, because we would be worse than what we are now.

    I am proud to have President Trump as my new President, and having Melania as my new FLOTUS. Vice President Mike Pence and his administration are doing wonders just like President Trump!

    I am praying that he will continue doing what he is doing! I am proud of his visit with North Korea this week.

  12. While them staying in DC is good because they will be doing their job it is bad that they will be there to WASTE even more of OUR tax dollars. Hopefully they will not spend much and they will fill the Court positions as we need them.

    • I’ll bet if their paychecks were stopped until they got their mean and lazy butts in gear to get some positive action going in favor of “What the People Want” they would move a lot faster at getting things done and getting them done right. Some serious and and long overdue house cleaning needs to happen. Our President calls it “DRAINING THE SWAMP” He means the “DEEP STATE” which is running our country that no one knows about because everyone is covering it up. I mean the “SHADOW GOVERNMENT”.Get a Copy of Killing the Deep State by Jerome R. Corsi if you want to really get a horrifying picture of what Trump is up against. He knew this before he took this on and he did it anyway and he isn’t even getting paid for it. That’s true Patriotism. Everyone PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS TRUMP!!!!!!

  13. I don’t trust McConnell any more than I trust Schumer. The only difference is I actually hate Schumer. Both need to go and never return. McConnell needs to demonstrate that he actually wants to get things done and to stop playing his political games. If the democrats pull a filibuster on any bill, McConnell needs to invoke the cloture rule. If he can’t get 60 Senators to agree then we need a new leader and need to throw out the republicans that are causing the problem.

  14. So SEn Mc Turtle makes a SHOWBOAT policy after allowing the SENATE to work 3 1/2 a week for YEARS…. DA SCHMUCK just to prove what a NUMB NUTS he is declares .. well “WE’LL DO NOTHING” BUT FILIBUSTER and Mitch the Turtle will THROW BOURBON PM parties while doing NOTHING on HC…IMMIGRATION>> BORDER Protection and a BUDGET … SEND IN THE CLOWNS !!!!Do not BOTHER they’re HERE !!!

  15. I agree with the decision to stay in the work mode throughout August. The obstruction mongering Democrats need to advance the held up approvals for Cabinet members. Check your Trump Derangement Syndrome and Trump Hatred at the door when you are conducting business for your constituents! Pollute your political world on your own time!

    • So they’ll do nOTHING….Why let the SEnate work only 3 1/2 days aweek before august since LAST Year?? Is it time for TERM IMITS and CESSPOOL FLUSHING of all these CLOWNS?

    • So they’ll do nOTHING….Why let the SEnate work only 3 1/2 days aweek before august since LAST Year?? Is it time for TERM IMITS and CESSPOOL FLUSHING of all these CLOWNS?

  16. McConnell should end the filibuster and get every appointment on hold a vote. Then, when they do go on recess, the President should recess appoint every single one still on hold.

    • Mitch the itch isn’t doing this for any other reason than to save his own hide. He should have been gone a LONG time ago. Along with chucky upchuck schumer! It is LONG PAST time for TERM limits. piglosi, feinstien, schumer, maxine waters and a whole host of self serving democraps have needed retiring eons ago! And I DO mean eons!!!

  17. McConnell has finally done something right. It may have some political implications and side benefits but the main thing is that this will force the Senate to get some work done.

    • No it won’t — it will do so only if the Democrats end their obstructionism. It may just be another month of the Senate’s not earning their pay.

      The President should consider submitting a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Senate and transfer their unique powers to the House.


      • I agree with you on “The Obstructionist Party” name. Chuck Schumer is always wailing away every time he opens his dam mouth. He is a disgusting person.


    • Have you noticed that Schu & Mule-Head have the same evil look……….That same look is rampant among the DEMS/RINOS………..

  20. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter, as the Democrats won’t show up anyway, just like they did before. So it is a mute point. They will take off the time anyway and try to cite some ridiculous reasons why.

  21. The RINOs have been a disappointment. The GOP will be brought to the dirt if these RINOs are not gone. Trump is there to make real changes for the good of USA. Without someone like him this country is doomed in every way. RINOs have proven they are for self interest. APPROVE Trump’s people NOW.

  22. IF the senators got their pensions and benefits paid for by their home state, those from California would NOT run for reelection. I read the CA debt it $1.7 TRILLION?
    We need to quit funding their projects on smaller states money. They have made California a state I can’t legally visit! My truck I drive in Alabama would get me arrested on several charges, I think? My gun rack in the cab for a few. Can’t carry my pistol in CA. I’ll never visit California, even if I could.
    I love how industry is moving to Alabama, from CA.
    The dems all need to be locked up, what they are doing is treasonous!

  23. I believe that is about the first time I have seen McConnell do something worthwhile. Usually he just stonewalls bills that need to be brought to a vote and sits on them, without a vote. Maybe he woke up to the fact the president has been ill treated and not respected enough to have his nominees put up for a vote. Maybe we still need a new senate majority leader for the GOP, and hopefully it won’t be another RINO!

  24. Way to go McConnell finally. Lets see you guys get something done for
    the people who elected you and finally work with the President not
    against him. That trend is very self defeating for true Republicans.

  25. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finaly got something right. This is just punishment for the continuing obstruction perpetrated by Democrats. Let them figure out how to run campaigns while they are in Washington voting against a very popular President Trump. Democrat Senators are going to have a rough summer.

  26. Chuck the Schmuck is a loud mouthed useless person. He shot off his mouth instead of working and now has to give up his taxpayer funded month long vacation. Oh boohoo. The trouble is the demonazis have been trying to tell everyone what they should think and do and nothing else. They have done no work and produced nothing. Instead of working toward feasible solutions they just stomp their feet and scream I won’t. Kind of infantile don’t you think.

    • They all need to be replaced, prison if there is a god. The biggest Ponzi scheme social Security ; needs to be dis and balance the budget. Sadly there is no one in congress that has the brains to do it, there pockets was the only thing they cared about, rich mans welfare in congress needs to go.

  27. What have they done all year to deserve August vacation. Democrats have to work now to rid themselves of OBSTRUCTIONISM. They have hit the bottom of the barrel and don’t deserve to be in Congress at all.

  28. BIG step for McConnell, after all the democrats have not done much work in the last 18 months other then try and block our President, it is time they earn their paycheck, and if they can’t fire them. They are basically deadbeats anyway, also lazy, liars, anti-Trump. They deserve nothing accept to be fired. Between Fake News and evil democrats I pray they don’t get any votes in any of the states, this would surely make up a LOT for the scandals they have done against our President, his family, and his cabinet, and those he has appointed to seats, judges etc. They sit on their backsides and do nothing but waste time fighting about nothing, and trying to find new ways to get our President out of office. May God continue to Have Mercy on America and protect our president and keep him and staff safe, and also to speak to the American people and have them vote the right people into office even if it isn’t the party to whom they are registered. Thank you Father God for your handiwork in helping to Make America safe again, and giving President Trump the wisdom on how to get things done, and to clean the swamp out of all the crookedness, crimes, and evil that is there and ahs been for years. Help Americans take a stand for morals and standards and JUSTICE too. Thank You Father God….

  29. Yes – definitely they have plenty of work to get done that they have been HOLDING UP JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE TRUMP!!!!

  30. Dingy Harry had no problems exercising the power of this office when he held it. Leaders lead! Let the Dems jump up and down along with their acolytes in the MSM.
    Remember what Don Corleone said…’It’s not personal, it’s just business.’ Back in the day on the playground it was…..’Like it or lump it!’ MAGA

  31. It’s about time Mitch McConnell got off of his a** and did something. He has been screwing around for over a year now. The Senate under his tutelage has been a disaster, they only work about 2 hours a day. Come to work late and leave early to make up for it. If we increase our numbers in the Senate I sure hope we can replace him with a person that wants to MAGA.

  32. It’s about time that Mitch McConnell did something to help President Trump. He’s got to go, Mitch is too ineffective to lead anymore.

  33. I agree, if the Democratic would actually work during the year instead of thinking of way to embarrass themselves by trying to lick Trump out of office then maybe they would have time off. They are showing such a bad example to the kids in our country
    Your candidate does not win cry and become a bully

  34. When is leech, greedy Pruitt going to be fired!!?? I want my taxpaid money back so I can buy furniture that I need…just like he has now! He got a telephone booth and I don’t even have a cell phone!! Promise broken: DRAIN THE SWAMP!!

  35. Delay and delay and delay. How can the Democrats even say they have not been working toward this cancellation all year? If they complain about it, it’ll be a joke. It’s the Majority Leader’s job to get the business of government done and it’s the Democrats fault that it’s taking so much time.

    • Should have been done many times before now. They don’t get their work done, simple solution, stay and do it.
      Their job is NOT campaigning…it is the business of this Country. McConnell is doing the right thing, but sadly he has an ulterior motive having little or nothing at all to do with the Nation’s Business….but it is still a valid and possibly valuable move.

  36. Not only that the Democrats are pissed but also the RINOs need to start supporting Trump agenda. RINOs cannot be trusted. Vote them out!

    Get the real conservatives to the Senate and House of Rep.

    Trump 2020!

  37. What in the world is our Government about? How many recesses do the Senators get in one year? They haven’t accomplished anything so far except block everything that our President has tried to do. If they had a regular job they’s starve to death. Someone, anyone start a petition to put limits on the length of time these clowns can serve in the Senate or any other part of congress that has decision making authority. And while your at it there should not be a lifetime term for a Supreme Court Justice as well. Who ever thought that hair brained idea up must have been smoking something besides tobacco.

    • well you got no one to blame except the republicans who control all three houses of government. Total waste. vote them ALL out during midterms. they did NOTHING for middle class since in office – only huge tax breakes for themselves and the top 10% !!!

  38. Excellent idea!!! I love to see “chuckie” unhappy. That man looks like he should have horns and long pointed teeth. He might as well, you know he would love to attack us lol, chew on our fingers till we voted demoncrap. And nancy, that crazy hag is definitely a witch!

  39. I will never vote for a Democrat again, especially Chuck Schumer the big mouth jerk who goes to any length to create problems. Last time was JFK, after his terrible murder I switched.

  40. this is the best news of the century. Too bad so sad, if you had done your job in the first place, you could have had the whole month off. They really should assign someone else to fund raise as the DNC is broke and had to borrow 2m$ just to keep the lights on. Obama and Hillary bankrupted the DNC and should have to give up some of the ill gotten gains. Mitch finally did what was needed to be done because the appropriations bill has to be done before Sept 30th and there is a lot to do there plus all the appointment confirmations that should have been done 6 months ago. Doesn’t you heart bleed for those poor little ole demoncraps!

  41. Having to watch DA SCHMUCK and his Talking (D) Horses ASSES on TV over having to WORK in August .. al I heard was : WE:LL STAY AND VOTE” Meaning will vote “NO” as Usual on Everything including a BUDGET !! Some BLUE WAVE of IDIOTS that we have got !!!

  42. I agree with the cancelation, the DumboRATS have had an easy time with their obstruction BS. It is time to get something done to advance the approvals needed to advance the necessary functions of AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT.

    • Having to WORK more that 3 1/2 days a week seems to UPSET the DO NOTHING professional Pimps and Hookers of CONGRESS….Is Mc Turtle finally going to get THINGS DONE????

    • If Schuuuumer would have approved the appointments Trump put forth in a reasonable time frame they would be going on recess. Schuuumer deserves what they will get in November he thought he was smart but he is not. If the democrats loose seats Schuuumer is the blame.

      • This is a change of pace for Mitch, the RINO. He has done something right for a change. We gave him the power and this is a proper use for it. President Trump is the demo-commies worst nightmare. We back him and his great attorney.

        We need another Trump miracle on 07/01/2019.

  43. Voters need to do nothing but look at the politicians playing politics in WASHINGTON, D.C. to realize the CONGRESS continues to be the one ENTITY that causes our government to STAGNATE.

    The reason why is because whomever is PRESIDENT the opposing party will not cooperate, compromise, OR move our LEGISLATION forward. BLOCKING bills from moving into law, right now…TRUMP tries to fulfill promise made in the campaign…only to has JUDICIAL CHALLENGE to IMMIGTATION CONTROL…not a complete blockage of immigration…BUT A TEMPORARY SUSP6ENSION of immigration to place a model for INVESTIGATING possible terrorist infiltration of the immigrants…after that investigation…IMMIGRATION RETURNS TO NORMAL.

    THE SENATE…investigates and stagnates instead of pass legislation THAT will pass a budget, repair infrastructure, and keep social security viable!!

    Breaking this pattern of fighting against needed legislation by investigation and stagnation needs to be changed. VOTE ACCORDINGLY IN 2018-2020.




  44. Yes, they should work through the August recess and all other recesses in the future if needed. They should do the job they were sent to D.C. to do or be replaced at the voting precinct.

  45. I was beginning to think Mitch wasn’t going to do this.
    Excellent decision.
    It don’t matter to me if Dems can fundraise or campaign, they will never again get a vote from me. They’re deranged!!

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