Chuck Schumer revealed his secret weapon to gut the Second Amendment

Chuck Schumer is the leading gun grabber in the Senate.

And in the aftermath of the Florida shooting he and other anti-gunners are plotting to leverage the crisis to their advantage.

Schumer just unveiled the one way the left plans to gut the Second Amendment.

The top Senate Democrat jumped at the opportunity to renew his push for expanded “background checks.”

Bloomberg reports:

“Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer signaled Democrats will renew a fight to expand background checks for gun purchasers following last week’s mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school.

“Our No. 1 priority is going to be universal background checks,” Schumer of New York said on a conference call Wednesday. That includes ending the exemption for weapons sold at gun shows, he said . . .

. . . Schumer said he wants a broader measure than one written by Texas Senator John Cornyn, a Republican, and Connecticut’s Chris Murphy, a Democrat, which seeks to upgrade reporting by states and federal agencies to the existing system rather than expanding background checks to additional sales channels.

Schumer and Senator Dianne Feinstein have called on Republicans including Trump to back her proposed legislative ban on so-called bump stocks and other rapid-fire attachments for semi-automatic rifles, which were used in the Las Vegas massacre last year where 58 people were killed.”

Background checks sound innocent.

No one wants to see deranged madman obtaining firearms. But this is just a front for a national gun registration database.

And the gun grabbers have one ultimate goal – confiscating every gun in America.

That’s why in 2015 and 2016, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spoke favorable about Australia’s gun confiscation laws.

Giving the gun grabbers an inch on a gun registration database will lead to them demanding a mile and pushing for whole scale confiscation.

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  1. I laughed when I saw that he was divorcing his wife of like Arab decent, I think, a foreigner anyway. She was spending all his money big time & quickly. I laughed as I thought “U deserve it chump!”

  2. I agree with what u are saying, but I’m thinking ur missing a bit about this! Will u be ready to use that gun if the need be?? Will u fight for ur freedom & to protect ur family & neighbors?? Because if they get their way they will come & they will take what they want unless u defend urself. This is where the Civil War happens…They’ve allowed the Social Media’s to take ur freedom of speech, they’re are now allowing ur freedom of religion to be attacked, the Christian Religion anyway. A Federal Prison has given into the Muslims, has changed the Menu, banning pork. They are also allowing the Muslims to pray the 7 times a day & are handing out prayer rugs bought with Taxpayers money. However, the Christians are NOW banned from going to the prison to pray with the prisoners or hold worship services…because it offends Muslims. This is also against their Constitutional Rights, and it shows bias & prejudice.

  3. Amen…I just hope everyone keeps one loaded & ready!! Stay Alert!!
    Social Media has already silenced many including myself multiple times,
    a Federal Prison has given into the Muslims & changed the menu for everyone, no longer serving pork to the inmates, allowing the Muslims their prayer times, 7 times a day…and furnishing them prayer rugs on our tax dollars, but banning Christians from the prison to hold prayer or worship for those Americans who may need it or want it. Christian gatherings or worships services are banned!! So yes, ur Religious Rights are now being taken!! Ur Speech has also been attacked, and they know they have that in the works, so now they are getting brave to take ur protection, so u will do as they say & will not be able to fight back or even say a word!! Beware, cuz they will have a gun on u! Stay Alert!!

  4. U are so Right!! And they will not stop with Gun Confiscation they’ll take ur Right to Free Speech & ur Religious Rights as that has already started in a VA Federal Prison that is already bending to the likes of the Muslims Rule of the Prison Population by doing away with serving any kind of pork, and handing out prayer rugs & allowing them to assemble for prayer many times a day, but banning any services or time allowances for Christian Worship, banning Christians to Witness to the prisoners who might wish to learn about God & The Bible. We , The Taxpayers are having to pay for special food for the Muslim’s & their prayer rugs while those Americans who need prayer & guidance & may want it are not allowed to have it because it is offensive to Muslims!! We
    So our freedoms of Religion are already under attack!!

  5. NO the Constitution provides remedy for TREASON.
    A few gals w/ pink AR 15s would do, maybe a hemp rope for poetic justice or better yet, since he is a predator, he should die by predator. Piranhas, sharks, crocodiles would do but the forked tongue komodo dragon maybe preferred as a simple bite would him in.

  6. Assault weapons is a term the mainstream media came up with years ago. Any weapons used to kill someone can be called an “Assault Weapon” don’t drink the koolaid. Any weapons the government has access to, then it’s not a right,it’s a requirement that the citizens have same access. The Power in Washington DC want the whole country unarmed so they can have absolute power and control over us. They are playing a very dangerous game. 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, killing snakes, etc… It is so the citizens can resist any fledgling aspirations of our elected to become tyrannical.
    Period. Save the children? Really? They have no problem with the butchering of babies by abortion. Politicians are so full of crap.

  7. That was the whole idea,to take our guns.That is why Obama joined the U.N.Weapons treaty. That way the U.N.would decide what weapons,if any U.S. Citizens could have. Thank God President Trump took back the U.S.signature.

  8. Let’s see, there are 2.5 million veterans and a bunch of pissed off citizens. The Libtards want my guns, come and try to take them. I,too , am a veteran of desert storm and no one is befouling my country with communism or any other kind of government control.

  9. Didn’t the Nazis disarm the Jews and attempt to exterminate the whole race. Didn’t Schumer,Bloomberg, and Soros study and learn from history or are these Jews the descendants of the Nazis themselves. Well we know Soros’s history.

  10. That’s the truth.If all are unarmed,no one can protect ourselves…That’s the Obama agenda …The demogog agenda.Then Military rule.and rights of people are no longer there..Just like the Europen countries..And see how they are….

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