Chuck Schumer just saw top secret polling data that caused all hell to break loose on the Left

Democrats had no idea it was this bad.

But now the problem came clearly into focus.

Because Chuck Schumer just saw top secret polling data that caused all hell to break loose on the Left.

Senate Democrats are defending the barest majority next November.

If Republicans gain just one seat, the GOP will seize control of the Senate.

Now, Democrats received a clear picture of the hole Joe Biden’s declining approval ratings left them in.

The Senate Majority PAC – the Democrats’ main Senate Super PAC – commissioned polling in seven key battleground states.

This polling produced disastrous results, with Joe Biden’s approval numbers plunging to 41 percent in the seven swing states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Nevada.

And in an even more ominous sign, Biden’s approval among persuadable voters sat at 27 percent.

POLITICO reports:

The Senate Majority PAC showed Biden’s approval rating across the Senate battlegrounds at 41 percent, with 52 percent disapproving — numbers that are roughly in line with recent national polls. Among persuadable targets, however, just 27 percent say they approve of the job the president is doing while 57 percent disapprove. The group’s private poll from May had Biden well above water, with 49 percent approving and 43 disapproving. Few Senate races in the modern political era tilt against how voters view the president. So if Biden is underwater heading into the election year, holding a 50-50 Senate will prove to be a tough proposition for Democrats.

These poll results sent Democrats into panic.

Among those seven states, Democrats are defending seats in New Hampshire, Georgia, and Nevada.

If Democrats hope to maintain their majority, they cannot afford to lose any of those races.

But Chuck Schumer’s own polling data demonstrates the poisonous political atmosphere Democrats face due to the inflation and border crises Joe Biden’s policies created.

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