Chuck Schumer was protested at the one place he never expected

Liberals are furious with Chuck Schumer.

Donald Trump routed the Democrats after Schumer shut down the federal government to try and secure amnesty for illegal aliens.

After the defeat, Schumer went home and found the one thing he never expected.

Hordes of illegal aliens descended on Schumer’s home to protest him caving in to Trump in the shutdown fight.

This rampaging mob amassed outside his home and yelled in English and Spanish that they would not let Schumer rest until they were granted amnesty for their criminal action of sneaking into the United States.

Illegal aliens conducted furious protests in the weeks leading up to the Democrats 60 hour government shut down.

Their rage only escalated once they saw how thoroughly the Democrats were defeated.

Many Americans are outraged at the sight of the so-called “DREAMer” protests.

At the end of the day they are illegal aliens demanding amnesty for their crime of sneaking into America.

These are not American citizens being deprived of fundamental rights.

There is no fundamental right to come to America and demand citizenship.

America is a nation with borders and the people of this country have every right to determine the proper channels of who is allowed to be granted citizenship.

Do you agree?

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  1. First, lets stop calling them dreamers. That was a cutsy name made up by Obama to make them seem more sympathetic. During the last two decades of liberal administrations, they could have taken steps to legalize their positions, but preferred not to. They do not help our society, they are a multi-billion dollar drain on our economy. Contrary to popular media stance, they have a very high ratio for criminal activity. The lefts statement that 80percent of the people want amnesty is also a lie. President Trump was elected because he ran on building the wall, deporting all illegals, and building our economy and military.

  2. Immigration must serve our interests, the interests of Normal Americans, not the interests of Democrat pols who want more pliable voters. Not the interests of corporate hacks who want hordes of uncomplaining serfs. And definitely not the interests of illegal aliens.

  3. It pisses me off to see these politicians that are demanding rights for people who are not even supposed to be here in the first place, NO matter how or who brought them because no matter how they got here they KNEW it was against the law of the United States of America. and their rights are now more important than ours and our forefathers. WHAT THE F–K is going on!!!!!!!!!These people who are not citizens and have NO
    rights here NO matter how loud they and the Liberals scream and Yell.

  4. I cannot stand Schumer and I wouldn’t care if he disappeared off the face of the earth but No one should be allowed to be outside of your home and disrupt your sanctuary. And especially not illegals – this is even worse.

  5. The CR had nothing to do with DACA. Keeping the government open was the goal and amnesty for Dreamers still has a month to be worked out. Even then I doubt Trump will deport dreamers who are not lawbreakers given they are here for illegally entering the country but have been working to be a simulated into american society and not change us into a third world country that Obama envisioned for us.

    Can not fix stupid as the Democrats led by Schumer have demonstrated.


  7. If this country is left to liberals to run the only people with no rights and no voice will be the legitimate citizens. It is ludicrous that law enforcement allows illegals to openly protest anything. They have no rights or voice as illegal aliens, if they behave in this fashion as illegals what kind of citizens will they be.

    • You’re right… they DON’T have the right to protest, or the “right” to do ANYTHING here… they’re illegal right from the moment they enter our country and try to live here without legalization. Why don’t law enforcement officials know this? Is our law enforcement mostly liberal too? That sucks, doesn’t it? If anyone who isn’t afraid to speak up during one of their protests would bring THAT to the attention of law enforcement, they should be pressured into doing their job!

  8. These people for some reason they have a right to be citizens when they don’t even have the right to be in this country. Sure the Democrats want them but not because they care about them only because they feel they will vote Democrat legal or illegally.
    My thinking if we allow them to stay they have to go thru the same process as legal immagrants to ever become citizens and be able to vote. Also they cant stay unless we stop chain migration, lottery migration, and install E-Varify (and don’t forget the wall)

      • Wasn’t that supposed to be a “deal” where a small percentage would be allowed to stay in return for something? I didn’t actually read the article, but I saw the headline about reaching some sort of compromise… and from what I understood, it wasn’t exactly pleasing to the Liberal pukes who want it ALL.

    • These illegals don’t have the right to dream in the US. The whole dream act was illegal from the get go by communist Muslim Obama. American kids need to dream. ICE should have rounded them up and jailed them and they should have been the first to be deported. These illegals don’t want to be Americans or they would have tried to become citizens long time ago. They only want to take the best what we have to offer. They would stomp on our flag and hold the Mexican one up. President Trump, build the wall and send them home – they are only costing us billions of dollars! AMERICANS FIRST!

  9. Why should we have to pay for these criminals who take our money, burn our flag, attack our citizens, demand we pay for them or protest for more than they deserve!!! I say deport them all and use our money for our dreamers, our children, our homeless, our veterans, to teach them the skills to make AMERICA great again, instead of giving to scumbags who don’t appreciate it and treat us like shit in return!!!

          • Ditto! I think Trump lured them to see if their demands are real. He has now proved that if Trump would propose exactly what the Left and the DACAS sought from our government, the Leftist top-line of political leaders would reject same because it was “proposed” by Trump. They don’t want to see a Republican President getting credit from aliens. They’re fearful of TRump’s possible popularity with the Left’s prize people for its use…aliens.
            Therefore, the issue the Leftists argue so vehemently for is baloney, they act that the Left is concerned for aliens’ issues is baloney. The real issue the Leftists cannot live with is political. The issue is an outsider, a businessman, beat the Leftist champion, Lying Hilary Clinton, when they were absolutely certain of a shoe-in victory.

          • Stan – we have a ‘zero’ deal at moment…potus wants to help, but only on his terms… 10-12 yrs Later- we may be ‘effed’ – he will no be in WH then … sooo

  10. The “so called Dreamers” came to America illegally. Their parents broke the law and left the Dreamers here alone. Now, the American people are expected to welcome these “lawbreakers” with open arms and more government taxpayer paid “Give Away Programs” to finance them for another 10 years or so? Do the people of Mexico think Americans are that stupid? Well surprise surprise, the American people ARE THAT STUPID! Just ask any Democrat. The stupidest Americans of all.

  11. This would be the perfect time to round these illegal immigrants and deport them back where they belong!!!All they want is more government handouts and to think they deserve to be here!!!

  12. Most countries that are invaded call up the Army to have the invaders eliminated. Where is our Army?? These invaders have no rights, they are the enemy and should be treated as such. Time to mobilize the troops for special combat duty !!!!!

    • What I find comical is that these ingrates have the DC elite and Liberals all with panty knots over a really dumb idea…that being, that somehow, in their quite immature mind they have RIGHTS as though they are citizens who are being shortchanged somehow.
      When will SOMEONE with some BALLS…tell them exactly where they stand.?

  13. Mr President. Do you see these illegals? Do you want to reward this conduct? They are illegals and now they have the audacity to protest an elected U.S.Senator’s home or office? I don’t care what side of the aisle the politician is on, the fact is these people have NO rights until they’re granted some sort of amnesty or citizenship. I do not think they should get U.S. citizenship and I’m very unnerved to hear you say they’ll ‘morph’ into U.S.citizens! You were not elected to make these so-called ‘dreamers’ citizens. Bad enough they get amnesty. Let them apply and show they’re worthy to become citizens of this country. NONE of their relatives deserve amnesty either.

  14. See what Chuckie started !!!
    These illegal invaders DONT have any rights they are NOT American citizens!!! But with Chuckie rhetoric they think they have rights. They need to be arrested and deported !!! They are illegal invaders and need to be treated as such !!’

    • that’s what He deserves OPENLY told America he was fighting for the Illegals? well look what Ole Chuck did these LAW BREAKERS he helped are going on like there are NO LAWS? and even if, they know congress will help them get out of WHATEVER they get get their Law breaking self into? TERM LIMITS is the fix for Chuck

  15. If these illegal dreamers want to demonstrate illegally,round them up snd deport them back to mexico. They have no right to protest since they arent legal citizens. Do this a few times and see how fast these illegal protest stop.

  16. I have three friends, two from Poland and one from Kenya who are educated and became US citizens after going through the process required. It makes me furious that people who came to this country by breaking our law think they have a right to protest for anything. I have news for them, You earn a right to protest in this country when you follow our laws and become a citizen in the required way. All their protests do is make the majority of American citizens angry. They lose support when they carry on this way. They are “Illegal.” None of this protesting is going to help their cause. Trying to bully their way into amnesty won’t work.

  17. If the dreamers want to say, they have to do six years of honorable military service. At they end of six years they get an honorable discharge, and speak good english, okay they get their citizenship. If not the military, then do duty working for park service, forest service for six years. At the end of six years, with not one ticket, and clean bill of health then apply of citizenship. The three factors that allows them to become citizens: (1) most be able to speak english, (2) commit no crimes period (3) prove they will be a good addition to America, and support our way of life. MAGA


      • Actually, I think military service would be an EXCELLENT idea! Why send OUR people over there to get killed or maimed, when we could send THEM over and let THEM learn the price of freedom. Like W.Taylor suggested, it would be a service that would teach them even better qualities and traits than a lot of our “legal” citizens! Only THEN can they say they’ve earned the right to live and WORK here in America. The only drawback I can foresee is that the post trauma syndrome (or whatever it’s called) could possibly affect them even worse than whites, due to their somewhat “barbaric” nature, and they would be even more dangerous than before, being fully trained in weaponry.

  18. No that’s not what that useless prick wants!! He wants US TO DO IT!! Those f…sticks couldn’t get INTO HIS neighborhood!! To many gates and security personnel!! Let the undocumented peasants live with DOCUMENTED peasants…. US!! With NO GATES OR SECURITY GUARDS!!! F… HIM IN HIS HIPOCRITICAL ASS!!!

  19. Illegal invaders have no rights! They should be treated as what they are ……………invaders to be taken prisoner or shot on sight! If they’re taken prisoner, give them the choice of GITMO or MEXICO….after a hundred thousand are deported, the rest of them will get the message……keep your mouth shut and start your legal process by going to the rear of the line.

    • Exactly, declare open season and see just how fast the bust their butts back to Mexico or where ever they came from. Old Chuckie just wants their votes and does not care anything else about these ILLEGALS. Just what oart of ILLEGAL do these people understand? Law breakers each and everyone of them and they should be arrested or shot on sight as enemy combants, PERIOD!

  20. ICE should have shown up and collected a lot of illegal immigrants including dreamer lover Schumer. although he’s probably not as a lover of them now, but I haven’t heard anyone call Schumer smart either, I just think he’s a total idiot, period.

    • The thing with the wall is they have took money in the past to build the wall an again they want money to build a wall that’s supposed to have been built several years ago but it’s a game the reps and the Dems want them here so the Dems for there votes an reps want cheap labor

  21. O-o-o-o-o-h, bummer Chuckie…then again, maybe if you had Steinle written on your mail box…all these “sh*tholers” you love so much might have shot you instead…but, you go ahead, you keep trying to get these scumbags in here to vote for you. This’ll help…put a sign on your front door, “NO WEAPONS ALLOWED”, you know, that’ll keep them away from taking a crack at you.

  22. Do not back down president Trump on getting these people out of OUR COUNTRY NOW AND BUILDING THE WALL American’s come first over this trash !!!!!!

  23. In a way I am glad these illegal protestors went to Schumers house..ha ha ha..Now how does he feel with them demanding their rights…Let me remind you illegal immigrants..our grandparents came through the right channels, not illegally..they worked for their american citizenship..they came here poor..I just saw on FOX News Sean Hannity’s interview with ex president Vincent Fox of Mexico and Sean told him he himself deported over 130,000 people that came to why the hell shouldn’t America do the same…and why shouldn’t Mexico foot the bill for the Border Wall..we give all these illegal welfare, food stamps, free school etc etc etc…Billions of dollars paying for that with our hard earned money, our taxes…The DEMORATS want them here for their votes…we are going to say HELL NO..we need the money to help our homeless people which many are VETERANS who SACRIFISED their lives for our FREEDOM not for illegals…Come in the right way by becoming legal Citizens..FOLLOW OUR LAWS.

  24. Political bull ship? State anything to distract from the facts. What are the facts: The illegals want the entitlements and amnesty to stay here! The All the democrats see amnesty as getting more votes. Republicans see it as them giving the democrats more votes at this time. Add to that certain business want cheap illegal laborers, meaning more votes for someone! This has been going on for over 50 years switching between which political party would gain by solving the problem. And that is the main fact. At present it is a major problem for the citizens of this country because it means which ever party gains all these illegal votes then they rule this country. And I mean they “RULE” because as it stand now the citizenry have little or no control on what Washington does as it stands now, can you imagine what control we would have if one Party had complete control for years? That is scary to say the least. Unless there is a bipartisan, meaning a complete understanding of what immigration really needs to be to help this country, everything else is worthless to the people.

  25. I’m not laughing at Schumer on this one. Perhaps down in his heart, he knows it is wrong to welcome the illegal aliens here in America. Illegal means illegal!

    How dare the illegal aliens think that we have to cater them with all the welfare benefits that should be only reserved to the true citizens. I would call the ICE to round them up to be shipped back to their native countries.

    Time to wake up the lawbreakers!

    • The more these illegals and “Dreamers” make undeserving demands and causing social unrest, the less sympathy I have for them. Instead of genuinely working out a constructive pathway with authorities, they prefer to be mobilized by political activists and subversive organizations to drag law-abiding citizens down. They are the cancer cells that are threatening to take over the host body. Get rid of these scoundrels!

  26. Open your doors chuck let the kind loving people in your house and make them something to eat.. give them a nice warm room and a hot bath..

      • No that’s not what that useless prick wants!! He wants US TO DO IT!! Those f…sticks couldn’t get INTO HIS neighborhood!! To many gates and security personnel!! Let the undocumented peasants live with DOCUMENTED peasants…. US!! With NO GATES OR SECURITY GUARDS!!! F… HIM IN HIS HIPOCRITICAL ASS!!!

  27. build the wall and throw these illegals out along with there familys. They broke into our country and need to do jail time. Lets have the same laws mexico has to deal with illegals. It seems to work for them. Cut off all benifits, walfare , foodstamps housing and medical, vote out all dems, libs and rinos in 2018 and 2020. Send the left to jail so our country can be great again..

  28. ” Hordes of illegal aliens descended on Schumer’s home ” – I guess NYC mayor Deblowhole prevented ICE from rounding them up for deportation.

  29. No Wall No DACA. If the children are given amnesty as “their were innocent” can we immediately deport the criminal parents for breaking the law! Should we NOT eliminate all Federal Welfare and other funding that they are getting immediately as Welfare was ONLY intended for a Temporary Relief ONLY to American citizens, not as a way of life! Follow Teddy Roosevelt’s ideas of immigration, English required, Assimilate to our culture and pledge to honor only 1 Flag The American Flag of the USA!

  30. Well I let my opinion on the DACA controversy be known to my Republican Senator (Blunt-Mo) and low and behold his reply wasn’t what I expected. For a minute I thought I was reading a missive from Claire McCaskill, who stood and fell on “amnesty hill” with every other Democrat. Seems as though Senator Blunt is more than just a little bit DACA friendly. Every time a Rino “outs” themselves I get a flashback to that “Laughin” skit with the gold painted politician head speaking out of both sides of his mouth!

    • Seriously?? You should keep writing scathing letters to him on a daily basis… TELL him what that DACA and those DREAMERs are costing us. And not just money, either. Alert him how there is a large percentage of these illegals who are criminals, and how Mexico would be VERY reluctant to take back their “good riddance” worthless leeches and freeloaders. And if it’s MUSLIMS he’s trying to cater to, send him photos of casualties and damage done by Muslim terrorists. Don’t let up on him until you can get results. You’re not the only one who doesn’t want these people here, and you’re not the only one fed up with the fat cats using OUR money to support them.

  31. You would think our country has that right but it just goes to show you that stalking and attacking our coanduntry’s elected officials proves the violence that these people bring their true colors..and eventially the military will half to be called in to protect americans and our borders..Illegals immigrants need to follow the rules instead of lawlessness ..

  32. I don’t know why the illegals are so stupid to think they can just sneak in and demand all the rights of citizenship, plus demand that we teach school in their language, put billboards up in their language, “press 1 for English”, etc. when English should have already been declared the official language of the U.S., and oh, the list goes on and on. And we’re just supposed to sit back and complacently allow this to happen?? BUILD THE DAMN WALL, ALREADY!! BEEF UP SECURITY!! And deport ALL illegals back PRONTO!

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