Chuck Schumer looked at one poll that made him swear under his breath

The so-called “experts” claim the Democrats winning control of the U.S. Senate is inevitable.

But in 2016, all the election forecasters were wrong.

And Chuck Schumer looked at one poll that made him swear under his breath.

Democrats need to net four seats in the Senate to gain control of the chamber and make Chuck Schumer Senate Majority Leader.

Their candidate in North Carolina challenging a Republican incumbent is already embroiled in a massive sex scandal.

And now Gary Peters the Democrats Senator from Michigan has seen a ten point lead in the polls evaporate as Republican John James is in a statistical tie.

The New York Times reported:

In Michigan, Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat, faces a surprisingly strong challenge from John James, a graduate of West Point who is considered one of the Republicans’ top recruits of the cycle. Mr. Peters leads by just one percentage point, 43 percent to 42 percent, among likely voters, a significant narrowing of the race since a Times/Siena survey in June that found Mr. Peters leading, 41-31.

The relatively high number of undecided voters reflects the relatively low profile of the two candidates. Around 20 percent of voters do not have an opinion on either of them. Mr. James’s favorability ratings have increased to 45 percent favorable versus 35 percent unfavorable, up from 36 percent favorable and 29 percent unfavorable in the June survey. Part of Mr. Peters’s weakness is that he has thus far failed to match Mr. Biden’s tallies among nonwhite voters, who disproportionately remain undecided. It remains to be seen whether Mr. James, who is Black, will ultimately make significant inroads among these voters.

A Chuck Schumer-aligned Super PAC is trying to save Peters’ candidacy with nearly $6 million in TV ads.

But James is a 39 year-old West Point graduate who ran a close race against Debbie Stabenow in 2018 despite that being a bad year for Republicans in Michigan.

Peters is not well known around the state and that is creating an opening for James to win the race and pick up a seat for Republicans that would make it virtually impossible for Democrats to win control of the Senate.

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