Chuck Schumer sabotaged the military with this stunt

Donald Trump lags behind past Presidents in terms of having his nominees confirmed.

That’s because Democrats are engaged in unprecedented obstruction.


  1. We all know that Schumer is a piece of sh-t, and the only person he cares about is himself. I just wonder what they would find if they started an investigation on him, say his finances. He is such a creep!


  3. Well said, Micha. Too many politicians get elected, and then find that they can do a LOT more for themselves, by getting on their party’s program for self service. DEFINITELY term limits, old dead wood should be cut from the tree of government, and burned. Foreign influence, like from Soros, should be stopped, and Alinsky type of doctrine , that drove the Obama bus, should be eliminated. God Bless America, and we can help by getting back to our Constitution, and the American way of life. Semper Fidelis, my friends.

  4. They have to get out and VOTE. These politicians will stay there as long as they can because of all the perks – they really don’t care about their constituents or our country. They enjoy unbelievable benefits way beyond their salary.

  5. The Dems don’t know or care who they vote for as long as it’s a DEM. They don’t look at their record, credentials, ability, knowledge or likeability, just has to be a DEM.

  6. Since New York State has the second largest contingent of illegal aliens, and since the Democrats have no compunction whatever about registering non-citizens and illegals to vote, and allowing them to vote in our elections, chances are Senator Schumer was elected via voter fraud. If that weren’t true, New York wouldn’t be refusing to submit voter data to the Voter Integrity Commission which is investigating voter fraud.

  7. I believe there should a two term limit for holding public regardless of the elected office.

    Would this work? I don’t know for sure. But it is worth trying for 30 years or more.

    We know positively, that what we have now doesn’t work best for the country. There are too many serving self interest instead of us (the public).

  8. The Democrats have not done anything Productive for this country in the last almost 9 years. Why do people keep voting them in when all they do is sabotage the USA. Term limits never sounded so good. As a Combat Veteran, it tears me up to see Schumer and certain other Dems doing their best to keep America the laughing stock that we’ve been for the previous 8 years.

  9. How can the Democrats be obstructing. The Republicans control both the House and the Senate. Place the blame squarely where it belongs.

  10. Defense of the nation is the primary function of any sane government. Schumer and the Democrats are abrogating their oath to the Constitution by prioritizing a tax law (also known incorrectly as Obamacare to obfuscate the public) over their defense responsibility. Why the Republicans are not calling them on this is even more disgusting.Once the next generation of liberals gets ensconced in government, government healthcare will degrade to the levels we had before Trump with the Veterans Administration. Also, look at the efficiency of simply buying some stamps at the post office to get an idea of where health services we are headed.The Democrats and establishment Republicans are all licking their chops at the trillion in taxes universal healthcare will bring to Washington. Carbon tax will be next unless there is a Convention of States to call for term limits on Congress.

  11. That sounds like a great idea. If he can no get his Cabinet members confirmed and filled, they Congress and Senate will not get a August vacation. They will work, like all the rest of America except those of us old enough to be retired.Great Idea!

  12. Sen. Schumer, Sen. Warren an the rest of the Democrats have put road block after road block in President Trumps way. They are putting this Great country in danger by doing this, they are a disgrace to there states an the people who elected them.
    Make America Great Again

  13. Vote them out, asap. How soon can it be done to Mr Schumer? (I am not an American, don’t live in the USA and have never visited the USA.) However, I pray for the USA daily, to take her place again as the Republic she was meant to be.

  14. This POS Schumer should be put out to pasture, then he can spread what he does best all over the barnyard instead of in Washington D.C. The Democrats should have to repay us American taxpayers for all the money of they wasted on all their frivolous complaints. Also, I got carried away on Schumer, I agree with everything in your comment. MAGA!

  15. Looks like the Democrats are spending the whole weekend lying to the media again. The Senators are cooking up bull crap about the Trump boys making everything sound like evil when it wasn’t. Typical liberal attack and obstruction.

  16. Why doesnt his constituents that he is endangering their lives by not doing his Job as a Senator and vote for the new Defense Secretary deputy. Where does Schummer’s State and we will campaign against him at his next re-election?

  17. Schumer is nothing but worthless and useless he is hurting our country and our military.what a useless bum

  18. Nutless McConnell needs to tell schmucky chucky to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP and let the work get done, OR SANCTION the troublemaker and remove him from the Senate, until and unless he agrees to cooperate and follow the rules of order. And if he pulls the same crap again, ban him permanently.

  19. If Chuck Shcumer thinks he is above reproach, he has a rude awakening coming! The people who voted President Trump in to office, have had enough! It’s a fact, that democrats kill those who rebel against them, well, “We The People” have been tolerant for too long! Chuck better watch his self! Free Patriots can and will, handle matters themselves, just like liberals do!

  20. Sabotage our military . That constitutes treason , again for him , arrest schumer and give him maximum sentence along with clintons , obastard , and any other liberal & rino doing treason against America.

  21. take away their security guards, and let them see how it feels to be like normal americans, where you can’t even go to the mall or a movie anymore with out wondering if you’ll make it home alive

  22. Any 2 year old can kick his feet and throw a tantrum . We have persons on both sides and in both parties that are no better in their behavior than a two year old. It is time that we the people end them and call for their resignation. Stop paying them and make the work in the private world and then if they feel that God desires them to serve serve for His glory doing justly loving mercy and walk humbly before God.

  23. I firmly believe that tha antics of Schumer and his other Democrat cohorts plus the RINO’s that stall and obstruct notmal business of the House and/or Senate or the President, especially in matters of national defence and security could be charged with sedition and be impeached! Getting rid of some of these leeches would send a strong message to the remaining politicians that these antics will not be tolerated.

  24. The United States enemy comes from within and from, leftist, snowflake, liberal socialist and communist of the Democrat party. If they think for one minute that I would help them in any way they have another thought coming. Term limits need to be imposed to get rid of the do nothing so called elected officials, like this jerk.

  25. They are supposed to abide by the Constitution , just like every other citizen !!!! We will be able to CRUSH that bunch of CLOWN’S , when we get the 38 States lined up to recall them !!

  26. People like crying Chuckie Schumer don’t belong in government. He is nothing but an obstructionist and is totally useless. There should be some way of getting rid of this gutless slug.

  27. Chuck Schumer is a disgrace to this country.He will be responsible along with Pelosi for Democrats becoming irrelevant. Americans , even Democrats will not go along with his agenda

  28. Schumer defies description.
    However, were I the President, I would find a way, or invent one, to move past this sort of obstructionism. IT is just wrong and could be dangerous.
    I hope Pres. Trump sticks by his threat to set aside the five week vacation that is coming up unless or until all of his Cabinet Positions are filled.
    Schumer cannot be allowed to persist in this damaging folly.

  29. What can we expect from the enemy party? They don’t care about the military or the country, only their own enrichment and political power! I wouldn’t trust any of them to take out the trash!

  30. We desperately need term limits and we need to make it unlawful for Congress to exempt themselves from laws they pass that the rest of America is made subject to, such as healthcare, to name one. They should not be allowed to set one set of rules for themselves and another for the rest of the country. They should not be allowed to give themselves pay raises, and other perks. In doing so, they are saying they are better than the rest of us and are above the laws of the land.

  31. Rather than a “cheap political stunt”, this action by Schumer should be called what it is:. BLACKMAIL!!! He wants the government to stop trying to dismantle the far-left’s prize abortion, Obamacare, OR he will do everything in his power to prevent the government from doing anything else!!!

  32. Don’t The People wish all of this dead wood in our government would just retire or whatever? Useless to us, absolutely! So what is the point of having them there taking up space and resources and collecting a paycheck also.

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