Chuck Schumer just lost control of the Senate because of this medical emergency

All hell is breaking loose in Washington, D.C.

The latest news was unexpected.

And Chuck Schumer just lost control of the Senate because of this medical emergency.

The Senate is split evenly between Democrats and Republicans at 50-50.

That narrow majority means any one Senator’s absence prevents Democrats from moving Joe Biden’s agenda.

And now with a pending Supreme Court vacancy, Democrats are facing a political crisis.

New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Lujan’s office announced that the Senator suffered a stroke and is in the hospital recuperating.

The good news is that Senator Lujan is expected to make a full recovery and eventually return to work.

Everyone is happy to hear that.

“My understanding is [it’s] relatively minor, but he’s still in the hospital, expecting a full recovery. … It’s really easy for all of us in this business, to put this place first. And my hope is that Ben Ray will put himself first for the next few weeks so that he gets an absolute full recovery. Because I can’t do this job without his help. He is such a spark plug for the state that we’re all just hoping to have him back in the saddle as soon as it’s good for him,” New Mexico Democrat Martin Heinrich told reporters.

Senator Lujan’s absence means Democrats do not have 51 votes to advance nominees -including a Supreme Court pick – or to try and resurrect the multi-trillion-dollar socialist spending bill using the reconciliation process.

For all intents and purposes, only the most noncontroversial bills and nominees that can attract some Republican support will now advance through the Senate.

As long as Senator Lujan is out recovering from his stroke, Joe Biden’s Supreme Court pick is on ice.

And if Senator Lujan is out for an extended period of time, Joe Biden’s handlers may have to rethink which candidate they tell him to pick.

Without 50 Democrat Senators, Biden’s pick must win some Republican votes.

That means Biden may have to pick a less radical nominee in order to attract GOP support.

Biden selecting a more moderate nominee would no doubt infuriate the Left.

But it may also be necessary in the current political reality.

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