Chuck Schumer saw four felony charges that made him want to break down and cry

Democrats are facing a difficult path to hang on to power.

The left has no margin for error.

And Chuck Schumer saw four felony charges that made him want to break down and cry.

The race for Ron Johnson’s Senate seat in Wisconsin could prove decisive in next year’s midterm elections.

Whichever party wins that campaign is very likely to control the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Now one Democrat running in that race – Milwaukee City Councilwoman Chantia Lewis – is facing four felony charges for campaign finance violations.

The Hill reports:

Milwaukee City Councilwoman Chantia Lewis, who is running for the Senate seat held by Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), was charged Tuesday with four felonies for allegedly stealing $21,000 from her own campaign and lying about it.

The criminal complaint said Lewis used funds from her campaign to travel to a worship conference in Florida, pay tuition for classes at a bible college and go on family trips, as well as pay for personal expenses like car and credit card bills, TMJ4 reports.

The complaint also stated that Lewis made more than 20 inappropriate ATM cash withdrawals totaling more than $5,000 from her campaign money between 2016 and 2020, according to the local news outlet.

Lewis declared her innocence saying any of the violations were the result of an inexperienced staff.

“We will make the necessary corrections. But make no mistake, I am innocent of any criminal wrongdoing,” Lewis claimed. “As a first-time candidate in 2016, and like many first-time grassroot candidates, I self-funded much of my campaign. My campaign was run by my family and a team of amazing supporters. We did our very best to run a positive and compliant campaign. I am confident that once this is over, I will be absolved.”

Democrats cannot afford any missteps in the Wisconsin race.

Picking the wrong candidate in the primary or a poorly-timed scandal could cost them that election – as well as their majority in the United States Senate.

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