Chuck Schumer just got the worst news of his life

Democrats think they can steal Congress this fall.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) thinks it’s a done deal that they are going to take back the House and Senate.

But Mitch McConnell just threw a giant wrench into their plans.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he plans to keep the Senate in session through October.

His goal is to force a vote on making the Trump tax cuts permanent.

Politico Writes:

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is planning to keep the chamber in session for a significant portion of October if not four entire weeks, costing Democrats key campaign trail days and allowing the Senate to continue its work into the fall, according to five Republican officials. The Kentucky Republican wants to keep cranking through as many lifetime judicial nominations and executive nominations as he can with his majority in balance and the GOP still with the unilateral ability to confirm President Donald Trump’s picks.

Moreover the Senate GOP has only two members who are considered vulnerable in the election: Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada. Democrats meanwhile, are defending 10 seats total in states that Trump won in 2016, with at least four considered extremely competitive.

Just looking at the numbers, Democrats are in deep trouble.

They are trying to hold on to 10 senate seats in states that President Trump won in 2016.

This is a double whammy for Chuck Schumer.

First, Democrats will be forced to actually do their job in Congress instead of spending time on the campaign trail.

Second, it will expose their hypocrisy when they inevitably vote against or outright block Trump’s America First agenda.

This could help keep seats red which will be key for President Trump to continue to drain the swamp the next six years.

We will keep you posted on these mid-term election races.



  1. Diane since you know so much about how the Democrats are going to win in this election do you know something that we don’t know did you accidentally slip up and reveal that the Democrats are going to be cheating with the election there going to be elections scams in their favor or oh my goodness I should have never said that my bad.

  2. Diane do you know something that we don’t know do you know that the Democrats are going to rig the election in favor of them is that something that sort of slipped out that you weren’t supposed to say anything about. You blow your mouth like you are so important and so smart, oh oh I slipped up.

  3. Democrats are working hard to energize brain dead voters to vote in November while at the same time discouraging republican and independent voters. This is a critical election. If we want to stay on the road to recovery and preserve our freedom we must have maximum turn out this November. It is time to stand up and be counted

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  4. Scummy is pathetic and needs to be gone, but I also question McConnell, the RINO he is. Remember his promise of repealing Obozocare before the election and his soon after it his statement of “we can’t do that.” He has accomplished nothing for the people just like “that’s not who we are” Ryan even after we gave them control. He continued cowering to the left. Now he’s trying to buy us with tax cuts. We’re not for sale McConnell.

  5. Just a friendly reminder to voters in Pennsylvania we need to get rid of Sleepy Bob Casey and Wolfe man.They have done abosulety nothing to improve our lives.Casey is an obstructionist and Wolf a sanctuary city proponent.Let’s get rid of both of them in November.

  6. Great news, the investigation may be much closer to reaching an end. It was just announced by ABC.News that Paul Manafort HAS reached a deal with Robert Mueller and the details will probably be coming out tomorrow when the court for trail #2 convenes.

    • f it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  7. WHY NOT push for EXPELLING THE DEMOCRATS involved with inviting, AND PAYING, the ‘protestors’.

    They showed ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT for the Senate, the CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATIONS to “Advise and Consent” on Judicial nominations.

    They spent MILLIONS to BUY A POSITION, treated their Oath of Office as a mere ‘ritual’.


    When 10 committee members AND the senate majority leader fighting to stay in the Senate, a lot more damage to the deep state than anything else!

  8. I keep asking about this MAGAgots and your chant – – when did America STOP being great so it needs to be “made great” again? From what GOP and Dems and even independents have been saying, America has been and is great since at least WWII, if not before! And why would a GREAT nation need to be made great when they are already THERE? is this a metaphor for when there was slavery and women could not vote?

      • when was this because most Americans did not seem to think it was screwed up? That is NOT a decent response – -give times and dates – – because most of us have lived through the last 30+ years and America still seemed pretty great?!

        • an experienced teacher,highly qualified rating teaching science, and laid off because of funding in Florida. 1500 job aplications. Loss of house,and truck, HOMELESS for 4 years. Tell me obamas economic plan worked. Did I mentioned a 20 year veteran.

          • 0h God, jCagle, I Surely Wish i could Help you. IFFF
            i had ‘salaries’ of, for EX: ‘sports players’/hollywood/
            politicians/msm etc YOU etc. Would Be Safe/ Roof/ Food/ Transpo.
            > But at least, it seems you have comm’s here. GOD Bless, EVERMORE.

        • Well from where I sit 2009 to 2017 sucked. Higher taxes, higher health premiums, more illegal aliens committing crimes, more regulations, increased deaths by suicide, numerous business closings etc,etc. Need I say more?

    • Obama took the GREAT out of the equation with his blathering APOLOGY TOUR…rendering the USofA the laughing stock in the eyes of the world! Obama let the GDP slide…and I ain’t talkin’ slide RULE! Obama sat on his thumbs and rotated with glee while Fast&Furious and Benghazi cost THE bravest of American lives! Obama did NOTHING to improve the plight of Blacks and Latinos! Obama shipped BILLIONS in washed multi-national currency under cover of darkness to Iran! Obama believes NOT in securing the borders of our SOVEREIGN nation! Obama decimated our military! Shall I go on?

      Check the stats, Timothy! TRUMP ran as the ‘agent of change’ and is keeping his promises across the board by UNdoing the unconscionable damage DONE at the hands of OBAMA! While Obama continues his UN-American speak at the heels of his BFF Farrakhan!

      TRUMP = 🇺🇸GREAT🇺🇸WEALTHY🇺🇸SAFE🇺🇸STRONG🇺🇸…AGAIN! This is for you, M!

      • Do not have times and dates, as requested, Timothy, but threw out a few fine EXAMPLES! Do I have your attention NOW? Life IS good…we are a FREE people in a FREE country…but there is ALWAYS room for improvement! IF ONLY the LEFT would knock off the assinine OBSTRUCT and RESIST…and see the RIGHT LIGHT! Americans ALL for America’s SAKE!

      • FUNKYMONKEY AKA PAMMYJAYKAY, Okay, now I understand your comment that I had complimented you under another name! This is a great comment also, and give old Timothy Hades by holding his feet to the fire. You do good work, so keep it going. I know, it is a constant battle, isn’t it? (I have to be careful to not let blogging take over my life. I am so passionate about the direction of our Country and the liberals loons, whom I don’t believe 50% know what they are promoting. A conservative could literally spend all day every day battling for our Constitutio.)

        • Know what you mean, M! Too much time and thought and good energy going into a battle of words…when the pool is calling my name! HOT here in the Desert🌵Southwest! Nothing but trolls showing their 🎵twue cowors shining thwu🎵 with stupid inane sometimes vulgar 1-liners! Can not censor THEM like Facebook and Twitter and Google censor US???

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      • Stupid IS as stupid DOES! Seems Reb here can’t see the FORREST thru the boring Left-leaning TREES! And not an intelligent member of any debate club, for SURE! Got nothing of SUBSTANCE to say? Censor YOURSELF and go troll ELSEWHERE!

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    • Yes, to have someone who actually thinks differently to a group of cultists, would seem like an invasion. That is why cults tend to separate themselves, so no outside thoughts get in. And they also vilify outsiders, even family members if they are not sheeple, if they happen not to buy 100% of the cult leaders teachings. Different ideas should not be tolerated among the Trumpettes, it can cause headaches and to see that exalted leader Donnie might actually be what his own people say about him: he is a moron and an idiot, erratic and “off the rails.” That could be bad.

      • Seems that what we have in Timothy is a Hillary cultist who lumps all us adorable deplorables in her basket of misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, Islamophobes…ALL THE PHOBES! MIRROR TIME! Best handled with intense therapy, Timothy!

  9. Well that’s one for McConnell, about time he showed some real leadership. Perhaps he has come to terms with the fact that over 60 million of us voted for & elected our Great President. McConnell and the majority of the rest of congress have such low approval ratings because we’re tired of their apathy and proven lies! Either get on board & get off immediately. We have a President who gets things done, now we need a congress that does the same thing! LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  10. The Demoncrats haven’t done any work other than campaigning in the last 50 years. The Republicans just enough to stay alive. More of them working doesn’t have to mean more Gov’t either. We wouldn’t have had the Mike and Barry show if Congress had been doing their job, mybe even some of the previous atrocities of the office of the president wouldn’t have either.

  11. Schumer is a swamp dweller and a pond scum parasite in the eyes of this disabled Vietnam vet and I have had a degree in GOVERNMENT since a year BEFORE serving in the 1968 Tet Offensive. I am offended that the picture at the start of this article shows a Muslim woman in his company which I assume is in the SENATE Chambers! IS THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SO DEEPLY ENSCONCED WE ARE NO LONGER safe from Sharia in our own country? After all Obama appointed 14 of them to position in education, intelligence Welfare and other places they should NOT be in. And as far as I know: every one of them is STILL in those positions and still working to decimate us all as the enemy within they damned well are!

    • if the Muslims get in Schumer being Jewish is one of the first to go do you remember the reporter who’s head was sawed off just asking

    • i agree with you. they are like Obama and hate all of us. They are taught that they are allowed to lied steal and kill to further Allah’s message. I work in a building and we have several Muslim women, we share a restroom and they are pigs. Not long ago one of my customers went in and one was standing at the sink pouring water on herself, and there was no drain. I’m sorry but an *0 yr. old should NOT have to worry about falling because of their practices.

  12. enough with the phony predictions , just shut up and wait and see, if you listen to the commercials , their all criminals , so why vote for any of them , if what they say on the commercials is true , they should be in prison , not running for congress

  13. I hope that every day is worse that the day before , for chucky smucky schumer the slimer , I want him to live in a mental torture , 24/7/365 am and pm. I want to see him put away a the krazy farm.

  14. M Diane is getting worried. Several posts close together. She needs to put her dentures in a glass of water and go to bed. Alone as always.

    • It is long past due time that the DEMOCRAPS realize and understand that THEY ARE DONE FOR!!!!!! With Ancients and Archaics the best that they have, I can hardly wait to see just how badly they get TROMPED next voting session!!! Let’s see,,,,We have Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Mueller, Waters, , and that is enough to kill the next session,,,, Wash-out Waters will be out on some boulevard HOLLERING to IMPEACH 45!, Pelosi could very well forget the way back to her desk, Schumer will forget to attend, as he stands behind a microphone with his glassed either sliding off his nose, or forgetting them on top of his head and not be able to read! It is LONG PAST DUE TIME FOR THEM ALL TO RETIRE, AND START COLLECTING THE TAXPAYERS MONEY, and their EXHORBATANT RETIREMENT BENEFITS!!!

  15. I am proud to see Senator Mitchell McConnell sticking to his guns on keeping the Democrats in office to get work done for a change. The Democrats are always wanting to go home so that they can campaign.

    It’s about time that all of the crooked and corrupt Democrats start doing some decent work for a change. Democrats never want to stay and do any work, they are always wanting to go home.

    I support Senator McConnell for staying in Washington, to get work done, that the Democrats have never before done in their whole life being in Congress. Democrats are always wanting to go home for NO SPECIFIC REASON, other than to campaign, because, they are so DAMN CROOKED and CORRUPT TO THE GILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU, SENATOR McCONNELL, for staying in session to get the Democrats to do some work. Hopefully, the Republicans will keep the House and get the Senate floors together for the rest of President Trumps first Presidency, and hopefully, in 2020, y’all are able to keep the Senate and House floors again until the next election after 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I support you and all of the Republicans 3,000,000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I believe the tax billed that recently passed is a good reason to keep them in Washington. 1. It would show Democrats are not sincere on tax reform 2. It would limit campaign time 3. It is important to try and push through key conservative items in case House or Senate is list 4. It will give Democrats an excuse if they lose.

      Problem will Mitch do if or is it all talk like he has done before

  16. Well Hillary also thought she had it in the bag but got a real surprise and America was saved destruction Maybe Chuckie might want to keep quiet.


  18. What, Congress may work through October! Even bigger surprise will be to see if the Democrats think it’s more important to actually work and complete some things (instead of obstruct and delay) in order to go home early to campaign. Or, will they feel a stronger need to obstruct and delay feeling that is more important than campaigning. Will be interesting to see if Senator McConnell really does this and if so, what the Dems do.

  19. We are not here to defend our seats. We are here to … win more seats!

    After we win, MAGA will become the shout from the rooftops. Chuck, you gonna sit way in the back and shut the heck up. Chuck suck!

    Trump 2020!

      • You are evidently drinking the “kool aid” laced with psychodelic drugs! Very shortly now the documents will be authorized for release to set up for mass trials for Obama and the “Deep State”. The noose you are talking about will be around their necks.

        • Staff – Good grief you’re delusional, but that doesn’t surprise anyone who’s sane! Turn off Faux AlmostNews……your ignorance is showing!

        • Steff, have to agree with Diane, you are delusional. Just who will be making up and filing these documents? It is amazing you guys get all this Deep State and fictional crimes from conspiracy theorists who have NO credibility (like Corsi). They make a LOT of money selling you junk, but you eat it up like it is nutritional, just like the conspiracy BS that Obama was going to take away all your guns.

        • Do not respond to the entity that calls itself Diane. Speak your mind about it in your own comments but never reply to it. There are reasons for doing so.

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