Chuck Schumer just made this threat about the Russia investigation

Chuck Schumer is leading the Democrats’ charge of Russia conspiracy theories.

Now he’s tied this fever dream to the confirmation of the next FBI Director.


  1. Maybe Schumer and Pelosi could go on vacation together and bore each other to death. So sick of seeing both of them. Where are all the Republicans?

  2. Maybe Schumer and Pelosi could go on vacation together and bore each other to death. So sick of seeing both of them. Where are all the Republicans?

  3. I couldn’t have said it better. PRESIDENT Trump (that is his title, even though the democrats seem to forget he deserves to be called that) has done more for us than any President. He will be in again after 2020 to continue to drain the swamp! My prayer is that he gets rid of the riff raff and goes on about his duties. He is doing great ???? even with all the disruption from the left. Go President Trump and make America great again!
    I agree!

  4. If Upchuck Schemmer had a brain at all and a higher than 50IQ he would be intelligent, but since he doesn’t , He runs his mouth all the time, because he doesn’t have much of a brain at all. Or the alternative is he is a traitor to America.

  5. What evidence do they have, none, so they get to investigate without any evidence of a crime, for life? Is everybody
    Crooked in the DOJ, CIA, FBI, the entire dimwit party??? This just defies logic, somebody on the Trump with the authority needs to get control of these traders, every one of them should be under investigation, not President Trump.

  6. Yes, go bake cookies, that is all your good for. Take old lady Nancy and that old black lady that is so hateful and hates white. She is gross. All of you go bake cookies. Leave the dope out of them. You all are obviously high all the time and worthless.

  7. We have a real, woman First Lady again! No package there! Our First Lady, Mrs.Trump, is the first, First Lady, You wouldn’t mind seeing naked!

  8. President Trump works for free! That’s how we can put the country back into the hands of the people! No democrat alive, would work, for nothing, and I’m pretty sure no Republicans would either! Thank you Mr. President!

  9. Chuck “Chicken-Head” Schumer needs to be that adamant about the Benghazi investigation, hypocritical bastard!?who the hell does he think he is? No crime has been committed and the election is over, and elections have consequences, President Trump has his pen, and his phone!


  11. The “states rights” form of government is exactly what the founding fathers attempted to form. Naturally the liberals despise that because it cramps their insatiable lust for POWER! They would be happy to live under the form of government that the founding fathers fled from: the absolute monarch surrounded by an army of fawning courtiers! (With THEM in the role of the absolute monarch, of course!)

  12. I would like to know if anyone voted for or against Trump because of anything Russia did or did not do. Most Americans only vote for their party and don’t even pay attention as to what they either party campaigns on. I do think though that dems vote for the democratic party to get something for free.
    And what irks me the most is all the time and money the govt is spending on this. They have been incestigating this long enough to come up with proof by now. We have so many really important things our country should be worrying about right now like terroism and jobs. That is exactly why I don’t like the federal govt meddling in so much. They should give over their powers to the states and we would save a lot of money by getting rid of a lot of
    bureaucrats, departments and let each state do as they please. What I liked about Trump is he doesn’t speak from a sript but tells it like it is. Why are they worrying about Trump being aligned with Russia when how much time was spent on Benghazi when they flat-out lied about why it happened.
    Did that go on forever. And also I know Trump can stretch the truth but about Obama when he flat out lied by saying if you like your doctor, you can keep your dioctor, if you like youor plan you can keep your plan and the one big lie as to why Benghazi happened. I could go on and on, but he sure got a pass while he was in office. I remember asking my dad later in life why he never voted and he said “If they aren’t crooks before they get elected, they soon will be”: and you know I finally am agreeing with him.

  13. Hay !!!You asshats want to be careful what you wish for!!Hate to see you crap in your own cross hall !!!

  14. America has a Mueller to check into everything. What is Schumer going to do now?. Prior to the appointment of Mueller Schumer could obtain all kinds of information mostly fake now he has to contact Mueller or find a licker.

  15. Dan are you referring to my brain. No brain fog yet but I am inundated with political information and it takes a little longer to up-load. LOL

  16. All of the Democraps are still acting like “Crying Chuck” They are so stupid and make such stupid remarks about President Trump, they should bury their heads in the sand instead of each others asses.

  17. Since Schumer is not going to approve the next Director of the FBI until he gets some kind of a Prosecutor……..Is this Blackmail????? or extortion???? Would he not care that the security of our Country is in danger???
    I trust the FBI will do their job to protect this nation after all they are highly educated, well trained, well spoken, well dressed and handsome. The last two comments is on personal experiences in my line of work before I retired. If Agents read this they know what I mean and referring too.

  18. Schumer is a real self promoting clown. In NYC, you got to see his behavior he promotes at a parade. He really portrays a clown at his best.

  19. Good Morning, I heard that Putin has offered to send the transcript of the meeting with President Bush at the White House IF ASKED. Mr. Schumer please ask for it we the people like to hear it.

  20. There is no real reason for the Russians or anyone else to establish a Fifth Column in our country – the Democratic Party has volunteered to fill that role.

  21. The Democraps are definitely trying to make something out President Trumps meeting with Russians discussions about ISIS. Nothing would lead to impeachment.

  22. You are missing the fact that Schumer was elected to the position he now holds BECAUSE he enunciated the position that the leftists agree with! It is not so much that Schumer is crazy and worthless, but that the whole PARTY that he represents is!!

  23. Schumer, Pelosi and Hillary have serious mental problems. They give no thought about right or wrong, just themselves and the party.

  24. Schumer is a disgrace. He has to learn to shut his mouth and let his brain catch up.

  25. I’m getting sick of seeing crying Chucky Schumer’s face on the TV every day, whining about one thing or another – just so he can get air time!! We now have little Dickie Durbin, crawling out of the woodwork, making downright disgusting comments about our President!! You also have Nancy “no brains” Pelosi, who thinks Bush is still in office, making comments that don’t make sense!! She should go to her Star Kist Tuna business, and run that instead of making a fool of herself!! She looks like she’s hit the bong half of the time. These are just a couple of examples, but what are we getting as far as support from the Republicans?? Crickets. Almost every day we get Crickets. Not just a couple, but a plague of locusts!! And these same people are going to want our support when it’s time to re-elect them to office. Should we give them crickets, too??? I hope one of them reads my comment, and it sinks in. Those on the right are getting disgusted with the behavior of those on the left, who are acting like babies, and those on the right, who aren’t acting on anything at all!!

  26. The democrats, led by Schumer and aided by the malicious media have plunged American governance into the slimy political universe typical of third world hell holes. President Trump and his administration need to saddle up to play the hard ball game forced upon them. It’s not chess against checkers; it’s political warfare for the survival of America qua America.

  27. It is now apparent that the Democratic Party members of the U.S. Congress have created an environment of sedition and obstructionism that harms the United States of America as well as each and every U.S. citizen solely to advance their political power and fortunes. We the people must now protest and object in a manner that makes it impossible for their treason to further the damage to the United States of American and the majority of its patriotic citizenry. Demand they either cease and desist or they will be removed from office and charged with the crime of sedition and summarily prosecuted. All of the Socialist Democrats seem to be suffering from the same mental malaise of incompetence and mass prevarication as they overlook every single lie they proffered when they shoved Obamacare down the throats of Americans and supported the lies Obama told routinely on every major issue that affected our nation. Dump all of them, drain the swamp and let those who honestly care for America guide our destiny. Not the puppets of Marxist global government ilk.

  28. The dumbocraps should get rid of schumer. He is as crazy and worthless as harry reid. Maybe they could put them both in the same room in the old folks home.

  29. Chuck Schumer, you are self-righteous, self-serving, git. You and your fetid comrades howled for Comey’s dismissal. Russia, your darling Hillary had more access and association with Russia and you know it. This, of course, is the Democrats’ ruse; throw innuendo and fake news to your MSM allies so they can disseminate the Dems’ disinformation. Infantile, you and your party are political brats bent on subversion and hellbent on usurping Trump’s Presidency.

  30. Given that Comey displayed a decidedly left-leaning bias in his overabundant media appearances it would be natural for Mr. Schumer to panic at the loss of this cover-up artist for future liberal transgressions. With the air gone out of this Russian collusion argument, he nevertheless continues to use this discredited accusation as a threat that he will absolutely refuse to participate in the approval of a replacement FBI director until a “special prosecutor” (naturally one with a decidedly leftist leaning world-view) has looked into the Russian collusion matter. If I were Trump I would have made them aware that OUR spies had reported their ISIS friends wanted to arm notebook computers to continue to terrorize the USA. I think that would be a warning to the Russians that their interference in such things was also available. Surely, this could be done without revealing WHO did the actual spy work! Schumer should go quietly sit in his sand box OR he could champion HIS collusion with the Muslims to destroy Christianity. The liberals belief that AFTER Christianity is destroyed, they could EASILY defeat their Muslim allies is questionable given the recent evidence of their lack of intelligence on multiple fronts.

  31. Schumer’s got squirrels in his attic. A Special Prosecutor is an independent with broad powers. This well could turn out like the Democrats demanding a Michigan recount – when everyone who gave it a thought expected it to turn up Democrat voter irregularities, which was what happened. Close examination of ties with Putin may get Hillary into even more hot water.

  32. it seems that this blowhard is only interest is demonizing our president, donald trump. he was nev er interested in obama or hillary… oh no only this president. it want end until a full investigation of this liberal sh mer, what a joke, go president.

  33. Schumer has to continue his bloviating to get on his left wing media news and tv.
    What a poor excuse for a supposedly , representative .

  34. NO Chuckie, go soak your head. There’s no evidence of any collusion between President Trump and his administration and the Russians. There’s hard evidence of collusion between Russians and Hillary and uranium. There’s Chuckie eating doughnuts with Russians in New York. No, the right people need prosecution now.

    New FBI Director, please come and get them and probe Schumer also.

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