Chuck Schumer made a surprising admission about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial

The Senate is about to hold its second impeachment trial for Donald Trump.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer spoke to the press before the proceeding kicked off.

And Chuck Schumer made a surprising admission about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

Even before the impeachment trial started, the outcome was assured.

45 Republican Senators voted to dismiss the House’s article of impeachment on the grounds that it was unconstitutional for the Senate to hold a trial for a former President.

That vote meant Democrats had no chance to win the 67 votes necessary for conviction, which then led to Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine and Maine RINO Susan Collins trying to drum up support for a censure resolution.

Chuck Schumer addressed the censure talk in a press conference and dismissed it claiming Donald Trump deserved conviction in the Senate and nothing less.

Schumer probably believes this.

But there are also political calculations at play.

Chuck Schumer will run for re-election in 2022.

The biggest threat to Schumer staying in power is a primary challenge from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which means Schumer will spend as much time these next two years tending to his left flank as working to protect swing state Senators who represent Georgia, Arizona, and New Hampshire.

The left-wing base is all-in on convicting Donald Trump and banning him from ever holding office again.

Everyone in Washington, D.C. knows the impeachment trial is a waste of time since Republicans have 45 votes to acquit Trump.

But Schumer can’t acknowledge that reality and move on because if liberals saw Schumer even entertaining the thought of censure instead of impeachment, it would create an opening for Ocasio-Cortez to challenge him in a primary.

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