Chuck Schumer just suffered this crippling defeat that destroyed his big plans for 2020

Democrats roared into the New Year thinking the 2020 election would be a layup.

Donald Trump’s approval ratings were low and the Senate map looked favorable for a Democrat takeover.

But that all changed when Chuck Schumer suffered this crippling defeat that destroyed his big plans for 2020.

Georgia is central to the Democrats’ 2020 fortunes.

Liberals believe demographics are driving the state left and that the Democrats stand a strong chance of winning Georgia in the presidential election and flipping one of the state’s U.S. Senate seats in 2020.

Those plans suffered a massive blow when failed 2018 Georgia gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams passed on both a presidential and Senate run in 2020.

Abrams instead will head up Fair Fight, a group determined to manufacture Democrat electoral wins through supporting laws that make vote fraud easier to commit.

Fox News reports:

Former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams will not run for president, according to media reports, and will instead focus on combating voter suppression, an issue that took center stage during her unsuccessful run last year.

On Tuesday, Abrams announced her new initiative, called Fair Fight 2020, at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Convention in Las Vegas. The name is an offshoot of a group she started after her loss.

A close aide familiar with the decision told The New York Times that Abrams will focus on the new program rather than run for office. Messages from Fox News to Abrams were not immediately answered.

Schumer was hoping Abrams would run for Senate to help energize the state’s sizeable black vote.

That would not only boost Abrams to victory, but it would also help the eventual Democrat nominee wrest the Peach State away from Donald Trump.

But now that Abrams took a pass on running for any elective office in 2020, those plans went up in smoke.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Abrahm’s afraid something will come out if she runs for Office again – that’s the only thing that would stop her from trying to gain power. How do you go from ‘possible VP candidate’ to not even want to run for Senate, especially someone as power hungry as Stacey is? Somethings there!

  2. This article is pure hokum. Stacey Abrams did the Democrats a favor by not running. Her name on either a Senate or Presidential ticket would only assure defeat. She could not win as Governor; she would not win in any other office.

  3. Regardless of what Bucky Abrams does she is going to get hammered by everything the left is trying to do. Black voters are not stupid like they hoped they are and want nothing to do with the Democratic Party. Poor Chucky is going downhill with his pal Pelosi and voters see them for what they are, WORTHLESS.

      • I keep tweeting President Trump, warning him that audits need to be initiated to make sure that every one of the “millions of new Demo voters being registered” are US genuine US citizens. Every illegal or non-citizen which Democratic activists have registered should result in a $5,000 fine, paid for by the Democratic Party! In addition, whatever foreign-born non-citizens are identified should be DEPORTED from US!

        • Voter I.D would solve a lot of the voter fraud. I don’t understand why anyone would be against having to show ID in order to register to vote. When I moved from Kansas to Utah, my name was purged from Kansas voter roles after 3years…then I had to have a social security card, birth certificate and picture ID to register in Utah. Dems think blacks are too ignorant to obtain a valid ID. That’s just crap,!! If your too stupid to obtain a valid ID perhaps you shouldn’t be voting. Black Americans should be outraged.


        • Oh I see and you call white folks prejudice? You sir are a race baiter. If you can’t think of an intelligent thing to say then you play the race card. All white folks are not the same. Either are all black folks. I don’t see anyone else commenting and making derogatory comments about black people. There are good white folks and bad white folks as well as giiod blkack folks and bad black folks and for you to address all white folks as being the same makes you raccist. I have a lot of white and a lot of black friends and I don’t catagoize them by color. When you can opoen your eyes and start seeing the person as an individual maybe you can be open minded enough to see beyond colr and see the real iussues. We all have more in common than we have differences and an intelligent person can discuss issues and not color.

  4. Chucky, those black voters are not as stupid as you racists think they are. They know Abrams will do nothing for them, are seeing your Kleptocrat party for what they are, and are joining Blexit. You, along with the other house Dems, will soon be put out to pasture.

  5. UPCHUCK FREDO the SCHMUCK best efforts are when he goes SILENT and HIDES under a dESK……………a PODIUM is his Enemy as much as a Microphone is to bIDEN … another IDIOT of the (D) Party

    • Chuck and Nancy doesn’t give a crap about America. Just a black face in office even if it’s an idiot like big mama Abrams

      • I have news for Chucky. It wouldn’t have made a DAMN bit of difference if Abrams ran for Senate or not to try to get the black vote. Well here is the news, the black population in Georgia are well informed and also want a thriving America!! More jobs, more money because President Trump knows economics!! Despite the democrats blocking him at every turn instead of helping! Go my black, red, yellow and white PATRIOTS!! WWG1WGA!! DEMOCRATS and the left have NO part of America’s prosperity! DAMN TRAITORS AND HYPOCRITES!!

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