Chuck Schumer may face impeachment over this dangerous threat

Chuck Schumer’s insistence on holding an impeachment trial for Donald Trump is coming back to bite him.

It’s happening for a reason he never saw coming.

And now Chuck Schumer may face impeachment over this dangerous threat.

On Fox News Sunday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul broke down how the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump was nothing more than a partisan sham.

Senator Paul explained how bogus the charge of incitement was by detailing all the times Democrats used common political figures of speech that could be construed as “incitement.”

One example – Paul noted – was when Chuck Schumer spoke at the Supreme Court last year before an abortion case and threatened the Supreme Court with “unleashing a whirlwind” if they ruled in favor of pro-Life legislation.

“I opposed the notion of — which I think was a misguided notion, a voting to overturn the election either with Congress or with the vice president,” Paul stated. “But I think if we are going to criminalize speech and somehow impeach everybody who says, oh, go fight to hear your voices heard, really we ought to impeach Chuck Schumer then. He went to the Supreme Court, stood in front of the Supreme Court, and said specifically, hey Gorsuch, hey Kavanaugh, you’ve unleashed a whirlwind, and you’re going to pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you continue with these awful decisions.”

Paul recounted how Chief Justice John Roberts – who is no conservative – felt compelled to speak out and condemn Schumer for inciting a violent mob to attempt to storm the Supreme Court.

“This inflammatory wording, this violent rhetoric of Chuck Schumer was so bad that the chief justice, who rarely says anything publicly, immediately said this kind of language is dangerous as a mob tried to invade the Supreme Court,” Paul added. “So if people want to hold President Trump accountable for language, there has to be a consistent standard, and to my mind, it’s a partisan farce because they’re not doing anything to Chuck Schumer, not doing anything to Representative Omar, not doing anything to Maxine Waters. It’s just not fair. It’s just partisan politics under a different name.”

By the Democrats’ standards, Schumer’s words are worthy of impeachment.

Paul believes the Republicans would not go that far.

But Senator Paul is also warning Democrats about the dangerous precedent they are setting.

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