Chuck Schumer revealed his secret weapon to gut the Second Amendment

Chuck Schumer is the leading gun grabber in the Senate.

And in the aftermath of the Florida shooting he and other anti-gunners are plotting to leverage the crisis to their advantage.

Schumer just unveiled the one way the left plans to gut the Second Amendment.

The top Senate Democrat jumped at the opportunity to renew his push for expanded “background checks.”

Bloomberg reports:

“Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer signaled Democrats will renew a fight to expand background checks for gun purchasers following last week’s mass shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida high school.

“Our No. 1 priority is going to be universal background checks,” Schumer of New York said on a conference call Wednesday. That includes ending the exemption for weapons sold at gun shows, he said . . .

. . . Schumer said he wants a broader measure than one written by Texas Senator John Cornyn, a Republican, and Connecticut’s Chris Murphy, a Democrat, which seeks to upgrade reporting by states and federal agencies to the existing system rather than expanding background checks to additional sales channels.

Schumer and Senator Dianne Feinstein have called on Republicans including Trump to back her proposed legislative ban on so-called bump stocks and other rapid-fire attachments for semi-automatic rifles, which were used in the Las Vegas massacre last year where 58 people were killed.”

Background checks sound innocent.

No one wants to see deranged madman obtaining firearms. But this is just a front for a national gun registration database.

And the gun grabbers have one ultimate goal – confiscating every gun in America.

That’s why in 2015 and 2016, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spoke favorable about Australia’s gun confiscation laws.

Giving the gun grabbers an inch on a gun registration database will lead to them demanding a mile and pushing for whole scale confiscation.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Didn’t the Nazis disarm the Jews and attempt to exterminate the whole race. Didn’t Schumer,Bloomberg, and Soros study and learn from history or are these Jews the descendants of the Nazis themselves. Well we know Soros’s history.

    • So very true. If guns are registered then demon-crats should be registered as enemy’s of the state and domestic terriost including all demos in Congress!

    • That’s the truth.If all are unarmed,no one can protect ourselves…That’s the Obama agenda …The demogog agenda.Then Military rule.and rights of people are no longer there..Just like the Europen countries..And see how they are….

      • That was the whole idea,to take our guns.That is why Obama joined the U.N.Weapons treaty. That way the U.N.would decide what weapons,if any U.S. Citizens could have. Thank God President Trump took back the U.S.signature.

  2. Grabbing guns will not stop mass shootings. It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Bad guys will find a way to get guns illegally. They can sneak across the Mexican border and get a gun from drug cartels thanks to Obama and fast and furious. If they can’t get a gun they will use knives, baseball bats, etc.: even their bear hands. They might go back to swords or bows & poison arrows. MS 13 likes knives and machetes.

    • It just so happens that the Australians (general public) are devastated that they let the liberal gun grabbers in their country dupe them into gun registration and then confiscation. Their equivalent of police commissioner so stated this fact. This is what schemer & his ilk want for America: a disarmed country of sheeple with no means of self defense for the law abiding weak among us. Meanwhile, these elites are followed everywhere by well armed body guards. The hypocrisy is nauseating. The democrats’ elite will lie and cheat and maybe even kill to have an unsafe disarmed America where only they will be safe… terrible

  3. Every governmental official that is pushing for more gun control infringements, is in violation of Article 6 Section 3 of the Constitution. It is a Constitutional REQUIREMENT,they are all bound by Oath to support this Constitution. Violation of Oath is misconstruction of office. They should be changed for obstructing the Bill of Rights and purjury. Fire all of them.

    • Great arguemenmt, wish I had thought of it. In CO. we are no longer to sell our guns in a private sale without going to a FFL dealer and having the buyer complete the backghround check. The only solution to mass shootings the Dems will accept is the banning of guns,. The ban on AR’s went from 2 guns tol 200+ guns in. a. bill they proposed.. Any solution that doesn’t infringe on our 2nd amendment rights is kryptonite, solutions as simple as eliminating Gun Free Zones or securing our schools as well as we secure our elected officials are not aceptable to the leftist liberals. The thought of allowing teachers that are trained and willing to carry a firearm sends them into a panic. They are not looking for solutions and don’t care 1 bit about the safety of our children, they want the shootings to continue in order to get enouigh support for a repeal of the 2nd amendment

  4. I wish they would stop saying there is a “gunshow exemption” I was a FFL and rented tables at most gunshows in NM. I can tell you for a fact that every gun sold had to have a NICS check done. I even had to run them for out of town dealers. The only purchase done that did not require a NICS background check was if someone brought a gun to sell that was a private party sale and the organizers really frowned on that happening.

    • After Obama forced FBI and DOJ to remove over 5000 names of felons from being denighed guns on that list during his last term in office!

  5. Democrats in government are stupid. For years we have heard them say that requiring showing a government picture ID is too expensive a requirement for a voter. But yet today in Florida, a Dem FL State Senator proposed that anyone who wanted to buy an AR-15 be required to purchase a purchase permit at the cost of $1000. And the same Dems wanted to pass a law that in order to get a concealed weapons permit would require a person to undergo a mental exam at their costs. I have a better suggestion for them. They are the ones who need the mental exams.

  6. Sandra Lee Smith and Michael Hughes comments and the others who agree with them and similar viewpoints here are all on the right track on the “gun control” debate issue. This country, the United States of America, was founded on Christian principles our Founders instilled into and ingrained upon the very basic nature as to why this nation is a liberty freedom nation. That very reason as to why the Second Amendment, not only because to protect the First Amendment, but it was written in such that fashion that in any way shape or form cannot be altered, deleted, or edited for the sheer value of keeping our Constitution in tact that is keeping us Americans free, as in freedom of choice, freedom of speech, free to keep and bear weapons as we wish for personal proections and to protect against the tyrannical government that our Founders “ran away from” in the fist place. Once the leftist organizations takes this right away from us, our First Amendment is already gone, dead, wiped out….and once that is gone, you might as well kiss off the other ones soon to follow. That’s the reason why the Second Amendment was written as our 2d Amendment after the First Amendment. The libs, the democrats, the hate-gun groups, the anti-gun groups, the Anti-Trump groups, and the anti-conservative groups, aka., “ANTIFAs” will keep pushing this falsehood narrative of theirs until they’re all BLUE in the Face! But now we have a President on OUR side for once, pushing against the left in no matter what shape of form they claim they can do; he’s right up there in the FRONT LINE, waiting for a chance, while the leftist globalists spit in our faces because we cherish the one Amendment that keeps us SAFE, SECURE, and FREE! Well, keep spitting, liberals! We’ll be waiting there patiently with our guns held high and our hearts in the RIGHT places and our eyes pinned on you in case you want to fight dirty.

  7. Compromising with the liberals means they are allowing you to agree with them. The second amendment was required to be included in the Constitution to prevent the federal government from doing exactly what the liberals want done and was a mandatory inclusion to soothe the founding fathers apprehension over the possibility of an autocratic cenral government such as those that they had recently escaped from.

    They would be appauled at how strong the federal government already is and worried that what they had intended was in danger of soon being swept into the history books.

      • I certainly hope that the 2018 elections help our country to remove people like Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, and others that have been in the senate and house for years, and years and lost total touch with the American way of doing things, and most don’t know what things cost in the real world.

        • Remove any who think like a Dem or a RINO now and term limit the rest just so they know who they really work for, the People.

          • The only way to get TERM LIMITS is to put it up for a vote by the people in the Presidential election. It must be done by the people, but on a Federal level. The Politicians will NEVER, NEVER put this into law. You know this and so do they.

    • The only way that Libs will take our guns is if they win the civil war, which they won’t.
      It’s far more likely that not a single Lib will survive.

    • This country was built on people owning guns don’t even think of giving them up you would lose everything this country stands for that is what makes us GREAT and if this would ever start the middle of this country would start a revolution this is only in the Dem states that this problem exist like NY, California,

  8. 1st thing, other than the President, Vice President & their staff members, is to take away his and all the rest of Congressional tax payer funded body guards and see how safe he and his cronies feels then… then they’d want to own a few guns of their own and who knows how many of them have gun collections of their own….



  11. We think the time has come for crying chuckie to take a long walk off a short pier, because the American people have had enough of this communist pig who probably owns a number of guns himself and Feinstein has armed body guards around her all the time. If she wants guns taken away, we want her guards to disarm right away, that will shut her up fast. Crying Chuckie is just pissed because he can’t get his way to control Trump and make him do what he wants, like Osama did with everyone who folded in front of that jackass.
    No body owns Trump and he owes no one for anything, so they can’t control his strings and make him tow their line. We are not going to fall for chuckie’s crap any longer. We are not going to register or give up our weapons without a fight to the likes of which the demoncraps have naver thought of before. There will be a revolution in this country to make the Boston Tea Party, look like a tea social for little old ladies. They will get a war in the streets.

    • Let’s see, there are 2.5 million veterans and a bunch of pissed off citizens. The Libtards want my guns, come and try to take them. I,too , am a veteran of desert storm and no one is befouling my country with communism or any other kind of government control.

  12. Don’t trust any plan on gun control or registration the liberal dems have for America because all they do is lie to us about our security under them. Will his plans for any gun registration include illegal immigrants, or, those in sanctuary cities?? I bet you a VOTE it Won’t!!!!!! Some security. He is not even flapping his treasonous gums here!


    Still NO-ONE Talks About The
    Contributor to Gun Violence The Greedy Rich in

    When you people going to Talk about The REAL
    Contributor to Gun Violence The Greedy Rich in Hollywood?

    All You See ,in Movies, In video games And on
    Television Is Gun Violence!

    Your All Afraid Of The Rich People!
    Get The Gun Violence Out of Movies, Video Games and Off the Television!

    The People of Hollywood Are The Ones With The Blood
    On There Hands! All They Produce Is Gun Violence!

  14. It is as plain as the nose on your face what the One World Demonics, the Gun Haters,and the Anti- Americans Crowd are after. These pea brain idiots put on the appearance of wanting more gun laws when in fact it is not more laws they are after, it is the guns they are after.Look no further than the gun grabbing crowd to see a glaring example for why WE THE PEOPLE need the Second Amendment. People that want to disarm WE THE PEOPLE have got to be among the sorriest excuses for human beings in the history of mankind. There is only one reason government wants to disarm WE THE PEOPLE and it ain’t to stop so called mass shootings. The government disarmed ( GUN FREE ZONE) the school kids and they get slaughtered. FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T YOU SEE WHAT IS GOING ON? John


    • You’re right John, but you’re off subject. The subject is getting rid of all assault
      weapons which have no practical use except to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Almost every other weapon can be said to have some practical use, even if it’s only to kill snakes.

      • The issue isn’t whether they have a practical use – a lot of things we buy in this consumer economy don’t. They do, however,have a practical use – they are the most popular and effective gun for hunting wild boars, which are a significant agricultural pest, hard to kill and even dangerous to the hunter. And the so-called “assault weapons” are just one specific style of auto loading rifle. A goal oriented lunatic would just use another one.

      • Friend,
        You need some basic education. Assault or automatic weapons have never been for sale in this country. Gun registration has been around at least from the early 50s.
        Primarily, Guns exist to protect citizens against oppressive government. Equal protection under the law is a basic tenet of our Constitution. So, just to be clear, I want access to any weapon that government could use against me or my family. If you wish to give up your liberty and be enslaved, then that is your call.

      • Have you ever seen what is used for killing wild hogs? If so, you would know that there are uses for them. One other of them is that if we ever got into another World War without the use of nukes, those who knew how to use an AR-15 style weapon would be at the advantage when they went into the military.

      • Typical ignorant Liberal, people do actually use the AR platform to hunt. My friends and I use ours for target shooting. The only thing military about an AR is it looks like a military weapon. You are just Parroting the idiot Leftist Politicians and the faux “Journalists” on MSNBC and CNN., they are most ignorant hateful people I have ever seen. ABC, NBC and CBS are not much better!

      • Compare these two weapons: ar-15 vs mini 14, both use detachable magazines, both use .223 ammo, both fire semi auto only, one has a wooden stock the other looks like a military rifle, so which one is more dangerous?

      • Assault weapons is a term the mainstream media came up with years ago. Any weapons used to kill someone can be called an “Assault Weapon” don’t drink the koolaid. Any weapons the government has access to, then it’s not a right,it’s a requirement that the citizens have same access. The Power in Washington DC want the whole country unarmed so they can have absolute power and control over us. They are playing a very dangerous game. 2nd Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, killing snakes, etc… It is so the citizens can resist any fledgling aspirations of our elected to become tyrannical.
        Period. Save the children? Really? They have no problem with the butchering of babies by abortion. Politicians are so full of crap.

  15. Has any ever thought what would happen if the 2 amen. were done away with?
    there would not be a 1st amen. or a 4th amen. or a 10 amen. Or any of the rest.
    what hold them altogether is the 2 amen.
    Check it out

  16. Where in the hell did he get the idea that there is an exemption for purchases at gun shows? Did he ever go to a show and try to buy a firearm? Y ou still have to have a background check and you can’t even pick up a firearm you have purchased at the show, it must be shipped to a FFL dealer and you still have to wait the required number of days to pick it up, and if the background check comes back negative you will not get your firearm and will have to pay a restocking fee as well.

  17. Well I look at as People control slaves as HITLER DID,DEMOCRATS would kill AMERICANS the same as any dictator would. SO if they ever get our guns you might as well dig your own GRAVE!! Democrats are the AMERICAN COMMUNIST PARTY.
    They don’t care about your AMERICAN HERITAGE!! SHOWS their caring for AMERICANS EVER TIME THEY OPEN THEIR mouth!!!

  18. Schumer is near the top of the NAZI soros -paid NWO , liberal sedition criminals that want to disarm America , because soros is pissed off America defeated the NAZIs in WW II , and brags how he hates Americans and has done everything he can think of to influence the moron liberals through the paid off media , bankrupt Americans with obamacare , funding the U.N. to try to disarm & kill off Americans & our kids , and schumer is all apart of all of this criminal’s agenda. Pure High treason & sedition . By the way , liberal criminal , ex-V.P. Biden instigated the “Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990” , leaving our kids as sitting ducks where 92% of large mass shootings have occurred since . And the retarded liberals have all supported these criminal NWO “leaders” , making them the complicit criminals that have caused these defenseless kids to be dead !

  19. Sad but true. Universities and colleges are brain washing young minds that have no (or limited) life experience. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Benito M and others took advantage of that fact. Demoncrats studied this an are waiting to exploit and crime for their advantage. How quick the protects came 24/48 hours in “rely to killing”. I was S4 in Army and I recognize this was not unplaned. They had in place for an event to occur. This not spontanious. There is an enemy waiting for We Free Americans.

  20. If his actions on the Second Amendment are not against the oath of office that he took to uphold our Nations Constitution what is? These types of actions to me appear to be a movement to bring in a agenda against the United States.


  21. If the liberals are so worried about our safety why do they want to keep illegal people here not to protect America but to gain more votes to tear this country apart. Start with the boarders and vet these people and quit giving them our tax dollars.

  22. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel


    • I have a great Idea, let’s all put a couple of hundred bucks in a pot and send as many muslim as we can to live with Chuck Shumer. We just put them on a bus and send them to Chuckie’s house.

  24. Look up the definition of a RIGHT and a privilege this subject should not even be brought up for discussion it is the RIGHT of the people to bear arms END of discussion PERIOD
    Our guns are needed to protect us from tyrannical government!


  26. Many are missing the point. I hear people say” the Californians are all stupid. Look who they elect.
    They do not elect these idiots. The CA elections are totally rigged. If you want better leaders, you have to have honest elections. CA has not had one in many years. The idiots stole the elections. Look at the Dem primaries. Clinton with 28% approval beat Bernie with 65% approval. She won by a substantial margine. We saw this happen in many states. The exit polls are accurate within .03% today. They showed mass fraud with the Democrats. There was no noticibal fraud with the Republicans. The voters were able to elect Trump in spite of the fact that he was an outsider, and the establishment did not like him.
    Only honest elections can give us an honest govenment. Cleaning up our elections is the single most important thing we can do to save our country. We also need term limits. We do not need a bunch of senile old idiots sitting in congress.

  27. Correct me if I’m wrong but to the best of my knowledge no weapon used in a mass shooting was ever bought at a gun swap show. They were all bought legitimately at gun stores. So President Trump should tell Upchuck to go suck an egg.

    • China with the strictest of gun laws, has 2 million legal guns and 50 million illegal weapons. You can buy an AK-47 on the street for $500. Cost you $1500 in the US.

      • Thank You, I’m glad to see someone bring the facts to the table. Pass any law you want on firearms, it won’t make any difference. The same people that are bring drugs into our country now, will bring guns in at a larger rate than they are now. If anyone thinks they need to purchase a firearm at a gun show or licensed dealer you don’t get out much.

  28. Guns will com in from other places and that will leave us with out cover and Dianne Feinstein will never give up her gun or any of the other is congress.

    • Not only “their” guns, but these “representatives of the people” have 24x7x365 armed guards to save their worthless bacon. Thank you, Taxpayers.

  29. It appears whenever the strongest motivating incentive for being armed, one’s own survival, is manifested in a mass killing the Progressives most strongly push to disarm the segment of the society that obeys the laws and is worthy of that protection. I’m astounded by their inability to comprehend that criminals do not obey laws. While most citizens, the ones who represent no danger to society anyway voluntarily obey reasonable laws, in the recent incident particularly we can also observe that those responsible for enforcing the laws that already exist fail to do so which demonstrates the futility of making more of them. Laws punish felons, they don’t stop them. As far as arming some properly prepared teachers goes, note the failure of the armed uniformed guard – he didn’t have sufficient motivation to confront the shooter. Any of the victims, the targets of the shooter, wouldn’t need motivation to confront him – he was confronting them.

  30. I can think of a terrific idea for making America great again. Remove Pelosi, Schuer, Feinstein, and Bloomberg from American politics!

    • Make sure they are on a ban list too. Then when caught with a firearm, they would be instant felons. Because we know that an anti gun person would never have one. Cough! Cough! Carl Rowan.

  31. The revelations keep coming that indicate that this “shooting” was planned in advance as the next engagement in the revolution that the marxist muslim from Mombasa launched after reluctantly leaving office. We know that his KGB (formerly known as the FBI) and the democrat machine running Broward County knew that the shooter was about to act and allowed his plans to go forward. The sheriff’s department was at the school while the shooter was shooting, and declined to intervene until the killing was done. The first statement by the democrat sheriff was that Republican legislators were about to lose their seats over “gun control”, and the first official on the scene was former DNC chair Washyourhair Schultz, who exhorted grieving students and parents to elect democrats. It is clear that communist and Antifa activists among the students had been chosen in advance as spokespersons, and rehearsals for their “responses” have been documented before the shooting took place; the CNN “town hall”, in which Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch were attacked as at a Nazi rally, was scripted in advance, as is the “march” that has been paid for by Soros and organized by the communist “resistance” leaders behind the other anti-Trump demonstrations. Now the would-be President-for-Life of a people’s republic says “We’ve been waiting for you”. They sure have, since the day the Trojan Horse arrived in 2008, since the day his marxist America-hating parents signed him up in their Kenyan hut to take down America, in fact since the day Lenin climbed down from the train in the Finland Station a century ago.

    • Miles,

      The article is about the fear of a sliding slope relative to gun control. Background checks at gun shows are simply an extension of background checks at retail stores. There should be no such exception as it consumes the rule.

      Your paranoid delusional rant is frightening. The racism and xenophobia is pouring from your soul. You really need help. Suggesting this is a communist conspiracy is well past incredible, but I do note there is an established (not just conspiracy theory with no facts to support it) set of facts linking Trump’s family and his campaign to communist Russia.

      • There is a big difference between a sale between two people and an FFL and a customer. If an FFL makes a sale at the gun show, there still is a NICS check done by the FFL. The so called “gun show loophole ” does not exist. It makes no difference where a private citizen sells to another private citizen in most states. It does require a little thinking on the part of the seller because you have to believe that the person is not prohibited from owning a firearm. What the Parkland shooter, the LV shooter have in common is that they legally bought theirs from an FFL and had undergone the NICS check.

      • Not all Communists come from Russia ! There are plenty of Communists right here in the USA . Just look at the Democrats , they are lockstep with leftist Communist ideals .
        Increased background checks will do nothing at all . Criminals will still obtain their guns ! They don’t bother with background checks or laws . What is needed is Enforcement of Laws already in place . Trust me there are plenty of them . Liberal bleeding hearts don’t like those laws . And if you bother to do a little checking , you’ll find that ALL the mass shooters in past 10 or so years have been either registered Democrats or a supporter of them or just flat out leftist liberals !

    • It is not possible to “grab them all” based on the current interpretation of the Second Amendment. Background checks at gun shows is a logical extension of background checks at retail stores.

      • Gun shows already have background checks, except for private citizen to citizen transaction. Most vendors are FFL, and are required to run background checks.

      • Background checks are already required at gun shows. Every gun I have bought, at a store or gun show has required background checks. The FBI did a test to see how easy it was to buy without proper checks and found that only 2 out of 80 attempts succeeded and both of those were on the dark web after which they proceeded to shut them down.

      • Jumper, Sure you know the definition of LOGICAL??? Worse, have you read and do you understand the Second Amendment?? It clearly states: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. In case it has escaped you, Zerobama, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Clinton News Network, our rights to keep and bear Arms are already infringed upon!! Excessively at that!! Background Checks actually accomplish very little. Certainly did not prevent the Las Vegas incident nor the Parkland High School incident. Sooo, Where’s the LOGIC???

  32. I am a gun owner in illinois. I have several guns. I think it should be handle on a federal level this way schools, doctors, police and etc can file a report on someone that is questionable. Besides they will never get all the guns because i would not tell them how many i have.

    • If you ask a doctor they will tell you that no one should own guns not even the police. Do you really trust the government that much, not me the government does not know what’s best for people. Look at those that are in the gov they want go disarm the whole of the country do think about things, the crime rate down in Australia is higher now than what it was 10 years ago; yeah they may not have the types of guns we have here but the thugs and mudslimes still bring them in to commit that jahadi crap they ALWAYS pull.

      • Paul, murder rate was between 11 and 13 per million before the ban in Australia. Current murder rate is…………………………….. 11 per million. And right after the ban it went up. Same as what happened in England. Banning firearms causes an increase followed by a decline back to what it was. Criminals don’t give up their firearms when there is a ban. In fact, they are more likely to target people because they know the law abiding ones are disarmed.

    • No, Mike. Give these Marxist creep Rats an inch, they’ll take a yard! We must ‘Gut’ Schumer like the ‘dumb Jew fish’ that he is!

      • Calling for the “gutting”of a Jew Fish Senator is likely a hate crime. It is horrific that you espouse these views because there is a call for a logical extension of background checks at gun shows. The level of mental illness you display suggests you should not have a gun at all so you don’t “gut” anyone.

    • Unless you buy all your ammo with cash which they are trying to do away with….. and all your guns are the same calibre . They already know what you have…..

  33. Any movement to register firearms has to be avoided at all costs. That is the first step to confiscation of our firearms. The idea of banning certain semi-automatic firearms gets the camel’s nose under the tent. Soon the gun grabbers will find common characteristics between the AR and other semi-automatic firearms and those guns will be banned. The NRA gave in on automatic firearms in 1986, believing banning them would satisfy the gun grabbers, they \were mistaken. Give no more ground. I owned a bump stock when they first became available and in the packaging, a letter from the ATF stating the stocks was legal was included. I never used the stock, why waste the ammo?

    • I believe in guns, but can’t figure out why anyone would need a machine gun. You don’t need it to kill a deer, just a lot of people. Why then?

      • We don’t have guns to kill Bambi………We have guns to protect us from government over-reach….now do you remember….just think back to 1775 our colonial leaders were over=reaching so the framers of the constitution left us instructions on how to revolt against government over-reach and that we would need our guns for that……..

        • Not banned Andrew, just heavily restricted. If you want to jump through the government hoops and have the money you can buy one made and registered before the ban.

        • Hi Andrew, I have an education in the AR15 since the recent school shooting. Folks should search online and find all the info on the AR15 and the why/how it got it’s bad reputation. I encourage folks to check it out. What bothers me is, even conservative reports/journalists

      • Doris Lauter, the bump stock was built to aid people with disabilities to be able to fire the weapon. With the bump stock all they have to do is put their finger thru the trigger guard and use their other hand on the forearm to push and pull the rifle back and forth to fire the weapon. Its a good idea, it sucks that these idiots use it in the wrong way. Most people that buy a semi automatic firearm such as the AR15 do so to shoot targets, there are others such as my self do use the AR15 during hunting season and many like myself use a 5 or 10 rd magazine. The only time I use a 30rd magazine is at the shooting range

  34. Schmuck Shumer is an idiot . He wants to control public access to guns while he no doubt has armed guards 24/7 or like both Pelosi and Fienstein has a permit to carry and is armed .

    • Remember what new york is going through at this time that city is and has been trying to confiscate the guns from the people for the last few years, cuck schemer wants go disarm the people do they have no protection against a runaway government.

      • New york shouldn’t even worry about guns they should fear and ban airplanes think about 9-11. Don’t airplanes kill more in one blast than all the school shooters and Las Vegas shooting combined? Anyone for banning airplanes?

  35. Rush had a great observation yesterday, that those
    Opposed to conceal carry in schools are missing the point that it seems to be ok for the killers to have conceal carry as they enter!

  36. When a law is written that can stop someone’s intent ,I’ll listen ,until then ,the right of the people to keep and bear arms ,shall NOT be infringed !

    • 👍🏻
      You got the right!!
      When are these so called experts going to see. The facts. Drugs are ileagle and there is more on the streets than ever. No matter how much background checking they try to do, if you want A gun just go stand on the street corner and you can buyone.
      Start punishing for the crime. You steal you get your hand cut OFF. These liberals want everyone to be a winner. Kids need to learn, someone has to loose and if you work hard you to can be A winner. Punish you child when he or she does wrong, standing in the corner or A time-out is not punishment!! Beat their ass!!! And yes I may have miss spelled some words, get over it!

      • Hey I remember a good whooping when I did something wrong, a good but burner and then never hurt anyone except a few feelings and those heal, kids today are going to the problems of tomorrow.

    • I would hope you would actually read the the post. It is only about extending background checks to gun shows, nothing more. This would help to ferret out sick people and prevent them from getting guns through this exemption or exception. If you are OK with background checks at all this should be more than acceptable.

      • You keep repeating the same lie. If it is an FFL to customer sale, there is a NICS check. Private citizen sales to private citizens do not require a NICS check in a free state.

    • not only should he resign , he should move out of our country .. he obviously doesn’t like it here and he hates the fact that our forefathers were so intelligent while including the 2nd amendment which targets directly him and people like him.. it was designed in lock step with what history has proved about gov’t tyranny against it’s is him and people like him that puts our very own children at risk while they fall in love with their own ideology.. ugh..

  37. How about Trump draft an Executive order banning democrats and democrat politicians from owning guns. Let’s see how that works out for them. And no armed security for DemoNcrat politicians either. Also they must post gun-free signs in front of their homes. That should end the problem and clean up the country…

    • George looney wants open borders but none can come around to his walled estate. I think those celebs and others that want open borders just drop off 10 to 20 individual off at their house and say now you take care of them. If they rob you blind or kill you or any member of your family this is what you wanted is open borders so anyone can come in like MS-13 gang members.

      • Let’s take up a collection and buy up every home around his and sign them over to illegal aliens.
        Let him play in the crap shoot over which ones are criminals and which are not.

  38. No I do not agree Schumer is a Criminal Democrat part of the Obama and clinton criminals. Schumer has did nothing for america or the world tax payers have taken care of him for 38 year enough is enough do not vote for this freeloader again. America we must have TERM LIMITS for anybody in government they become lazy and corrupted to long in there as all Americans are seeing today.

    • Robertl – totally agree. Schumer (and any other politician) should be removed from his (their) position for violating his (their) oath of office, which is to abide by the constitution. An oath that he and many politicians violate far too often. I hope Trump starts to drain the swamp…and the sooner the better! These liberal politicians should be tried for treason and made an example of.

      • Pelosi will die in office. She will never give up being in Congress unfortunately. She has lost her mind. I believe she is in the early stage of Alzheimers. She said to mow the grass for border security. Really. That’s not going to stop illegals from trying to cross into the USA, Only the wall will. The special forces tried to scale the wall and could not. What makes you think illegals will be able too. GET RID OF PELOSI SCHUMMER AND ALL THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS NOW. VOTE THEM OUT. TAKE AWAY THEIR GUNS.

  39. i joined the armed forces when i was 17 gave up my schooling to protect my country,1967 they put a gun in my hand and told me to kill the enemy and protect the constitution and put my life on the line . now we have idiots with mental health problems killing people and terriosts running around and the demorats want to take our only protection away while THEY have armed guards and big walls around there homes. and there kids protected by armed body gaurds in there private schools where you would’nt even get onto the property . they have guards , cameras at banks , court houses , airports, sports stadiums etc. . you are telling me they can’t do that at our schools . use our tax money for something like that instead spending tax dollars on seeing how far a rat can jump or if a bug farts and how much does it smell . get rid of these stupid programs and use the money to secure our schools. IT’S NOT GUNS OR CARS OR KNIFES OR BOMBS THAT KILL PEOPLE IT’S PEOPLE using those things THAT KILL PEOPLE . if you take away guns some idiot will find something else to kill you with. you are not going to kill them 1st with a water pistol , we need to start working on this generation and the future generation / thats where the problem starts. start teaching the right things in schools. the demoturds are nothing but big goverment dictators who want to run your life their way. and not being free The American Way. what are the demobrats going to do if a civil war breaks out , fight us with forks and spoons( sorry forks are dangerous ) maybe they will point there fingers at us . wake up people . i hate to see what this country is going to be like in 20 to 30 years .


    • I do agree. Until the swamp is drained liberal ideas will continue to be taught to the kids and brain washed into their thinking. There are 5 things that needs to happen before the USA will fall. Four has happened such as teaching the kids their radial doctrine. The only thing left is to take the guns. This one seems to be a bit harder to do than the other 4.

  40. Hitler began with gun registration.
    After learning where the majority of them were, he sent the Gestapo out to collect them.
    You would think a Jew would try to avoid policies Hitler enacted.

  41. Let invest in someone, a Republican, to defeat Schumer in the next election Schumer’s batsh-t crazy. Can’t be reasoned with. Off with him.


  42. Dirty Dianne & Crying Chuck will do
    they can to confiscate the 2nd Amendment!
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of
    a free state, the right of the people to Keep and bear arms,
    shall not be infringed.

    • The first phrase of the 2nd amendment is a secondary phrase, it is not the idea the sentence is conveying, the main part of the sentence is, ” the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed “. That secondary phrase leads uneducated individuals to believe the maintenance of a militia is the idea the 2nd amendment is conveying, they are wrong.

  43. Chuck Schumer all the free people of upstate New York have been voting against him for years. NYS controls our vote some how. He is another idiot.

  44. Do I agree with not giving progressives an inch on their “gun control” plans. Yes, absolutely. “Progressives” (aka Democommies) want to take our guns so that it will be easier for them to steal everything else we lave later. Those who are unwilling to kill and die to preserve and defend their rights, freedoms and property will inevitably and deservedly lose them. Semper Fi!!

    • I agree with you Rivahmitch. Plus the fact that one of the main reasons they want our guns is to make us defenseless against them. Let’s not forget that all of this is leading up to implementing the New World Order. Evil masters over their slaves: US!

    • Ben Franklin said, “If you give up freedom for security, you will have neither freedom nor security”. What is it you want? With guns in hand we do have more freedoms and more security but the liberals wants to take them all away and leave us slaves in what they call “The New World Order”.

    • There should be a sign in front of every gun grabber’s home. ” Gun Free Zone ” And make sure they have none and that they have no security either.


  46. We already have background check requirements in place; and they aren’t working, adding more laws that criminals will circumvent makes NO sense at all. Changing the legal age for buying guns MIGHT help some, but illegal guns will still be available. The problem isn’t the guns; it’s the PEOPLE and lack of teaching of morals, ethics, respect for others’ rights, empathy, and personal accountability, all of which are entirely absent in EVERY mass shooter! Fix the broken PEOPLE and the shooting will stop. Stop steeping children who don’t have sufficient maturity to discern between fantasy and reality, in TV, movies, video games, and “music” that glorifies violent response to any problem as the correct answer. START being your kids’ parents, and the adults in the room, instead of trying to be their pals.

    • You preach it girl! I am with you on almost all your comments. As I have watched parenting change from my parents to each new generation. I have seen it degenerate again and again until here we are with mass murder in schools, children killing children. Children NEED strong guidance, love, discipline, and a lot of control/attention from their parents. As you said parents are parents and not their children’s friend. Today’s parents give their children “things” to play/focus on so they don’t have to spend time with them. The parents are in “it’s all about me” attitude. All parents are not like this, some have good parenting skills but, not the majority. I wonder if classes in parenting skills would help. None of you may be old enough to even know who Paul Harvey (a very wise and famous radio show host/commentator) was. He used to say quite often, “the problem with bad children was bad parents”. Well let me tell you, he would be appalled today! The End!

      • ” And now you know, the rest of the story.” Some of us here are very much aware of who he was. Listened to him whenever I could. Unfortunately, couldn’t do that when we were overseas. Which accounted for 8 of my first 18 years of life.

      • And DiFi, and Pelosi, and McCain and…………… the whole lot of them. Twelve years max for Senators and 10 years for Representatives. If you want to go from the House to the Senate, better do it in your first six years as the 12 year limit for them would include any House time.

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